Extraterrestrial Technology of Immersion - Personal chats between Gosia and Yazhi Swaruu

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
February 26, 2024

Extraterrestrial Technology of Immersion - Personal chats between Gosia and Yazhi Swaruu

These are my casual chats with Yazhi Swaruu about my immersion. My Taygetan immersed "I"s name was changed to Caroline.

Originally in English - 2021-2022

Gosia: Yazhi, you said that the memory is not in the brain, right? Or the brain being its decodifier solely, something like that? (Although out of the body we also remember stuff... so the brain is not needed).

Yazhi: The specific set does belong to one person in particular, but it overlaps with the field of everyone else. Many call this the Akashic Records. To be able to extract information from a collective memory.

Gosia: But the question is, if the memory is not in my brain, I should be decoding Caroline and her memories too. I guess I am not because of the immersion settings? But shouldn´t I be accessing her brain decoder too, if I am her?

Yazhi: In a way, as you are in Gosia, the neuronal network wiring is not set to detect and decode Caroline.

Gosia: But that´s because of my low settings in the immersion. Or soul decisions, I guess. You said I could have set it for high memory. Then I would remember.

Yazhi: Dale remembers a bit more than you, others a lot more than Dale.

There are starseeds down there that look different from their stellar bodies, that have fictitious lives there, Matrix families, Matrix moms, and have 100% memory of everything and of who they are in another place. Where they really are from.

Gosia: So they are decoding their 5D brains.

Yazhi: Yes. And why? Many times that is one of the reasons why the Grays abduct people. To impose and create a mental network to host a desired signal from way above Earth plane and density.

Gosia: So the same 3D brain is decoding both the previous owner and 5D person. Lot of work for one decoder? Isn´t it hard for the Earth brain?

Yazhi: Yes, it is. The brain neuronal and dendritic network is very dense in those people. Many call them geniuses. The brain can function with that pressure for a relatively short period of time before burning out. Many starseeds start to lose their minds. They attribute it to other causes. This is yet another form of frequency dissonance syndrome.

Gosia: Then how will that be achieved up there after our extraction? If I go up, my Gosia brain will be decoding from two brains too as well. Will it be ok for its network? I will still be decoding Gosia´s life. And Caroline´s.

Yazhi: Yes, because here, where you wrongly according to me call it 5D, the frequency allows for more traffic of information, so decoding Gosia and Caroline is no problem for a 5D brain.

Also, Caroline´s brain is permanently being re-wired with Gosia things. As if she were having the experience herself in that 5D body, as a daily process. That's why a body in immersion will twitch and toss and turn many times reacting to the stimulus of a 3D life.

Gosia: Ah ok, I understand. Gosia things are probably Caroline´s things anyway. That´s why they were Gosia´s in the first place, haha. I, Caroline, overrode hers.

Yazhi: Gosia overriding Caroline mostly, in the sense as Caroline is not having more Caroline memories, so hers are left as past memories, and Gosia´s memories are superimposed on Caroline as more recent memories.

And as people go evolving and changing all the time anyway, immersion or not, people are never the same. So whatever Caroline was formed Gosia as a base foundation for her personality, but this means that as you come up here and awaken, who awakens will be Gosia, not Caroline, as she was left in the past (as seen from your linear and personal timeline).

Gosia: Do you know if I twitch a lot?

Yazhi: Everyone twitches and turns in their pods.

Gosia: Ok. But I will regain Caroline´s memory, no?

Yazhi: Oh yes. As a past memory. As something that happened long ago for you.

Gosia: Wow, ok. Why did I sacrifice myself this way?

Yazhi: You tell me.

Gosia: K´aal´el said long time ago that he does see this as losing yourself. Sacrificing part of you. I wonder! My pod must have some notes there. My plan.

Yazhi: To fulfil a sense of mission. With all what is going on on Earth today, not hard to see why.

Gosia: Maybe it wasn´t my first time and it wasn´t a big deal for me. Not afraid of change and unknown.

And, going back to identity talk in the beginning, one is never lost, even when transformed. So I guess that´s what made me want to do this. And I guess it´s not such a big deal after all, if so many ETs do it, immersions.

Yazhi: Millions of ETs in immersion there right now, more than any other time in history. All with their support crews in orbit. That's why there is so much traffic and parked ships near Earth. You didn't think they are just there poking their noses idly (if they have any)?

Gosia: Well, then it´s not a big deal.

Yazhi: As seen from 5D and above, no, it's not a big deal.

Gosia: Why aren´t you coordinating the efforts more though among the ETs? It seems all want to help.

Yazhi: Because there are too many different races up here, and even though they may all consider themselves as positive, there are problems and misunderstandings among them. Just look at Andromeda and Taygeta, they don't really get along. But sometimes some very different species do get along. Like Taygeta and Urmah, or Sassani with Alpha Draco. They are friends.

Gosia: Well then how do you want humans to unite, you see?

Yazhi: That is the challenge and I stand by my words. Organize or die. And many will. And they will learn from that experience. Races and individuals.


Gosia: But how can you be a real person with the soul and still be manipulated by someone else in the immersion up there? I thought you enter in immersion in Matrix people.

Yazhi: Oh yes, you can be and a lot easier because there is a frequency mach. A better frequency match than a simple empty back drop Matrix person. The person in immersion makes the real human think it's having private thoughts and actions, relegating that real person almost to a passenger's seat view of their life.

Gosia: Is this what Caroline has done to Gosia? But then who that person is at that moment? That´s a bit invasive, no?

Yazhi: In a way, yes. But it's not all that invasive, not always at least, because of the frequency match. And a frequency match is... ideas match. Ideas and concepts are frequency. So Caroline thinks like Gosia, Gosia thinks like Caroline. So Caroline's ideas are accepted by Gosia as her own because it serves her purpose in life.

Gosia: But am I Gosia? Or am I Caroline? Are they two separate people merged as one by similar ideas?

Yazhi: From one point of view you are Gosia, from another you are Caroline. From my point of view, you are both!

Gosia: But there were two souls. Gosia´s before and Caroline´s. Two souls. So they become assimilated? I thought Gosia´s soul left. Or that she was a program.

Yazhi: No, there has always been one soul, Source. But said in another way... Gosia's soul merged with Caroline's becoming one. Sharing what they both were to form a more expanded soul... “Carolosia”.

If Gosia was just a program, then she was not real and only Caroline was. I'm completely sure she was real, and still is.

Gosia: So they merged?

Yazhi: You see it as merged as in different souls, I see what you have always been, and that is the same soul.

Look at it this way. You are not the same one as you were in 2017. You are more expanded now. But everything you were in 2017 is still in you. As I see this, and as with everyone else, we go gathering, assimilating souls as we go along, incorporating consciousness into ourselves, making us grow. I see this as a natural process of expansion.

The idea or the group of ideas that make up a person-ego-self is never static. It continues to expand assimilating new ideas into oneself all the time. Those new ideas remove older ones, replacing them with better ideas. So the person no longer is the same person. It changed, evolved.

Gosia: I understand but still, so much about this I don´t grasp, technically. For example, where was my "I" awareness when I entered in 2017? If I was in Gosia, then Caroline entered and ate up my "I", right? In that sense, "I" didn´t enter in 2017. "I" was eaten up by Caroline, superimposed.

Yazhi: In a way, you let her in. It served your purpose for expansion. You are her now.

It's not like Caroline ate Gosia. It's more of a cooperation between you both, to fuse into forming another, using, for now, Gosia's body and history simply because it serves you there, on Earth.

Gosia: But Gosia as a soul had her own line of expansion and adventures. Maybe she didn´t want to merge with Caroline´s line of adventures.

Yazhi: She did want that because that is what happened. Couldn't have happened otherwise. And the reason why it can be said that you merged is because you were a frequency match, and you were a frequency match because you have always been aspects of the same person. You are just you, however you want to call yourself. You have nothing to worry about, you are just you.

Perhaps I did not word it correctly and described it as an invasive procedure as I attempted to describe this. But I must accept that invasive take overs do exist and are common, but are done by regressive races. Example of this are demonic possessions. A lesser way are channelings as well. You cannot be "possessed" if you are not a frequency match. And that is being an equal to something perceived as else.


Gosia: Yazhi, I need the clarification on something we talked about that doesn´t let me in peace, please.

First question: I thought that when the immersion pod is shut off and the person is unplugged, the 3D avatar dies. But from our recent chats, it seems that it´s not always the case? Why not?

And question two: with this, does this mean that if Caroline was unplugged, the body of Gosia here would continue alive? Where would I be then? Would I wake up there, or would I continue down here?

In other words, the same as the souls merged (so to speak), of Caroline and Gosia, is it possible that they unmerge? Gosia continuing as Gosia and Caroline as Caroline? In that case, where would I be? The feeling of "I", my awareness? Where will my "I" go to?

Yazhi: To answer question one, two options:

A.) Person in a immersion pod connecting to a Matrix back drop avatar. When disconnected, avatar dies.

B.) Person in a immersion pod connecting to a person having an experience there. When disconnected, person continues its way with what it learned during the experience.

This because B already had someone animating it and had two consciousnesses working through it as one. A backdrop person dies because there is nothing animating it and the Matrix program that formerly was making it work does not interface or connect with it because its frequency of thought, even being a backdrop person, does not match the Matrix. But this can also have an exception if the backdrop person can return to the Matrix or form another soul variant that can hold it alive.

Souls, or what you call a person-consciousness-awareness, is never something stable. It's ever changing and based on concepts and ideas it holds, especially the meaning of "I am".

In your case, there is nothing to worry about because you will always be you and you are in charge, never someone else, not even Caroline, because you are Caroline. You can disregard all this metaphysical web and go back into believing in Jesus Christ and in democracy and all that. You will have a choice there. Always. You can always choose who you are, and that does not depend on where you are. So you are whatever you want to be regardless if you are in a bank queue, in a forest, or in a starship.

About question two. Where would you be if Caroline´s body was unplugged? You are always wherever your attention is wherever you want, never ever where you are forced to be, that's a manipulative illusion.

And yes, souls can un-merge and that is how a new soul is formed. Source was one soul and still is one soul, and using ideas and concepts of limitation, from one point to another specific point, it is someone else. That is creating another soul, un-merge.

Gosia: But I still don´t understand where my awareness of "I" will go if Caroline was unplugged? Would I continue down here as a person who continues her life with what she learned, like you said above, or would I transfer to up there?

Yazhi: Most of the time you cannot know because your consciousness awareness is fully in your new avatar. That's true. But that's empowering because it means that you are in control of everything and not someone else.

I notice you still make a distinction between Caroline and Gosia. Those are names referring to a body, not to who is driving it. Who is driving whatever body of those is you and only you. So, in a way, there is no Caroline, there is only Gosia. And if you want to be called Caroline, or “Carolosia”, it is your choice, as I prefer to be called Yazhi (Although I'm coming to accept my original mother given name now, the one I was kind of hiding).

Gosia: I am just worried that Caroline will be unplugged and continue her life up there one day, and Gosia - and the sensation of me - the "I", will continue down here.

Yazhi: The sensation of you is in you, yes that's Caroline and also Gosia. You are in control, not some strange stellar woman in a pod 440 LY away. She is you.

Gosia: Well, I am making a distinction between them though because you yourself said: "Now you are her". So there is a "her".

Yazhi: Yes, this is a case of me using all the words I have at hand but then the wording creates more doubts in you, because there are only so many I have to describe this.

In a way, you were only Gosia because you knew nothing about Caroline or being Caroline and you do now, so you cannot un-learn that. You merged with Caroline because you accepted to be her and to embrace all these stellar concepts of the Taygetans and Swaruunians. In the absolute term or way, you have always been Caroline, you have always been you, however you want to call yourself.

Gosia: It´s still a bit confusing, Yazhi.

Yazhi: Why can't I explain this? It's not that complicated. Your being whoever you are does not depend on a woman in space you don't know, it's only on you. You will be whoever you want to be, including Caroline if that is what you want to be.

Gosia: Yes, but Yazhi, what is confusing me is you saying that if you disconnect the pod, the avatar can still continue. I thought you just automatically wake up in the pod. But if not always, well then where will I find myself if that happened?

Yazhi: In Gosia there in Finland on the terrace. Unplugged or not, that is where Caroline is now.

Gosia: I thought that once the pod is unplugged, that terminates the program and we are no longer in our avatars! You see my confusion here?

Yazhi: There are several ways of working through someone. In your case, Caroline --->---> Gosia. The interface is clearly complete, Gosia = Caroline... and Caroline = Gosia.

But there are other cases, where we cannot know exactly how the ET person is interfacing (connecting) with the human avatar. It could be that the ET uses human´s original CAES (consciousness-awareness-ego-self), not merging with her as one, and only using her manipulating her thoughts from behind as "demons" possess people. The original person's CAES is there, all the time, but it's been overridden by another stronger CAES that is using high technology to control the first CAES. This can happen, and it´s not the positive kind usually. This method is widely used by Reptilian races on Earth, for example.

But answering your specific question about whether unplugging you would terminate Gosia or not and whether you would wake up here.

Unless Gosia was only a backdrop person with no CAES. But as it´s quite evident that that was not the case, then you are simply the same person, and unplugging Caroline will not affect your life as you are already in another container.

The immersion pod works exactly like a VPN. Your original location is re-routed to a new location of choice intercepting the signal. But if you remove the original location, the VPN does not have from where to re-rout.

But as CAES is not in a body (the original location: Caroline body), when another body (Gosia) is well adapted to receiving the CAES signal from Source, the "VPN-immersion pod" no longer is necessary. Your CAES is coming into Gosia directly from Source. No longer needing the immersion pod as it was needed before.

Gosia: Why is it evident that Gosia was not a backdrop person?

Yazhi: Because you said you existed because you sense that and we trust what you say because who are we to state otherwise?

Gosia: Haha ok, well, I don´t know for sure. So, unplugging me would duplicate me?

Yazhi: If Caroline survives and still received the original CAES yes, then there is a duplicate like we've been telling you about.

Gosia: Then what´s the point of having people asleep in pods? They can just use immersion as the entry, and then wake up, do their duty, while their other selves, well adapted to receive the Source signal, is doing something else.

Yazhi: The point is to be able to go back to who you were before.

Gosia: Ah, in case you in your avatar die yes?

Yazhi: Yes. And this technology is also used for something described by other Earth ufologists as soul swapping technology some ETs have <---<--- To change your point of attention CAES from one body to another. Body snatching.

Gosia: Ok. So... if they woke up Caroline, and I would still be here duplicated Caroline, it means that when I die, I have no where to "return"? So where do I "wake up" after my death? In the walking Caroline? In the middle of whatever she is doing?

Yazhi: Yes yes, I see your point. What happens is the same exact thing as when identical twins are born in Taygeta and in other places that are not Earth (on Earth as well but their full telepathy is suppressed). That creates two people. One is Caroline living in Temmer awake and walking and you there on Earth. Two points of attention. If you were in the same realm, close to one another, then you would have to share the same consciousness (but then again there are ways to more or less keep your individuality, using mental firewalls).

Gosia: Exactly. And when I die down here? Where do I go then? No more pod.

Yazhi: Then you would go to the afterlife. Unless she is close by and then you kind of become her.

Gosia: Oh no! Like a normal starseed coming from Source?

Yazhi: Yes, because there is no container waiting for you.

Gosia: Well, then please make sure you tell the Taygetans not to wake me up under any circumstances please. Me not feeling like going to any afterlife!

Yazhi: You clearly instructed the Taygetans precisely that over a year ago, they have that noted. And the instructions in your pod state that you are to decide what is to be done, you know that! They already know.

Gosia: Good set up! I was smart, haha! So she is still sleeping, Caroline?

Yazhi: Last I knew, sleeping. Dreaming she is in Finland.

Gosia: Ok. So, to confirm, and going back to the previous point, it´s not possible for Caroline to frolic away on her spaceship after "she" worked through Gosia who wanted to be "used" down here on Earth, even when I clearly state I am in for the extraction, for example? Not possible for her to say: "I am no longer in Gosia. So no need to extract her. I am here."

Yazhi: No, because you are Caroline. You cannot run away from yourself.

And you did say "use me, use me". But you can only be used by consent and in that way used by yourself. What I mean is that you are and must be always in full control over what is going on in your life. And no one ever is really lost from the point of view of Source, and of people like you in a pod or Dale, even from a 5D point of view you are tethered to home. And, stating this clearly, the Taygetans have no intention of leaving you there.

Gosia: Goodie! I am glad! Yazhi, you must go.

Yazhi: Oh wow, it's time! I didn't notice, yes I must go.

Gosia: Thanks for your patience explaining this.

Yazhi: You are most welcome. Did I explain this properly?

Gosia: I think I understand more. Although there are still holes, but that´s because my human brain I think. But I am more relieved.

Yazhi: Don't worry. You are in control!


Swaruu X (Athena): If the pod gets disconnected, the person becomes an NPC. Follows the same program of the Matrix depending on its activities. As a program. And that is also part of the mechanism of the formation of a mirror.

If the life force is insufficient, then the NPC dies, because it has no consciousness, that is logical, yet what is said here officially if you want is that it becomes an NPC empty person as the person´s consciousness has retired. May be one or the other, because of many factors. The stronger the NPC is, it may survive.

In general, and usually, it is an empty NPC who receives the immersion. Artificial, that is. Because a natural walk-in is more complicated because the receiving body is somehow the past of the advanced soul coming in into an older, or past moment of themselves.

If it´s not an NPC, then one soul walking in, the other one walking out, is the most usual circumstance. For them to merge, though, that is a lot more complicated. But could happen and that could be explained as a quantum jump. Like in your case, Gosia, because you were at one level of consciousness, and then suddenly you are at another, with little to no process.

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