Earthquake in Turkey - short conversation with Yazhi Swaruu

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
February 22, 2023

Earthquake in Turkey - short conversation with Yazhi Swaruu

Originally in Spanish - February 2023

Gosia: And do you know anything else about Turkey?

Yazhi: Yes, CIC already knows that it was a man-made earthquake because of its shockwave print.

Gosia: Ok, and why there?

Yazhi: I don't have the complete data, but it was a kind of punishment, for not aligning with the Cabal.

Robert: It left a print? They say that a strange cloud appeared in the sky in Turkey before the earthquake.

Yazhi: Because of the energy waves that created the earthquake, of course they will say it is the other way around. Indicative of the energy of the place and the vaporization of the atmospheric water, it follows that pattern, forming that.

Gosia: What does this image mean? Is it a ship?

Yazhi: No, just a concentration of energy. In other words, they hit the Turks with directed energy to provoke a tectonic plate shift. Although officially the displacement of tectonic plates releases energy that forms those clouds. So it is no proof because they turn the data upside down.

Gosia: But if Turkey doesn't know that that was like punishment, what's the point?

Yazhi: At some level of the Turkish controllers they DO know, only the Turkish public does not. At high Turkish levels, secret societies behind their government levels, they do know.

Gosia: Ok. Although I don't know if they care much about what happens to civilians.

Yazhi: They do care, but as a ritual sacrifice. Like the Titanic, like 9/11.

Gosia: In what sense more precisely? Who sacrificed the people? Themselves, the Turkish Cabal?

Yazhi: The greater Cabal that controls the Earth at the level just where the human ends and the Matrix level of control begins, the non-human level. What people believe doesn't matter, people only see natural earthquake, inevitable disaster. The Cabal sees it as an exercise of power over them because they have the technology to provoke an earthquake, as well as the one in Mexico City, also artificial, all three that happened on the same day in different years.

Robert: Well, those do not empathize with humanity at all.

Yazhi: They don't even see themselves as the same species, of course they don't empathize.

Gosia: It is all so complex. So many levels. One level punishing the other, the other making sacrifices.

Yazhi: That's right, they punish the high level of control of a country by punishing its infrastructure including its human resources. They don't see them as people, they see them as human resources.

Robert: But in the end everything is a reflection of the humans. What lesson could we take from all this of the metaphysical type?

Yazhi: Not the humans, the intention of the lesson is for the controllers of Turkey and Syria. It's a "fall in line or I destroy your country".

Robert: Well, it seems that it is a lesson not only for Turkey and Syria, but for everyone. For everyone to obey.

Yazhi: For others as well. For example, "if you don't line up, you get what happened in Turkey".

Gosia: It will be difficult to justify such an earthquake in a country like Poland where they do not occur. It will look fake. But they will invent something else. They will bring deluges.

Yazhi: Those who really control each country know that earthquakes are only one of their tools of control.

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