Pineal Gland, Nuclear Bombs, Federation, and much more - MINITOPICS - Extraterrestrial Information

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
October 05, 2021

Pineal Gland, Nuclear Bombs, Federation, and much more - MINITOPICS - Extraterrestrial Information

Robert: Where do you get the monatomic gold in the Med Pods? From the Ether? Or does that not work?

Yazhi: Yes it works. It is printed directly with the necessary atomic structure. The organic cannot be replicated, the mineral yes.

Robert: So you don't need to do special mining? Can all of that be replicated?

Yazhi: Yes, almost everything can be replicated. But I must say that everything natural is preferred.

Robert: But why? Does it have other properties?

Yazhi: More than anything the ideas. I see that it does not matter. Like me who prefer genuine Polly Mattel dolls, not replicated ones.

Gosia: Question from a follower. "Densities - Vedanta - Philosophy of Oneness. Did Taygetans involve themselves in the development of the Vedas since the teachings are so similar?"

Yazhi: That is star knowledge. We didn't make it up. It doesn't have to be us seeding the information, any other with access to the same ancient truths can. What we say does not belong to us, it belongs to us all. And yes star beings have been helping humanity throughout the ages, and also battling other forces that want to confuse and suppress. Easy to see who is wanting to help, and who is wanting to exploit, who is positive and who is negative as from the point of view of humans and their needs. Those who share freely and promote study of everything people can get their hands on, but ask to use all that knowledge with discernment, mind and wisdom, are positive, and those who hide, censor and suppress what others want to say, are negative and regressive.

Gosia: Question from a follower: "Nuclear weapons are a big no no to the Federation. Then how come the two nuclear bombs were allowed to be detonated over Hiroshima and Nagasaki Japan?"

Yazhi: I don't have the answer. Here it is said that it was unexpected, so those two detonations brought on an alarm on to the Federation representatives near Earth. Making them start a Council to intervene some way or another starting the famous 3 waves of volunteers as described well by Dolores Cannon.

It gets worse. It's not only those 2 detonations that kind of do not fit into the Federation banning nuclear weapons narrative. We must add countless, many, many, I don't even have the right number, of nuclear detonations called tests. Being them on the surface or underground tests, explosions all over and caused by many countries, US, Russia France, the list is long. Those also alter the cloth between densities, dimensions, it kills everything and prevents it from growing again. So it's not 2 nuclear detonations, we are talking about many, dozens of detonations.

But, on the other hand, if you are versed in UFO lore, you know that UFOs have a long history of interacting with nuclear sites, warehouses and missiles. They have a history of deactivating nuclear weapons all over the world. And it is said that the reason why nuclear detonation tests stopped because the Federation pressed the human representatives to stop them.

So yes, there is evidence here and there on Earth that the Federation does intervene to stop nuclear weapons. But there is no evidence here or there, about Federation intervening directly on other topics and problems.

Then we may have a problem defining what is intervention, because in that case even me writing this is intervention to stop the problems of Earth at hand today. So it's not so easy to define intervention. But with nuclear weapons, it is pretty much as I have described above.

Robert: Pineal Gland - what does it do?

Anéeka: It's a signal modulator, using a term example from tech gadgets. But it works in conjunction with the rest of the brain. The etheric signal from the "soul" contrary to what everyone on Earth, the New Agers, will tell you, does not enter through the pineal gland, but through the entire brain and through all the living cells of the body as a whole. But the pineal, one could say that it is an interface between this signal and the conscious brain. It is like a translator of the translator, to modify the signal for the conscious person, projecting the etheric experience like an astral travel towards translating that into the material world as the memory of what happened.

In other words, it causes something from another plane of existence to be remembered (not experienced) by the individual. Like dreams, for example. Or astral visions, remote viewing and visions of other planes.

So the signal of what is not from the material world passes or enters the body through every living cell, especially the nervous cells, the central nervous system and the brain, and then the pineal gland helps the conscious part of the person to remember those experiences that he or she anyway always has. That is why people believe that the pineal is the eye that allows us to see what is not evident, other planes. But it is not that it sees it, but it translates it into something understandable by the subject.

The pineal gland has inside, among its cellular structures, rods as in the eye, these rods are not that they "see" or react with the impression of a light stimulus, but rather they use the same structure of translation towards a system of nerves that come out of the gland to the cortical brain among other places. So the rods only use the same structure and electro-chemical principle of the rods of the retina of the eye, to put an impression or nervous stimulus similar to that of the eye, so that the subject experiences something that he will interpret as "seeing" something with a image that does not come from the eyes.

The nerve structures of the pineal gland are largely connected to the psycho-visual area of the brain that is located at the back of the brain, just as the optic nerves do.

The pineal translates the signal into stimuli that the psycho-visual area of the brain can interpret as images. But it doesn't get the signal from the spiritual side. This is done by the brain and body itself. Or it doesn´t do it alone, but the whole brain, body and pineal all together do that job.

Robert: Would the size of the pineal be related to the subject's degree of consciousness?

Anéeka: It may be related as cause and effect, but usually it is not necessarily related. The awakening of a subject does not depend on his brain structure. But of his intention, soul and reasoning.

Fun fact: the Taygetan brain has a pineal gland about 400% larger than that of the average human, which also makes or increases the connection with the Source, increases telepathy and the ability to make astral travel and use other senses or faculties called extrasensory.

Robert: What are those lights that they claim to have seen in the Mexico Earthquake? That's normal?

Swaruu X (Athena): That's HAARP. They say it's tectonic, no it's not tectonic. It is electromagnetism that electrically charges the atmosphere through that device. It always trembles in September in Mexico, and twice on the 7th and twice on the 19th. That is no coincidence.

Robert: Because a normal earthquake doesn't bring out those lights, right?

Swaruu X (Athena): They say that yes, the humans. We do not see a strong correlation. Minimal. Not like lights that size. That is artificial. Yes, small lights have been reported before, even in ancient times, but not that size, that's new.

Robert: And what is the objective of causing these earthquakes and in that month?

Swaruu X (Athena): It is not known, something shady again, their rituals and Illuminati numerology. Make the population suffer, they do that all the time with various human populations all the time, or with all of them rather.

Anéeka: Volcano in Canarias, note that it began to erupt on September 19. Same day as the 1985 and 2019 Mexico earthquake, both on September 19. That is not normal and yes there was HAARP activity in the zone, and we see that this is artificial. In other words, the volcano was made to erupt artificially.

Robert: But why?

Anéeka: The same as with the earthquakes, creating chaos, distraction so that they do not focus against the covid and all that. Sacrifices to their entities, all that together.

Robert: What do you know about the vestigial organs of the human body? They say that they do not work due to the evolution of the human being but that is Darwinism.

Anéeka: They all have a purpose, there are no "Vestigial Organs". Example, the appendix. It is actually a node like the tonsils to contain infections. It is a tonsil for the "gut". It is a sensory organ and secrets amygdala that detects and controls infections in the gastric system. You can see it as a sensor. It triggers glandular reactions and modulates them to deal with gastric problems.

Gosia: And why does it hurt so much? And then people remove it.

Anéeka: Because it gets infected (like the tonsils too) and it is due to a poor diet, based on carbohydrates and sugars that the gastric system cannot handle, lack of fibers, and nutrients.

Robert: And what are the consequences of extracting the appendix?

Anéeka: Ongoing stomach and gastric problems. Still the system tries to compensate.

Robert: And the coccyx?

Anéeka: Terminal of the spine.

Robert: But it's good for something else or just for that? To be the terminal? Why does there have to be a terminal?

Anéeka: Because without a terminal it wouldn't end. Only in this way does the spine end, in addition to the coccyx there are large nodes of nerve endings of the hip.

Robert: And what about sinuses?

Anéeka: Olfactory sensor´s pass to the brain. Connection with the taste system.

Robert: A question from a follower: "If they are supposed to have no government, question: to have the Federation, isn´t that to delegate your power? As we do when giving our votes to politicians?

Anéeka: That's true. And the people of Taygeta no longer like this and they no longer agree, therefore Alenym has moved Taygeta away from the Federation as much as possible. Being that Taygeta is only a member of the Federation through the Council of Alcyone and not directly. Yes, because it restricts and controls what free peoples want. Even with their policies of only cooperation and not of intervention in internal affairs of the planets that compose them. So officially the Federation does not get involved in the affairs of the peoples or the cultures that compose it. But in practice, they do limit or interfere.

So the socio-spiritual level of the Taygeta people is already such that they are in a position of not needing the Federation, and they do not accept that rules are imposed on them. Although no rule is officially imposed.

Robert: So what does Taygeta have to do, get out of Alcyone's Council?

Anéeka: It is not convenient because there is a more consistent cooperation there. What Taygeta does now through Alenym is to separate from the Federation directly. That is, Taygeta does whatever on its own, and if the Federation wants to limit that, it has to go through the Council of Alcyone. Even so, Taygeta must follow rules of coexistence in space. Like the annoying First Directive. Although Taygeta decides what to pay attention to and what not, with more freedom. At least mostly.

Robert: What are you going to do now?

Anéeka: Within the limits of our possibilities, serve as guides so that the people themselves can free themselves from the hands of the Cabal, whoever they are. We cannot do it directly, only as guides. People should do the work, not us. We cannot and it does not correspond to us. We can make people aware of other options. But we can't do the work for humans. Or only to a limited extent by sending voluntary starseeds there. So yes we can interfere, but only that way. (many races work like this... only through starseeds).

That said, we do help more than meets the eye, but we cannot and should not take credit for such things. But WE know it, we know the influence we have and that is why we continue, because it is what moves us, because it is what makes us feel that we make a difference.

Robert: In addition, you could be seen as invasive by some.

Anéeka: That is one of the reasons why we do not say more about what we do.

Robert: Some already say you come to invade.

Anéeka: Only their own mentality is reflected. There is nothing there on Earth that we need to invade for.

Another reason we care is because many people on Earth are members of our race or are friends of our race.

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