Mechanics of Manifestation 2 - Intro to Extraterrestrial Navigation (Swaruu of Erra-Pleiades)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
September 01, 2019

Mechanics of Manifestation 2 - Intro to Extraterrestrial Navigation (Swaruu of Erra-Pleiades)

In Stellar Navigation, I described how we navigate using a frequency map, and not a locations map. In a frequency map, what is important is the relationship between the given specific frequencies, that can be taken as destinations or as locations, and not concepts like distance and directional placement as would be in a traditional map.

A frequency, is a location, does not just represent it, as a dot and a name would represent a place on a traditional map, it is a location in itself. As everything is energy, the only difference between one location and another is its frequency. As we‘ve described before, a frequency of a location is the result of the combination of all the energy interactions of not only the objects and things in such location, but also the relationship with other locations surrounding it, inside a continuous soup of potential energy in the form of waves. Each object, big or small, vibrates at a specific rhythm from a subatomic level, and that rate of vibration is what we call a density.

Matter is always the result of consciousness and is a consequence of consciousness. The ultra-high vibration and ultra-high-density potential energy field we call Ether is nothing other than pure unified consciousness, the unified field from where everything else comes out from or is manifested from. Every holographic piece of the unified consciousness field, Ether, has the same power as the whole and is the whole in itself. Each living form, each person’s consciousness is not only part of the Ether, it is the Ether in itself, defining the term holographic piece as something that although a fragment of a whole it keeps all the attributes and the powers of the whole.

Everything in the Ether works and is in the form of energy fluctuations and variations within the field, those are wave patterns. Every single wave is defined by a crest and a trough moving and being at a specific time rate, this is called a frequency. And the frequency of a wave is defined by a timeframe that is given by, and as, the result of the consciousness of the observer. When the frequency of a wave is given a specific time rate with added complexity in a mathematically perfect and orderly way by the observer-consciousness, this is called the Harmonics of a Frequency. And this occurs as the result of a repetitive conscious intention by the observer, the thought pattern resulting from a creative imagination process.

When the Harmonics of a Frequency has enough constancy-energy and is of the right type, it will form Standing Waves, those are points within an energy field where a concentrated part of that energy does not re absorb back into the potential energy wave field again as the harmonics of the frequency constantly feeds that specific point with energy given at a very specific rate keeping it ever present and continuously energised. This will form a concentrated energy point within the filed, this point is called a node, and with enough added complexity it will form an object that we would call hard matter and depending on the Harmonics of the Frequency that matter will form an object. But its existence will always depend on the frequency and its harmonics that are given to it by the cause of them: the observer-consciousness. Defining Harmonics of a Frequency as the ordered sequence of pulses within a potential energy field. Every frequency and harmonics of a frequency depend on a time rate. This time rate is the result of the changes in the intention and attention of the observer-consciousness. Time being the result of the awareness of the observer-consciousness as it animates its concepts and ideas giving them a sequence, its own ideas providing sense and logic to them. Time is a perception given by the order of concepts in the awareness of the consciousness-observer and the rate with which it sequences its ideas. The more awareness, the more concepts it can manage and at a higher rate as it means processing more data-perception, this perception will determine which density-of existence the consciousness-observer can perceive. This higher rate means a faster and more complex Harmonics of a Frequency the Consciousness Observer can create within a potential energy field.

There are no Densities of existence as such, not as separated realms, a Density is the result of the capacity of perception of the consciousness-observer, the rate with which it can process data, the rate it can give the harmonics of a frequency all matter depends on to exist in the awareness of the consciousness-observer. It cannot perceive anything, with a higher rate, or frequency of an object resulting from a higher harmonic of a frequency than the rate the consciousness-observer can animate and understand its own perceptions. The more awareness the more perceptions it can handle, the more perceptions it can process, the higher the rate of a harmonics of a frequency it can handle resulting in the capacity to be aware of a Higher Density of existence as low Density of Existence Realms are the result of a slow harmonics of a frequency, and the faster it goes it will result in a progressively higher Density. And as explained above the rate of speed is given by the consciousness-observer. This means that there are as many Densities of Existence as consciousness-observers are. And more than one consciousness-observer can perceive the same as the result of similar harmonics of a frequency of each one of them. Similar but never the same as their point of attention is always different. Defining point of attention as each individual consciousness-observer having its own individual stream of thought patterns and perceptions, a person, a being.

The interaction between individual points of attention results in a partial equalization of perception between them as they combine patterns that are harmonics of a frequency that will result in a perceived set of concentrated nodes or energy-concentration-points within the potential energy field that are in turn perceived by them as material objects that make up their shared “outside world”. Each individual consciousness-observer-person or being is both creating a personal reality and also creating a collective reality as the result of combining personal harmonics of a Frequency with the ones of others, creating another harmonics of a frequency collectively, where the nodes or the points of concentrated energy creating hard matter are the result of combining personal frequency-of-perception with that of others.

Each consciousness-observer will give the field its own Harmonics of a Frequency that will in turn interact with the ones of others creating a frequency soup. When the personal harmonics of a frequency combines with the ones of others it will change its nature, harmonics, with wave interaction dynamics called destructive interference and constructive interference, when more than one consciousness-observer has the same harmonics of a frequency it will add strength to the node or concentrated point of energy common to both, constructive interference. But when their harmonics of a frequency differs then it will lessen the energy given to the node, or totally cancel it, dissolving it. All harmonics of a frequency combine to set new nodes or concentrated points of energy that are the result of the mathematical interactions between destructive interference and constructive interference where the amount of energy of each combines to either lesser or to augment the power given to each individual node or energy concentration point, resulting in a combined manifestation or perceived shared external world.

When a person or a being, a consciousness-observer has a specific thought or thought-dynamic this is also a frequency resulting from a harmonic of a frequency-dynamic process as described above. When enough attention-energy is given to that specific thought process the resulting frequency of the person will automatically match the frequency of the perceived object or situation its thinking of, this is called the Law of Mirrors and it governs this Universe. Equal frequencies attract each other because they are the same ones, they are one and the same, so the thought-frequency equals the thing or the situation in the individual’s mind and this equals the perceived external object and or situation, because there are no external objects or situations as such as they are all inside the same potential energy field soup of frequency harmonics as the very same thought patterns of the individual and collective consciousness awareness-individuals creating it all. Thought is the object and thought is the situation or situations, no difference! There is no external-to-you, world. yYou are who has it all in your mind, you are making it all, both collectively and individually! You call this the Law of Attraction.

The external world is a reflection of your inner world and the only way to change your external world is to change your internal world first.

When awareness is reduced so is perception, this means less information and less energy is being produced and processed by the consciousness-observer, this translates to less detail and less information, and this means a lower frequency realm of Existence as lower ones have less detail and a slower frequency in their harmonics. And the higher the realms or Densities more detail progressively is added to the perception of the consciousness observer and this can be also processed exponentially faster, and so are the harmonics as the rate is also exponentially faster. The individual cannot process more than a specific amount of data given to it by its awareness and it can only process the data at a specific time rate, directly proportional to this awareness. Awareness is the number of things, ideas, and objects a consciousness-observer can process and interpret, and all are standing waves resulting from frequencies and their harmonics within a potential energy field that is called the Ether and in turn is the consciousness observer itself, collectively and as a holographic piece-individual.

This means that the slower a Density or realm is, the less detail it contains, and as perception of the consciousness-observer is reduced so is its attention-energy and so is the perceived laps of time it takes to transform thought into a perceived material object or situation.

As the awareness of the consciousness observer grows so will its capacity to perceive and to process more detail resulting in a faster manifestation rate resulting in turn in a perception-experience of a Higher Density realm of existence.

A perceived solid object is a concentration of standing waves within a field that are at a more or less fixed rate, therefore giving the consciousness-observer the perception-idea of a solid material thing. A situation is the combination of Frequency harmonics in a dynamic process involving a specific rate-of frequency within a time frame given by the observer. It is the dynamic interaction of both ideas-perception and perceived-solid objects through a lap of time. A sequence of Frequency Harmonics interacting with each other with mathematical precision.

These mathematical interactions define the wave lengths and frequencies within a realm of existence and also define the exact frequencies within a field of energy. There is no matter as such as it is all perceived standing waves, concentrated energy points, or nodes within a field of potential energy called Ether. And as explained above the Ether is a soup of consciousness.

These specific mathematical frequencies and their interactions with one another creating a combined collective Harmonics of a Frequency within the Ether energy field is what we can call a location, a place, a specific interaction and placement of standing energy waves we call matter, and that we later interpret with our consciousness-perception as a corner in a city, for example, with lamp posts, side walk, telephone booths, fire hydrants and every other minute detail as well. Being that the vehicles and the people passing by in that specific corner are also energy patterns within the field with their own interacting harmonics of a frequency in an everlasting and continuous interaction between them all at a specific time rate given by and as the result of both the individual and the collective rate of awareness of each consciousness-observer that inhabits such a specific realm.

And these specific frequencies that are exact and never equal to others are interpreted as an exact location within space and time. The exact harmonics of a frequency of that corner location is what we can use to navigate a starship. The location and its harmonics of a frequency can be as small as an atom, or as large as you can possibly imagine, adding complexity as it expands. So, the exact harmonics of a frequency of a planet, for example, within the soup of potential energy we call Ether and externally you call Space Time Continuum is its exact location in a star-map and it is also the exact data we will enter into our ship’s navigation computer to set our destination.

All frequencies and all their Harmonics are and can be interpreted as or with numerical values and are mathematically observable and predictable with corresponding equations. This ads an element of predictability to the energy field containing the manifested objects and situations. This means that as we understand the mathematically predictable interactions between these objects and situations inside a potential energy field, we can indeed predict the future.

Understanding these mathematical interactions and relationships between frequencies and their harmonics will constitute a frequency map, that can be a small frequency map, as the energetic blueprint of a small location, or can be as big as a Frequency Star map to guide ships through the cosmos.

A Frequency map is a numerical interpretation of an interaction between waves within the potential energy field, or the Ether, and can be of locations or it can be of situations as well or combined! Essentially this is a map of the Ether, or an Etheric map.

Objects are connected to situations that can also be circumstances. They exist within a certain context within a field. This specific context is unique and is represented with a numerical value. It can represent a situation-location in any context, past present or future as they are all mathematical-frequency-harmonics constructs. There is no past present or future, there are only frequency harmonics within a field, and therefore reproduceable!

As described above, all that must be done is reproduce the exact same frequency harmonics of the situation to be reproduced, also called the destination, and you will be there, because that frequency does not only represent the destination, it is the destination itself as described above.

The area or location where we will arrive to, our destination, is what I will call a context, and it is the result of all the interactions of all the frequencies there complete with all their harmonics and their relationships between them. We can now represent the whole context as a complex sequence of mathematical interactions, the more complex, the more detail. We can represent a fixed, non-animated scene with numerical frequency values set in a mathematical grid pattern that is the energetic and frequency blueprint of that scene and a mathematically precise snapshot of that or any other given event. This as a static representation of the context as a photograph would be. Each minute detail within the scene or “photograph” is represented with its corresponding mathematical-frequency value as a series of numbers in a grid pattern. This would represent a 2D flat photograph scene or context. Adding more detail in the form of numerical interactions and values we can form a complex 3D or tridimensional scene or context. A complete ultra-detailed representation of a complete situation, snapshot fixed in time and space.

The next step is to add a sequence of these 3D ultra-detailed scene-context snapshots animated numerically and mathematically using the set interactions between them according to the harmonics of each frequency that form the details of an event and of objects and their interactions giving them an animated sequence.

This scene or context is a set point in time and space we can use as a destination. As each and every sequence of events taking place in each scene-context is mathematically precise obeying precise equations known to us we can use this to calculate an event that has not yet come to pass. When a scene-context is localised and with a small number of details in the form of frequencies and their harmonics as well as the mathematical relationships among them, we can mathematically calculate what will happen next with a lot of precision, but as we add more data the scene-context will need progressively more and more calculating power to be able to predict an outcome as the variables also increase exponentially.

This process is what we call calculations of events within a quantum field.

Using this process, we can also produce complete frequency-mathematical situations that can be engineered to fit in or to be spliced into a real scene-context taken from the outside world. Literarily splicing an object, a situation a person or a starship into this field. Or we can subtract one as well. The only thing we must do is make the frequencies and the dynamics of their harmonics match the new ones.

We can also splice and object, a person, or a ship, or virtually anything from one real context-situation into another different real context situation. In this situation we must alter the frequencies of the first situation or object to match the receiving one, or destination. In the case of inserting an object into another real context-situation, the precise mathematical relationship between the harmonics of the frequencies don’t need to be precisely spliced as would be the case with inserting a situation into another. As the new object is inserted it will automatically alter all the energetic dynamics of the whole scene. From the point of view of a bystander observing the scene, the object will simply appear out of nowhere. The reactions of the consciousness-observers there are part of the frequency adjustments to the presence of a new object.

All these calculations require very large amounts, in the trillions of trillions of precise mathematical operations occurring at nano second speed rates. Needless to say, this requires very advanced and powerful computers that no longer operate using a binary language and in order to achieve this they make calculations using probabilities within a quantum field, using several millions of nano-particle accelerators inside each processor’s core.

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