Swaruu of Erra and ex NASA engineer discuss Moon Landings/Interview with Dale Harder

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
August 19, 2022

Swaruu of Erra and ex NASA engineer discuss Moon Landings/Interview with Dale Harder

Originally in English – 2019

Dale: In light of this, it makes me most sad to think that humanity did not even accomplish that much. You see, I guess I had some sense of false pride in them. I was hoping.

Swaruu (9): They may have not accomplished that, but they have other things, many other things.

Dale: The general public is totally unaware of any of this. Even I was caught way off guard.

Swaruu (9): There are some hard facts we must defeat in order to understand this in a degree that is not taken on faith, nor on believing someone's word about this subject.

Ok, the hard facts to defeat are these, among others:

1.) Payload for the Saturn Rocket. She could not lift the necessary payload.

2.) Van Allen radiation belts. These are high energy magnetic-microwave dense and thick areas in space that would have cooked not only the astronauts, but the electronics as well.

3.) The LEM is unstable, impossible to fly without an advanced computer to course correct, pitch and yaw correct multiple times a second, perhaps hundreds of times a second. In 1969 they did not exist to that capacity and were only starting to come in with the back then General Dynamics F-16A fly by wire, and effectively as a stability control system with the Lockheed F-117A late 80s. The LEM is impossible to fly.

Dale: Oh my... please understand Little Sister, I say nothing against you, but these facts are most distressing to me. Kind of breaks my heart for these poor souls. I did so hope they were a little more advanced than that.

So in 1.) Not enough thrust to weight? Gee, I stood next to AP 13 and touched it the morning of lift off. I have a picture of me with my hand on it, leaning against it. It was massive at 363 Ft high and 33 ft wide. I can hardly imagine not enough power. This is the most heavy lift rocket mankind has made.

Swaruu (9): Just look at the thing, the LEM, it´s a washing machine! How can you control that? It pitches to one side, you manually correct and then it will go over to the other side too much and you counter correct again... causing even more balance issues that will only get worse and worse until the thing crashes as it always did during test flights, Armstrong was nearly killed! There even is a video about this incident, he ejected on time, but barely!

I know it's impressive. And its roar was earth shaking... but it was fireworks, not enough thrust as most of it was wasted lifting itself!

Dale: Number 2 also distresses me. I thought that since the exposure time was short they may have been able to endure it. So it is not to be? Humanity is forever stuck here?

Swaruu (9): The exposure time was like days. It would have been lethal with like 10 minutes there.

Dale: I thought the belts only extended to about 1/3rd the distance to the Moon.

Swaruu (9): There are two sets of belts. At least the flight time through them should be like 2 days, even at one day it's too much. The radiation levels there are several times your microwave oven.

And... with information from us... and now from others also saying this: There is no moon as such to land on <---

Dale: So we have lived lie after lie after lie. Yes, I do believe it is hollow and a ship that was placed there. This is known, but not accepted by very many.

Swaruu (9): The surface is metal, and they would have not been permitted to get close. What people see is a hologram.

Dale: You see, I am only as good as the so-called facts that I have been given or allowed to work with. No man can know all the details. They made sure of that.

Swaruu (9): It's called compartmentalization. That's what people think, that it's too big a lie to cover up. It's not! Not having 99% of the people in NASA completely convinced about the landings! All you need is a handful of key people! Mission Control is unaware of this. Completely believing it all happened! They are not acting. They are in with their heart and souls! We know because you are one example! But the astronauts are acting! It was easier to fake it than to solve these on-surmountable problems.

We don't wish to come in here and disturb you. I'm even sorry for this! But this is only one more of a long series of things we may be disturbing, or may have disturbing facts about!

Dale: I know, I understand. It does distress me and I am sad for this, but not surprised. As I said, I simply had hoped that humanity had more going for it than that.

Swaruu (9): They have done a lot more. As Anéeka said. Even space travel! But they are not telling the people about that! They would have to disclose their advanced technology and they don't want people to have it! They have gone at least as far as Saturn with the SSP. They conquered another planet! I mean militarily conquered another planet.

Do you know what cognitive dissonance is?

Dale: I have heard the term, but in this context no, I am sorry I do not understand.

Swaruu (9): A person can only understand reality to the level and to the degree of its understanding, never more. The more awareness someone has the more it can handle. The person cannot understand something that demands having a context or base concepts to be able to relate the new information to and with.

So when people are confronted with information they do not understand they enter into denial, and go towards the frame of thought that is comforting for them, they run back to the known... blaming or seeing the new knowledge as rubbish! Their minds shut down. That's why there are so many haters and doubters about... every subject! It's simply uncomfortable to them! So they will defend what was comfortable!

This information we are sharing with you and in the videos has the peculiarity of triggering cognitive dissonance. So we are careful. We do not want to alter or to bother people. But in this case we are somewhat in a hurry as we feel our time here may be running out. So we are spitting everything out now. Not sure if this is a good idea or not. It's more about what we can do rather than what we should at this point.

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