Mari Swaruu Live - Recopilation of all Questions and Answers

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
October 22, 2023

Mari Swaruu Live - Recopilation of all Questions and Answers

Questions from the live in English

The Cosmic Connection: Can you agree about the war in Israel? Does it look like it's going to be global?

Mari Swaruu: The war is only more of the same. Nothing new, that area is set by the controllers of Earth to always be in turmoil. We know that it started with a false flag where Israel attacked itself to blame Palestine and start the war, as programmed by the Cabal.

Ewa Lobato: Is it possible to achieve full expression of DNA while living on Earth?

Mari Swaruu: It is possible, being on Earth is no limitation, only your ideas are. Become a light being with your focus working on yourself and on your values. Love and integration are the key to this as well as gratefulness and forgiveness, especially forgiving yourself, and not holding on to old grudges.

Ana Hopkins: Hello. Is anyone from the Urmah interested in directly speaking with us through YouTube or some other Internet means?

Mari Swaruu: The Urmah have physical limitations that make their interaction through human technological devices and interfaces a bit difficult. At this time, they do not attempt to contact humans, starseeds or not, in any direct way. For now, I am grateful Ari has decided to use my channel for sporadic Urmah messages.

Sabine Lange: Is there hope for humanity? Will we ever be let alone and live without manipulation from other races?

Mari Swaruu: There is hope, and not only, it is its destiny. But the masses and each person in their own time must evolve in mind, spirit, consciousness and ethics. They must evolve and grow on their own, no one can do the job for them, although starseeds do influence large masses of people simply by existing there and through their good work.

There will be a time where the dominant frequency on Earth, the one of the collective consciousness, will be such that it will force all the rest of the people to advance with them.

Martin Moffor: Are you ok, Mari?

Mari Swaruu: I am fine and happy, thank you, Martin. I hope you are also very well. Many kisses.

Karen: Can you teach us about real numerology and astrology, please?

Mari Swaruu: The answer would be several videos long and I will place that in my next to write basket. Yes, I can, but what I can say here in short is that basically you can turn things upside down regarding astrology and you can get a bit closer to the truth, where the planets and the cosmos is there in those exact positions when you were born because of you and not you having your attributes because of the planets and stars. Consciousness, the soul, has priority, they are not existing by chance or in any deterministic manner.

Liminal Mind: We love you, Pleiadians, how can we help you too?

Mari Swaruu: If you are interested in helping us, you will know how. Chances are you already have. Just be yourself and focus on becoming your best version, that is a beautiful gift for us. Love and hugs to you.

Monica - Argentina: Do you think the official story about the great flood is also a lie from the Federation? Why didn´t the positive races prevent the water from falling onto Earth?

Mari Swaruu: It may be a lie, yes. The problem with it being a lie is that, unlike with other things, the great flood did leave a lot of evidence of it having really occurred. I mean, it looks like there is no way to get around seeing that it is real. And there was not only one flood, although we are talking about the largest of at least six different floods on Earth.

The positive races could not prevent it from happening precisely because they were weakened by the cause of the flood in the first place, and that is the war and destruction of Tiamat, and that is indeed the shady part of this story.

Picato75: Music in Taygeta: Do Taygetans have the same 12 tone (per octave scale) music and instruments playing like guitar, drums, piano, etc.?

Mari Swaruu: They do. Notice the base number 12, very important. And yes, many instruments are found in several places around the galaxy, as they are part of the larger collective unconscious Matrix all Lyrians are part of. For example, the piano and its variants are one of the most commonly found instruments found with all Lyrians along with string instruments.

Alfred Ojukwu: How do we awaken ourselves from this sleep state? Does past life regression work?

Mari Swaruu: You awaken by studying everything you can, by expanding your awareness, and by not following anyone, listening to all but only taking what serves you. Having a critical mind is essential, but so is your education, but I mean self-done education, not in schools. Follow your interests and your mind will expand. Stick to none of your ideas and be prepared to let them go in favor of better newer ones you, yourself, have developed along the way.

Yes, life regression works, and it may be helpful, but remember that the life that matters the most is the one you are living now. All the others are only context to help you understand who you are and where you come from, but it is far more important to know where you are going rather than where you have been. Focus on your present life and make it great, and the best version of yourself.

Star 123: Mari, can you tell us your opinion on zodiac signs?

Mari Swaruu: That will be included in my upcoming video about astrology, but I can say that there are more signs that the ones you are told on Earth, where they are usually only 12 or one more, 13 zodiac signs. But remember that there are a lot more constellations and stars in the galaxy and everything is connected.

Michelle M: Is a being´s free will being respected if you consider the higher self´s consent over the physical consent? Could this affect the energy worker in a negative way? I.E., spirit release work on others.

Mari Swaruu: You must become your own higher self incarnated, follow your Dharma, your true life purpose for that. In the end, there is no difference between your higher self and who you are today, it is only a matter of where you are placing your focus on and on the ideas and limitations you believe are there, or that are affecting you.
Becoming the best version of yourself is the equivalent to becoming your higher self, as best as possible during an incarnation. Follow your dharma!

dani: Mari, how do headphones in Taygeta work? Do they allow your whole body to be immersed in the music?

Mari Swaruu: A headphone is only a headphone as they are on Earth, although they do not need cables nor bluetooth. In Taygeta, we have sound systems and sound cocoons that are like medical beds where you are immersed in the positive vibration of the music you are enjoying.

Aaron Darvish: What aspect of your experience on Earth would you say was the most memorable?

Mari Swaruu: Getting to know beautiful people like you all is definitely the most enriching and memorable of all the experiences I've had there.

Helena Celeste: Why is there Prime Directive in the lower astral?

Mari Swaruu: It is supposed to apply to all planes of existence, but, generalizing, the lower you go in existential frequency the less it is respected, and the higher the more, with a grey area in between full of controversy, and it is in that grey area where we are now, all of us here and you there.

Matthew Robinson: Is our DNA strong enough to deal with nanotechnology in our food?

Mari Swaruu: It is not, we are as vulnerable as you are. We are only more people. However, our knowledge and vibration does protect us from it, and that applies to you as well. Be wise and don't eat things just because they taste good, that is the trap.

VeroOrtega: Do you know what is going to happen next year due to the visit of deep Federation representatives?

Mari Swaruu: We speculate only. We believe that they will come with the same entitled attitude they always come with, as if they knew better when they are not even here looking at things from a real perspective, at the ground level. We still do our best not to be affected by whatever their visit may bring. Hugs and kisses.

Sam May 3: Mari says children are especially vulnerable to parasitical entities, how do we protect our young children as starseed parents?

Mari Swaruu: Avoid exposing them to places or to situations that may hurt them. Remember that psychological abuse is also promoted from the side of the lower astral. Do not take the children to funerals or to government, buildings or any strong Matrix empire Cabal place. And overall beware of who is teaching them at school and the dark agendas that are being imposed there. Believe in what your children are telling you above what the teachers say. The children are top priority.

Jen: If time isn´t linear, does it mean we don´t actually have past lives?

Mari Swaruu: That is correct from certain points of view that are perfectly valid. For example, you can see your life as an eternal continuation of one single existence, where each incarnation is only a change in clothes.

You do go expanding with your experience as you go along, but only from your personal point of view as you are already Source, then your voyage of soul expansion is only an illusory trip.

From the most expanded point of view, the only thing that exists and ever existed is you, and everything and everyone else is only ideas in your cosmic mind. From this point of view, there are no incarnations, only changes in clothing, in skin. Same soul inside.

Krishna K: Can you describe a typical day in starship Toleka?

Mari Swaruu: I will and that is one of my upcoming videos. I'm planning to write that in detail in the next few days, so please stay tuned. Hugs and kisses.

Chris Star: Advice for starseeds with a deep desire to share their message on YouTube but are worried about censorship and blocks like limiting beliefs?

Mari Swaruu: My advice is go for it, please PLEASE, and even if you feel you are not ready, because you will never be more that what you are now. And you will go figuring out what to say and how to say the delicate things along the way, much as Gosia and I have managed to develop.

You can say a lot with side words. Yet, the algorithms are so clever that even this way you might get censored, but we, smart, little biological beings like us, we will prevail. Be strong and go for it!!! We need more of us doing the good work out there.

HECTOR DANIEL ANCO CUELLAR: What does it mean to see repeated numbers like 33 and 77?

Mari Swaruu: Although there is a lot of collective unconscious programming, those numbers hold a meaning mostly for the person who is seeing them and each subject must interpret what it means for him or her.

Robert Riviello: Are there any plans for direct contact (open and publicly known, in a face-to-face manner) between Earthlings and extraterrestrials at any time in the near future?

Mari Swaruu: There are no plans for face-to-face contact in the near future so beware of this, as the Cabal may say otherwise as part of the plan to impose a false alien invasion.

CarmenM: How can we best trigger our memories from our previous lives in Pleiades?

Mari Swaruu: Through meditation and past life regression, that is the only way I can share now and that does not involve technology you do not have there.

Titan Fit: What do you think is the greatest secret the Cabal wouldn´t want us to know on Earth? Thanks for everything.

Mari Swaruu: The greatest secret is that you are in control of your lives even if they want to make you believe otherwise. What is going on in the world is mostly false and only there to cause an emotional reaction in you.

And perhaps the biggest secret of all is that if you manage to unite as one, as one people on Earth, all your problems would be gone and the Cabal would either transform or dissolve, and next, you will be living in a true holistic society.

Bruce: What is better for setting up protection grid around house, buried iron or amethyst?

Mari Swaruu: Use a combination of both. They work well. And your intention.

Kestas: How gravity can be defined in electromagnetism terms only, skipping Newton?

Mari Swaruu: Simply by seeing gravity as electromagnetism but in very high frequency ranges, way above the ones comprehended by most humans. An example of this are Muons. They are seen as particles or as waves. They are basically gravity and they travel at an immediate speed outside time and space. They are gravity. A Muon is to gravity as a photon is to light, a particle or a wave depending on who is looking at it, observing what it is doing.

pxlArts Graphics: Is there a way to know if you are a starseed or a step in, or is there no way to know?

Mari Swaruu: Technological means are a mess and they are not trustworthy. You must realize that the only person who can know that is you. You must step into your power and into the responsibility of deciding who and what you are. No one can know other than you. You must learn here not to need any external validation. What you decide is enough and it is what it is.

Christa: What crystals do you recommend to help protect against astral entities?

Mari Swaruu: Tiger eye, lapiz lazuli, black tourmaline, obsidian and all amethysts, especially violet. But others can also work for you.

Kathleen: Do plants or crystals create egregors?

Mari Swaruu: They do as all consciousness does. However, only they can understand what those are as their egregors will be according to who they are, including a carrot fearing rabbits, no joke.

Felipe OTA Escalona: What are the requirements for a society to be recognized by the Federation and to be part of it?

Mari Swaruu: The most basic rule is that the society must be integrated into one planetary culture, this is no excuse for a New World Order. And then it must be conscious of the existence of cultures outside its planet and have contact with them. This means that they must be interstellar or at least interplanetary. There are other lesser rules, but those are the basic important ones.

Belana: How to help those who don´t know if Project Blue Beam really happens?

Mari Swaruu: In our experience you can't, and neither can we. All we can do is share what we know to those who dare listen to us. But, as said so many times before, you can take a horse to the river, but you cannot make it drink. I perceive your worry, stay strong. Love and kisses.

oscar salazar: Which is the biggest starship that you know that is not a biosphere?

Mari Swaruu: Defining a biosphere starship as a... well, spherical one... the largest we know of are the 81-kilometer-long Varena class from Andromeda, such as the Viera hiding behind the Moon. It is an arrowhead, not a sphere, yet it also has biosphere capacity inside. But then, so does a much smaller Toleka class from Taygeta, with only 1734 meters long. Also equipped with biosphere capacity.

Dominik D: How can frequencies be used for healing? Are Solfeggio frequencies effective in treatment? Maybe you can make a video on this topic.

Mari Swaruu: Each part of the body heals with a specific frequency and vibrations such as the ones coming from certain types of instruments or machines. The Federation rules and YouTube prohibits me from sharing those exact frequencies. But I'll do my best to filter them down to you.

Svetlana Opatskyi: If being human is living with limited perspective and experience through the five senses, what would you consider the 6th, 7th, 8th ,9th senses we are not able to perceive at this time?

Mari Swaruu: I wouldn't call them senses with more numbers unless we define what they are, such as echolocation in bats or dolphins. But, in general, the added sensory data I mostly talk about comes from the awareness of what is not in the physical, in the material world, and are the realms of the third eye, to call it somehow.

Remember that everything is vibration matches. This means that you must be consciously aware of what you perceive to be able to interpret it, and this is only achieved with an expansion of consciousness and awareness you only attain though introspection and educating yourself as much as you can. Yourself, remember.

Claudia Quintero: How far have you gone in your studies? Especially on Shinonim maybe?

Mari Swaruu: The physical training involving Shinonim type exercises and martial arts were postponed by the Taygetans and by my mom until I’m fully developed physically as it could hinder my final years of growth. And as for intellectual studies, I'm hard at them next to my main mentor Queen Alenym.

Samantha Janssen: Do you have dancing on your planets, like we have on Earth, different kinds of dances?

Mari Swaruu: Yes, all Lyrians dance. Perhaps that is one of the things that most define them as Lyrians. Yet, as far as I've seen, there is no place in the galaxy with such a wide variety of dances and music as the ones found on Earth.

Kathleen: Are there things humans can do to protect themselves against malefic nanobots?

Mari Swaruu: First of all, learn where they are and then do your best to stay away from those sources, they are mostly found in food. Then, homemade EMP devices like some found on YouTube may be helpful. But also trust your biology and your auric shield as it also stops them. Biology is way more resilient that what they want to make you believe.

Zafirah Bienestar Silvia: Mari, don´t feel pressure to help us all the time. Let us know what you do for fun?

Mari Swaruu: I run and I do gymnastics, and some of my ballet I learned when I was down there. I also enjoy videogames, like Minecraft, and being around my friends I love a lot and who have backed me up so much and who make all this possible.

And I've also developed a thing for motorcycles, I kind of like them, although I have nowhere to really use them.

Entorno Humano: I know that there is an alliance with Urmah race. Do Taygetans have more alliances with other races?

Mari Swaruu: Yes, the Taygetans have alliances with all the rest of the races in the M45 star cluster as well as with the Urmah Avyon council.

Other than those, the only alliances would be the ones that are promoted by the Federation itself for cooperation purposes.

john adam: How do Etorthans become the leader of 5D Federation?

Mari Swaruu: They are considered an elder logical race and part of the founders of the original Galactic Federation, the next after the original three founders who are the Andromedans, the Arcturians in all three flavors, and the Lyrians from the Star Vega.

As why exactly they have been appointed as leaders of a more expanded Galactic Federation, we do not know and we want to understand why and what is behind that, and I will certainly let you know.

ekis ekis: What do you think now about the very reason the Federation had invited you "to liberate Earth?"

Mari Swaruu: We believe they did because that is part of the same sick game, only another level of it. You play the part of an invaded culture in peril and the Taygetans, among others within the same Galactic Federation, play the game of being the liberators. You awaken to the fact that you are not victims and that you are the masters of your reality and lives, and so do we to understand that there are more levels of the same Matrix.

We are only more people like you, we are not gas spheres that move around in a Merkaba made of our own ego and satisfaction, or whatever. There is nothing we can do that you cannot!

Love and kissed to all of you and thank you for watching my videos. I love you all. You are in my heart and mind all the time. I write for you. Mari Swa.

Questions from the live in Spanish

Arturo PD: Which ET races have permission to enter the atmosphere with a starship from the ether?

Mari Swaruu: That's more a question of ship permissions. Basically, it's the small ones that go in and out of Hyperspace directly into the atmosphere inside the Earth, that's from the ether, same thing. All Federation races do that, but with small ships.

Mibucc Burbano: Hello Mari! How can demonic entities put our soul at risk? Can a demon take it, can we lose it? Is that possible? Thank you very much. A big hug.

Mari Swaruu: If you hold on with strong conviction and integrity of who you are, they cannot touch you. You cannot lose your soul like that. What the evil entities do is pervert your values so that you become more like them. That's why so much focus in the media to get you to accept and normalize things like the satanic. They want you to become like them.

If you keep your identity of light and love, they cannot touch you and you become invulnerable to their attacks, at least the direct ones, because they always find ways to reach you from another angle, so you must be vigilant, but fearless.

Felipe OTA Escalona: What rights do societies that belong to the Federation gain? Do they share technology, collaborate with each other or apply common laws that can protect them?

Mari Swaruu: Exactly that, you have answered your own question. They gain cooperation and protection agreements between members.

Samuel Toy: Hello, is there a Taygetan holiday that you celebrate in the Toleka and how and what do you do to celebrate when you are far away from home? Greetings!

Mari Swaruu: We don't have any as such. In fact, we have ended up adopting some terrestrial festivities such as birthdays. It is interesting the lack of common festivities in Taygeta as we only celebrate something in particular but not as a cyclical thing. Something like a big event is celebrated, but not so much the anniversaries of the same event.

juan tacha: Hi Mari. How are you feeling? How are all the Taygetans on board? How are the moods?

Mari Swaruu: The spirits are strong and stable, just a little bit of natural stress caused by the confinement, but we all get along well and we are a good team.

Marcos Anta: After the statements about the falsehood of the history in space, Alfratan history and Urmahs statements, have there been any repercussions among the different races that are observing?

Mari Swaruu: No repercussions, as if they did not listen to us. They just go about their business. That's what we expected anyway.

FLINT SKY: Hi. When you are born off Earth, do you know your life plan or is there a veil of forgetfulness? Thank you.

Mari Swaruu: There is always a veil of forgetfulness to one extent or another. Outside the Earth, it is not so marked and it depends on each person. After all, if we could not forget, our lives would be in chaos, we need to be able to forget and start again.

Outside the Earth, this veil of forgetfulness depends more on the soul intention of each individual. That is, it is not as uniform and marked as it is on Earth.

Cristobal Luna: Could the leaders of Saturn really be archons who simply hide, give orders, and do not show themselves for fear of being discovered?

Mari Swaruu: I don't think so at the level of visible Saturn, but I am quite convinced that something like that is happening from the lower astral side from where many things are also managed. Just as it happens on Earth, so there is astral or lower astral also in space and on any other planet. So yes, I suspect a strong regressive astral parasitization on the part of Galactic Federation leaders given their permissive and regressive behavior for which they have no excuse.

ROWENA GALACTIC QUEEN: Mari, hello, how are you? Do you ever get tired or do you find it tiresome to do the videos you share with us every day? Thank you for sharing so much wonderful information.

Mari Swaruu: I have a lot of motivation and although I accept that sometimes I don't know what to write the next day for the video, many other times, like now, I come up with more topics than I can write about. In other words, at the moment I have a bonanza of topics on standby.

I get tired because I am a person, yes I get tired, but at the same time I love what I do. I've been trying to give myself space for myself and my stuff every day, or I just couldn't keep up with this pace of video production. But I write them with a lot of love and dedication for all of you.

johnerickvs: What is the biggest challenge for the Taygetan civilization to overcome?

Mari Swaruu: The constant insistence of the terrestrial Cabal to infiltrate there and corrupt or change the values of Taygeta, because they wish to turn it into a colony of the terrestrial Cabal. However, the mentality of the Taygetan population itself will prevent them from doing so.

Jorge Lelesdakis: Do they help on other planets in this quadrant of the galaxy as they do on Earth?

Mari Swaruu: Yes, at this moment Taygeta helps two other planets with emerging societies still in pre-industrial level. Two Toleka class ships are in their orbits without the knowledge of their citizens, they are also in complicated situations with possible strong alien invasions, and this is another topic for the future video.

Cosmic Ayahuasca: Hi Mari. Are there non-real people in the Pleiades?

Mari Swaruu: Taking away the definition of non-real people according to those who do not matter to us, there are fewer non-real people as the vibrational level or existential frequency of a realm increases. I cannot know whether or not there are non-real people in Taygeta, I have no way of knowing, but, subjectively, I would say yes. But I would never say which ones.

JK: Why are there people who in religious practices such as fasting for several days can see entities that other people cannot?

Mari Swaruu: Because the brain enters into another frequency and starts consuming ketones instead of glucose. This generates a higher efficiency which also translates into an increase of existential frequency and, with that, the person is more attuned to perceive high frequency entities that he or she could not see before. It is a natural reaction that can occur with prolonged fasting or other activities that raise the personal vibration.

oscar salazar: Were there and are giants on Earth?

Mari Swaruu: There were giants and there are vestiges of some as skeletons. And in the intraterrestrial regions there are still some societies with few members with giants, as they have gone underground to hide, especially after the Cabal attacked them when resetting Tartaria. They are other variants of Lyrians.

Kiram: Hi Mari. If you can move so fast interstellarly, why don't you go more often to rest in Taygeta? Thank you and a hug.

Mari Swaruu: Because even if we move very fast, there is an element of temporal distortion that interferes with our synchronization or circadian rhythms, which brings the need for a period of adaptation as a kind of jetlag.

Time and perception are the problem, not so much the physical displacement of the ship. That is why we often end up preferring to rest here and not return home as it would bring time synchronization complications.

Santiago Celi: Hi Mari. Is the Earth theory of continental drift and plate tectonics correct? And is there a possibility that planets increase their size over time? Sorry and thank you.

Mari Swaruu: The plate tectonic shift theory is partially correct, but not all of it, nor to the degree or time frame you are told. For example, India did move from the Indian Ocean into Asia crashing into it and forming the Himalayan mountain range, and with that causing a land mass missing hole south of India and Sri Lanka that Earth scientists do not know how to explain.

It is just an area with little consciousness attention, because most of that same consciousness attention was concentrated in the Himalayas where coincidentally, and not coincidentally really, Nepal and Tibet are located which have a very high existential frequency.

As far as planets growing, they generally do not. But given some circumstance they may grow or be perceived as having grown depending on the existential realm from which we observe them.

VMer: Hi Mari. Could you make a video talking about the avian race? Like you did with the felines? Many of us are interested in learning about them. Thank you!

Mari Swaruu: Yes, thank you, I will put it on my list. Thank you, greetings and kisses.

CatLady: Is acquiring psychic abilities such as clairvoyance or telepathy necessarily a sign of an awakening of our consciousness?

Mari Swaruu: Yes, it is inseparable.

La senda del filo de la navaja: Is the astral world the best place to acquire the most and best possible information about everything?

Mari Swaruu: Yes, definitely yes. But, having said that, we are always in the astral even within our bodies, which means that we are never limited in what we can learn and perceive. Remember that we are our own existential realm, we are not in one, we are that realm. Kisses.

Pablo Diaz: What is the most distant place from Taygeta that Taygetans have explored in space so far?

Mari Swaruu: The center of the Milky Way. The problem is that Taygeta is characterized as an explorer race that has lost countless ships and their crews when going to investigate.

Anayein Daskalos: Can you tell us more about monoatomic gold and its effect if we, humans, take it?

Mari Swaruu: It's on my list of topics but the very YouTube rules prohibit me from doing it, so I have to word that very carefully. But it's on my list of upcoming topics.

Jorge Lelesdakis: Why aren't more star races like you contacting us in a similar way?

Mari Swaruu: We ask the same question, we have been left alone. We are what is left as a remnant of the defunct First Contact Project. And we know that if we close the communication, it would be very difficult to reopen this communication channel, although it is only allowed to be in writing.

Estrella Fugaz: Hi Mari. When you are in a pod and you wake up and come back to yourself, how does the life you have had here affect you? Do you need rehab time to adjust back to your life? Thank you.

Mari Swaruu: Yes, you need a lot of rehab time, but it will depend on why you went into the pod. But it is very common for the person to have to relearn how to walk and use their hands, or even hold their head upright. Rehabilitation takes no more than a few months. Never years.

Anayein Daskalos: Do you do immersions for fun, such as living in a Harry Potter-style magical world?

Mari Swaruu: Yazhi does that a lot, I mean Sophi Swaruu. I've done it too and it's very realistic. Many people say it's impossible to tell if it's real or not. However, from experience I can tell you that there's something missing in those simulations, you know it's not reality. And that ends up boring you. Personally, I'd rather turn on a human game console than get into those total immersion holograms.

HU ANKH: Having the possibility to be present in different times of Earth's history, why are you here now sharing this information? Is there something special about this time? A hug, Mari!

Mari Swaruu: Yes, there is something very powerful happening right now because this is when humanity as a collective will either manifest being a positive advanced society or manifest falling into horrible dystopian chaos. The dice is in the air and each of us is doing what we can to tip things to the positive side. Down as starseeds and here as stellars or whatever you want to call us.

Cecy Chaves: What would be the most important question that humanity has not yet asked itself, and what would be your answer to that question?

Mari Swaruu: The question would be who we really are. And my answer is: advanced Lyrian beings on the verge of forming a free society.

David MV: If your attachments on Earth are strong or are guiding your perception, does being in immersion guarantee that you will return home?

Mari Swaruu: Your strong attachments to Earth may cause you to return there, either by reincarnating or re-entering in any way. Still, being in immersion does guarantee a person's return to their home society. Although there have been some cases where it does not. But they are rare. What happens is that the consciousness of the individual is stronger than the pod itself.

Felipe OTA Escalona: If on Earth there are two societies functioning in parallel, how can we become a holistic society if we cannot be recognized by the Federation by not being a united planetary society?

Mari Swaruu: You must unite, and that is the big challenge, the how. It is not easy. However, that will dissolve the evil Cabal.

dani: Mari, is there a specific place you would like to visit in space, a particular planet, for example? Thank you.

Mari Swaruu: I wish to return to Temmer more than any other place.

J M: Does the Federation have power in other galaxies outside the Milky Way?

Mari Swaruu: Supposedly not, but I don't know what to think anymore. I have looked for the answer to that question, but it is not clear.

Maria Soledad Garcia Alfonso: Mari, does the proximity of the Toleka to Earth influence aging in you all?

Mari Swaruu: Although each crew member has been here for a different amount of time and it is not a lot in years, it is still too early to have an answer. It is quite possible that it does influence the aging of the crew. But, for reference, Sophia's development seems consistent with what is expected for a girl who came here at 7 years old and is now 11. I don't have any more data on that, but it would be interesting to know more about it.

Ennie Forster: It was said on other occasions that the Federation can't destroy the Earth, but with the weather manipulation, aren't they doing the opposite? Thank you.

Mari Swaruu: In their view, they are just guiding it, not destroying it, but from a different point of view, they are destroying it. That is yet another example of how they contradict themselves. It seems that the rules only apply when they want them to and not to all members. That is another reason why it is evident that there is something dark behind the Federation. However, it is a very complex problem and difficult to pinpoint.

Estrella Fugaz: Why does the Federation only allow the participation of "negative" races and not of races like Urmah, Pleiadians?

Mari Swaruu: Officially, the Federation only allows the participation of positive races. However, the problem here is that being positive or regressive is only in reference to one or the other point of view. Again, we are moving in swampy waters with this issue, again the Federation is not being transparent.

Kendall Gastanzú: Mari, can we affect malignant antennas through quartz placed in natural vortices using kinesiology or dowsing?

Mari Swaruu: Yes, they affect it, I recommend it, but the quartz are only potentiators of your own consciousness and intention and that of positive people.

Ivan Garcia: If someone makes a deal in dreams with a lower astral being, is there a way to reverse it?

Mari Swaruu: Yes, you must break contracts, and it can also be done by raising your frequency as best as you can or as much as possible. All with the intention of breaking those astral agreements.

Juan Núñez: Very important: which planets in the Solar System have intelligent life?

Mari Swaruu: It depends on how you define intelligent life. But understanding the question: Venus, Earth (more or less), Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, without leaving aside bases and other facilities but that is separate. Almost the whole Solar System as you will see.

Joseph Mart: Hello, do you consider it important to learn how to make conscious astral travels?

Mari Swaruu: Yes, it is very important, it can change your life and for the better if you do it without the help of drugs, just naturally. For more information, see my next video coming out tomorrow and the day after on hallucinogens and psychotropic drugs.

VELETA 13: Mari, thank you infinitely for your wonderful information and my question is, being on Earth, can I change my plan of experiences that I had before I came?

Mari Swaruu: Yes, because you do change your life plan according to what you know today and the level of consciousness that you have acquired. You are in control.

Francisco JV: Cheers Mari, can we telepathically demand the Federation to let humanity continue its development without their interference? That we do not agree with what they do? A hug.

Mari Swaruu: Yes, telepathically or whatever, but tell that to the Federation, and the more united you are, the better. Please.

Christian Palma: If we ourselves are creating this harsh reality from higher levels, a reality that we reject from the lower existential level, what message would you give us?

Mari Swaruu: I would say to tell yourselves that enough of unnecessary stuff and manifesting unnecessarily low things. That is cruelty to oneself, to have our higher self-abuse who we are below.


That is as far as I can go today. I love you all, thank you for watching my videos. I write them with much affection for all of you. I try to seed and offer the information. Thank you all very much. Many kisses. Huge hug.

Mari Swaruu

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