The Way Timelines Look to Me is not How Humans See it-Yázhí Swaruu (Extraterrestrial Communication)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
September 18, 2020

The Way Timelines Look to Me is not How Humans See it-Yázhí Swaruu (Extraterrestrial Communication)

Yazhi: I have to start by saying how I see futures or the future in general and it is not the same and it is difficult to understand because what I will say with words is not how I see it, because it is impossible for me to describe these things with cardboard. I am referring to this language.

Humans only see time as a one-lane road, like those in the countryside, where if a vehicle drives against another one approaching from the opposite direction, both must very carefully move to the side to let another one pass. Because two cars cannot physically fit on the same asphalt road. So they think that things are like that everywhere.

As I perceive time using the same analogy, it is like a highway with 8 lanes but also with levels one above the other where a car can not only change lanes to the one it wants, left and right, but up and down too, left and right, back and forth, it doesn't matter.

Another analogy. Humans see time as a line, the arrow of time as they describe it. I see a bubble within another bubble within another bubble to infinity and eternal expansion.

There is no similar geometrical GIF to portray this.

So I don't just see a series of events as a sequential line, in the way how people want me to explain to them as what is brewing in the future, on a single line. But I see it as events that change continuously, jump between one another and influence each other.

As in this last image, time expands in any direction, one and each line being only a sequence of events in particular that is observed as it progresses to develop, not necessarily forward in time, also receding like a vessel that has been broken and you see how it is being rebuilt. Like a sheet of paper that is un-burning.

Although humans see this as an impossibility and something that violates the laws of thermodynamics, it is not so from other angles, only from the limited time arrow that they see.

Each red point is a nexus point which is where the energy and events of a series of lines or a line converge and influence others. So from any point you have the influence of other points. Being that for example the past, present and future are all intertwined and as a single whole, a unit. Being temporarily animated only by where the attention is placed and, at will.

Being that I can continue much more on this issue and in itself it is or would be another separate topic ... Going back to what concerns us here. I see a chain of events, but I see similar chains with their own outcomes all equally valid, all simultaneously, constantly influencing each other.

What is understood on Earth as parallel universes or timelines is basically garbage. They denote limitation and isolation from each other. While it is a whole that works together and beyond all time. It is each individual who animates everything in a specific way.

When it comes to geometric shapes, time is an ever-expanding scalar bubble, both already expanded and at the same time not, and simultaneously it also contracts without contradicting itself in its energy dynamics. Toroid within toroid within toroid with the mind at the center or motor of it.

So with that in mind what I see is that on the 8-lane and 8-level super-highway, 8 and 8 just because on Earth the super-highways have 8 lanes, it´s 8 just for that reason, what will come is more confinements and more restrictions, progressively tighter, economies will collapse. People will panic and attack those who don't follow the rules. The masks themselves are an instrument to be able to see the dissidents. It exposes them, that is why they serve as indicators to know which population is more submissive and which one they should attack more with restrictions, using the very sleeping population as instruments of repression and perpetrators of fascism.

In a crisis situation, people will first want to hyper obey the authorities by attacking the "awakened" who refuse to use the masks thinking that they will be able to change a closed mind mentality, those who do not think because they have totally lost the ability to reason because of the very panic, fear and lack of oxygen produced by the masks themselves. The same will happen with vaccines, the sleeping zombies will wish and ask for more restrictions and more vaccines.

There will be mass and collective unrest around the world with a crushing military response. Time period between March 2020 and March 2025.

It all depends on humans. On what they manifest as I have been saying and I have tired of saying. Nothing is set in stone. Everything I describe above is not deterministic ... they are in control of everything. And I mean the people themselves.

I know it does not look like that from there, from the surface and from the point of view of the family who will be taken out of their house because they cannot pay the mortgage. Because that's what 3D is all about, giving your free will up for a collective experience and even so with what little you have left to get ahead as a soul, if not as a body-biology.

So in this case as in any other, the only thing that matters is how you are inside, what you think, your values, morals, ethics and level of consciousness, always changing, always expanding, leaving behind what does not serve you without any attachments because those slow you down.

Values ​​on Earth are reversed, what doesn't matter matters and what really matters doesn't. Money and material, bodily satisfaction is what matters, immediate gratification with a low level of consciousness, materialistic and deterministic. That´s what matters there.

The mind, the spirit, what you take with you when you die, that does not matter, just as life itself does not matter, neither that of people, nor that of animals, nor that of plants. Ethics, morals, consciousness do not matter, only obeying the masters and that is where the human error lies that brings their destruction.

But the key is not to defeat the big corporations or the villains. Because villains only have power because the same people give it to them. The key is not politicians, no Trump, Q anon, or Z anon. They are just more of the same and it is inconsequential who wins the elections, everything turns out the same. Only with other faces. Trump is not controlled opposition. He is genuine, but works at a low level without real power, and only fights for his interests and his group or faction of the Cabal which he represents as a puppet. He doesn´t care about the people, they are means to achieve what every man with power wants and desires, more power. But not only him, but his group of white hats or yellow hats or caki hats, whatever you want to call them, it's the same.

The key are the people on the street, they are the ones who have the true power to change everything, the "Broken Shoes" from above, from high densities, those are the "players", the rest is only scenery. Part of what they wish for their experiences on Earth, and like it or not, they designed everything that is happening right now.

It is the human collective and the agreements between them that they form and follow that is the key for what I have described above not to happen, and what I also see is more positive, although in very few lines. In my super highway of 64 lanes let's say it happens in 4 random ones.

Them realizing progressively but very quickly that this is all a hoax, that nothing is happening, that there is no virus, then people saying a resounding NO to vaccines after the first rumors of side effects and deaths caused by it. They will fear the vaccine, they will not cooperate. They will be forced to take them in some way, because that is how it is designed, more of them will die. But they will stop cooperating with the Cabal and with governments from the most basic point of view or aspect of the human being, survival. Yet this always comes at great cost to people. Great cost because it depends on them realizing en masse that they are being manipulated and this causes people to react with protests and this follows with subsequent government retaliation.

So, all progress towards the positive will bring a strong reaction in people confronting each other because of the very confusion to which they are being subjected, thus creating an enormous cost in death and human suffering. The cost of them waking up en masse will be very great.

In almost all timelines, let's say 50 out of 64, not being able to be precise... The Cabal does not achieve its primary purpose or objective. In the long run. While they do achieve it temporarily, it can be decades of achievement, their very trans-humanism will create or cause the humans under their control to cease to be human according to the definition of what being a human means.

Because as today they see apparent limitations of the human body as a problem, wanting to be able to give it cyborg parts, connect to the Internet, or attach prostheses that give them super strength, they will progressively see no use for any "human" component. The human race being destroyed as a result. At least the part in or within a technologically advanced society.

And from these ruins... little by little another society will develop. As it has always been on Earth. Cycle after cycle of birth, flourishing, decay and destruction of societies. They are born, grow, flourish and die. They are born, grow, flourish and die. It has always been this way, for what humans might describe as hundreds of thousands of years, if not millions of years. It has always been this way.

Earth has always been a difficult place to incarnate, the most difficult place many say (there are others). It is characterized by this, all this. The Federation did not intervene before, never has, not as humans wish, not as they ask. Why would it intervene now, at this time?!

The people, the souls who cannot bear to live like this, with what is coming, will get out of the "game." They will die. With very few leaving in exodus in ships. But the masses cannot count on it. From below, Earth level, this is a horrendous genocide, and it is. But from above it is only the end of the game. Enriching experience for everyone. Great growth comes after the teachings of the hard, and the terrible. From the outside it doesn't look terrible. It looks necessary and enriching.

I understand this well. As I also understand how things look from below. From the Earth. Once again, both extreme, contradictory points of view turn out to be truths that feed on each other, inexorably linked and interdependent.

But Broken Shoes is the key. What every little person out there feeling like trash can do by learning to use a simple two-letter word: NO. Everything that happens is a reflection of the mind of Broken Shoes. They are the creators, not the Cabal, not the Federation. Those are reflections of their psyche. They are Gods. <--- <---

But... they want to play "that" whatever it's called, and "that" is what they have and will have. Nothing and no one can stop what will happen. Only them, because it comes out of them. They are the cause and the solution <--- <---

Gosia: You have said at some point above that all of this is designed by their souls from above. So, with that the question comes to me, as much as they fight here, and try to create something positive, could it be that it will not come out because this and that ¨design¨ is already in place anyway? CAN they here from 3d redirect what they have designed from above? Or is it that from above there are MULTIPLE designs always? And they only activate what they want from here inside?

Yazhi: The very purpose of that design you speak of is to be able to build and transcend that state in favor of something more expanded and positive for everyone. From above there is only one design. From a position of limited understanding from low density, only seemingly independent isolated points are seen, since that is what defines a low density. But everything is integrated, everything has a purpose, the very existence of the Earth in a regressive state defines the Earth in a state of high density.


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