Teleportation - How Do I Do it? Yazhi Swaruu Explains (Extraterrestrial Contact)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
January 12, 2021

Teleportation - How Do I Do it? Yazhi Swaruu Explains (Extraterrestrial Contact)

CHAT 1 (APRIL 2020)

Yazhi: The idea of what is possible and what is not is what limits you.

Gosia: I fully believe that. Even though I can´t walk through the wall yet. But it´s ok. I won´t look crazy at the one who does. I will stare in awe.

Yazhi: You can! You need practice. Everyone can! That is a belief system what stops you. You must perceive time slower and slower and with it you are in a lighter and lighter density, your body and everything inside your energy field will resonate and vibrate at your frequency of mind and perception. And you can perceive time slower and slower altering your perception of it.

As an example, looking at the needle of the seconds in a clock. Look how it goes, how it ticks, slower and slower. Dissociate from your surroundings... Enter a meditative trance... look at the hand going, ticking slower and slower, an eternity each time it tics. Everything around the clock goes black and blurry. In that state you are vibrating very fast.

It is a state of mind. I also hear the beating of people's hearts. One of them is enough as the others beat accordingly. With my mind I make them go slower, and slower, what I imagine, is reality. The heart almost stops beating, only once in a very long time, you see them slowing down. More and more. Until they are motionless.

For you they are stopped. In your perception, everything is perception. For them I am moving extremely fast, like a bullet! But that also means I have no mass. Because I'm in another density. Time means nothing, relative it is. And walls mean nothing as well. Practice and you will be able. That is to change density with mind alone.

Gosia: But as soon as you take your eyes off the needle of the clock, you don´t go back to the previous state? A wall doesn´t become a wall like before? How do you maintain that state?

Yazhi: No. The needle is for practice. Then you know the mental state and you induce it on yourself. Very fast and at will, in an instant! Hearts work better, because it is a reference of the time frame and density of the other people around you. But not even necessary, with practice you will know the feeling.

I enter a trance and I become another, in another density. But it's not crazy. It's practice!

Gosia: But what if you don´t have any hearts around to hear? I think the clock would be better for me perhaps.

Yazhi: Look at the clock, and don't think you will be able to stop the second's hand. Let it tic! Not even I can stop it the first time I look at it. It's not about stopping the little hand in the clock, it is about how you feel inside.

Gosia: So, you are like imagining it goes slower and slower? By imagination? Willing it?

Yazhi: Yes, but let it tic. You won't stop it. It's not about stopping it or that would be simple telequinesis. It is only a reference to alter your reality, your perception, entering a trance.

Gosia: Ok, so the hand will tick the same way, your perception of it will change. You enter a different space time/density from where you feel it slower. You are at a different time rate. Right?

Yazhi: Exactly! And it's not deluding yourself! Reality is perception. Alter perception and you alter reality. It is about how you perceive things to flow past you, how fast!

Another way to explain this, is that you are letting everything that makes you feel in a hurry go. Let everything go. Be late to everything. See everything as slow, nothing is important, nor needed to be done. And as you slow down the perception of your surroundings, your reality, in effect you, you, who you are, your consciousness is speeding up, and a lot. I mean bullet speeds. Speed and time are always relative, never a constant. So, if your external world is slow, it means you are fast. I mean really, really fast!

This is not crazy, it's simple mental power, concentration, dissociation. Focused intention to dissociate. Anéeka calls it superpowers, ok perhaps they are. But this is only perception. Altering reality with mind alone!

Gosia: Yes. Perception is definitely reality. There is nothing but perception. I understand! And then what can you do with that speed? Go through walls etc?

Yazhi: Yes. Walls are not in your density, because you vibrate much faster, meaning you are in a higher frequency. You still know they are there... but they are not in your density. So, you can walk through them. You are vibrating a lot higher. You become spirit from their point of view, you become a ghost at will! Then mentally you slow down and you come back into the reality you share with others.

And I even tried rematerializing myself with my arm still inside a wall. I was scared at first, but I tried it with my shoe first. And interestingly as you lower your vibration to equal the one of the door... The matter of the door or wall and the matter of the shoe repel each other progressively. Like two magnets that repel each other. The wall or the door pushed the shoe away so they never mix.

Gosia: So in other words you can´t get stuck inside.

Yazhi: I initially thought the shoe would get trapped in the wall. But it does not happen. I then tried that with my arm, and with my body, and it repels you, moves you away one side or the other of the wall, you are never trapped in the wall.

In other words, you cannot get stuck in a wall, it's a physical impossibility! The atoms that make up the matter are electrically charged, as they interact, they repel each other.

Gosia: But I wonder why that is. Why the matter of the shoe cannot get stuck inside the matter of the wall? They are both just inanimate objects. If you cement the shoe inside the wall, it does stay there.

Yazhi: They are inanimate. But their electrons are very active. They create a magnetic field, that when encountered one equal in frequency (density of existence) they repel each other. As you "materialize" inside the wall, it pushes you out!

Gosia: Ok, is it because your foot is in it? If you just put the empty shoe in the cement wall, it would stay there forever.

Yazhi: What is changing the density of your shoe is the fact that you are holding it, so it is inside your toroidal field, that in turn determines your frequency and it is controlled by your mind-perception.

Gosia: Right. So, it is related to the fact that you are somehow involved with that shoe.

Yazhi: No because as you leave it there, as you stop holding it, it will still jump out.

You vibrate higher and you can hold the shoe inside the wall, but the instant you let go of it, it will be repelled out of the wall, just as if you had thrown it at... the wall. Because you are making the wall around the shoe.

CHAT 2 (October 2020)

Gosia: Hi. What´s new Yázhi?

Yázhi: I was checked by Senetre, our doctor. I got a bit dizzy, that's all. I may have strained myself a touch bit.

Gosia: Doing what?

Yázhi: Bending space time. At least for myself.

Gosia: Ohh... what did you do exactly? Turned yourself into a turtle?

Yázhi: Nop nop. Just experimenting. Looking for my limits, I guess.

Gosia: Be more specific please!

Yázhi: Mm, I am looking into jumping with something else with me, not alone, with an object for example. Easy if it is small, but I wanted to get bigger and bigger.

Gosia: Jumping where?

Yázhi: In general... teleporting anywhere.

Gosia: And what happened? Any success? Can you please describe the process of teleporting in detail?

Yázhi: Yes, I could do it, but then I felt very, very tired.

Describe it in detail. Ok. I go into a trance like state, simply focusing my mind on the place I want to jump to. Then I go slowing time around me as I have described before, dissociating, like when I look at something, like a little light near me, everything turns black except the little light.

Then I place the little light in the place I want to go to, with logic to why it would be there, and then I go like pulling out of that state slowly, while I feel joy, and a powerful peace and calm sensation, obviously high frequency.

Then the little light I took as a reference from my original place is set in the new place, and all the "blackness" around it dissipates slowly and the images and the environment that surrounds me is no longer where I was, I am now where I want to be. And now I'm doing it without the little light as a reference. That's my mechanism, basically.

Gosia: Wow. Makes sense! But now... Does it have to be little light or can it be any object? And for it to turn black, should it be in the dark room?

Yázhi: A light is very much an object that attracts your attention and focus. I was using one of the little red lights of the sliding door controls, the red indicated door locked. But a candle or a fire would be even more effective because of the hypnotic flicker.

But now I just slow time and go black, everything turns black around me, with my eyes open. And I clear out again and I'm in the new place. No light, no candle.

Another way is to do it in darkness. I turn off the light, focus with mental images where I want to go, and then I close my eyes and when I re-open I'm there.

Gosia: How ¨long¨ does it take you before you find yourself in the new place?

Yázhi: Like 10 seconds, maybe less.

Gosia: How come you just find yourself there and we couldn´t? What´s different between us and you? Beliefs broken?

Yázhi: You and the others are too stuck within the physical dimension of things. It is really beliefs. There is no physical, I mean it. Not as in an illusion. The illusion is to think you are.

Gosia: How to unstuck? I mean, I seriously know it is all just mental. So how come I still can´t do those things?

Yázhi: You are not a body having a spiritual experience, you are only a soul full of powerful ideas, as the saying goes.
How to unstuck? How often do you really meditate, like in going away completely and when awakening you don't even know where or when you are?

Gosia: Once a year.

Yázhi: How often do you practice astral travel, or conscious sleep?

Gosia: Once every 5 years.

Yázhi: That's the problem. You want to be a marathon runner, when you are still learning how to walk. It is just practice.

Gosia: But I thought it´s not about exercises. You said it´s more about realizing those things mentally. Becoming aware of it. Do Taygetans on the ship, any one of them, know how to teleport?

Yázhi: One thing is to understand it, another to really be aware of it. Not because someone tells you how to teleport you can immediately. You need to feel the how, and that how is particular to each person, never the same to two or more.

Anéeka tries, but never can. Raguel also humors me with his tricks, but he can't either.

Gosia: Is it easier to do it from 5D than 3D?

Yázhi: Less limiting beliefs, but in reality, that's all they are. So, it is as easy to jump wherever D you are in. A D is just another idea any way!

Gosia: Yes. But here we do have more of those limiting beliefs. So, it wears off you. I suppose. Collective does leave its mark.

Yázhi: Yes.

Gosia: So, you said it must be imagining a place where you can justify your presence? Why not just any place? Isn´t that another limitation?

Yázhi: Nop nop, any place anywhere. And yes, it is. But you can get around that! You can astral travel to that location, like flying into the place and see around. Then you see and remember the location. Then you go... back for your body!

Gosia: Ok interesting, makes sense! What do you feel while teleporting?

Yázhi: Like you are falling asleep without losing consciousness, exactly as when you go into deep meditation because that's what it is. So, you essentially meditate to a deep state. With visualizations of the place you want to be in. Feeling yourself there completely. Every single detail in your mind. The smells, the temperature, the breeze on your face. Then you extract yourself from that deep meditation and you are there. That is what I feel. Nothing else. Or perhaps, but it is difficult to understand or to describe.

Gosia: But then as you are in the process itself, of shifting, what do you feel? Just like travelling through Ether, there is no ¨travelling¨ or movement?

Yázhi: Imagine falling into a deep meditative trance as you slide down a slope. The further down, the deeper you are meditating. Feel it as if it were a dark place you slide into. Really deep. That's normal meditation. Like linear. Slide into it downwards and slide out of it upwards.

This, and I have imagined myself describing this many times, but this is perhaps the first time I ever do in writing... The teleportation feels like this:

You slide into that deep meditative state as usual. Meditative state you go into looking for teleportation, or for a more profound mystical experience. But you don't find it easily. Slide in, down and deep and then back up. This is like sliding into it sliding down into that deep, deep state and then once you are there, you move like sideways into somewhere else. Like off the slide, to the right or to the left. It does not feel like, or as if you actually moved sideways. It is a clear shift. This is an attempt to describe the indescribable.

You are clearly like using the meditative state to access the possibility to, from there, move in an entirely new direction, sliding into another world. It is something you cannot access by going deep into meditation alone. It is like having to be there in the first place, and then... go into yet another trance from there. The word "sideways" I'm using it to describe entering another state of mind coming out of that deep meditative state. The deep meditative state is not enough. It is like going down a very deep and dark corridor, to then in the dark look for another door and go into it.

It was once difficult for me. I could hold that state only for a fraction of a second, and then I was back. But now I can do it at will. Any time. And any duration.

Gosia: Why only a fraction?

Yázhi: It looks like the sheer enthusiasm for having that experience results in an emotional reaction that jumps you out of that state. But as you experience that more and more you can learn to hold that emotion, and go into that place, world or state of consciousness.

Gosia: So, what is your bodily reaction once you are on the other side? Does the body handle it well?

Yázhi: Feels normal. As real. But apparently the experience drains it out and a lot! As if you had run 10 miles with a 20kg backpack in the sun. Depending on what you did.

Gosia: Why is it? Maybe it´s not healthy for the body?

Yázhi: I'm not sure why yet. I think it is linked to the idea that it is your body giving off this energy when it is not. But I feel very rested when I don't move my body, just my mind. And it drains my body a lot when I teleport with cargo. And the larger the more energy I need to teleport with cargo.

Gosia: Well then don´t burn yourself out too much. Use the door.

CHAT 3 (October 2020)

Yázhi: When I teleport, I don't feel like I'm going through a tunnel or a wormhole. That's like what would be expected. Moving from place A to place B. No. I'm here, then I'm there instantly. And this is exactly how starships do it. It is all frequency management.

As I was describing yesterday, you cannot access that part of your mind while awake. You must go into a trance, deep meditation, that removes the world around your body from your awareness. You remove yourself from your surroundings, and then from that state of perfect stillness, you awaken where you want to be, because in your mind you are there.

I don't wish to be there, wherever I want to be. I'm there in mind and spirit. Kind of what they say in the Law of Attraction about feeling as if you already had what you want, not wishing that you had it.

But it is a deeper belief because most people think that they are feeling what they want as - if it was there as - if they already had it, when in reality they do not, they only hold the idea that they do in their conscious mind, and their subconscious still blocks them thinking that it is only a wish and not reality already there.

So, in training what they should do is wish small, easy things and then practice every day, and just about all the time, getting progressively more complicated.

Same for meditation. People think they need to isolate themselves from the others, find a nice spot and cross their legs, terrible position by the way, no blood to your legs! Some say that is the point.

When you have practiced enough you can switch into deep meditation, a deep meditative state, in seconds, with everyone around you. I don't even need to close my eyes. When you have enough practice how and where your body is, is irrelevant. With enough practice it gets so easy that it is easier to teleport to the bathroom than having to bother walking there.

Gosia: Ok. I have this question: You said that one needs to visualize the place in all detail.

Yázhi: Yes. That's why remote viewing is important here.

Gosia: Can you imagine a person, only a person in detail, without the place, in order to teleport to where that person is, wherever that is? Like if Matias focused on Gosia, Gosia, Gosia, could he teleport to me?

Yázhi: The person is a beacon, but then you have to remote view the person´s surroundings in order to "land" in a good place. The person helps a lot because it telepathically is indicating a lot, but from there you still must look around because the person is not the location. It is the location, the illusory space and time, as if you were there. I need data. I need every single detail, to hold it in my mind. Smells, temperature, air, wind, the texture of the floor. I can imagine it all vividly all at once. And I "jump" there. Or I can see a place, as in with my eyes. I'm looking at a place, and then I can teleport there. Like the top of the pine tree, for example. Even looking at the destination sometimes is not enough, I need to feel there, and I may miss details.

Gosia: If someone was looking at me doing this, I would just evaporate? And then appear ¨magically¨ at another place?

Yázhi: Yes, but there is a tendency, people look like they can sometimes block you, with their intention, but only for a bit, because as soon as they blink you are no longer there but in the other place. So, the other people don't see you vanish "in front of their eyes." Making it all look like a trick. They turn their heads one sec, or blink. That's all I need. But I'm quite sure this is just an idea and can be transcended.

Gosia: But if someone was not turning away... starring at you, what would they see? No blinking.

Yázhi: It has not happened yet. But they would see me simply vanish completely. Like a light switch.

Gosia: Ok. So... looking at the photo of a place you have never been to is not enough. Like a Nepal desert on the google map.

Yázhi: No, it is not enough.

Gosia: Ok. So, what is this skill really useful for? In your understanding. Apart from the obvious.

Yázhi: Your imagination is the limit with it. It is all related to my other skills. Teleporting, moving very fast, and time distortion. They all come from the same principle.

Gosia: I see ok. Doesn´t it get too strenuous on the body to have to reassemble all the time if you do it a lot?

Yázhi: It does drain the body. The body is linked to mind and spirit, it is not separate. So, in a way you are forcing it to follow what the others are doing. And you burn fuel like mad. Like a jet fighter on afterburner.

Gosia: Hmm... And why should it be strenuous if it´s linked to the mind, if the body is the mind, and if for the mind it´s not hard? Body is the mind. So, if for the mind it is not strenuous, why is it for the body-mind?

Yázhi: It is linked to the subtle belief systems I'm still holding on to, in an unconscious level. Because mind should be strong enough for all.

And it is not as strenuous to jump alone, as I said yesterday, when you are hauling cargo, that's the strenuous part. I do haul stuff!

Gosia: But there is no cargo. That´s the mind too.

Yázhi: Right. So my jumping is not perfect yet. Good but not perfect yet.

Gosia: Some time ago I had a sensation... in meditation, another city came to my mind... and suddenly I felt like a fragment of me was there already. Not like I am imagining that city, but that I am there. And I am there simply... because... I am everywhere. I am the entire universe, the entire field. So... in a way... is it simply realizing that you are already in that place, connecting with that holographic fragment of you already there, and simply ¨projecting your body into that point of yourself¨? It´s not like you are not there and you are bringing yourself there. It´s more like realizing you already are there. And simply matching your body to that location. Right?

Yázhi: Yes. As I said yesterday, remote viewing the destination is enough to get you focused enough to jump there. And that is correct, you are everywhere, you are everything, that's why it is possible.

Gosia: Yes. And that visualization practice just makes it happen more easily. Cause you are giving ¨the instruction¨ to yourself through which it can happen. But you are there already. You are just shifting the point of awareness.

Yázhi: Yes. The body follows because it is only an idea.

Gosia: Hey... Got an idea. What about shifting yourself to another person? Forget your body. Be another person.

Yázhi: That's easy! But as far as I'm concerned, I need to know the person well. You assume that that person´s body is yours.

I have thought or considered more than once to enter someone and then go knock at your door, but that would be in extreme freaky and you probably would blame this contact on that person. And that poor person would be very confused afterwards, probably ruin their life!

CHAT 4 (October 2020)

Yázhi: If I can everyone should be able to do it. What I do to teleport is that I change my frequency first, then I jump. What is a frequency anyway? How fast matter moves, particles, energy. That's why the higher... the faster. So to elevate your frequency you don't only, or you don't really need to think of roses and chocolates and sunny beaches and new toys.
Frequency is time. Faster, right? That's because you are comparing it to a time frame, relative to you or to others in what you call the outside world. Time is you, your thoughts, your awareness of being, of existing, knowing that you are someone, consciousness!

They go hand in hand, awareness-consciousness and time. You cannot be aware that you are, that you exist, without generating a perception of time unique for yourself, unique to you. You and your thoughts, and your frequency, is what time is for you. Time is you.

Consciousness generates it, but consciousness is also awareness of being and of generating whatever you are placing your attention on. Gravity is that attention you are giving anything you are thinking of, in a time frame that you are also generating. Gravity is the flow, the focus of your attention. It creates worlds and everything in them.

That's gravity, a flow of consciousness measured in a time frame also emanating from that creation consciousness.

Any flow means it has a velocity. Gravity depends on velocity and velocity is relative to time, time to awareness and awareness to consciousness. And all that is, all that exists, to the relationship between all the above.

So to alter your density you need to alter your personal oscillations. That is your perception of time relative to the environment that you perceive to surround you. So, the higher your consciousness, the faster you manifest.

So what I do is that I alter my perception and with perception my oscillations per unit of time going into a trance. I slow everything around me in my perception. Forgetting what surrounds me, perceiving only fragments, I freeze time in my mind´s eye and with it in my perception.

I can be playing with water and I throw it up in the air, and I see it still there, as a glob of water all clumped together suspended in midair, there eternally, timelessly. I disregard the apparent fact that the glob has fallen long ago. What I perceive now is the eternal glob of water, there, frozen in time. I literally have the image of those globs of water that are months old or older, much older.

Gosia: So the trick is in making everything around appear slower?

Yázhi: Yes, because the glob of water is the focus point of the trance, the altering of my mind, of what I perceive as reality. So people start to walk slower and slower, I "snap shot" them as still and then they are. And I start to walk around them as if all was still. So I'm moving in another density. Above them. Invisible to them. Also moving relative to them like a speeding bullet. The key is the trance, your perception. Isolate your mind from the exterior stimuli, no time frame but your own, not theirs.

They start to sound like under water, further and further away, like the candle of light or the glob of water still in the air remains as the only thing you are focusing on. Therefore, the only thing that exists for you is the glob of water or the candle flame surrounded with blackness.

You are time itself, you are gravity, you are pure creation, whatever you think is! So I focus and I imagine wherever I want to go. And I have a photographic memory, and that's another skill, so I take snapshots of where I want to go and I´m there. I image myself there, with the utmost detail.

And all the process takes for me only fraction of a second. It is all practice. The key is altering your perception of time. Time is everything. It is consciousness, it is your frequency, it is your destination. It is Gravity.

But then you are inside a field of your own, as described above. And whatever is in your field is part of you, so sometimes I do mess things up, but it is all learning. I ended up inside a thorny bush, and I coudn't get out only teleporting. Because what I did, I took the part of the bush in my field with me.

So I actually tried shaking loose from the bush several times jumping in teleportation several times to several places and I could not shake the bush. I also noticed that the things that stick to you the most are the living ones, so I can shake other things, but not so the bush as it was green, and they had to remove it from me with tweezers and pincers to cut it.

Gosia: Ha ok! Thank you! And are there a lot of people in Taygeta or 5D in general who have this skill?

Yázhi: I don't know of anyone else. Higher above, it is common and a way of living.

Gosia: Ok, and you mentioned, taking living things with you. Does it include animals and people? Can you take them with you?

Yázhi: Theoretically I can, but I have not tried. Only with plant life, and with inanimate objects.

Gosia: And what about temporal teleportation? Teleporting to other times? Future, past?

Yázhi: Thought you'd never ask.

Gosia: It was actually someone´s question from Youtube comments.

Yázhi: There is no future and no past. I can jump there to and from as easy as pie!

Gosia: Really? But what´s the mental process then there? Cause otherwise you only imagine the scene ok. But how do you specify what ¨time¨ it is... ¨future, past¨?

Yázhi: The exact same one. Time is only a location, it is only in your mind.

Gosia: But how do you specify it, what´s the instruction you give to your mind?

Yázhi: You don´t. What you specify is the meaning, the surroundings. So if you imagine the correct way a place that no longer exists, but you remember it with sufficient detail, then you can jump there. I left markers long ago, because I'm not new to this, so I have been at this, practicing this all my life, however short that may be for you.

Gosia: Ok so it boils down to remembering it. But if you have never been there, like in 1800s Ghana, then you can´t teleport there. Markers? What do they look like?

Yázhi: I remember a torch flame in my room back before I came here. I remember my room, not in a starship, but in an old fort. I remember the walls, the wooden furniture, the floor, the details, the figures that I saw in the stains and in the rocks that made the walls, the yellow-green curtain that was the door to my "room" that separated mine from my mom's. This was in the year, more or less, 1325 B.C., some 3 thousand three hundred and forty five years ago. And I still jump there.

Gosia: I see. But it must be something we remember then. Not a random place. I can´t go to Ghana in 1743. Since I have no memory of that right?

Yázhi: What you remember and how well you remember a place, a destination, is what counts. That is the address in space and time, so to speak.

Gosia: Ok, so you jump back there. What do you do there?

Yázhi: I like to visit just for the sake of being there. And I stand clear of myself. But I like to be with my mom. Remembering.

Gosia: So now the question must follow: Do you find yourself there with your other YOU? I mean is it like jumping back ¨in time¨ basically?

Yázhi: Yes. Sometimes it is fun, others I prefer to be alone. We spend time together, play, and people that know "me" there think I'm (she) is only imagining things, an " imaginary friend or twin sister "me." Beware of "imaginary friends" children have, most of the time they are real! That is a warning to parents!

Gosia: I see. Very cool. So from what I see, the teleportation goes beyond just trespassing walls to go to the kitchen faster. And in other words, you are never bored.

Yázhi: Not lightly!

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