Swaruu of Erra addressed Galactic Federation, other so-called positive ET races, and humans - TEXT ONLY (published as video in Spanish only)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
September 18, 2018

Swaruu of Erra addressed Galactic Federation, other so-called positive ET races, and humans - TEXT ONLY (published as video in Spanish only)

September 18, 2018

Swaruu (9): Open letter to the Federation and any other positive and well-meaning race listening to me at this time.

I know many of you don't like or agree with my work and methods. I know you think you have arguments that I do not know about. But I am only getting evasive answers so I can only assume you don't have them.

I know that Earth is an area where the free will of the people must be respected, so I have asked everyone on Earth, in their own personal way, as openly as possible, to ask for assistance, not only from the Federation but from any positive, benevolent and empathic race that is listening and in a position to give whatever help they can. The help must be from a position of integrity and inner strength. And in no way does it represent a delegation or abdication of each individual's own power and responsibility. I know, I myself proclaimed that the credit for freeing the Earth must go to the people who inhabit the planet and not to an outside force. And so it shall be.

To those who believe that positive beings would never intervene, you are wrong, for upon reaching a certain number of requests from the population, respecting the so-called galactic laws existing under the headings of free will and abuse of authority, by law you must help a planet in trouble.

Ask for assistance now but never delegate or doubt your inner strength or your ability to deal with the problem on your own.

To the inhabitants of Earth

This is the time when you must fight and not sit back with folded hands, feeling powerless and too small to accomplish anything. Do not play the games of the negative Cabal, do not fall for their provocations, and do not confront them directly in any way. Use your minds, use your will. Be creative and protect yourselves first and foremost.

You have to fight, because the liberation of Earth does depend on you. Asking for assistance does not demerit anything, for it is also necessary at this critical moment in human history, bearing in mind the seriousness of the problem.

You must know that death is not an escape from the problems, nor is it a way out. For you will only enter again into the eternal cycle of suffering and exploitation. When you die, you do not rest. You only enter again to be exploited, unless you have the mental strength, the strength of spirit and the necessary knowledge to get out of the eternal negative loop. The only way out is to fight. The only way out is to face and overcome the problem.


The subject of vaccines is particularly serious. Because once inside the body, toxic substances and their harmful effects are virtually impossible to eliminate, using only the resources available to the human population. The suggestions you can find online on how to detoxify the body of heavy metals naturally provide only very limited help. But use them. The only defense against vaccines is to avoid them at all costs.

The vaccine agenda is of such vital importance to the negative Cabal that I must inform the population of Earth that they must pass on and share all information they have against vaccines, now. You do not have much time left as they are implementing censorship against anyone who shares information about vaccines and their effects that is contrary to the official one. Their argument is self-inflicted harm. That is, as in you are harming yourselves by not wanting to get vaccinated and putting the rest of the population at risk for potentially being infected by you.

In reality, that is just an excuse and is the use of fear once again. The unvaccinated population is at least 400% to 500% healthier than the vaccinated. And such programs are only to make you sick, with a view not only to make you dependent on the medical system and pharmaceuticals, but also to implement the 21st agenda of depopulation of the Earth.

Do not fear. Do not panic. Just deal with the problem and share all the information you have against all vaccines now, because you don't have much time left before the whole subject gets censored. You won't be able to talk about vaccines on any social media anytime soon. Do it now.


The Cabal is using the Internet as a means of mind control and population engineering, as so many of you already know. They have made you dependent on social media and your small mobile devices that dominate your lives. While the Internet is a medium where positive and important information is being shared, the Cabal is now censoring everything bit by bit and sometimes at an accelerated rate. While guiding the interests of the general population and how they should think and with what values, they have also turned it against you by using it as a means of population control by personal spying and surveillance programs with which you have lost your privacy almost entirely, under the excuse of implementing security measures.

The Internet as a free medium for sharing information has its days numbered. You must take advantage of the useful and positive parts of the Internet now, because soon it will no longer exist.


To all the owners of YouTube accounts and channels who have shared my messages, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. But I do ask that you please do not distort the message, because it is carefully thought out and planned.

To the channels that are broadcasting positive and loving information but falsely in my name, I ask that you please do not do so anymore. If you wish to help with your positive, hope-filled writings, please have the nobility and maturity to use your own names and not mine, Swaruu, for your names are as valid as mine. Use your own names, please, and stop transmitting information falsely in my name.

At this time, the only three channels that are transmitting information directly from me are: Despejando Enigmas, Cosmic Agency and... (edited). To the other YouTube channels listening to me, I say be smart and please, if you are seeing that someone, not just me, is making an effort to make Earth a better place, don't attack them. We need to be united here. Use that strength you have to improve the world, not to silence other people who have every right to use their freedom of speech as long as it exists.

You will not always be able to agree with each other but look at the overall work of each person. If it is having a positive effect, let him continue or else you will be negative agents of the Matrix and agents of the Cabal yourselves. The Cabal's primary method of limiting and controlling you is separation and causing strife between you. Unite for all things regardless of your differences, which, in the end, are unimportant in the face of such great adversity.

The truth

There is no absolute truth. It can only be relative to the interpretation of each person, each individual and their particular point of attention. The more awareness, the more points of attention can be understood and seen. Many contradictory points of attention can have validity. Many contradictory points of attention could all be invalid.

What matters here is the search for comprehension, for understanding, not for an absolute truth, because there cannot be one. There will only be one apparently when there are agreements on points of view, whether between two people, a community, or a whole planet. But they are only agreements.

Listen to everyone, even if it does not resonate with you, even if you do not agree at the moment, for later your opinion may change as you receive new data. Always keep an open and critical mind. Never think you understand everything, because you never will. There is always more to know, to learn.

We are constantly evolving souls. And changing our minds as we receive new data is not only inevitable, it is also the healthy and right thing to do. As you receive and study more and more information from each and every possible source, you will form your own criteria that you can call your own particular truth. You will know who to listen to and who not to listen to. However, I strongly suggest not to listen to the mass media as a truthful source because it is controlled and manipulated.

To the Federation and other self-proclaimed positive races

I know you wish to stop my work. I received your message. I answered you directly saying that you should be helping and supporting me, and not standing in my way under weak arguments and regulations, many of which I have given you myself. I am not contradicting myself with this. It is just one more example of two contradictory points of view, both being valid.

I know very well that every person on Earth is living just what they are intended to live, according to their personal frequency. And that all people exist in multiple timelines, where, in many of them, they are doing very well. I know that people's free will should not be interfered with even if they have self-destructive tendencies. But I'm looking at only one timeline here, and as long as we have one point of attention, we should do what is right for each of us from that point of view. I know that in other timelines, people who in this one are suffering, there, in the other one, are doing just fine. But in this line, right here, right now, they are suffering. And that's what matters to me and hurts me.

I know very well that from the other side, whatever it is, things, including suffering, are seen from another perspective and given another value. Whether the experience of suffering makes you grow in your evolution of the soul, in any case, at this moment, incarnated, you suffer and suffer a lot. And I maintain and will always maintain that it is not necessary to suffer in order to advance spiritually, and that statement smells to me suspiciously like an excuse to continue with exploitation. And as long as I can do something about it, I will do it, with or without your help, as I have done so many times before.

I am doing the job that is yours, Federation and other self-proclaimed positive races. And you have not only left me alone, but you are standing in my way. Not helping when asked, when you can, is the same as supporting the negative forces. It is being a negative force.

I try to help in my own way, with the best data I have at my disposal. Always respecting the free will of those who listen to me, so I myself have self-imposed to only offer my information, without any imposition on them. For this reason, I must not give definitive proof of my existence, because each person must learn to trust in themselves. If I give definitive proof, then I would be imposing myself on the population. They must learn to follow their heart and not believe only in isolated imposed and often manipulated data. The decision of what and who I am is yours. Not mine. I give my information openly, with the right that comes with being a citizen of this quadrant of the galaxy, and I do not represent Taygeta, much less the Federation. I represent only who I am, Swaruu. I may be small, I may be very young in your eyes, but I know what I am doing, and I know because I have been here before, always working alone.

For those who have eyes to see and understand who I am and who I have been, I am Arco and I am K, D.K. I am Li'Swa, Silaile. But most of all, I am Swaruu. Many names, the same one. Like it or not, understand it or not, it's the truth. And many of you already know it. I know who I am and I remember who I am. Now you will understand why I behave this way. It is in me to fight without fear. And alone, if necessary.

What will you do now, wise Federation, obstruct my work further? I will not stop and you have no jurisdiction to stop my work. Will you look the other way while you burn me at the stake again? Whether literally as before, whether mediatically, or figuratively, I don't care and I will not stop. I am already tired of so much injustice and so many positive and loving races but permissive of the evil and suffering that it causes. And I will not stop, whether you agree with my methods or not.

I repeat: I am doing the work that you should be doing. And I am doing it because I do not see you helping anywhere. I do not see you anywhere, instead I only see the hindrances that you yourselves impose, with weak excuses sounding just like the negative forces. I declare myself fully the Ronin, as I have always been. And no ties to the Federation or any particular race, although I inhabit a Taygetan body.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart, all my fellow Taygetans who have supported me and continue to support me despite adversity.

I know there are more positive races and non-earthly individuals doing what they can from the shadows. I thank you and respect your discreet methods. But at this time I do not see anyone else with the boldness to come right out and proclaim what they are. I am not afraid and neither should you be. Come out and contact me. Let's all help together.

To the inhabitants of the Earth who have listened to me

I send you all my affection and all my understanding and empathy. But above all, I send you all my deepest gratitude. I am with you and I do what I can with what I have at my disposal.

Your friend,

Swaruu (Jedi Ronin)

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