Hospitals - Warning - Anéeka of Temmer (Extraterrestrial Contact - Taygeta - Pleiades)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
May 13, 2020

Hospitals - Warning - Anéeka of Temmer (Extraterrestrial Contact - Taygeta - Pleiades)


That at this time they do not approach hospitals or external doctors, except for life and death situations. Whether or not they believe there is a virus, this should be communicated to all their family members and made viral. Much is already known and is coming to light but it is not enough.


Due to the virus situation, they are receiving a lot of money for each CV case they detect, $13,000, if the person requires a respirator - 40,000. If the person dies - up to 4 times more. People do not believe this because of the extremely large sums of money.

They believe that it is not possible because it is not profitable. But those who are paying are the negative Cabal and do not operate with money. Rather, they only transfer large sums to hospitals and doctors, digital money without real backup . It is just numbers to them.


Besides, it does not matter whether or not they give away numbers in bank accounts that they themselves will collapse in weeks anyway. It is just another method of control and manipulation.So anyone not only with respiratory problems but any problem who comes not only to hospitals but to doctors is exposed to being arbitrarily categorized as positive for CV, as is already happening en masse all over the world.


They will be hospitalized for money and they will be even prescribed respirators to get still more money even if that person has been admitted to the hospital for a case of appendicitis.


Respirators are now known to do or cause lung damage from trauma, and should only be used at minimal power and as a last resort when the patient can no longer breathe on their own and never before. I have information indicating that they are modifying respirators in hospitals to make them even more harmful, to make people even sicker.


This brings me to the next part. This means that they are murdering people in hospitals to be given large sums of money. This is criminal, both intentionally, and for medical negligence because of fear by hospital staff. 


There are countless testimonies from people who have faced this situation. A healthy boy enters the hospital for a cold. And the next thing the family members waiting in the hospital room see is a nurse giving them a jar with his ashes.


Or babies who die of other things and they offer money to their relatives so that in the death certificate it appears as if it was for covid-19. And in the case that was given to me, they accepted that money because of low income. To later report this.


These are just two examples of countless ones that can be seen. Also nurses coming out to say that yes they are seeing that they kill the sick in hospitals for negligence. They don't treat them when they are sick to see if they die. So for them it is not murder, they simply omit the necessary treatment to give them a chance.


The point is that they are giving very large sums of money for each case, each complicated case and even more for every death from CV, with all the implications that you can imagine as a result of that and of the greed of the medical institutions and medical personnel as well.  


But the problem does not end there. Even in hospitals where that does not happen, medical personnel are so scared by the CV that they refuse to pass the family members to see their sick relatives, denying the family control over what they do with the patient. So that allows them free passage to whatever they do to the sick one.


And in many cases, they do not do autopsies, much less let family members come to see and say goodbye to their deceased relatives, for fear of the CV. They are incinerated without any consideration for the family.


Every person who enters a hospital, with a certainty of almost 100% will somehow be implied in this CV nonsense, especially if the real problem they have resembles in any way the CV symptoms: high (or low) pressure, nasal mucus, cough, dizziness, any symptoms they have will be classified as CV because there are even directives to omit the tests and assume that it is CV.


Robert: And is this being done all over the planet or only in some countries?


Aneeka: Generally all over the planet. Sure it varies from hospital to hospital but I have reports of the same thing all over the planet. This without mentioning that people are not approaching hospitals for fear of CV and therefore they are not taking care of their real problems.


Robert: And many die in their homes.


Anéeka: Yes, but not because of the CV directly, but because of lack of medical attention. That´s the way things are. People must understand that if they do not unite they will become extinct.


Note. The UN no longer uses the term Agenda-21. It was replaced by Agenda-30. Technically speaking it is not correct to say Agenda 21 anymore.


They must unite now, wake up their sleeping matrixed relatives NOW or they will become extinct. They no longer have time to be nice. I only see mass civil disobedience as the only way to fight this . And leave that nonsense aside of the daddy Tump who will come to save them , because that is controlled dissidence.

And what I say is not unfounded. Nor do I make it up. The information is there and what I am telling you is not just from watching videos, that only corroborates my information.


In hospitals, you can no longer know who is inside and if they even have medical personnel available. The real medical personnel or there are only paid people there.


The information I gave you today is of life and death for many people who could go to hospitals in the next few days <<<< It is really terrible, but people should understand this. And make it viral. Not only you.


They must get to work, not stick to that mentality that I see everywhere: What can do, I am nobody. It is up to them if they survive this, it is up to them whether others live or die. I am no longer interested if they see me as alarmist, this is alarming situation. Do something.

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