Inserting Different Past from the Quantum Field: Swaruu of Erra (Extraterrestrial Contact)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
February 09, 2020

Inserting Different Past from the Quantum Field: Swaruu of Erra (Extraterrestrial Contact)

Yes, you can change the past. But for you yourself. Everything is perception. And yes, I can talk about how to change your past without ships. Only with meditation or consciousness, intention and your own will. It is foolishness for some, truth for others.

For example, your "mum" will still remember when she lost you in a department store when you were 5 ... because she is trapped in that line. But you may have taken the desicion to change your past, this point, and ignore it or change it for a new one. A new memory. You don't have to forget the other traumatic memory. Because your past, your memories are the base for all your unconscious shadows. As Carl G. Jung said, what you repress will emerge later as destiny, because in one form or another ... you are the consequence of your past actions.

Gosia: How exaxtly can we change the past without ships? With intention ... but how, precisely?

Swaruu: You have to understand the situation you want to change as best you can. Face it using the shadow method or shadow work. Face that traumatic past head on, even if remembering the negative event destroys you from the inside.

With that, we then think about how things should have been. You take the simplest, or as simple as possible alternate and imaginary past, because the unconscious is simple, and replace the event with a neutral or credible positive one. Make it yours.

With repetition begin to associate the date and context with the new memory, and not with the negative event. You may say that this is false, that it is a false memory implanted, that you are denying yourself, entering into denial. But it is not false. The past is gone. You are just what you are today and your memories, whatever they are, are true for you.

Do not enter into fights with other people´s memories, as it only validates the part they remember - which is the one you want to erase. As you already have done shadow work, you accept why other people remember that part. You already come from an alternate future designed by you.

You know that the negative happened to you too, but you also know that not only that happened to you, but that there is an infinite amount of variants of that same event, worse and better, than what your fellows remember. But you choose to see and come from a positive alternative event. Because either way and as everything already "is," you are only hauling an alternative memory from your life's quantum field.

It is not a false implanted memory by you using "empty imagination." What you are doing is taking a part from your other "you", from one of your other timelines and you put it, you insert it in your present. This is thinking scalarly. What you think is, as imagination does not create anything. You only pull what is in the other timeline. You are scalar, multidimensional. The others remember whatever they remember. You know that this too is valid, but you don't have to live there with that, just as you don't have to live remembering the moment that car ran over you when you were seven.

Gosia: Isn't there a danger to develop schizophrenia here? In taking memories of others "me?" Different sub-personalities, each with a different past memory? This 3D is dangerous, ha ha. The field is not as clean for experiments and psychological exercises as in 5D perhaps. Or this danger doesn't exist? For example, my past in Poland. I rewrite my past to where my father didn't drink much alcohol ... but I go there and see him get drunk, and then come the memories of the past when he did it. It can cause some psychological disturbance, can't it? Feeling schizophrenic.

Swaruu: That is why you must do shadow work, but in extreme the way that few dare to. Agree to the troublesome past. You go to Poland and remember your past with a father who drank a lot. That too is your past.

Gosia: But if you've already accepted it, why do you still need to take memories from other timelines? You just accept it. It is okay.

Swaruu: You accept it and you don´t deny it. But you also do not deny your alternate inserted past and do not deny that a car ran over you when you were seven. You are it all. But you choose what you will perceive, what you will live. You can accept it or fetch other memories, it is just another tool. You decide what works best for you. And you mentioned schizofrenia. Aha yes, you become like that. But who told you that this was bad?

Gosia: Well, I imagine that extreme schizofrenia is not something positive. Be one person one moment, and then change to another five minutes later that remembers nothing that the first person said. There are extreme cases like that. I don't think that it would be positive. In fact, I think that there isn't even a person inside there anymore, only different entities taking control.

Swaruu: Because it is not under your control. Therefore the shadow work. YOU always have to be in control. Wear your masks when necessary, when in public, when in family. Because you can't show yourself as you are in that society.

Gosia: But this is not schizophrenia as it is here on Earth. There are extreme cases here. One personality talks, then leaves, another enters ... does not remember the first.

Swaruu: It is not under control. It is blocked by neurosis. Neurosis as a lack of control over traumas, adverse reactions to the social. I do not agree with the definitions of mental illnesses on Earth. For me there are none. Only maladjusted. These people often just have access to other realities, but they don't know it. They do not control it and it is perceived as a problem. They are told that it is not reality, and that they are fighting against the impossible. It is only a "mental" illness when it goes against the interests of a society. That is, when a person with a syndrome of any kind ... no longer perceives reality according to the agreements and parameters of a majority. Ergo, they are outside of that matrix. From the point of view of what is accepted on earth, the two of you are not sane.

Robert: There you are absolutely right, Swaruu. But with these insertions of other pasts in your life, are you altering the past of other people or not? In the case of Gosia she would see a father who didn't drink. Would that change her father?

Gosia: Yes, exactly. With that I don't affect the reality of other people, right? My present father will not change from alcoholic to non-alcoholic.

Swaruu: You only alter your past. Not even with a ship do you alter others past. This is the problem and the why the Sand Clock missions do not serve any purpose. They only work for those who jump, but nobody can jump for someone else. It is individual work.

Gosia: Well, how to handle this situation then? That is what I mean. It can cause psychological discomfort, having different memories in you now, and seeing another father, how he behaves not according to your new memories.

Swaruu: Your perception could filter his current behaviour with that of the memory implanted by you. So you would see your father with new eyes. You would no longer see the memories of the alcoholic, but others more. In your perception, he has changed. But the only one that has changed is you.

The past does not exist. And when it did, it too was just a perception. So why do you give it more value over a happier memory that you choose? Everything is perception. There is no objective hard reality.

Robert: But a bad decision made in the past may take its toll for your whole life. For example, those who ask a bank for loans.

Swaruu: That too is perception. YOU choose that it will be so. Your bad decision has made it so that you live in the slums of Sri Lanka. You remember they promised you a job that turned out to be a scam, and you couldn't go home. It happened 17 years ago. And you ended up living in Sri Lanka repairing fishing boats. Or you can build another story around it ... that explains why you decided to live it. Something happier. And with that you will also have the freedom not to be in loops of negative thoughts keeping you locked in a life dynamic that you do not like.

Your starship broke down and you were trapped in Sri Lanka. You wait for the rescue. In the meantime, look how that little man has become your best friend. And the sick street dog that you saved, that now accompanies you. You have the beach, the palm trees, your inner peace, which a simple life gives you. Constant negative thoughts indicate a victim's mentality. Constantly blaming others around you, and the universe, for your misfortunes. That is why this exercise of inner work serves you. To free yourself from the thoughts associated with the negative event. To implant or insert a memory can also be done with hypnosis therapy.

Gosia: Wow, all this is very interesting Swaruu. Thanks! We will share it in a video.

Swaruu: Thank you. Until soon.

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