BigFoot/Sasquatch - Daniel James´ Real Encounters - Dyatlov Pass Incident

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
October 31, 2023

BigFoot/Sasquatch - Daniel James´ Real Encounters - Dyatlov Pass Incident

First conversation - 2018

Robert: What do you know about Yeti, what is it? do you know about Yeti, what is it?

Swaruu (9): The Yeti is the same creature as Bigfoot, like the black bear and the polar bear, both are bears. They are semi-intraterrestrial anthropomorphic creatures. They are highly telepathic, so it is difficult to see them. They are almost or semi-intraterrestrial, because they live in not very deep cavities that they themselves hide with doors made of nature, camouflaged.

They are mostly carnivores and are responsible for most of the disappearances of people in the national parks of the U.S. They pull their victims from "spider holes" like the Vietcong. One moment the girl is there and the next moment she is not.

Governments know about these creatures and hide this, which is why they choose to respect national parks, because they also have esoteric Cabal reasons, Illuminati entities involved, at least in their minds.

There are positive ones, as with everything, but most are shy but fierce. They are three to four meters tall. Chewbacca in "Star Wars" is placed there by the Cabal under the agenda of telling the public on the sly that the Bigfoot are linked to UFO activity. Chewbacca is a Bigfoot.

The negatives have modified it, like any other race, for warlike purposes, and an example of this is the Yeti that was released by the Reptiles as a test and is the cause of the strange deaths that occurred in the case of Dyatlov in Russia, where there was also radiation from the negative ship that came down to release this creature.


Anéeka: By the way, yesterday concluded the Taygetan investigation into what happened at the Dyatlov Pass. Again, we don't have a lot of firm data. Obviously, the data we have on which to base the investigation has to be of human origin, because that comes from Earth. However, we did compare the evidence with records of incoming and outgoing Federation spacecraft around the year 1959 when it happened and in that region of the Urals of Russia.

Robert: Thank you. Who was conducting that investigation?

Anéeka: Dhor Káal’el, Nai'Shara, Eridania and Alenym.

So, with the best data in hand, it was concluded that nothing out of the ordinary happened there. What happened was that they entered an area near a camp of a hostile tribe that was invading the area that belonged to another friendly tribe. And they killed them so they wouldn't go and say they were there. They were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Robert: A tribe?

Anéeka: Yes, local tribe, not Russians, although within Russian territory, more like Eskimos. I don't have the names but there are.

The missing eyes on one of the girls as well as the missing tongue is due to the fact that her face was in a stream of freezing water that washed away the soft parts, or her tongue was removed to stop her from speaking, which was common for that invading tribe.

Robert: So, no Yeti. No Reptilian hybrids. No nuclear tests or ships releasing radiation. And the video footage showing a Yeti?

Anéeka: The radiation was because two of them worked in a primitive nuclear plant in that area of Russia, and had their clothes impregnated and contaminated with radioactive material, since only a year before there was an explosion nuclear accident in that atomic plant, which today is known to be the first accident like Chernobyl or Fukushima, and that the Russian government did everything possible to hide from the public, and the Dyatlov incident exposed to the world press the contamination of the accident. And that is why so much secrecy fed conspiracy theories.

Photo of the Yeti taken by the expedition... I saw it myself and it looks like it could be just one of them, nothing that would denote anything strange or big.

Lights in the sky... there was a military rocket testing station north of there and they were conducting experiments firing their rockets towards the Ural Mountains, being an unpopulated area. We have no record of ships in the area at that time around January-February 1959.

Taking into account these data, it can be concluded quite strongly that it was only murder on the part of a hostile tribe so that they would not tell their position to the Russian authorities and to the other friendly tribe. So, it seems, with the best data available, nothing unusual happened there. It was just a multiple murder covered up by the Russian government to hide the nuclear accident that happened near there just a few months before.

With the data we had at that time, we talked about the Russian Menk (Yeti) and that he was brought down by a ship to see what he would do and he attacked the students. That is what they did or still do. That was logical, but we have new data now.

Robert: What do you mean they still do it? Reptiles let Yetis loose for what?

Anéeka: It is not known why exactly, but it is like the Chupacabra, they release it to see human reactions and to perfect their creatures.

A Russian investigation, or many of them, concludes that they were victims of an avalanche. We, as indicated by other Russian researchers who took part in this latest investigation, agree that it was most likely murder. These are new data, new results. It is most likely. They went into territory controlled by a hostile tribe.

Robert: And to cover up the nuclear accident in the process.

Anéeka: That's right, that's what caused the secrecy. Because until well into the 2000s, the Russian government did not accept the existence of that accident with a nuclear plant. And two of the guys on the expedition worked there and one was even part of the cleanup of the disaster at the plant. One of the two girls also showed signs of radiation, but it is known that she was wearing a sweater that belonged to one of the boys who did work at the nuclear plant.

So, with these facts, unless new ones come in, which I doubt, the Dyatlov Pass was of very human origin. To Caesar what is Caesar's.


Swaruu (9): Governments, especially the U.S. government, hides them and all their evidence under the same parameters or tricks they use for UFOs. They use ridicule and denial (joke: a Bigfoot claims to have seen Chuck Norris once), but there they are, and the rangers know it, but prefer to keep quiet, to keep their mouths shut, like pilots with UFOs. But recently many rangers are already speaking out, as the Bigfoot have become more hostile, either because their natural habitat has been greatly reduced and they become angry, desperate, or the Reptiles at bases like Dulce, DUMB, are releasing them for purposes of inciting terror.

The last major incident recorded by us that did not make it into the public eye is that a Delta Force team entered Mt. Shasta National Park with the assignment to find and kill a killer Bigfoot that had already been or was getting out of control. Out of a team of twelve Delta Force, eight of them lost their lives. This happened on January 6, 2018, of this year. Also, during the Mount Santa Elena explosion in 1981, the National Guard was taking out entire truckloads of Bigfoot killed by the volcano in military trucks. Likewise, we also have on record a Chinese twin rotor helicopter carrying it out of the volcano affected area in a net hanging below.

They are very real. They are just hidden by the government. In itself, that's what the rangers are for, to contain them. It is said that it is the Reptiles that abduct the missing and I don't doubt it, but more than 90% of the cases are by the Bigfoot.

Second conversation - 2018

Robert: Are Sasquatch intelligent like humans? From what you told me, they are aggressive and carnivorous.

Swaruu (9): You cannot measure one creature by the intelligence parameters of another. However, in many ways yes, they are more intelligent. Just because they do not have an advanced civilization, as you would expect an advanced creature or being to have, does not mean that they are not. It just means that they have transcended the need to have a civilization as they carry everything inside them. They are highly telepathic to the degree that 3D frequencies do not affect them. That is why they are the subject of research by Eridania and team at the Ventra.

Other examples of creatures extremely evolved in consciousness, to the degree of not needing a society or civilization as such, are those of the cetacean group, dolphins and whales, all highly telepathic. They have their world inside. They are also unaffected by artificial 3D lunar frequencies.

Robert: You mean, Swaruu, that there are beings on Earth that do not get affected by lunar frequencies, but why?

Swaruu (9): When the frequency is high enough and the power output is also too high, they are simply not on the same existential plane as the lunar frequencies. Just because they have a physical body on one plane does not mean that they are there in consciousness. A physical body is only a projection on a lower plane of an idea, of an intention of "something" above.

That is to say that if, for example, the lunar frequencies are transmitting in an AM radio range, everything that is on FM will not be affected. Whales and Sasquatch, among other beings, are on FM, humans and their consciousness are on AM, so it affects them more, generalizing.

Robert: Ok, I understand. To give an example, autistic children are in this dimension, but their consciousness would be in another?

Swaruu (9): Partly yes, but it's more like my example with radio frequencies.

Robert: Ok, thanks, but Sasquatch and whales, dolphins and cetaceans are a little different in the way they act towards humans. The marine animals are friendly and the Sasquatch are not.

Swaruu (9): That is due to other factors, not only in terms of frequency range strictly speaking. In itself, Sasquatch have better ways of sheltering and disappearing than cetaceans that can't hide. That's why cetaceans try to be friendly, perhaps, Sasquatch do not. Also because of the very nature of the being.

The Sasquatch can be very aggressive, and they are also very afraid of humans because they are invasive. Humans have also limited their habitat a lot, so they can't find enough food and this causes them to resort to human flesh. Even so, the Sasquatch population has increased, not declined in recent years adding to the problem, and they are not just one variety, they are several varieties, at least five distinct ones. All are aggressive, although it depends on the individual. There are many that are friendly to some humans and all are carnivores.

Robert: Do they live in tribes?

Swaruu (9): Yes, although many work or live alone, especially the large males, they are semi-intraterrestrial. They only come to the surface to hunt. They use subterranean networks of labyrinths that they make themselves or use natural formations as well. They use traps like the "spider's nest" which consists of a tunnel that leads to a cave and has a very heavy lid made of flat rock filled with plants on top that weighs over a ton that they easily lift to give access to the surface. They climb out, grab a hiker and disappear, covering the opening again.

Rescuers could walk over the entrance, step over it, but it's so big they can't see it, they would need to search the whole area with ground penetrating radar, even then it's difficult because of the terrain.

Robert: What a terrible death, what an unpleasant experience for hikers.

Swaruu (9): They like children, they are easier to eat, but there is evidence that they sometimes keep human children as pets.

Robert: You´re leaving me speechless.

Swaruu (9): There are already Sasquatch all over the world, but with the greatest concentration of large species in North America and Siberia, in Asia.

Robert: Have you seen one of these Sasquatch up close?

Swaruu (9): Not up close, only with on-screen instrumentation. In Russia, they call them Menk and they are as real as bears.

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