Etheric Memory Implants, Life Plan, Free Will - Extraterrestrial Communication (Yazhi)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
July 23, 2020

Etheric Memory Implants, Life Plan, Free Will - Extraterrestrial Communication (Yazhi)

1st Chat

Yazhi: Earth is a simulation.

Gosia: Well, not all is the simulation no?

Yazhi: The experience isn't. Everything else is. Nothing exists. Only if you want it to be real, from here, from the other side it is not real. Reality is relative.

Gosia: What do you mean nothing? We said that far way nature on Earth does exist, for example.

Yazhi: No Earth, no Temmer, no Erra, no Cyndriel, no Avalon. All a mental idea. Matter does not exist at all. Only mind and consciousness. You are living a dream.

Gosia: Ahh... you are talking about THAT level. Don´t mix, haha! We are talking about artificial simulation. Not mental one.

Yazhi: I see one and the same, just another level. I see Earth and everything in it as false as Erra, or Cyndriel. But people dwell and get lost in insignificant details like lunar matrix and things that are truly inconsequential.

Sister, news for you, all that that's the Taygetean point of view and it is valid, but not more valid than any one else's!

Everything is mental and part of the same simulation game, simulation done with mind, not with machine. The Lunar matrix and holographic computers inserting buildings there is an insignificant part of the whole.

Gosia: But if there is no objective reality and all is my mind, why are there rules in place for example, that I did'n´t come up with? Like you not being able to come down to see us.

Yazhi: The rules are there to conserve the experience each soul wants, to conserve the lesson of life. Rules you came up with, or else you wouldn't be there.

Gosia: Yes, I think I feel it intuivitely this way... that ultimately it´s all MIND, all simulation, nothing objective outside of that Ultimate creative mind. But then... on the ¨level¨ of created simulations, there are ¨rules¨ to keep the games in a game mode. Right?

Yazhi: Yes, exactly, in lower levels. But if your mind grows enough, expands, then you become part of another system or above the system, so you can start to interact in another way with what you call other densities and people in them.

You want the Taygeteans to go down and visit you and all that would be the equivalent of a football player to want to play with his hands not only his feet, cheating!

Gosia: Yes, it seems that as long as I am ¨perceiving the lower state of the game...¨ I can´t change certain rules. So from the lower part of the game I am at... I AM playing the illusion of the objective reality game. That´s what the game is about right?

Yazhi: The game is about what you learn from the experience.

Gosia: Yes. And about that football player, who came up with that rule-football player? ME. MIND. So I should be able to change that rule. The fact that I can´t means that the game is so well planned that it does give me the illusion of the objective reality then.

Yazhi: You need to get out of the game to change the rules. Or learn to control everything form within. And yes, I know it is convincing, very detailed up to the smallest speck of dirt in the road, or each dandelion seed! But yes, you change your rules.

Gosia: It is very convincing! But especially, when it comes to ¨rules¨ that have seemingly nothing to do with me, like your visit rules. That definitely makes one believe there IS an objective reality, at least when viewed from the lower level. Complicated.

Yazhi: But they do have a lot to do with you.

Gosia: Yes, I know. I put the word ¨seeminly¨ nothing to do with me. Nothing to do with me... I mean, I didn´t create those rules, at least from the lower level.

Yazhi: You did accept them.

Gosia: From the higher level. But from down here, it all does make one believe there IS objective reality. That´s my point. I had no choice. From the lower level. From the higher one, I can make you all disappear tomorrow, or do anything I want, I know that, haha!

Yazhi: If it helps... I no longer see any objective reality.

Gosia: Easier for you. You can walk through walls. See through illusions. Remember things.

Yazhi: There are no walls. Everything is a 'dream'.

Gosia: I still bump into those non existent walls though. I don´t even remember my home in Taygeta. None of it. All I have is my essence. That, I do feel. And I know it´s unlimited.

Yazhi: And it is. That is the only really important thing to know.

Gosia: Yes. That´s why ultimately I am not concerned. About not remembering for example.

Yazhi: That is one of the most important things I have been trying to explain. Who you were is not important, and all what is important of who you were, you still are. What is important is who you are and who you will be. So no need to look for anyone´s true identity, there is no true identity and who anyone was is irrelevant.

What is not irrelevant is who they are, and what they want to be, who they will be. Your identity on Earth as Gosia, is as irrelevant and false as your star identity.

Gosia: I understand. Still though, as you said before, the soul is built and it is built on experiences, so understanding some of those ¨previous¨ experiences would be nice... it makes you understand yourself more, and why you are the way you are.

That for sure what learning about my Taygetean identity gave me. I understand why I am the way I am more, by understanding my experiences and ¨roots¨, so to speak, I had earlier. Although they are not my roots really either. Just more experiences.

Yazhi: What makes things even more complicated is that many of the experiences and memories are implanted and you never lived them.

Gosia: Yes, but they were implanted here in 3D no? Outside Earth, no right?

Yazhi: Wherever.

Gosia: I am talking about artificial implantation. Like in immersed starseeds.

Yazhi: The experience is what matters. That is real. And just about everything is implanted any way. There and in 5D. I'm trying to lessen the importance of artificial implants, reality itself is artificial, so what's the difference?!

Gosia: How do you implant memories in 5d? And why? Are you saying you reached the level from which you understand ALL physical reality is implanted by some Ultimate Architect, Us from beyond 5d level? I KNEW IT, haha.

Yazhi: It is done with consciousness alone, by the user, each soul, at an etheric level before incarnating. And by interaction with other versions of each person or soul as in interaction with their higher self. On Earth as well. And then that is hacked by frequency machines, holographic computers, but then again, they can do the same in 5D as well. In 5D you know there are full immersion games, indistinguishable with "reality." What makes you think they are only used as entertainment?

Gosia: No, I know they are used for other things too. But etheric implants? From etheric level before incarnating we implant memories? What for?

Yazhi: To have a basic frame knowledge to be able to have the desired experience. For example as a first time human, they need the memory of other people who have been on Earth before them, to know how to interpret things, to react and so on and so forth. See it as a scaffolding to prop up the experiences each soul wants.

Gosia: But you mean it is implanted ETHERICALLY? Between incarnations? How do I implant that in myself without computers?

Yazhi: With intention, with imagination, being energetically and frequency compatible with having those basic experiences.

Gosia: Holly Molly. I knew I knew nothing yet!

Yazhi: For example imagining that you are Napoleon, if that is relevant, and researching everything about him, so those basic imaginary memories serve as a frame for the ones you will have.

Gosia: That´s why we have so many Napoleons as a past life experience haha. Quite a narcisistic soul who implanted that onto itself!

Yazhi: Also, those memories that are Implanted are not all that false, because as you are compatible in intention, frequency (interest perhaps) then you are tapping into (channeling) the experiences of Napoleon, or whoever, because everything is going on at the same time, as there is no time. Meaning that if you as a soul are compatible in frequency with Napoleon then you are Napoleon.

And if anyone else, another soul is also compatible with Napoleon he will be Napoleon as well, having that in common with you! So in a higher realm everything is connected, everything is blended as one, having no clear boundaries between what is what and who is who. We are truly all one.

Gosia: Is that similar to Akashic Records?

Yazhi: In a way yes, but I never did buy into those Akashic records. I think that is a limited way of expressing, or of understanding, something much more complex. More like simply tapping into the so called 'field'. Where you channel everything that is compatible with you, and you choose that, what is compatible with you moving your frequency accordingly at will.

Gosia: But, if memory can be and can equal the experience, then why even have experiences anymore? Let´s just download and implant stuff into ourselves and done? Do memories of experiences equal experiences?

Yazhi: They do.

Gosia: Then why have experiences?

Yazhi: Because those become and generate memories that later are implanted into other souls. But ¨implanted¨ is only a limited way of wording this.

2nd Chat

Gosia: Going back to the implanted memories. Something that we ended on yesterday. You said something interesting at the end. I asked: ¨so what´s the difference between sitting on the couch and implanting memories into oneself... and actually having experiences?¨

And you said it´s necessary in order to keep filling the ¨experiences bank¨ (my words) for other souls to then play with - implant themselves. I would like you to explain to me the difference between a real experience and an implanted one.

Yazhi: There is no difference if the memories you implant are complex and meaningful enough. For the experiencer, there is no difference.

Gosia: But you said that the soul grows with experiences. So it grows even with false experiences? Implanted ones?

Yazhi: Other than the simplistic explanation, that you lived through something and the other not, I see no difference. BUT... The problem resides in the moment you implant something, a sequence of events, the implanting itself is, or will be an equivalent to having lived that something. Because it does have a sequence of events through perceived time. And that is in itself equivalent to... living something!

So that's why I say I see no difference. It is an experience someone holds. And that is the part that counts. If you have someone in the couch, and you go and with whatever means you implant a memory it needs a sequence through time. And that would be the exact same thing as living it for the experiencer on the couch. So for the experiencer, implanting a memory or living it, is the same.

Gosia: Ok so then why don´t all of ET's just do that? Sit on couches and implant themselves with stuff? I say ET's as here we don´t have this technology (and not talking for now about etheric implantations between lives). Why live life at all then?

Yazhi: They do that! And a lot! They play immersions all the time.

Gosia: But it´s not the same. Because knowing it´s not real anuls it as a real experience. You can see the exit door in your room on the ship with your cat looking at you sleeping... Thats not the same as a real experience. Oh, wait, now I understand! That´s why have a 3d Immersion with no memory!

Yazhi: Yes, and you are in the middle of it! However, even the ones where you know you are immersed. You have the memory of playing a guitar in the video game. It is also a memory. How you got it is not relevant. Implanting things that are taken by the subject as real amounts to being the same as having lived that event.

So in essence how you got the memory is irrelevant, that you have it, is what is important!

If you were implanted the memory of robing a bank for example/or living the exact same event as something in your past, in the not observable point of attention of the now... And as you do not know which one was implanted and which one you lived. For you as the experiencer, it amounts to the same.

Gosia: I understand. But my question still remains: Why live life? Why not sit there with the implanter machine?

Yazhi: But you are in the memory implant machine right now! It is your dang Immersion Pod number 1007. The building holding your pod inside is quite close to the beach, just saying!

And technological or not, you are always living implants. There is no living reality. That does not exist as such. And That IS reality. Implanted with a machine in Temmer, or by intervention of your timeless "higher soul" having designed your life before you incarnated. And at the same time planning it as you go along, as you have interactive multiple choices. Free will and not. In the end see it as simple. A memory is a memory and who cares how you got it!

3rd Chat

Yazhi: So you know about implants with technology from 5D into 3D, easy by the way. What about from higher realms? Even easier. What is a basic characteristic of higher realms? What gets progressively easier and easier as you go up in the scale? Manifestation.

So to make an implant from higher realms into... whoever and whatever, and I mean whatever and whoever, you just have to think it. You just have to wish it. So you plan... I'd like things to be for today... for this time... this way! Let's make it harder this time... Let´s make my avatar, my lower self, have no money, but will have love! Driving her to go on. And having to deal with a health crisis! What kind of health crisis would be good? An epidemic. Yes. No! Better a false epidemic, making things even more interesting as she is awake and must convince others against all odds. And... things are just because you think them. And there is your implant.

You can give your lower self a background, perhaps she is good at violin... a 'natural'. So you give her implanted memories of being a violin concertmaster in her false, implanted past life. Of course in this life you have a shitty 100 dollar Chinese violin, but she is only using it to drown her perils! And that is. And it is because you say so! Because from higher realms you understand so much, that you form matter, you play with time with sheer will.

So those insertion machines, immersion pods and holographic computers are... lower density, useless, and obsolete gadgetry! Consciousness is everything, and it really is. It creates a flow of energy because that's what you are! Pure high frequency energy. And wherever you look your attention flows and you interpret things the way you want... and that attention direction and whatever you are imagining is gravity.

Your thoughts have a shape, a dynamic and precise shape, and that means there is less energy in one place and more in another, even to form a simple table... you have more energy on the top and on the legs, and less between the legs as it must have a square shape. Why must it have a square shape? Because you want to!

And that ordered sequence of thoughts is so perfectly ordered that it creates a flow in the field, and the field is you, and your gravity attention flux, or direction of flow where you are looking at. Thinking of 'table'. That sequence is the harmonics of a frequency we've talked about for years.

So you are the field, you are the everything, you are energy, the energy from what everything spawns from. Your emotions and feelings, what you like and not, what drives you to create something and not something else. Why you want a square table this time and not an oval shaped one. Because it makes you feel good to have it in that particular corner as you decorate your imaginary house you are building in your mind and that will be real because you want it to be real. And that will reflect in lower realms. You print reality that way. Because you wanna! Because it makes you smile.

Gosia: Amazing. Thank you. But a question, so why then when you come down here, into your own creation, some people do NOT smile anymore? Did they design that as well, not smiling experience at which then their higher self is smiling at from above?

Yazhi: Just because it has never been done before this way, although it has, but let´s say it has not. So this 'variant' becomes interesting. So why not! And that's why it's a game, you decide and you make it. From higher realms it is all set and done, destiny written. From the lower realm you make things up as you go! So you have no free will and you do at the same time. And whatever your avatar wants and does as she moves along is free will, but from above you have already considered all the possibilities of what it can do at each time. You designed them all because you can handle that amount of data!

Gosia: How much of anything is really prepared in advance and how much are we shaping from below as we go? How much of the free will to create is there still from BELOW?

Yazhi: From a higher realm you are naturally already interfering a lot, and I mean to the point of being in total control over your lower avatar. But at the very same time from the lower density perspective of your lower avatar where things are simpler, less information, making up a simpler density like 3D or 5D, then your lower self has total free will.

But even though that is so because there is an infinite amount of possibilities to follow... your lower self is still subject to other rules of her role, which you also imposed on her. So even though theoretically she has an infinite amount of possibilities to choose a course of action from... she is still limited to the former agreements she lives by... depending on the density, like gravity, using doors, not teleporting, not walking on water and so on.

Gosia: So is it just an illusion the lower self has about having free will? Since it has ¨less information¨. So it doesn´t know it´s all already worked out.

Yazhi: Without going into the very necessary conversation to be able to have a common frame... What is reality, what is real? From the perspective of lower self, she is living in her reality, with her limitations. From the more expanded point of view... that's just a game. Game you can change at any time.

And it can be real for you in a higher realm... or not. At will. Does not mean you are sick as you make your lower self 'suffer' something. Here we come to a conflict of interests spawning from different density points of view. But from above it's not letting that something happen. It's not happening as there is no time. It's just a concept. It's only happening from your avatar´s point of view.

Gosia: It´s a concept from higher perspective but experience from the lower one. Higher self can´t be that naive not to know that, not to realize how much it hurts to get burnt.

Yazhi: It's not naive. But the simple fact that the very concept exists, is enough for it to happen. As you create the concept that is not fair it must not happen, you create it happened.

It means that even though from above you have all the control... and where you want to place your attention, the responsibility of the action... falls on the lower self living the experience. Even saying: ¨that never happened¨ means in some place it did. Never something does not exist, only referring to another frame or context.

Gosia: Ok, I understand. Going back to memories. You have been talking about the implanted life plan, design, but how does it relate to implanted memories? Why exactly do you need to implant those? What´s the specific purpose behind that?

Yazhi: For being able to live anything, you need to be able to interpret things a specific way. In order to have a life experience you are designing for yourself, from the point of view of your higher self. Because it's you as your higher self who is doing the life design. So in order to have that reference to interpret things one way or another, you need to implant those references. And those are implanted memories, of both a former life, or of something in your present life that never happened.

Gosia: Why can´t you just learn as you go?

Yazhi: You do learn as you go. That's the whole point. But if you don't have basic interpretation background you cannot live as planned. How would you know a rock is a rock and a snail is a snail if you have no reference to see that potential energy as such.

Gosia: So the past life memories people in 5d have (cause here people don´t)... are mostly implanted or mixture of something ¨real¨ as well? (and don´t tell me they are both the same)

Yazhi: Again what is real and what is not?

Gosia: I knew you would say that. And why do you need a reference? Why not go completely into the unknown? Is the higher self a chicken, haha?

Yazhi: Why do you see a chair as something useful and not as a mountain as an ant sees it?Because you have lives, or you have a reference that a piece of matter you call chair is good to sit on. Because someone told you at least what it is for. So as with a chair you need that reference for everything that will exist in that particular lifespan, or you simply will not know what things are.

Gosia: Why the need to know rock is a rock and snail is a snail? Too many rules haha. Having to have a reference is another rule. Not necessary. Another idea. But yes, I suppose. Otherwise, you would be using kitchen bowls to sit on etc. But I thought you learn that naturally as a baby. No need to implant anything before.

Yazhi: Yes, you learn as you go and as a baby grows up, as Earth psychologists say. But that is way not enough to live the life plan you designed before incarnating. As with the example of the violin, above. You do learn, but you need much more time to learn what you need.

Gosia: Hmm ok wow. I didn´t know any of this. That you load things up before.

Yazhi: And many people do live only with what they have learned in their life span as socially accepted on Earth, but those are the false people, backdrops, of simple people with uninteresting lives that only go day by day with nothing worthwhile going on in their heads, for example no creative talents.

And yes, you load things before you come. That's what past lives are for. You as a soul do not jump from garden snail right into being a concert master, violin virtuoso! That's why I say you build your soul as you go along! From the point of view of a lower density incarnation.

Gosia: Yes you say BUILD IT, exactly, but now I am finding out you are also DOWNLOADING it as you go! Lazy soul!

Yazhi: As with so much I have shared, both points of view go together. From one point of view you build it as you go along, from another you implant. And you also kind a-cheat, implanting things into your lower self to jump a few steps, not needing to be a violin concert master before the incarnation you really want to experience where you only need violin talents to drown your solitude.

From the lower self point of view those are past lives you build your soul with as are your present life experiences. From the higher self point of view those are implants and you design the life by simple thought.

Remember I'm trying to convey multilayered information. At least 3 layers here.

Gosia: Yes I know. I am mostly interested in the higher layer now. Forget the lower one.

Yazhi: In the end, nothing is real, and you have experienced nothing. It's all an idea in your higher self's mind! A fantasy, a novel created just because.

Gosia: So how do you know that your memories as Swaruu's are truly yours and you didn´t just load them up from the field? Or loading things up from the field EQUALS being that and having been that?

Yazhi: Because I know everything is false any way from a higher point of view. But not for the ones that are living it!

Gosia: If setting up this ¨game¨, avatars etc... is something we designed from above to experience, why then wake up from that? Why should we know this now then? Aren´t we going against our plans? Or is this also the higher self plan, to have little Gosia's realize things and lower and higher self becoming Unity?

Yazhi: As a variant to reality. But if you are conservative and want the Matrix to continue, then yes, it is an invasion. Things should be as they are and as they have always been. No alien contact, no knowing things you shouldn't know of.

But from a lower realm's point of view, people are all also trapped in their own creation. But as I said above it is up to them, the ones living it, to find the way out of their problems.

If you still feel confused, look at it this way, easy: Nothing is real. It's all a manifestation of your mind!

Gosia: That doesn´t make it easy at all. You said I was on Earth for example. WHO WAS then? Did I just TAKE that memory from the field?

Yazhi: Even things that you swear you have lived, like going to Laughlin in Nevada in February, now today you have selected memories to stay and others you have forgotten, about your trip, the ones you've forgotten is because they are not relevant. And the ones you have could be called the implant.

You are sure both of your recent trips, to Nevada and to Svalbard for example were real, and you even think I'm nuts suggesting they might have been not, but if I told you that one of your two trips is false and the other real, you couldn't know the difference. But that's irrelevant here because from your point of view there as Gosia, they were both real. But from the Gosia above... Nop nop. I mean it.

Gosia: This is just an example right?

Yazhi: Just an example, don't go nuts about it. But what I'm trying to tell you is that from one point of view things are real, and from another they are all implants. And those are two extremes... Higher Densities and Lower 3D. This is difficult to convey because there are multiple points of view about the same thing.

From your point of view as Gosia, the human girl, everything you have lived is real. From another some things are real others are implants... From yet another, nothing is real. 3 levels. And in the end it is not up to me to decide what is real and what is not. That's your task.

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