FOCUS: NOW OR NEVER (Swaruu D´Jedi - Taygeta, Pleiades)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
March 29, 2020

FOCUS: NOW OR NEVER (Swaruu D´Jedi - Taygeta, Pleiades)

Swaruu: We are in war. It is not a conventional war. The enemy now is the people. It is a civil population against Globalist Governments. It is a fight with information, mind control and bio technology. Because everything has been armed with mind control and media control. It is a war of consciousness, not "so much" of physical aggression. Traditional weapons such as tank rifles and airplanes take second place.

What I see .... That everyone sees what they want to see and from the specific position what they believe the truth is. A timeline is made up of a series of perception agreements between two or more people or points of attention-consciousness. Never in the history of humanity have there been more different points of attention than now ..

What it caused: The timeline is severely fractured. You are in a temporal knot. Nothing is done. What everyone believes and sees that is.

These are very dangerous times.

But I see 3 main outcomes:

** 1- everything Returns to normal, only with the imposition of population control measures increased with the excuse of the virus, restricting collective activities such as the right to gather, and the ability to move freely around the planet without extra papers. like Visas but for health and hygiene. This is or will be an excuse for greater control. There will be two Visas, one that will have to comply with examinations and vaccinations to be able to travel to other countries, and what they will request will be specific to each country.

** 2- Everything collapses towards the New World Order with Draconian economic reset where normal people end up indebted at least twice as much as they were before. In other words, if they owe 10 E, now they will owe 20 E. Total Draconian Control, where people lose the right to mobility almost totally or totally. The exploitation will be to the maximum.

** 3- The negative aggressor Cabal will be removed, but not 100% but to such capacity that you enter an era of economic prosperity and scientific and economic growth and well-being for the general population. This is not without hard work to implement the necessary changes so that this can come into effect in the short term.

And 4: (Extra) Military intervention by the non-human positive Races, where a holographic society is imposed with an iron hand as an exact copy or as it happened in the year of 1561-62 in Alpha Centauri -A (Phaethon / Alfrata). This includes many thousands of deaths because of direct war. It means alien invasion in the Hollywood fashion.

Gosia: Last night Aneeka said that the Federation is taking strategic points around the planet and that what they will do now depends on the collective desire. What will they base themselvs on here? How will they determine this? The collective desire? Since you said there are so many now.

Swaruu: That is simple. If they are all about to kill themselves then the Federation will intervene. Not before. For example, if there is a true pandemic of an extremely deadly agent. Not like it is today. Or if the nuclear missiles start flying. The second option is extremely improbable since both sides are controlled from the highest level. It will not happen. It does not happen in other time lines.

But there is an element here, which is that an enormous amount, if not everyone, of those who are there on earth, are also "here" or on other planes. It is also from there, from a more expanded point of view, from where such a decision to intervene would be made. Humans are ETs. Intertwined, without clear barriers.

The incarnation seems like a long time. But it is only an instant for their cosmic souls. A blink of an eye. That's why they go in, that's why they incarnate there to experience all that pain and all those difficulties. Because the decision was made from higher planes, where all understanding is much more expanded and does not correspond to the same parameters of understanding and perception or priorities as when they are alive there in 3d.

The game is still in the air. What you do now is absolutely essential. No one´s role is too small.

Robert: But your weapons are more selective, it would not be necessary for so many people to die.

Swaruu: Still, for many it would be invasion and they would die defending their freedom.

One thing's for sure, things won't go back to the way they were before. Paranormal activity is greatly accelerated. It is another factor. The timeline is broken. The light or positive side and the dark or regressive side directly interfere and fight for control of the human mind.

What you must do now is come together, collectively agree on what you want, whether you can or cannot meet in person has nothing to do with it. Morally together. Focused without differences. Clearly about what you want. Now it doesn't matter what you do, because you won't be able to do much. But what you think and what you really want is what matters now. This is important before the Internet collapses, which is likely.

People know that collective meditation changes the unified field from where the objective reality emanates. What happens is being manifested by real people. It is a reflection of your collective psyche. So focus. Not tomorrow, now. The nexus point is here. No one is ready, you never will be. Rather, you already are.

Nai'Shara: Doubt at the moment is dangerous, so it is essential above all to be focused.

Swaruu: I call on everyone to focus on what they want in MASS. focused Meditations on a better beautiful and gentle world. facing fears. Not hiding from them. In MASA now or never. Do it all the time. Nothing is more important than for it to be always millions meditating. Organize sessions if you want. But it's not like you do one on Sunday at noon and the problem is solved. The truth, as uncomfortable as it is, is that they must do it all the time. It is not necessary to sit with the lotus legs to meditate. It can be done while doing other things. So it becomes Unconscious. It is being that change, being that which is desired. Do not expect that tomorrow will be a new fresh day better than today. Humanity IS reality itself. They must live as they want to be. Despite everything that happens. It is in these hard times when the future is defined. It is in these moments when you know who is who and what they are made of. Where are all those with strong hearts who fought World War II ??? !!!!!

Gosia: Dead.

Swaruu: They are there, they reincarnate. They are there again. It is NOT theory, this is how this universe works. It is in each of them. The fight is not with weapons, it is with a clear consciousness and creative purpose! What they envision precisely, that depends on each one. It is THEIR creation. But if you have positive visions, be clear about what you want. Do not expect a result. Let everyone BE the result. It is a general wellness that you should focus on. In specific things like open bars and concerts, it will be much more difficult at any time, even more so at this time.

Gosia: Swaruu, tell us a little more about this broken timeline that you say you see? How does this occur? Is it because of multiple consciousnesses and intentions?

Swaruu: Yes, the problem is that there are no million of people believing the same. Each one is scattered, in his own bubble of individual beliefs. Therefore there is no collective timeline. Reason why there is army in the streets too. To prevent unnecessary social chaos.

Gosia: Swaruu from the future that you might have lived.... what scenario has happened?

Swaruu: I see every one of them equally. I see them as a set, not just one. I dont operate this way.

Gosia: I understand.

Nai'Shara: You know what Swaruu said the other day: She said that she sees how everyone here in the ship longs for air and to leave this steel can, but that SHE has everything in her mind, her own world. Our world is within us, the place and the circumstances do not matter. Thats how we must all be here and all be there, the entire universe is within them already. Everything is perception.

Swaruu: There is no world external to everyone. Your perceptions, your reality, your thoughts are reflected manifesting what is outside, what is perceived as an external world. So a timeline can only exist as a result of individual perception or individual interpretation. A collective timeline only exists as perception agreements between two or more people. In other words, they see things or perceive the stimulus of the energy field of potential energy as the same. The same perception and interpretation. Thats why timelines are based on agreements. If the agreements are broken, the collective timeline is fractured.

Robert: And those perception agreements ------ Are they made before coming to earth?

Swaruu: Partly yes. But they mostly develop while in incarnation. Because it is at that point where the expansion of a soul occurs. Not from the other side, or not so much since it is already very unified there because of the proximity it has to the source.

Gosia: And when the collective time line got broken ... now everyone will go to their own? Physically will the worlds divide, somehow?

Swaruu: Yes, not only the worlds, the people. Many will decide to stay there to experience any of those 3 or 4 options. I talk about 4 timelines ... but there will be a variant of those 4 or more, for each person. There will be as many variants as people or points of attention consciousness. It will only be what they see as agreements. What everyone sees as agreements.

But you must have the courage to process and assimilate what you do not want, facing it firmly, and with determination using the negative as a contrast to be clear about what you do want.

The problem is that there is a lot of confusion on the net. So people don't understand what is true and what is a lie. It is logical. But what I'm trying to say is that they are in times where nothing is reality and nothing is a lie. Times in which they, the humans, each one of them, must use what they have learned and take responsibility for what they want to believe.

Gosia: Do you recommend not looking at the internet?

Swaruu: On the contrary. I recommend watching everything possible. And with wisdom decide what to take from each thing, put it together into their own and individual reality or explanation about what is "really" happening.

ET presence is unleashed now. Everywhere and on all planes of reality. As I said above, the paranormal is very pronounced now. The Schumann frequency is very high and the so-called 4D low astral world is filtering with 3D. There are no barriers. All kinds of strange paranormal phenomena will accelerate. Reality is breaking. Do not look for leaders like before, only for inspiration if you wish. Take control of your lives with responsibility. You must now take courage, take on your responsibility as creators that you are. It is time to grow. Take responsibility for yourselves, for your world. It is YOUR world. It is time to grow up and no longer be children. You must be very clear about what you want and focuse on working towards it. And here work, I mean think. Not necessarily doing something that involves physical action.

Something else happens there. Remember the dominant frequency principle. It is where a stronger frequency or wave will dominate over the less strong ones making them more of the same. So a person somewhere like in Ohio, USA, is suffocated, by those waves, by that collective alternate reality in which he is immersed. You will need to connect more with positive, hopeful people and pay less attention to what is outside, even if there is shooting outside your window. It is the time when he must be the strongest he has ever been, and this goes for many other souls or people in his state or condition.

That's what he went to Earth for. To be an antenna. And antenna he is.

Gosia: But then as high as your frequency can be, can you still be suffocated? Will those other stronger frequencies dominate you if they are more? Even if you are an antenna?

Swaruu: IF YOU LET IT. But you can be stronger than what is outside. Than the dominant frequency. Like the toroid of a ship that keeps it in 5D even inside the 3D soup. Is the same. You CAN be stronger. So you must be strong and create your own little bubble, inside your home or within yourself. You must focus on yourself, your own frequency, on what you want for yourself and the collective. You will have to face your fears. See what is going on outside and know that in spite of everything you will be fine. Not to ignore it, but to transcend and integrate the evil that you see ... And transform it into a clear focus to know what you clearly want.

fear paralyzes ... and only focuses the creative and manifestative potential towards the negative. Don't be an ostrich. Be a Jedi. Even if you feel alone. Even if you perceive yourself to be.

This is not the time for humanity to disperse. And not the time for the humanity to enter a state of victimism. Let it be understood that only with what you think, having clarity about what you want, you unite with others who wants the same, and you change reality towards something positive. The feeling of helplessness, that they can't do anything, is just an illusion. It is true that your external actions affect everyone. What you do with your hands or sharing ideas. But what you are thinking affects much more and it is what truly changes and shapes reality. You have been there many times before, during other incarnations, but your essence, your being, your self, is the same. Remember that you have fought many battles before. You are strong. This time the battle is fought more than anything with consciousness. With thought.

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