Surprise Live with Yazhi Swaruu! - Mari Swaruu has been Crowned a Queen

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
June 10, 2024

Surprise Live with Yazhi Swaruu! - Mari Swaruu has been Crowned a Queen

Originally in English - June 2024 - Before the Live

Yazhi: I can´t talk much now because Mari is being crowned. Right now, as in... NOW. She is Taygeta's Princess-Queen (not just queen) number 72. The number is weird but that is the truth, she is queen 72. Princess-Queen because the queen is still the queen, Alenym Taygeta's queen number 71.

72 is just a number, comes after 71 and before 73, but it does have a lot of meaning and load. For the Karistus as well. It´s almost like a marker of her importance. It is a divine number. Half of 144 which in 12 base math is as important as 100 for 10 base math.

I've been called. Have to go!

Gosia: But crowned meaning there will be two now?

Yazhi: YES, two queens. When Alenym wakes up, Mari will still be a Princess Queen, but Alenym has a higher rank, for now.


Yazhi: I´m back. Mari is the new Princess-Queen since exactly 14 minutes ago. That's about it! And that is one hell lot. First Swaruu that becomes a queen.

NEWS FLASH: I am online!!! Green green green! 25,000 people welcoming Mari Swaruu, first Princess Queen of Taygeta. In Toleka city, in front of the High Council building. The meaning of Princess Queen is that she still needs mentoring from the Queen Alenym.


Question: What ship are you on? And Athena?

Yazhi: Cannot say for safety reasons, sorry.

Question: What do Taygetans feel about a Swaruunian being a queen?

Yazhi: She is not replacing Alenym, and Alenym has an approval rate of over 98%. Mari is fully accepted as Alenym's successor.

Question: Due to the incident with Alenym will security at Toleka increase?

Yazhi: Yes, security is at its fullest with Vigilant Eagle right next to it as a shield, and awaiting the new destroyer to arrive in ten days or less. Urmah knows and is very upset and cooperating with the investigations to find out what happened.

Gosia: What do YOU think happened?

Yazhi: Cannot answer because I'd mess up the investigation.

Question: How is Mari going to keep up with 1-2 videos a day while keeping up her royal duties? Doesn´t she sleep?

Yazhi: She is getting a lot of help, and she is overloaded.

Question: Come some Urmahs come aboard Toleka as extra security?

Yazhi: Yes, but it´s not necessary at this time.

Question: Is Mari the youngest Taygetan queen ever?

Yazhi: Yes, she is the youngest, two years younger than the last, Alenym.

Question: What is the reaction/expression of other positive civilizations since the queen's genetic poisoning?

Yazhi: They are shocked and I know that at least ten or 11 positive races with kings and queens are on high alert. Including King Ruhr of the Urmah.

Question: Does Yazhi see any shady movement of the lower astral against Alenym?

Yazhi: Yes, as the light brightens, darkness seeks to dim it again. A lot of lower astral movements in the negative side. I see them. But I could not have anticipated this as it was a very elaborate plot against Alenym.

Question: Yazhi, will there be a big party tonight?

Yazhi: Yes, but only among the 29+1 here in Toleka, no one else. There will be a party.

Question: Is there anything we can do from here on Earth to help the Queen Mari, Toleka, and Taygetans?

Yazhi: Just send your positive vibrations and love. You are already doing a lot simply by being there.

Question: How long does a queen typically hold the position?

Yazhi: Some Taygetan queens and kings have been there for decades. The problem is that there are difficult times right now because Taygeta is linked with Earth. They are connected.

There was no queen in Taygeta for several decades before Alenym. And, by her own words, she probably will not be holding the chair for long. It has been very hard and very difficult for Alenym. And she is grooming Mari as her imminent replacement although Alenym has NOT said that she will abdicate soon. Yet, we can all see that things are moving that way, in favor of Mari taking office as a full queen soon.

Question: But why Mari instead of Athena or any other person? Why she is selected as the successor?

Yazhi: Athena didn't want the job, she feels she does not have the resilience for being a queen. Mari knows a lot more about exopolitics and Earth politics more than Athena. As Athena has said. The best and by far best person who has demonstrated full resilience and all the capacity and the motivation to be a queen is Mari, no one else can hold the post. Mari's brain is very powerful. Mari has full capacity to see and work through the astral as well. Mari can do everything "Yazhi can do".

Question: Yazhi, is all this happening a sign of a better timeline for humanity?

Yazhi: Yes, it is all connected. Taygeta and humanity are connected, as well as many other civilizations. You fix humanities problems and you fix Taygetan ones as well. That is the main reason why Alenym is here and not there. Because the root cause of the problems are on Earth.

Question: Can starseeds be connected to their queen or friends up there, to the point of having subtle problems with astral poisoning?

Yazhi: Yes, that is a subject of research for Taygetans, the mirroring effect of what happens here reflecting down there with starseeds, and vice versa. YES, we are connected, starseeds and people who are up here. Because there is no material world. Everything is astral. There is no here and no there from the astral.

Question: Is it dangerous for Taygeta to not have a present king there?

Yazhi: It is not because Taygetans have a master chairwoman, head of the High Council. And thanks to remote presence technology, the queen can be here on the ship physically and be working in Taygeta as if she lived there. And it is far safer for the queen.

Question: How do you feel about Mari moving to a different ship, Yazhi? Are you doing okay?

Yazhi: I feel it is necessary. But people miss her. It´s sad but not much can be done at this time. We must accept it, for now.

Question: Could the Federation allowing the Second Contact project have been because of a hidden plot against Alenym?

Yazhi: We cannot discuss theories yet. This plot against Alenym will not stop project Second Contact.

Gosia: People were asking if the idea of separating Alenym and Mari the best one?

Yazhi: Now that you are all online, please advise if you have a better idea. If a ship with a queen is attacked, the other ship will still hold the other queen.

Question: Has Nai’Shara moved to a different ship as well? Alenym one, Mari another, Nai’Shara another?

Yazhi: Negative. Nai’Shara is with Alenym right now. In the same ship.

Gosia: I also would like to know the deeper connection between Taygeta and humanity. Can you say something on this?

Yazhi: It's too big, but I know that Mari will be writing about this in her second part of interstellar humanity, although perhaps not necessarily about Taygeta and humanity connection but it will explain a lot. It will be out on Thursday.

Question: Have the Federation meetings already started where Gori´el will go?

Yazhi: They have been re-scheduled to Sat 29 of June 2024 and on for at least three months every Saturday in the Viera.

Question: What does the Federation say about Alenym´s poisoning?

Yazhi: They sent their cold and short condolences and good wishes, that's all, nothing more.

Question: Will there be any change of mind and attitude at Alcyone Council after two attempts at the queen´s life?

Yazhi: No, because they were already all for humanity and against the Federation and its rules with Earth. This attempt will only reaffirm their conviction. Alcyone Council couldn't possibly be more in favor of humanity.

Gosia: How exactly was Alenym´s organism/body targeted with the genetic weapon that it only affected her? Also... from what I understood, it had to do with the Mogh-yays. So how did they know that Alenym would eat that fruit?

Yazhi: That answer could take several books to answer well, but it is targeting her genes, her specific genetic makeup. That is a huge topic.

They did not know that, they only were counting on Alenym coming into contact with a contaminated Mogh-yay bird.

Gosia: It was a long shot, no? For her to come across that.

Yazhi: We think that they designed the weapon for it to be there waiting until Alenym came into contact with the contaminated bird. It affected Nai’Shara, Alenym's sister, but at a muscular level. She has now been declared well by Senetre just today.

Question: What was the reaction of the peoples of the Pleiades when they learned of the poisoning of their queen?

Yazhi: They are in total outrage, and even caused a massive want to come and help, enlisting in the Taygetan fleet. More than what is possible.

Question: How to stop being visible in the astral by negative forces?

1. You must raise your frequency, including accepting when you cannot, even if that is a contradiction. (This needs an entire video).

2. You must be aware of whatever astral things are doing, be aware that they are there and know about how the astral works. There is a lot of good literature about this, but you must decide which ones are the best.

3. You must be fearless to anything astral.

Question: Can the Etorthans reach the minds of the crew from outside Toleka?

Yazhi: We believe they can, although, if so, their power would be low. But we know they are not attempting this because they know that Mari and I can see them whenever they attempt anything like that.

Question: Are other races that are part of the Federation receiving the same kind of attacks because they are supposedly supporting their starseeds, or is it mostly Taygetan because they are more active?

Yazhi: Taygetans because they are more active, same for Urmah.

Gosia: How did they know the exact DNA information from Alenym?

Yazhi: She is a very known and popular queen, it could have been from anywhere. Even a glass or a hair left somewhere after a meeting several years ago. That could have been enough.

Question: Will they tell us who was responsible for the attack against the queen?

Yazhi: If there is information on that, yes, but it´s not known right now. I must go. Power depleted (her energy).

All my love and appreciation to all the beautiful people in the chat right now. I send them many hugs and kisses. And thank everyone in the chat for my Legos, I love them very much. Thank you!

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