Cosmic Agency - MiniTopics - Crystal Skulls, Elon Musk, and more

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
June 23, 2023

Cosmic Agency - MiniTopics - Crystal Skulls, Elon Musk, and more


Gosia: Question from someone: Is what he tells true? "A healthy human has a vibrational frequency of 62 to 72MHz, and when it is reduced it is compromised. If it drops to 58MHz, cold symptoms appear, when it drops to 55MHz, bacterial infections start, at 42MHz comes cancer and at 20MHz death begins."

Yazhi: For starters, YES. Absolutely yes. What I can't corroborate are the exact figures in Mhz, but I totally believe it. Everything is vibration, and vibration comes from thoughts, and that from consciousness. And whether you get sick in one place or another depends on the thoughts and these are reflected in energetic nodes of the body.


Gosia: Someone asked me this: "If 432Hz doesn't repair DNA, then 440Hz doesn't damage DNA. So why did Cabal change tuning from 432Hz to 440Hz?"

Yazhi: Let's see, I said that it does not directly repair DNA, but 432 helps as a frequency to harmonize the body and thoughts, therefore it does help the body. But not by repairing DNA directly, but as a means of harmonizing the body and the energy field.

So they changed to 440 to prevent those benefits from reaching humanity. It has to do with DNA only as an effect after the harmonization of consciousness, so it does have to do with DNA repair.

Question from Dr Alex. Blood transfusions

"I have a question regarding the video on blood transfusions and DNA. The most common transfusion is red blood cell concentrates. Those are cells without nucleus and therefore do not have DNA. It is true that they will have RNA and in the liquid that contains them there can be loose DNA molecules but in a very small quantity. With such a small quantity does it have the same effect on the recipient?"

Yazhi: With a minimal amount of DNA there is already an alteration, when the recipient's body takes it mostly as invasive organic material and discards it just as it does with an exosome (virus). However, it is not only a problem of DNA transmission, which in itself is serious enough, but of energy, of personal frequencies, it is something more etheric.

In the end, we are always transferring soul or personal energy, so I would not see it as an invasion or something to worry about. However, I insist on not mixing with people with bad vibes, because they do invade us, although for that we have personal shields, among them, the aura as a barrier.

Gosia: On the subject of soul intertwining due to transfusion, Yazhi comments:

Yazhi: You can also look at the way you had that transfusion with that strange person because you already had a connection in the afterlife. From the point of view of souls and their agreements before they were born, that's the way it is, because you can't have anything to do with anyone else in any way if there's not a certain frequency match between those people.

Gosia: However, Yazhi here also adds that this does not mean that we can go to another extreme and mix with anyone just because "on the etheric side we had to already be linked."

Yazhi: It doesn't mean that we should accept everything, without protecting ourselves from those energies that we consider as not agreeing with what we want. Or that do not agree with us. What happens here is reflected on the etheric side also, being that, in the end, it is the same. We must always be responsible and congruent with our actions."

Tribal DNA

Gosia: It has been said that DNA has been "limited" by limiting beliefs and perceptions. But then what about the native tribes that still exist that never had any influence of civilization? They live in their bubble. Their DNA should be intact. And why isn't it? They did not get perceptual limitations from the Matrix.

Swaruu X (Athena): The large amount of mystical experiences that these tribes have shows that they have a much stronger connection to the Source than the average person in the western world. And it also happens that they have inherited their limiting or limited beliefs from ancestors who all came from those who were artificially limited to begin with.

Robert: They live within the planetary bubble of the collective unconscious.

Swaruu X (Athena): That too, yes.

Gosia: But if they were artificially changed, they did not have the mind control foundation afterwards. Their DNA should come back. With that, they should have memories of their lives on other planets. But many, like those of the Amazons, I don't know if they know themselves to be stellar.

Swaruu X (Athena): They inherit their customs that in themselves are those that already come limited from before, that is to say, they perpetuate the beliefs that keep them that way, limited. And besides, their beliefs are much more expanded than the western ones. Their contact and respect for nature is much greater as well as their contact or connection with the Earth itself.

Gosia: Why are they limited from before? The Matrix never reached them. They are very isolated.

Swaruu X (Athena): Because their ancestors come from the same people who were artificially limited since Atlantis, Tiamat and all that. Every human on the planet goes back to the same ancestors (except those who entered later in ships).

Gosia: Who artificially limited them?

Swaruu X (Athena): Many races, including Reptilians. The Reptilians were the ones who tried the most to modify human genetics in an invasive way and to make it convenient for them.

Separation and unification of consciousness

Gosia: I have this question. It came up in my live and I answered it my way but let's see what you answer: "Why does the consciousness split for further expansion, if from our focus of attention we aim towards unification?"

Yazhi: Because of the contrast it gives. For obtaining a variant, a contrast. It is principle of duality. To be able to discern something from something else.

Gosia: And why do you want contrast if then you want unification?

Yazhi: Because otherwise, in total unity, there is nothing, because everything is the same, it is a great silence impossible to describe. That is why there needs to be contrasts. Because after experiencing separation you appreciate unification, again contrasts. You cannot enjoy a warm blanket without having been cold before. It is not contradictory to want to separate and want to integrate. You cannot integrate what was not separated. Without contrast there is nothing at all.

But it is true that humans tend to separate everything to try to explain how things work by the sum of their parts.

Spiral in the sky

Robert: You know what this could be?

Swaruu X (Athena): Blue Beam, or a glow that comes out of the reaction between a microwave transmission of frequencies controlled by someone who knows what will cause that reaction when in contact with the ionosphere, with the same principle of formation of the aurora borealis with the solar wind.

To me, that is artificial and they do it to cause controversy, or it is just photoshop or CGI, we don't know anymore nowadays. It looks like a microwave electromagnetic vortex, it can be done with a pulsed or phased array radar, not a scanning radar.

Robert: But it wouldn't be a portal, would it?

Swaruu X (Athena): They don't look like that, they usually don't appear. I don't rule it out, but I doubt it, much more so on Earth today. Everything is manipulated with CGI or photoshop or provoked on purpose to create a reaction in people.

Elon Musk

Gosia: Someone asked us to ask you if you know if Elon Musk has been cloned by the White Hats? There are claims out there that some senior White Hats have disclosed that they did officially clone Elon Musk and the new Elon Musk, the clone, is working with the White Hats.

Swaruu X (Athena): I don't have the full answer without doing some research first. However, in my opinion, that they cloned him or that he is good, is more disinformation from Cabal itself to lead people to have a certain concept of Elon Musk or anyone else.

That is, they create a more or less positive character so that the hopes of humanity, of the part of humanity that sees that the Cabal exists and that it does things against the interests of humanity, are focused on Elon Musk.

But there is plenty of evidence that CIC has seen that Elon is just yet another one of the Cabal itself. The rest is just theater. The whole cloning him and now he's good sounds to me more like a poor attempt to erase all the evidence that he's bad and has always been of the Cabal. They are just trying to erase the bad that is known about him.

I'd have to do more research, but I really think it's just more tricks and disinformation from the Cabal itself, the same thing they were doing with Trump and the patriots. Elon is no good.

Crystal skulls

Gosia: What do you know about the crystal skulls that supposedly contain some codes, or secrets? Some of them I don't think have been found.

Yazhi: I only know about the skulls, I have never heard of the eggs, but I believe it. Yes, it is true although there are replicas and frauds with that too. And they store information inside their crystalline structure like DNA does. And they exposed them in "Indiana Jones" movie so that people think it is movie material and just lies.

Gosia: And who made them and where are they?

Yazhi: More than one race, but it seems to be Zeta Reticuli's Greys, the ones that are not biological robots. But there are others that are biological robots in the service of mostly regressive races. Mostly based on Earth itself. In space it is different, the regressive is not interpreted the same.

They are just crystals in the form of ET skulls, they are not the skulls themselves. Although some say that yes, that they are beings of high densities... ok, but I do not believe it. For me, they are crystals that the ET cut in that form to later fill them with information like cosmic-crystalline pen drives.

Robert: Biological robot? But what difference does it have from a clone?

Yazhi: Not much, but a clone can have communication with what animates the original by being similar, the biological robot hardly or not.

Gosia: But one thing, the ETs made these crystal skulls for what? For humans to find them one day? Are they found?

Yazhi: We don't know why, most likely for themselves, as their records of their civilization's knowledge. As far as I know, some have yet to be found.

Robert: With what technology are they supposed to be decoded or read?

Yazhi: With a holographic computer, it would be easily done. It is holographic technology. It looks like information from their civilization, everything there that they had at least, and it must be a lot.

Gosia: And on what basis do you know whether it is true? If it is true that they exist. Because they themselves have said or why?

Yazhi: Me, because I have seen them in what I have studied about the extraterrestrials found on Earth. Here, I mean.

Robert: You mean they want to share with humans what their civilization is like?

Yazhi: Not necessarily, and I doubt very much that it is for humans. Rather it is their records that were left behind when they left. They made it for their own use.

Gosia: You have seen them?

Yazhi: In photos.

Gosia: And with photos alone can you know that they are real and that the story is authentic?

Yazhi: Of course not, but there are Taygeta records that include the description of those crystal skulls and that they are on Earth, it seems to me that there are 13 in total.

Gosia: And how has that filtered down to Earth, if they have created them only for themselves most likely?

Yazhi: Because they had bases there that were abandoned, as happens with countless other races.

Gosia: I understand, thank you Yazhi. And why skulls and not potatoes or something? Does the skull have a meaning?

Yazhi: I don't know, but I think it's just a matter of design. But the meaning of skull as something "bad" can only be of human-context interpretation.

MINIMINI TOPICS - Other Selves in Dreams

Robert: Question from a follower: "Dreams, our other selves... are they, in reality, an experience of one of those fragmentations of the soul?”

Swaruu X (Athena): Rather, they are the experiences we have in other existential planes where we manifest everything faster because of the higher density, and that is why what we take from our lives is reflected there.

Soul fragmentation vs. MK Ultra

Gosia: On the English side there were questions regarding fragmentation but from the point of view of soul fragmentation to the cause of some trauma, as it is done with the MK Ultra. Is it related?

Swaruu X (Athena): Yes it is related, it is not the same though. In the case of MK Ultra, a soul refuses to enter or connect with the body when it is triggered by conditions (artificially programmed in addition) that remind it or make it see that the trauma is about to be repeated. Then, the soul leaves the body. Or it does not enter the body in order not to live the trauma again. It is not fragmentation of the soul, but it is a separation from the body. That is why MK Ultras are programmed by intentionally traumatizing them.

Asteroid - May 2023

Robert: Is it true that yesterday an asteroid passed near the Earth or was it a ship?

Swaruu X (Athena): I don't understand why they claim to have eyes on the asteroids and even tell the population the size of each one passing at enormous distances, when it is plagued by ships up here. It makes no sense to me, to the degree that I can't even answer the question. In fact, I don't have any particular asteroids on record around here. They always pass by and all the time. Some larger ones pass by too, but far away.


Robert: And where did the Incas come from?

Swaruu X (Athena): It is said here that the Incas arose after the last flood and after that the territory was used as a large base of operations for the Federation.

It is said that the Incas are the result of the mixture between nomadic peoples coming from the north and the immigrants that came from the lowlands that nowadays are under the Pacific Ocean (flooded by Tiamat).

As happened with many Mesoamerican cultures and with the Egyptian also, among others, the peoples that the official archaeologists see and accept came to inherit many of the constructions of those who were before who were interstellar, were part of the global culture of the time, and had direct links with the Galactic Federation.


Gosia: Someone asked me about the inhabitants of the planet APU of Alpha Centauri B - have you heard of them?

Yazhi: APU As in Auxiliary Power Unit? No, but Centauri ships have APUs just like any other ship.

Gosia: Hehe. Apunians.

Yazhi: I haven't heard of them but it's impossible to memorize so many star races.

Robert: What about the blue avians? Do they exist?

Yazhi: Yes but they are many races, not just one. I haven't heard about those for a long time.

Robert: There are bird races. Humanomorphos?

Yazhi: Yes. But they are not so humanomorphos. They look more like birds. It's like with the Urmah that they paint them with human bodies when they're not. Cats have cat bodies, doh!


Robert: Someone passed this question to me: "Is it true that the chakra system is a belief that limits our ability to understand our wholeness?“

Swaruu X (Athena): Yes. That we were among the first people to say that. Yes, there are chakras or energy centers, but they are not to be taken as the only ones or that they define the human body which is a whole and functions as a whole. However, there are energy points just as there are internal organs.

Ships around the Moon

Robert: Do you know if there is movement of spacecraft behind the dark side of the Moon? It seems that they have been filmed, but who knows if it is true. Just a moment. I pass you the news-image.

Swaruu X (Athena): There is movement behind the Moon all the time.

Let's see. It looks very well done. But it looks too clear. And if that were true, it would be seen all the time since the traffic there is huge. Yes, there is a lot of ship traffic right there, but you can't see it because it's so far away, and the Moon is huge.

Even a spacecraft the size of Toleka looks like a bright star when it is only 500 km away. Toleka 1734 meters long would not be seen with telescopes of that range if it were near the Moon nor would the others that are there. So I conclude that it is CGI.

Bilderberg Club

Robert: Tina, and do you know anything about the last meeting of the Bilderberg Club?

Swaruu X (Athena): We have decided not to see things about that club. It's the same thing every year. It's just all the Cabal and their corporate stooges sitting around discussing what they need to do to mess with humanity. They only have power because they have people's attention. Because they obey them. That's why we don't want to give them importance.

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