Extraterrestrial Technology: Spacecraft Take Off Procedure (Taygetean Pleiadian Message)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
February 26, 2020

Extraterrestrial Technology: Spacecraft Take Off Procedure (Taygetean Pleiadian Message)

Dhor Káal'él: First thing I do is walk around the ship, looking at specific places I already know about. I'm looking for any open panel, anything out of place, any animal stuck in a hole, and pieces of garbage around intakes and inside the landing gear wells. I look for hydraulic leaks, unsecured hatches. And I remove covers and tags (¨Remove before flight¨ tags). Exactly as you would in an Earth aircraft. No service hoses hanging out, nothing attached to the craft. No external power feed wires. Nothing, so the craft is standing alone.

Once the craft is secured... I walk to the ramp in front of it and I look at the hydraulic pistons at each side of it, the actuators, looking for anything that might get caught in it as it closes and any leaks as well. I walk up the ramp ( not stairs) and I find myself in the main cargo hold. I look around to see if everything there is secured. Taking for example in this situation as if it were empty. No cargo.

I either think the order or I press a big red button on the forward side of the cargo hold inside to raise the ramp and I wait to see that it's up. It takes a few seconds and it goes up with a whining sound of the pumps, and then a thump and the red button glows green-secured up.

Then I walk past a narrow passage way like 5 meters to the front on the craft to each side of this passage where there are the access doors to the main ship's computer CPU on either side. The doors are transparent tinted light smoke colour. Light and systems glowing inside. The brain is active. I get to a small door and it opens to one side (left) and I walk into the cockpit.

There is an upper level semi circle in shape there. Two seats to one side, two on the other by the windows (now covered looking titanium colour). Then one step below there is one main seat in the centre and a console. You go into the cockpit, the floor is shaped like 1/3 rd of a circle. Like a moon shape with the tips forwards and the door at the centre.

I step down and there are 3 more seats (total 7). One in the centre, and two more in front side by side. In front of each one of the tree there is a large curved console, metal grey in colour. I sit in the centre one. You could take seat anywhere you like. I'd recommend in the two forward seats to each side of the pilot's main seat.

Now when i fly alone I will move my centre seat forwards. All the way to the cockpit canopy. Leaving behind the two front seats. With you two there, I can be in front and you to the rear of me. Or 3 side by side or you in front and me behind in the middle. The seats do move.

Gosia: All of us side by side. Unless Dale objects.

Dhor Káal'él: Ok. Then we strap ourselves in. The seats do this for you. You don't have to do it. They are 5 point seats belts. But they come out of the seat and strap you in automatically. But in the centre of them there is a black button, big. You press it and it disables the system. The window in front goes all around from top to bottom and on the floor, meaning the floor on the lover level of the cockpit (not the upper one) is transparent. On the sides where the rear 4 seats are there are more windows

Now we are inside but everything is off. The cockpit canopy ( canopy is the transparent part)in this moment is off, meaning it's opaque. It looks grey and dull. You cant see outside

The lights come from the level step on the floor and on lighting slots all over the roof and on the console to the rear. We are now sitting.

All I have to do is say: All systems start. And the whole computer will boot up. Or I can press the big black button to the left and up corner of my console (manual control).

Gosia: Exciting!


Thats usually me on the plane during take off

Dhor Káal'él: Nice ox-cart Gosia! (Sorry)

Gosia: Hahahahahahaha

Dhor Káal'él: Joking, I don't compare. I love old tech, flying machines as well.

Gosia: Better?


Dhor Káal'él: Hahaha. That's better! Too bad those only use gravity cancelling. We deem as inferior technology.

Ok. Systems come on line ..... The three main consoles light up and give basic readings! One sec... Ready. In front of each console a screen will appear, it's trans-lucid, it's only a hologram. And the canopy will go transparent

Dale: Do you set up telepathic interface at this point?

Dhor Káal'él: No, it was set up in the moment I asked for ¨all systems start¨. Or you can at any point request interface at will whenever you want, if on manual mode. In front of the canopy you will see basic instrumentation appear in front of you. You can now see outside, the hangar and all in front of the craft. Under the canopy you can see the quadruple plasma canon under you. In the case of model TPT-155 Suzy 1 you can see the muzzle of the GAU-7 Gatling Cannon.

You ask for systems check, and it will take a few seconds, less than 5. All systems nominal will come up, in audio and on screen in front of you. Then either you ask for it mentally or you do it manually. You check systems for engine and gravity generators. Comes up all nominal - all ok. Then you say the magic words, you think them, or you press the nice red button in the centre above in the console. The button reads: Engine Start

Like this one sec.


Turbine helicopter start up. Listen. Similar but bigger! A lot bigger! And then the second one.

Starts up and catches up with the first. Rarely do they do the same together. They do not always start on the same sequence, one then the other or the next time the other and then the first one. This is for you, the pilot, to hear them in case there is something wrong. You feel you engines. You know them well. They are part of you.

Then, when they are both at enough speed the roar will burst behind each one of them like two large explosions. Plasma level has been reached. And with it thrust! Then you ask for take off permission in case it's applicable.

When you are clear, then you set inertia dampeners to however you want. 97% to 98 % is usual to be able to feel come acceleration. But you can program accelerators and dampeners to be at full 100% in the rest of the ship and at 97% in the cockpit alone. So people in the rear of the ship will be comfortable drinking their tea. While you in front are accelerating and enjoying your manoeuvres! 100% inertia dampeners = Meaning you do not feel any movement. 97% it meas you feel 3% of the acceleation. Set to 0% you will be a a smear on the canopy !!! Jello! 97% is enough!

A Suzy class ship may accelerate over 1000 g force while flying atmosphere. One thousand time Earth gravity. While on Atmosphere. Same for a 90° or worse turn. When in a Fighter aircraft a human pilot can take a maximum G of 10 maybe 11g force for like 3 seconds. In an F-15 Fighter for example.

So we have clearance. Then on the console to the left under the ¨systems on¨ button, you set gravity cancellation to 0 (Not inertia Dampeners). Then in front of you the hologram will indicate that the ship is hovering and no weight is on the gear. Then still to the left under gravity cancellation controls there as 3 rectangular glowing buttons. In white.

For Taygetan craft white = green (usually) Red = Red for reference.

Touch all 3 of them and they will glow green (Green indicating good up movement )

Then Red for a moment and then off...Indicating: Gear has retracted into the wells.

(Manual description here for now. Everything I say can only be thought and the craft will obey)

I take my joy stick with my right hand and my collective with my left (As in a helicopter). And gently push the joy stick forwards. The ship will move forwards slowly. Collective is the throttle controls and other buttons, mainly engine power control.

We are assuming the ship is in a covered hangar with side exits. Our ship glides some 10 feet over the deck. Deck is the floor in pilot talk. We reach the end of the hangar and we see empty space all around up (As in taking off from the larger ship). A little bit of static is seen outside around the hull as we cross the several layers of force field that enclose and protect the mother ship and hangar area.

Gosia: Wow that moment of ¨jumping¨ into space must be incredible.

Dhor Káal'él: It feels like, or as if you were to "fall off". It does look like the edge to a precipice! Then we are in space now, moving with the gravity generators only.

I move the joy stick to one side and we move along side large mothership. We see its large grey hull. We are in space now. We go out to space here in this example very slowly. Moving like at 40 mph. Slow for a ship. So we are along side our mothership. We can see the windows, sometimes people inside. Then it ends and we are alone. Mothership behind us.

We move the nose of our ship towards the destination (not necessary but we do it any way). Say.. Aldebaran 65.4 LY away. We start to move faster as I move the collective up. And we are now moving past Mack 1 and moving to hyper-sonic speeds. We do feel the acceleration. Then we move the power to the main turbines. We feel them bursting into life. And we feel a huge kick and acceleration and a large roar and cracking sounds of the plasma outside. We are now moving faster and faster.

The ship will now start to alter the density of itself and you in it inside to compensate for the added mass due to the acceleration. Usual when we reach 40 000 Kmm /sec. We then go to what you would call Throttle up. And having programmed only with thought the destination, all the calculations are made by the ship's AI. She knows what she is doing (All ships are a She). We close the Toroid. We jump into Hyper Space. It feels like static and out side no stars remain. We are moving way too fast ! All you see is streaks of light moving back wards...they are not stars they are static discharges between the toroid and the hull of the ship. Its perfectly smooth.

The roar of the engines has stopepd to be only a whisper or a flow of air coming out of a metal pipe. You are now moving horrendously fast. For Aldebaran 65.4 LY away on a Suzy class last time it was 25 min SIT time. SIT is Ship Internal Time. You can now leave your seat

Dale: But there is no sound in space right?

Dhor Káal'él: The sound comes only from the ship itself. What you hear is transmitted through. Nothing of sound is form the outside. And when in Hype Space... You cannot see anything outside. It's all BLACK. Only the discharges and streaks outside that are nice because they do give you some sense of speed... those are also not coming from the outside but form the toroid.

Dale: Turbine are high speed compressor turbines ... ?

Dhor Káal'él: No Compressor. They are not Jet Turbines. Only Ionic magnetic plasma drives.

Dale: Turbines act to compress flow of plasma as it is magnetically confined? Once you go beyon turbine power, you kick in magnetic toroid and that is a frequency drive. Thats what you use for hyperspace.

Dhor Káal'él: In that case YES. Toroid. The Engines are the ones that generate the toroid. The Plasma is frequency controlled.

Dale: So they act to produce plasma output that is then confined to the toroid. And that will generate your hyperspace.

Dhor Káal'él: The Flux output backwards will flow to the front of the ship and back again with something like a caterpillar effect. The plasma flows out backwards...

Dale: Does it engulf the ship? Like a bubble?

Dhor Káal'él: Yes. Then as it's magnetic it will flow to the front of the craft using the hull itself and closes the toroid. As the frequency output of the engines is precisely controlled, the exact frequency inside the ship and the toroid are the ones of the destination.

Dale says: Its a very elegant system. The polymorphic material controls the field around the ship?

Dhor Káal'él: The ship is made of polymorphic metal, computer controlled. One word here... We no longer use WARP Speed as a name for this, as we may have in the past because this is wrong. To WARP is to band Time -Space as Einstein said. To create a worm hole. There is NO time and space to bend. There is frequency modulation and control-manipulation. Not Warping anything. This frequency technology is beyond Warp technology. We call it Supra Luminal or simply Hyper Drive. Or Ether jumps.

And it is still generated by turbines rotating and making jet noises, but they are way above and more advanced than gravity drives that are only used for or as control surfaces would on an aircraft.

Gosia: Do the ships use any fuel?

Dhor Káal'él: These Ships are Zero-Point. No fuel of any kind is needed. No refuelling nor recharging necessary ever. Unlimited range.

We don't need to use worm holes, we don't need solar portals, we don't need anything. The ship itself makes its own wormhole if you may (not wormhole either, we are beyond that ). We do not depend on transit routes of any kind as other lesser advanced races do. This is beyond Warp technology.

While at Hyper Speed. You can walk around, take some tea, eat cookies (we do have them). Chat. Leave the bridge alone. Play a game. And then the computer will say in audio something like (translating to human terms ):

Now hear this, now hear this: Destination threshold achieved. Destination threshold achieved. Ship is now decelerating and returning to impulse mode.

You run to your seats, strap yourselves again.

Then you will hear a clear turbine deceleration. It tells you in how much time. It's all SIT Time. This is hard to describe as we don't use seconds or minutes. Humans are the only species that has invented a way to measure something that does not exist. But it conveys the idea as in reference to what you have lived from the start of the jump to the end. Like in telling you that the ship will exit Hyper speed in 2% of total SIT time experienced so far. Do I make any sense so far?

Gosia: Yes, perfect sense. Thank you.

Dale: All pilots eventually function as one with their ship.

Dhor Káal'él: That is correct... perfectly correct.

Dale: If I were with you on the ship, enter there, would the ship recognize me?

Dhor Káal'él: It would. The ship would recognise your frequency AND DNA. You don't need an ID here. But each ship has safe settings. For example Suzy is so tight in her settings that only Swaruu can operate or even enter her!! In a very real sense Suzy IS an extension of Swaruu. Her IA is an extension of Swaruu's mind. But... A large ship like this one is more relaxed. And you would access and operate the ship.

Ok, so that´s that. That´s the take off procedure and flight. We reached our destination.

Gosia: Thank you Kaalel! It was quite exciting, we can feel your passion about flying when you describe everything. Thanks a lot for all the details!

Dale: Thanks brother, it was most exhilirating to be there with you, I am remembering some of it. Thank you for your time.

Dhor Káal'él: Thank you both for yours. I am tired now but I love to be here with you! Until tomorrow.

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