MATRIX 3D - 3 Ways to Understand Matrix (Moon Technology) - Extraterrestrial Communication

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
October 25, 2019

MATRIX 3D - 3 Ways to Understand Matrix (Moon Technology) - Extraterrestrial Communication

Swaruu: The matrix is not a complicated system. From the Taygetan point of view it is in itself quite old, anticuated and obsolete. It does not work in one way only, but is a combination of various ways that I will explain in the continuation.

The first and the simplest one is the artificial suppression of frequencies that the people within it perceive. The existential fields as they are known on Earth, the 3D, 4D and 5D as such are only concepts created by the humans themselves to try to understand the reality. In themselves the do not exist, since everything is an energy gradient, of frequencies. A frequency is an oscillation of the atoms (per second or per unit of time relative to the observer) that make up the molecules that make up what is perceived as hard matter.

Since "unit of time" is something relative to the observer, what is observable hard matter for one observer is only something etheric unattainable for another person.The concept of three dimensions in space and one in time, is again only terrestrial science limited to 3D.

"Einstein´s relativity theory wraps all the errors and fallacies and clothes them in magnificent mathematical garb which fascinates, dazzles and makes people blind to the underlying errors." - Nicola Tesla.

Swaruu: This is true because the mathematically represented world of terrestrial science is a self-sustained system or universe that only reflects itself as a logical unit and it does not represent the outside world.

So, the matrix is, as the first way of interference with human consciousness, a frequency projector that transmits specific destructive frequencies (destructive interference) that limit the range of perception of human beings.

When in wave mechanics there is talk of destructive or degenerative interference, reference is made to an overlap of two or more waves of identical or similar frequency that, when interfered with, create a new wave pattern of less intensity (amplitude) at a point called a node. If you have a reality operating on a frequency of say 15 megahertz and you transmit an intentional destructive frequency of -7.2 megahertz you will get a reality limited to perception up to 7.8 megahertz and not until the initial 15 megahertz.

This frequency on which 3D reality works is nothing other than the Schumann resonance.

That is the oscillatory index of a particular reality, and it is also an energy address unique to each place. It is used in star maps as directions.

So, using the fairly basic principle of destructive frequencies, it is possible to transmit a frequency from the moon that limits perception to a specific range. It does not mean that the rest of the unperceived reality does not exist. It's still there, it´s just that it can't be perceived.

So the moon is a very important piece for the matrix. Without the moon, there is no matrix. Everything would automatically be 5D again, or the base or average frequency within the universe called material. It is that simple.

Gosia: Is that to say that we were 5D before?

Swaruu: Yes. The Universe as it is known, the stars and the planets outside, in the material plane, where one incarnates as biology, is 5D. Or it is within the frequency range that we would call 5D.


THAT IS WHY IF YOU CROSS THE VAN ALLEN BANDS YOU ARE IN 5D WITH EVERYTHING THAT IT ENTAILS. To ascend from the perception of 3D to 5D with the opening of awareness and the acquisition of greater capacities to perceive the total reality that surrounds you.

So what the moon does is control from there the frequency of the total toroidal immersion in which the Earth is located. An energy toroid envelops everything that is inside it with the same frequency in which said energy toroid works. By controlling the frequency of the toroid you control the frequency or cycles per second of all the matter that is within that toroid.

The entire universe, which is the initial 5D matrix, and also the 3D matrix that is a caricature or simulation of a simulation, work with the toroid as the base geometric form for the manifestation of consciousness in potential energy and then in matter.

The energetic toroid that surrounds the Earth and which controls and limits the frequency that can be perceived while inside the planet, are the Van Allen bands. This in principle is also used in spacecraft for guided-navigation and to initiate the hyper-space flight mode. Van Allen bands are controlled from the Moon to give that limiting effect.

That is the strongest and also the easiest way with which the Matrix is generated.

1. Frequency manipulation using the principle of destructive interference with the principle of total toroidal immersion.

As a description of this, it is as if the Earth and its frequencies were like a cork in water, the moon and its limiters are what keeps the cork under water and a constant and strong energy is needed to maintain it, because the earth, like the cork, has a strong tendency to want to reach the surface, of water or 5D as a surface.

Earth desires to be in 5D which is its natural frequency. In 3D she is separated from her own as an organism, she fights to get out of that energy cocoon, from the Van Allen bands, that limit her - from an artificial space station called Moon.

The matrix is also:

2. Artificial projection of things that do not really exist.

Once certain frequencies have been suppressed by the destructive interference method (1), the moon projects in a hologram manner, superimposing images onto the surface. These images are generated from the computer on the moon and it reads what it needs to create, remove or modify, literally by reading the mind of the human collective and each individual. As an artificial alteration, and limited artificially, of the law of attraction, which is a universal law.

Gosia: So the stars I see in the night sky are part of the hologram or are they real?

Everything that is outside the planet is 5D and is real. It is as if the Earth were a fishbowl, the inhabitants the fish. They cannot leave, but they can see, through the glass that separates them (Van Allen bands), the room where the fish tank is located. The room where the fish tank is located would be 5D normal density, and inside the fish tank it would be 3D.

As point 2, or superimposition of non-real images, the clearest example is the hologram that protects the moon itself. It does not have the shape that you see, nor does it have a surface of earth or rocks as such. It is a smooth and clear technological sphere that obviously looks artificial. This is the Star Wars reference of the "Death Star," which is the Moon.

Question from Dani: Why did the Federation set up a hologram?

Porque no puedes perpetuar la ilusión de separación con una bola metálica así flotando enfrente de los habitantes. Si por eso lo usaron a su favor, no previeron muchas cosas. Es que si ven esa bola arriba... Sabrán que no estan solos, y empezarán a cuestionarse el porqué de las cosas. La idea era mantenerlos aislados completamente, pero no los Lyrianos los Reptiles, los Lyrianos es como daño colateral, aceptable en el momento (error lo se). Porque la idea como es el 3D es mantenerlos lejos de todo contacto y comunicación, que olviden <--- lo que son , lo que ellos son, los Reptiles, para reformarlos.

Pero no han sido ellos, eso es lo triste. Así como los reptiles usaron la Matrix 3D para controlar a los humanos la idea era usar la Matrix 3D para controlar a los reptiles. Si porque algunos si recuerdan, pero no todos. Aun siguen o seguían buscando material y reliquias, por eso los Nazi se interesaban en cosas como el Arca de la Alianza. ¿Para que sirve el 3D? Para los reptiles. Para meter a la humanidad en una realidad falsa para poder controlar y guiar su percepción. Pero la Matrix 3D inicialmente fue diseñada para cambiar y manipular la percepción de los reptiles. El propósito de la Matrix 3D era reformar a los reptiles. Pero falló todo. Los reptiles son muy inteligentes y lograron voltear eso a su favor. Todo en gran parte porque la Federación no reaccionó a tiempo. Mandaron una misión para monitorear y sacar a los Lyrianos, para mover y manipular los Reptiles. Hicieron una base en la Tierra en un punto energético, el más importante. En donde se pusieron enormes generadores de energía libre para ir cambiando la Matrix para bien y acabar con el problema...Egipto. Ahora estan apagadas. La misión fallo porque hubo intervención de facciones Reptiles negativas que por su lado también intentaban apoderarse de la Matrix.. (Y lo lograron). Esto se ve reflejado en la lucha entre Osiris y Seth. Las fuerzas negativas superaron a las positivas. Fallando la misión. Jamas preveimos eso.

Swaruu: Now we must recognize that a hologram, or a holographic image, is not just something intangible and distorted and impossible to manipulate. The way that a holographic image may appear ¨solid¨ depends on two things, on the energy that is applied in the projection and on the frequency synchronization of said projection with regards to the rest of the scene where said holographic image will be projected.

Being of a high energy, the projection from within can be perceived as a hard and real object. But what is really perceived is the effect of electromagnetic repulsion between the projected energy and the molecules of the original scene. It is the same to the touch.This principle also applies to touch screens in the Taygetan ships, where objects within the screens not only have three-dimensional appearance, but can be touched, textured and can be taken and moved with the fingers within the frame limited by the screen itself or by the place of interaction designated to the holographic projection.

So, from within the 3D world framework, things appear as real - when in themselves they are only a computerized holographic projection. Now, it is also necessary to mention that even in 5D, what is touched or perceived with the senses is also only an electromagnetic interaction of repulsion / attraction between the objects there, which in themselves are only potential energy, to which each individual transfers a meaning with their consciousness.

By applying this principle, objects can be inserted at will within the influence frame of the hologram, in this case the lunar projector's influence frame within the energy toroid of the Van Allen bands.

Okay. Let´s move to step 3 of the lunar interference.

3. It is the heart of the matrix. The other two points are only supportive to this third one.

The other two points are not enough to generate the matrix. They are, we can say, the medium in which the true matrix will unfold. They are like the canvas. Now comes the painting and the creative part that generates the Matrix.

The moon transmits very localized specific frequencies that interfere with and guide the receivers, who are the people within it, in order to limit and guide the thoughts that they may have. This is done with frequency control (more recently), and with direct, mostly telepathic intervention, from the controllers.

This, coupled with a mind control, generates the experience which is what we call Matrix itself.

But this means that each person within the matrix, who is not or especially if he or she is not aware of it, is by definition the matrix itself.

The matrix reads and copies the intention of consciousness and it forms into something tangible. But again, it is also only perception. In itself nothing "material" exists. All your thoughts and especially your feelings are being read by the Matrix.

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