Swaruu and Homosexuality: DOES IT EXIST IN 5D? (Extraterrestrial Pleiadian Message) (21)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
May 24, 2019

Swaruu and Homosexuality: DOES IT EXIST IN 5D? (Extraterrestrial Pleiadian Message) (21)

Gosia: Hello Swaruu. I am going to ask you a question I get all the time, and maybe we need to address that: do you have homosexual people on your planet? If not, where does it come from here?

Swaruu (9): Hello Gosia. The answer your public will not like: There are no homosexuals here. We all remember who we were and although the soul has no gender, it does have a preference for being one or another gender while in physicality. So as you remember you choose what you will be, and after countless incarnations, you always go back to the gender you are comfortable with, man or woman.

Gosia: So why does the soul that wants to be a female come to the male body here?

Swaruu (9): On Earth that's because of complicated reasons. Many are of the agenda of depopulation of the planet. Others simply are because the soul was "forcefully" incarnated into a body that does not match its preference, this because they were recycled and because they don't remember who they were.

On Earth people are forced to reincarnate over and over, sometimes as a man, others as a woman. "To balance forces and karma" they say. This moves them away from their true core identity. Souls don't have genders, but they do have a clear preference to be of one or another when incarnated. When souls are forced to incarnate again, they don't or can't remember who they were, but to a level they do have an inner knowing, a preference, that may not match their body.

They go back in because they are told that they need to pay karma... they are told to balance right and wrong. If they were a woman, next time they reincarnate they must be a man... and then you have your Gay person.

It's all part of the Matrix. As I've said, the Matrix extends beyond physicality and that's because you take to the phase between lifetimes what you are inside, your values, and your identity, ideas... all who you really are, you are still you on the other side. If you were free to incarnate wherever you like and be whoever you want to be.... you wouldn't need to incarnate as a gay or as a lesbian.

Many on Earth say that they don't want to be a woman, they want to be a gay man... for example. This is heavily encouraged by the Matrix programming and the Cabal and the governments they endorse, because it means that those people probably won't have any children of their own, helping the depopulation agenda.

Also it helps to create separation and gender destruction, that in turn will make people easier to manipulate. That and other agendas, I could go on and on... But from a higher point of view, or perspective... Earth could be seen as the only place where you can choose to incarnate to get a "gay" or "lesbian" experience. All other places, you simply are not interested in being anything other than what you are, and you are simply not attracted to the same sex.

Gosia: Ok, when you say they are forced to incarnate, you mean like they are met with archons after death telling them about paying off karma or whatever and it’s those archons that force them to go back to the other gender that the soul really wants or is it the souls themselves that decide that?

Swaruu (9): Yes. Both. Forced if encountered with "astral guardians" (arcons who want to recycle you) but it's not even necessary as when you die you remain you, with all your own ideas, so if you feel you need to go back, for whatever reason then you do go back willingly. You are recycled willingly because you think it's the correct thing to do and because you are not aware of any other option. So it's both reasons, something intercepted you or you decided to go back again.

Gosia: Ok, so you do acknowledge that the soul that wants to be a female is in “wrong” body... against its wished identity. As this is what happens with the transgender people for example. Not even gays. Because gays want to be men.

Swaruu (9): Yes, it's a very complicated system of "dynamics" working here, and each person is a universe of their own so they all will have different reasons for being the way they are. I cannot talk morale. I'm not saying it's right or wrong, I have no right to do so. But there are aspects of this which I do not agree with. Like the new way the Government is pushing the gay agenda on little children where they are no longer given the opportunity to have a gender identity.

That's criminal from my point of view. That's part of a government agenda so there no longer can have Boys and Girls. Soon there won't be any boys and girls, only a mess of trans gender people who are not reproducing. Agenda 21 there. That's imposing a point of view and an agenda over a vulnerable social group: children. So, no I don't agree with that. Sorry.

Gosia: Yes, I understand. No need to be sorry. I never looked at it this way. Makes perfect sense. But why do they want to depopulate the planet if it was mentioned they need us to manifest the Matrix for them and maintain it?

Swaruu (9): Precisely because if there are too many, and many are waking up, then the Cabal is losing control over what the people manifest. So, they must get rid of the troublemakers. Replace humanity with a more docile component or version. More exploitable and more controllable.

Gosia: Ok. So what will happen to them when they ascend, in 5D? Gay people will suddenly go straight? Because I assume they can ascend to the 5D too. What if they don’t want to be straight? Many enjoy it. Gay culture is very vibrant now. I myself find them very fun. They are usually expressive, artistic, outspoken, funny.

Swaruu (9): They will simply have to process what they lived and make their own decisions. Being gay lesbian or not has nothing to do with ascending or not. Although there are some aspects that may be related, such as consciousness levels where you realize a lot of what society has imposed on you, so you do change your points of view.

But in the next after life, you will prefer to be the gender that you want to be next. And gay culture is vibrant now because it's Matrix Government endorsed. Everything is manipulated. So even though being gay is not "wrong" per-se, The Cabal is weaponizing it.

Gosia: Ok, so if they ascend and decide to continue being gay, they can?

Swaruu (9): Here you simply don't go for that. You are gay as long as you are attached to a body there. When you no longer have a body then you will go to whatever preference you truly have.

Gosia: I mean now... before dying, if ascension happens before, will they be able to pass on with us to the new 5D experience with you? Many of them are watching and following the videos and they love all the messages.

Swaruu (9): They can. But they will transcend being gay here because of their own decision. While they are in the body, they are in their will to continue to be gay. It's when they die and go to the afterlife where they will clear things out for themselves. Continuing to be gay in a 5D incarnation is simply not observed. I'm only sharing what I see and it's not happening here as such.

Gosia: Let’s see... If you are soul with a clear female tendency, I mean you like to be female when you incarnate... then when you are a gay man... you are ok with that... but when you die and are ready to reincarnate... will you choose to be a man again? I mean what for if you can be a woman as you have always wanted (Just a thought). And I'm not saying it is wrong or not, no no, it's simply not around here. So i guess the reason it's not observed is because everyone gets to be whatever he or she really wants to be.

Swaruu (9): If they have a high enough frequency then they will ascend and being gay or lesbian does not matter. That has nothing or little to do with ascending. I suppose that they will continue to be gay as long as they live in their current body, then things will be different, next lifetime as a 5D creature. That's what i think would happen only thinking logically.

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