Global Warming, Climate Change, Greta Thumberg? Swaruu (Taygeta-Pleiades) Responds

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
October 15, 2019

Global Warming, Climate Change, Greta Thumberg? Swaruu (Taygeta-Pleiades) Responds

Swaruu: There is no such thing as Global Warming or Climate Change. It obeys changes in the earth's cycles, factors such as the Sun, or large industrial pollution, including agriculture, HAARPP, geo-engineering. The undeniable part. As in pollution, destruction of ecosystems. That's why I said that this is pollution and destruction NOT Climate Change. I connect Climate Change to what I would call environmental pollution and destruction of Ecosystems.

The term Climate Change is already an agenda of control over the human population. It CANNOT be used as a synonym for environmental destruction. The concept of the destruction of ecosystems is mixed with Climate Change, because the destruction of the Amazon for example will bring less rain to that area, but the clouds are still loaded with ocean water, and that water will fall elsewhere not prepared causing a flood.

Climate Change as an agenda, with the causes attributed to it, is totally FALSE and it is another strategy to implement Agenda 21. Strictly speaking. There is NO Global Warming. As many renowned scientists have already managed to debunk Global Warming, the Cabal has changed that name to Climate Change to continue with exactly the same agenda. Global Warming and Climate Change ... are the same agenda.

There is no RISE in the Earth´s temperature, coastal cities will NOT be flooded ... there will be NO pole shift. CO2 does NOT cause a greenhouse effect, it is what plants need to process their nutrients and the sun in the process of photosynthesis.

Gosia: Aren´t the temperatures going up though? I see it in many places. In Poland, temperaters are drastically higher than before, in Sweden there was no snow in February when I went there and the local people told me that there was much more snow before, the businesses that depend on snow are worried.

Swaruu: No Gosia. These are natural fluctuations that have always been around. You feel warmer in Poland at the expense of colder temperatures in Santiago in Chile. Then colder in Poland and hotter in Santiago in Chile. And so everywhere, the Earth is complex, a change of temperatures cannot be determined only by the readings of a couple of places.

Also the ice caps at the poles are bigger and thicker than before ... Big icebergs are sold in the media as dangerous that separate from the Antarctic continental plate and that is proof that melting will increase the water level of the oceans. This is not so, that is completely natural and has always been that way.

Gosia: But I still don´t understand. People in Sweden in winter told me that there was much more snow there before. My Huskies excursion has been canceled because there was not enough snow and people there were worried.

Swaruu: I don't doubt it, it can last for many years. However, the people of Manitoba and Wisconsin reported snow and ice at the end of April. The Earth is not something fixed, it has natural variants. There will not always be the same weather in the same place. There will be several years of warm winters in places followed by severe winters. It has always been this way for thousands of years.

Gosia: So all this is because of natural cycles?

Swaruu: Yes. Earth fluctuations, movements of sea currents, complex factors. It´s just that, since the weather is controlled in part by HAARP artificially, much of this is also manipulated. But not all. Control of the weather on the part of the Cabal is not total, they just manipulate it. They cannot create a Hurricane from nothing. But they can feed a small one so that it grows and they can also direct it. As with a hurricane ... the earth's cycles can cause a drought somewhere and with the HAARP they can make it worse.

Gosia: And one thing. Is the weather warming or cooling then? I mean natural cycles?

Swaruu: None, it only fluctuates naturally in one place then in another. It is perception and the media and politicians use it for their agendas, nothing is happening. No global warming, no melting of the ice caps and everyone swimming in London and New York, no impending glaciations or changes of polarity of the Earth ... or Nibiru, or solar flashes that cook everything. Enough of that psychology of fear fear fear.

Gosia: And positronic energies that come and make everything ascend have to do with this?

Swaruu: Partly yes ... that's where I include solar factors, or sun activity. Which, as you already know, does not work alone ... but is a frequency relay station for energy waves from the center of the Galaxy. Solar wind relays and increases the positronic waves that come from the center of the Galaxy. But what comes out of the sun is not harmful, that is fear fear fear. Nothing is happening to the sun.

Robert: And is anything happening to the center of the Earth? To its core?

Swaruu: It also has energy variations that react like the solar ones, but since it is inside the toroid of the Van Allen Bands, it does not have the same influence as other planets do, the nucleus is also suppressed. However, as we talk about energy of a very high nature, it still has the connection despite the bands.

The Earth is not completely hollow, as you know, but it does have large internal cavities the size of continents. Or comparable to underground continents.

Robert: And all that about the famous Ozone layer?

Swaruu: That is another lie.

Greta Thunberg

Swaruu: The Federation knows the case well. The Cabal is using it. It is full of symbolism. Even the hairstyle is the same as that of the Nazi young girls. Honorary Doctorate .. Nobel Peace Prize ... Those things are not distributed to anyone, only to members of the Cabal. That girl has a whole team behind that advises her even with the hairstyle the clothes of an innocent girl and what to say.

Gosia: But what agenda exactly is it?

Swaruu: Sell climate change, sell Carbon bonds, increase taxes on people, etc ... make them feel guilty about everything to delegate power. (yes they are the cause but at a deeper level, I don't contradict myself).

It is so that normal people feel responsible and accept new norms, taxes and regulations that hurt them with a view to impose the New World Order. Increasingly high fuel prices when there is no shortage of hydrocarbons and other matters. It is creating a problem to sell the solution.

In Summary there is NO Climate Change. Climate Change with those words cannot be used as something that can be accepted to be happening or we will only be supporting the control agenda. Words are important. Climate Change as what they say .. It does NOT exist. It is agenda to eliminate humans. What DOES exist is pollution and destruction of Ecosystems.

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