Spiritual Protection - Astral and other Negative Influences - Yazhi Swaruu Talks to Matias and I

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
October 02, 2021

Spiritual Protection - Astral and other Negative Influences - Yazhi Swaruu Talks to Matias and I

Short chat among Robert, Gosia, and Yazhi

(Originally in Spanish)

Gosia: Yazhi, someone asks me if dream catchers and spells work or is it just pure superstition and nonsense?

Yazhi: That is white witchcraft. Yes, it works.

Gosia: Isn´t it just your ideas that is protecting you?

Yazhi: All there is, is an idea. But it is not that simple, it is not just “suggestion”, I am referring to strong spells. Because those can use shortcuts that manipulate what you do see as truth to alter your reality physically and objectively. They look for shortcuts. For example, there is a malicious spell that is to put a certain thing in front of a house - (edited censored, I do not want to give recipes for black magic) and if it is done this way, it can affect the people of the house even if they do not believe in it, and there have been many documented cases of that. But this is black magic, nothing to do with dream catchers.

The other side, the side of the dead, is not fictitious, it is physical just more tenuous, and that procedure affects people as if a physical thief or a criminal entered to hurt them.

Gosia: But how is it going to work if someone doesn't believe in that? I think again it is because of ideas.

Yazhi: You don't even have to know what it was that they put outside. But it is a physical thing. Like a thief attacking you, but that thief is from the other side, from the side of the dead, because there is still physical there.

With enough mental power yes, you defend yourself. But few people have such power there. But if you believe firmly that you defend yourself, keep it up, that's the way. Even so, this falls in the same way as eating glass with the firm idea that it will not hurt you.

Glass is an idea, it is an interpretation of a material world that passes through the manifestation of your consciousness. So you could eat glass and nothing would happen to you right? Still, you wouldn't eat real glass. It's the same here.

Real spells are physical things that can affect you the same was as other things affect you that you take for real like poisons and radiation, for example. It's like saying that cyanide is something metaphysical, that if I don't believe in it, it won't do anything to me. And that is so. But you do not have the mental and consciousness strength to deactivate that cyanide.

Gosia: But how do they become physical?

Yazhi: It is not that they become physical, they always have been, there is no physical side and non-physical side, the physical side of the dead is just more tenuous. You do not see it because your 5 senses keep you locked in what is the perception of an acceptable physical reality for the Matrix, for the 3D experience there. But there is a world of entities called the lower astral, which are physical and being physical they affect your body. Because they are real energy and matter, you just don't perceive them as such by your own perception agreements.

Weak beginner spells only use manipulation and superstition and suggestion, strong spells use more real energetic forms against their victims. Just because people don't understand how it works doesn't make them any less real.


Matias´ and Gosia´s chat with Yazhi

(Originally in English)

Matias: So today let´s talk about how to defend yourself against dark forces, ect.

Gosia: Maybe you can name all possible ways so people can shield themselves against anything that can influence them in a negative way?

Yazhi: First thing is to define what dark forces exactly are. As being stopped by an annoying Police officer is not exactly the same as dealing with witchcraft, although everything is connected. Ok, so we are going into dark forces as defined as, or of the paranormal kind.

Matias: Yes. And negative thoughts that can come from other entities or people that are effecting you in a negative way. This happens, right? So how to protect yourself against such negative effects?

Yazhi: Ok. So the foundation for this conversation would be this fact you must understand and take for granted:

All the paranormal exists and is there, it is only paranormal because you cannot see and understand it with the eyes of someone in the official Matrix with all its rules. You cannot see it usually with the naked eye but that does not mean it is not there. So the paranormal is real and from there we should start. Why it is real we can deal with later if you wish.

And yes, many thoughts, sometimes all your thoughts, are not yours, it is your mind following the dominant frequency of your environment. In other words, those thoughts that cause emotions are not yours, they belong to people surrounding you, mostly the ones closer to you.

The minute you realize and let it sink into your awareness that the paranormal is real then you start to develop natural elements to defend yourself from it. So realizing something is there is the first way to stop it from influencing you. This is one of the reasons why people who really use paranormal things wish to keep all that hidden from the people in general because it makes them more vulnerable to their sorcery.

So anything you realize that they are doing on to you will greatly neutralize those effects. But on one condition, you must be in your power, or else the simple power of suggestion will work against this effect.

Gosia: I have to interject: but didn´t you also say that my ignorance about what was in the cemetery, protected me against the negative influences there, when I said I slept there with my friends 20 years ago? Isn´t not knowing and not believing in things protecting you in a way?

Yazhi: It is a double sided sword there. It protected you in the sense that you strongly believed that being there would cause you no harm (or else you wouldn't have slept in the cemetery). So you were in your power.

Matias: You said: “You start to develop natural elements to defend yourself from it”. What are these natural elements? Some people mention white light energy, light weapons, white light abilities, ect.

Yazhi: Those are tools you can use and are helpful but in reality they hold no power. The power comes from you. Those objects only can help you channel and focus your power, mostly because now you have a dual existence perception of a being who is convinced that it has a material body being spirit as well. So your material object channels into the physical side the power you hold from the spiritual side.

Even though this can be coming from just about anything, like an amulet, some objects can give you a better sense of channeling for focusing your power. For example Athena Swaruu's favorite: a 19th century black Katana.

But before going into objects and crystals: What does it mean to be in your power or what is your power?

As I was saying the other day, everything imagination is real and solid on the spirit side when it is coming from a clear and focused intention. Nothing esoteric, nothing paranormal can hurt you if you don't consent, and don't let it hurt you. It always uses fear as its primordial tool, then it uses confusion, and trickery - mind control. But becoming fearless (not stupid) is one of the main keys to becoming immune to the paranormal.

You get your energy as a conscious being from your connection to your higher self, from Source, because you are Source, but from the point of view of a body you are getting it from outside of the body, that's why it is a signal, but this is only perception because you are always Source. (If you are Source then you are power).

So what sorcery mostly does is convince someone, a target, to close its connection from Source going into lower and lower frequencies of thought. It cannot do anything against a person directly, it can only make the target think it will be under attack or that it is under attack. So what it does is change or cause the target to think the thoughts that will make it get sick, for example if that is the intention. So yes, partially what scientists say is correct, it is “all” suggestion.

Those thoughts sorcery imposes upon the victim are designed to lower its frequency into becoming compatible with the evil intentions of the sorcerer.

Another extremely important point I must insist in is that imagination as in focused intention is the key to power against sorcery and against the paranormal. I strongly insist in this because I know how it sounds as in impossible that is not real, imagination is not real so it cannot possibly hold any power over anything - concept.

But degrading imagination like that comes from the same people, from the same conceptual Matrix that also says that the paranormal does not exist. So seeing this from that point of view, non-existent threats can only be counter-attacked with no existent weapons.

This in extremes because there are many subtle levels here as well such as the use of potions (chemicals) or summoning of entities that are solid and real as a tree but out of the perceptual range of the normal human, summoning them to help in their evil intentions.

Matias: So those light weapons, abilities... you imagine them in your hand, using them... but in reality they just help you to realize that you are the one with the power? So no need to imagine any tools … you are the tool?

Yazhi: Yes. Ultimately you don't need anything. You are the amulet. You are the weapon. (But it's so cool to wield a black Katana forged by Japanese artisans long ago). It gives you an empowering effect.

Matias: Have you heard of “invisibility cloak”? Makes you invisible in the astral? My brother said once that people often shout in the astral without them knowing it. Your thoughts in your mind are heard in the astral?

Yazhi: YES. So if you feel you are under attack, any kind of psychic attack, you can also envision yourself to become a ball of light, or you can imagine with intent that you are walking with a force field around you and that will become a force field for the astral.

Many I have heard say that this kind of advice is extremely dangerous. But I don't see why! You are not going into battle against armed men with an imaginary force field in 3D life, don't be stupid, use a Kevlar vest instead!

Each thing is a tool. Use them for what each one was made for.

But there can be a time where you realize that there is no physical to such an extent that you CAN summon a force field that does deflect real bullets. But don't expect to do that tomorrow. But it can be done.

One example is the super common night visitations events. Those in the official medical science say these are only sleep anomalies. Visitations of Succubus and Incubus. Those happen to just about everyone. From the astral point of view those are energy vampires.

When you are asleep and conscious paralyzed by them, when you realize that they are coming, when you feel that night terror... think of becoming a ball of light, golden light or any color you fancy (I do not recommend red), any high frequency light color. Imagine your bedroom suddenly illuminating you, your body, glowing like a sun. So bright it is coming out of the windows.

The succubus and incubus will run away from you, as if you had brought out your 7.62 mini-gun! The moment you face them they cannot do anything to you. It is the idea that you are helpless what makes you helpless. Every single time and everywhere especially in the astral. Even in the woods at night, when you feel observed... know that elementals may be following you, because you feel something, do not discredit it how and what you feel. Trust your intuition. Talk to them, tell them you know they are there and that you do not mean to disturb them.

Matias: I see. You said: “But becoming fearless (not stupid) is one of the main keys to becoming immune to the paranormal”. What about when people talk about “love”? Also “Law of One” talks about “love”. How love will repel the negative entities. For example, you have a nightmare where dark entities run to catch you - you only need to stop running and face them with love and they will go away?

Yazhi: YES. Because the LOVE is another tool, high frequency that makes you incompatible to any sorcery. As I said, facing the problem in the astral will make it go away because as I said, you are showing no fear.

Gosia: I find it more practical to envision light than suddenly summon feeling of love at that point though. Something visual perhaps would be easier than a feeling. But that´s me.

Yazhi: I think they are tools. You must be true to yourself. You do not love Succubus and Incubus any more than you love mosquitos. So there use your ball of light and no fear.

But walking in the woods at night feeling strangely observed... use love as those elementals are only worried that you may be dangerous to them. (Beware of 3D real humans being creeps as well, use a Glock in that case).

Gosia: Why would they worry we would be dangerous to them though if we can´t even see them?

Yazhi: You may be planning to convert their home and land into a parking lot!

Matias: Ok. I have this question. Quoting you: “Nothing esoteric, nothing paranormal can hurt you if you don't consent, and don't let it hurt you.” What if someone is doing voodoo craft on you? You said: “It cannot do anything against a person directly, it can only make the target think it will be under attack or that it is under attack." So, Voodoo does not work?

Yazhi: Voodoo specifically cannot work on someone who knows this. You become immune.

This is one level. Level up? The problem starts when sorcery combines the esoteric-paranormal with the physical. This with the use of potions, to start with that are among other things: poisons! But other potions are complicated soups or salads of plant based psychoactive drugs. Those can be used for countless things and purposes.

Matias: You know in movies... the witch doctor is poking a needle into a doll, that has connection with you and thus, creates a suffering on that target.

Yazhi: Quote: that has connection with you End Quote.

What connection would that be if not the idea that the doll is you?! Ideas again. The doll is not you period! Therefore no harm can come from sticking needles into it.

Gosia: But if you KNOW voodoo might have been done against you, then, especially if you really believe in voodoo etc, you may go into a fear mode, and then it makes you even more vulnerable! So I think it´s about becoming aware of it but then also not giving it any power, staying in your fearless frequency knowing that no matter what, it cannot harm you, right?

Yazhi: YEP.

Matias: Then why is this voodoo thing so popular in many cultures? Where did it come from?

Yazhi: Voodoo is not only sticking needles into dolls ← ←

Voodoo is a complex set of crafts that are comparable with what old Druids did in times of old, same kind of wisdom Native American Shamans also use. It is the ability to connect and communicate with the spirit side.

Those shamans, medicine men, Druids... go through a process that changes them forever where they are not truly alive and they are not dead either, but live with one foot in the astral and the other in the physical. They know how to talk to spirits, to summon them, to ask for their help.

And, as in reality everything is astral, then those CAN interact and harm or protect someone in the so called physical. The potions are an important piece here. Because they can access the spirit world using drugs to talk to things on the other side, and many are quite physical, like trolls and elves, you cannot see them but they can interact with you. And if the medicine man or shaman can cut a deal with one of these creatures, giving it something it wants, then said creature may be able to go and do mischief to the target person.

So this is a case of something that is not entirely astral or paranormal, but half and half because as I have said before, there are no clear boundaries between the physical and the astral.

Matias: So, it´s enough that you are aware of these things (elementals, astral beings, Voodoo), keep high frequency, be fearless, imagine that white light around you and know that you have the power over them... and they cannot hurt you?

Yazhi: If you can hold that mentality it is more than enough. You become incompatible with their intent and with them. You become irritatingly untouchable.

Gosia: What is the protection against those you said that can be summoned? Can those spirits harm us then when it is done? The protection methods are the same as above? What if we don´t know it´s been done? (since you said being aware of it being done helps).

Yazhi: Your intent and your power is enough. But it is a question of power against power, because even in these circumstances those evil spirits or doers will bring more power against you to look for your breaking point, if it is their intention to get to you. Generally speaking they simply go look for an easier victim!

And you live in a frequency soup, most of the time you cannot know. You can only assume you may be a victim of something paranormal, or of witchcraft.

Gosia: What would be our breaking point? What makes us VULNERABLE? Lower emotions? Stress, anger, etc? Drinking...

Yazhi: Yes, for example looking for what triggers you emotionally. This is a very important point, because if the evil entities cannot get to you, they may go bother your boss, so it goes against you for whatever reason, and makes you go into a negativity spiral that ends up making you compatible in frequency with the intentions of those entities. This is what I mean about them using trickery! They may systematically go looking for your emotional triggers. In order to “push your buttons”. Lowering your frequency enough to finally get to you.

Because, for example, you may be in such a bad mood because of your stupid boss, that you go to bed angry and exhausted and in that state you cannot go into a loving state and you won´t give a damn about imagining balls of light. And they got you.

Matias: Thus... what ever happens, don't go into that low spiral, spin it around and make it a positive thing. “Positive affirmation”?

Yazhi: If you can, few can! It is also wise to recognize that we cannot always be in a good positive mood! But this must become part of your reality, so even in a bad mood you can still summon the ball of light and face the suckers fearlessly and they will run away! So the suckers will see that it's not good for them to get you angry!

Gosia: Matias says he is never in a positive mood. Always in a neutral one, haha. Will that work as a protection?

Yazhi: Ever stopped to think that neutral there may in reality be positive? No use going around singing in the rain going round and round lampposts and kissing mail boxes. The problem may be when you fall into depression, then you no longer give a damn, and there is where they get you mostly! In that state. (Sorry for my language).

Gosia: Yes, that´s why when I get into the depressed state of modes for too long I feel I need to get myself out of it fast. I don´t allow myself to be there too long. Although you also say we should feel what we feel.

Yazhi: Yes, and when you are in that state, angry or sad state, don't expect, don't even try to get out of it! May only make it worse, let that angry or sad mode sink into you, feel it, let it destroy you. And then it will go away!

Matias: So, negative things can affect you if you let them. Know that you have the power, not letting them influence on you. Keep the high frequency, be fearless and imagine that white light of protection over you at all times? Should we “suit up” each night and morning with protective shield around us to keep us “safe”?

Yazhi: Should we suit up? No, another important point: You cannot protect yourself from anything without creating whatever you are protecting yourself from. Especially with regards to esoteric or paranormal stuff. So be in your power, feel yourself safe from all that in general not expecting any attack. Confident that you can handle anything that any one can throw at you. Again, be neutral. Feel yourself to be a battle tank, not much to worry about.

Matias: So why those night attacks happens? Paralysis? If you are ignorant about them?

Yazhi: They feed off you. They are like mosquitoes, they want your essence, your energy. But even if you were not thinking about them for one or another reason you did become compatible with them attacking you. Or else they wouldn't have attacked you in the first place.

Same as with a car wreck, people were not thinking of going into one, but they did, they became compatible for any number of reasons. I mean it, everything is frequency. Manage your frequency with your thoughts and you will manage your reality and life. It is not what is outside of you what is bothering you or attacking you. It is what you are thinking about it.

With everything, so if you hate mosquitoes, then you have a mosquito mentality of same frequency working inside of you and you must get in touch with your inner mosquito. They bother you because of what it means for you. It's the meaning what causes the problem for you.

Gosia: They bother him cause it itches later. No big inner drama other than that I think, haha. Ok, never mind, continue.

Yazhi: I don't like them myself!

Those beings feed off of Lush that is concentrated fear. Why? Because they are regressive beings that are creations or manifestations of a collective, collective unconscious or your personal unconscious.

Those beings cannot hold their own existence without someone thinking of them, they are Tulpas and Egregors. They are manifestations of your fears, that's why they can only exist when you feed them the same substance as what created them in the first place. Being that they are Tulpas and/or Egregors does not mean they aren't real as a tree. As I have explained somewhere before, everything that exists and ever existed is and was a Tulpa/Egregor.

I must go but we can continue tomorrow.


Next day:

Gosia: I have a last question Yazhi. How to protect oneself against the soup of collective thoughts of other people? First, how to recognize they are not yours? And two: how to make it so they don´t influence us?

Yazhi: Basically any thoughts that you can recognize don't come from you, like a sudden necessity to stab someone... when you know you could never do that and you don't want to do that, and even the realization that you had that thought bothers you. That one is not yours, it's coming from something around you that wants to try and convince you to do something hideous because it feeds off of those events, because of the fear and lush that they cause (extreme example). And there are many other less dramatic thoughts that are not yours either.

We are always a collective or in a collective, you as a stand alone would be very difficult to achieve so we are effectively the result of the soup we are in.

Having said that, we simply must have the intent to want to be in our own mood with our own thoughts. And for that you need peace of mind, not giving into all the mess and fear and problems of every day life. Facing them yes, but at the same time feeling untouchable and apart from them.

Tools to use may include certain high vibration stones and crystals, those are good, wearing them in your necklace or having them in your pocket, beware of not mistreating them as they will only give off the same vibration you put into them, that is treat them with love and care and that is what you will get back from them.

Recognize what is not yours. The only way is to observe your thoughts and see what does not go with you, like in the crude example about stabbing. Also observe that if you are in a bad mood with no reason it may be leaking from the neighbors because you may sleep head to head with them across the wall.

So, to protect yourself, again you must do everything you can to become stronger mentally. That means meditation, inner work and even martial arts if you can and fancy. Know thy self. Lots of time in contemplation with your own thoughts.

Gosia: Matias says that sometimes he gets those “ripples”, sudden changes of mood, when he becomes distant from me, distant from all, and it happens without him knowing why. Like a bad mood for no reason. Could it be that some ENTITIES that he is around at this work place get attached to him and follow him? He works in a mental institution.

Yazhi: Sorry to say, YES. And I don't believe in mental illness as such. I believe in entity influence.

Gosia: Then how to get rid of the suckers? Same methods as before?

Yazhi: Yes, know they are there. Also cleanse. And use amulets charged for protection.

Matias: Can those entities follow you to home from work? How to prevent that?

Yazhi: Cleansing methods are many. For example, wind and air at speed is an excellent cleanser. Also water as in taking a bath. And music, high vibration music like classical and anything mood lifting, also binaural beats and fractals 432 Mhz.

Gosia: Wind and air at speed? What´s that? Sticking your head out of the car´s window?

Yazhi: More like a bicycle or a motorcycle. And there is even a saying that goes that you will never see a motorcycle parked outside a psychologists office unless it belongs to the psychologist.

Gosia: Yeaaah, I love that feeling of speed and wind in my face. I get the same feeling on rollercoasters.

Matias: I have been telling myself now each time I go to work, that I am, I have the power and I will not let any entity or person, their energies, influence me in a negative way.

Ok. So, basically, all the above matters addressed can be solved with one and same recipe? Be fearless, have high frequency, know that they exist, know yourself so you know when you are being influenced by outside force, crystals, sage, music, ect. All counter measures mentioned above will apply to all discussed cases here?

Yazhi: Yes, for now.

Matias: You mentioned the crystals for countering the negative effects. What are good ones? And with this concept, isn´t this the same thing like with the energy weapons, ect? They hold no power, I do. I give the power. So crystals in themselves have no power either?

Yazhi: In a way, but crystals are seen by countless people as elementals as well, that is: creatures. So it's not a dead rock. It's a pet! A 1D pet.

Matias: But, if I believe that Shungite will protect against WIFI and EMR, ect., then it will protect me, because I GIVE that power, aka... I protect myself.

Yazhi: About those specifically, as I'm not aware exactly how they are supposed to work, yes I think it's you again doing the job. But I leave it open for now.

Gosia: But a question about wind and speed. But why wouldn´t they be able to follow you then? What are they afraid of? Speed? But they are beyond space plane as we perceive them.

Yazhi: Remember that they are semi-physical therefore can affect you. So they are a well... ‘spirit’. Air can affect them. AND... I think the mood of the rider also makes him/her incompatible to them.

Matias: Ok, and talking about crystals. So in the end, wearing these crystals, ect., they do not do much. Your own intention will do the healing.

Yazhi: Yes, but also I'd see them as increases or like lenses that focus your energy.

Gosia: They have their own intelligence and it can coordinate itself with yours. Right?

Yazhi: In the case of crystals yes, they do have their own intelligence.

Matias: Thanks Yaz. Earlier you said: “So the paranormal is real and from there we should start. Why it is real we can deal with later if you wish.” Why as a question. Did we cover this?

Yazhi: I think not. As mentioned before all reality or realities are relative to something or to some kind of frame of agreements of perception, of what is real and what is not real. The human body is designed to keep the person in a set range of possible perceptions, that is a set range of hearing and a set range of sight as in white light. So if you cannot see something and you cannot hear it, it does not mean it´s not there. Radio waves for example. So there is a lot to reality than what meets the eye or is socially accepted.

But as in facts: The facts about the paranormal are heavily censored and hidden on Earth, but even with that much censorship a lot leaks out. And out there, there is an enormous amount of evidence that cannot be explained away. And the evidence points out that things paranormal are all over the place, and the information is hidden systematically. All you need to do is research a little seriously online and you will be flooded with evidence of all kinds (even excluding photoshops that are false and all over the place).

We were talking about things that are half way between the physical and the astral. For example those entities that can be blown away with a motorcycle. That are material enough to be forced away with rushing air.

These "rods" as they are called cannot be seen by the naked eye. Only with high speed cameras with an infrared lens. They are not physical as such. They are in the range of the paranormal. They are nothing other than insects in the astral, half way into the physical (physical as humans understand the physical). Just another example.

I mean they are there, they follow their own rules that do not coincide with human made rules. But they are there.

Matias: So, if a step down from 5D comes to Earth, he/she can see those astral bugs in 4D?

Yazhi: Sometimes yes others not. It's not exactly a scale where 5D is over 4D and 3D. But step dows do hold enough awareness and understanding to see things in a different way so they can see things usually.

Gosia: This ties in with something I was talking about with Athena the other day, since she said she cannot see the elementals. She said it´s not just the matter of you having higher frequency... so you automatically see them. She said they kind of exist SIDEWAYS. Like in a SIDE world. That´s why can´t be seen always. How would you describe that side world?

Yazhi: Yes. It´s hard to describe, as it is a feeling. As if you could go up and down a corridor where behind you is lower frequency and ahead is higher frequency. And even though you go up and down that corridor you see nothing. You need to step to one side to open another door. I see this again when meditating.

You go from awake but eyes closed to sleeping. But you need to do something else, difficult to explain, but it does feel like another direction in order to go into astral travel (and teleportation). I understand this to be as in more Dimensions. Not Density, but Dimensions.

Taking me as an example. I can remember multiple pasts even if they may be contradictory. As in I went to the Viera on Sunday. And I did not go to the Viera on Sunday. Both in my memory. Both valid and both with the detailed memories involving having gone and not. Both versions valid and both forming me and what I remember.

And not only two but many. This is like having memory events of the same time date one stacked over the other.

So it's the same here with the paranormal. As in the ghost is there... and not. You decide it's not there because your upbringing said so, so it's not. Or you know it's there and you need no more proof that its' there other than the hair on the back of your neck sticking up! Giving you inexplicable goose bumps! You decide.

What you are told with logic, or what you feel with intuition. And the ship detects goblins outside. So that's a fact for me. Gravity displacement meaning mass.

But Athena cannot see them. Unless the ship augments the image for her using gravity sensors. The same ones used to measure minute gravity changes to adjust the ships anti gravity engines. Basically interferometers.

Matias: Thank you Yazhi. You need to go in 5 minutes so I have the last question. You mentioned iron bracelets for protection before. Can you specify exactly what kind of iron I should look for? 316L or something else? There are some variations of iron out there. Thanks.

Yazhi: Although at this point it's hard enough to get an amulet made of iron, I would say that any iron would work as long as it´s concentrated and not in a cheap alloy. I can add that the two best iron types are:

1.) Graphite Iron.

2.) Gray Iron.

Said with another kind of description:

A.) Hematite Fe2-O3.

B.) Magnetite Fe2-O4.

Being B Magnetite the one with the highest amount of iron ore in a pure state at 72.4% and A second at 70.0%.

Another amulet that is good is to get a magnetite rock and have it with you, they are sold at esoteric stores by the quarts crystals.

And you could also try (if you can or allowed to) treat patients with this, in their proximity, especially those with schizophrenia and any clear signs of anything that hints towards entity possession.

Another procedure is to place iron shillings, or iron pieces, any iron, a horse shoe would do, but magnetite rock is the very best, at the four corners of your house or at least at the four corners of your room, sleeping quarters.

It stabilizes DNA because it holds the original frequency imposed on it. So it conserves memory. This because of its specific magnetic fields it produces and holds.

Empower yourself to BE your higher self. No need to feel it's somewhere else because it's just you again! Feel powerful at work, or wherever you go. You can walk through hell and not get stained!

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