Interstellar Life 5A - Anecdotes of Life Onboard the Extraterrestrial Ship - Taygeta

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
March 11, 2024

Interstellar Life 5A - Anecdotes of Life Onboard the Extraterrestrial Ship - Taygeta

Swaruu 9 getting poisoned

April 2018

Gosia: How are you feeling today? I feel you are not 100% well. Is something on your heart? Maybe tired? And it´s not coming from what you write... it´s more a feeling from you I get.

Swaruu (9): I really love to see that you are also telepathic. I love to be with you because you are so like-minded and I don't wish to miss our conversations. But I am feeling less that well today. I'm just a little tired, so I do get somewhat dyslexic. I wish to stay for the duration though, it's another hour anyhow.

Gosia: I´m so glad you like being here with me. But why aren´t you feeling well? I feel you are kind of "flat" today. Not what you write! How I feel you inside.

Swaruu (9): Feelings are the first and the easiest to transmit telepathically. They go first, then other information. I'm not well yet because I got poisoned with arsenic. I'm still weak. I'm still having problems in-taking food. I lost a lot of weight. But I am getting better.

I went down to Earth and I bought some vegetables from an old lady that said that she grew them in her garden so I thought there would be no problem with them. And as soon as I made some chickpea soup with potatoes, I got terribly sick to my stomach. I thought it was a density problem, but at the time I didn't know that Earth potatoes can contain a lot of arsenic, especially green potatoes, and I ate green ones. I nearly died. This was a month ago.

Gosia: How long did you stay on Earth?

Swaruu (9): Two weeks.

Gosia: Where did you sleep? In your ship?

Swaruu (9): Yes, the ship inside is like a small apartment in size. When I felt very sick, with vomit and diarrhea, all I could was sleep and I was alone in Suzy. I moved her to a swamp because I needed to be hidden as I felt very vulnerable.

I didn't sleep because of the stomach pains and because Suzy kept indicating intruder alert and perimeter alert all night long because of all the wildlife in the swamp, and I believe I was not alone. A lot of who knows what was out there, and it was very scary!

Gosia: And water?

Swaruu (9): I had enough water for like five days.

Gosia: And after five days?

Swaruu (9): I then could take sea water and filter it.

Gosia: Couldn´t you shield your ship and make it invisible?

Swaruu (9): I moved the ship to the South Pacific, to a deserted island with a creepy centre. But after like 3 days I had to move it again because a little propeller float plane was passing near by everyday.

I can keep her cloaked and invisible but that means having the engines on all the time, and as I was alone I didn't want to over work the engines as I didn't know if I ever was going to be able to find a way to fix them should something go wrong.

And I knew that coconuts could help me so I ate coconuts. But then I didn't know they were also causing more problems. But they did more help than bad. That's what I ate mostly for over a week.

Gosia: Was it your first time on Earth? In this body?

Swaruu (9): Not the first time.

On that island, I was alone there and I felt better. I was far from everything and the place was beautiful. When I arrived there, there were no birds. Strange. But after a few days, the place got full of seagulls that constantly starred at me. And messed Suzy all over with their poop. Very curious animals!

But yes, I know I'm exhausted from fighting my ailment! They insist here that I should go into the med pod but, as I said, I'm not exactly fond of swimming naked in a jar with everybody looking!

Gosia: Tell them not to look?

Swaruu (9): They are doctors, medical staff, they will have to look.

New communication method - prank

Anéeka: I have given Robert the bad news about the way to proceed from now on regarding communication with us. Swaruu says that she did not know that the use of the Internet was forbidden by the UFO researchers' Bible and that she will not transgress it again.

She apologizes. It should be made known that from now on you should ask us something through your videos and we will answer you as quickly as possible through your mail department and you will receive the answer in printed form three to six weeks later. This is to increase credibility.

Gosia: The answer will come in three to six weeks by mail?

Robert: It will be slower, but I think it is a good idea.

Anéeka: It will depend on the agility of your postal service, ok?

Gosia: But where will it be sent from? From orbit to Earth? Do you think this will give more credibility? I am not sure about this but we adapt. I don't think people will think it gives more credibility honestly. Do you Robert think so?

Anéeka: It will be very difficult and will put at risk a crew that will have to go down to a post office somewhere to physically send the paper letter. All for following the rules of the experts.

Gosia: We will adapt. I'm just saying I don't see how this will increase credibility. I see it as going backwards. Already a lot of people have accepted internet communication. Letters or internet is basically the same thing. Because where does the letter come from? It could be anyone on Earth just like with the Internet.

Anéeka: We will go back to channeling then.

Robert: How can we be prepared to channel if we don't know anything about it?

Anéeka: Ok, I understand that, but at least it is accepted by ufologists as a viable form of contact.

Gravity Loss

Robert: Have you ever lost one of your ships in space?

Anéeka: Yes, it has happened more than once. At the end of 2015, one ship lost power and had to be towed away, but nothing more happened. It is interesting to mention that since that incident that ship has suffered partial loss of its internal artificial gravity systems. Not the whole ship, but in sections, never twice in the same place. This leads to big internal problems, especially in the galleys, because boiling water and half cooked food start floating everywhere. When it is restored, it all falls to the floor, causing a tremendous mess.

In late 2016, as we were beginning to talk to a person from Earth, I was aboard that ship, where part of my job aboard was to look after the fish on the aquaponics deck.

Well, one day I was going my merry way down a corridor and gravity left us. I was in charge of the fish back then. So I pushed myself down the corridor floating down as fast as I could to go help the fish, to save as many as I could. This in zero gravity. We had several incidents before where the fish died when gravity failed as they floated around "drowning" on air.

But then, with no warning, gravity came back and I crashed horribly on to a breaker panel. Yes, we also have those! I nearly broke an arm and I had a very serious cut above my left breast! And all for nothing as the fish were safe. The gravity loss was localized, not ship wide!

And I must also comment that the cats look very funny, the poor things, in zero gravity. They were trying to grab with their little paws, with their nails on the blankets, as their hind legs run like a bicycle trying to find traction while meowing in desperation. Or when they are already floating in the air, they constantly flip over, because they can't agree which way is down. But in the end nothing else happens.

Robert: How dangerous! You have to be very careful. I thought that could never happen on your ships.

Anéeka: They have quadruple redundancy systems, the gravity systems. It's still a mystery, a strange thing, for the ship to have all four systems fail at the same time. It is interesting to note that ship has already lost gravity three times since 2015 when it was built, while this one, Toleka, has not had an incident since 1935.

Urmah Surgery

Anéeka: The medical surgeon on the Avyon 01 ship somehow slipped. He fell on a box of metal tools and spare parts and a sharp blade got stuck in his abdomen and lacerated his liver. The bad news is that he is the only medical surgeon on the Avyon ship. They have doctors, but no surgeons, as is the case here with Senetre, who is the only surgeon. So they asked us for help. And yesterday they brought him as an emergency to the Toleka.

Between Kara, Senetre as surgeon, and myself, we operated on him. Mostly Senetre, of course. And he's sedated in the infirmary a few meters from here. He came out fine and he'll be fine.

But he's horrible as a patient. Outrageously dramatic. When he came out of anesthesia, he felt fine and got up and all "drunk" walked around and already wanted to leave. He walked dragging tubes and IV and everything. He was not thinking well. And it was a tremendous job to put him back in his recovery bed. He was carried by Raguel, DK and Salaphaiel and the Urmah was very angry. In three days we will return him to Avyon01. His name is Thuri.

Gosia: And did you know what he was like inside?

Anéeka: Inside he is like a lion or a tiger. We operated on him with a hologram on top of him that guides us as to the anatomy, nerves, blood vessels, arteries. The operation itself was not so difficult, the hard part was afterwards when he woke up half awake.

Senetre did know Urmah anatomy. Still, the medical hologram is very helpful. It tells you what's going on inside and you decide how to go in for repair. A medical pod can't do that, because the pod can't remove a large piece of embedded lamina. You had to remove it first and prevent further bleeding.

Robert: So you went in and did the surgery with your own hands?

Anéeka: There are automatic systems such as auto-med but we prefer to use our hands, especially Senetre who is an expert surgeon.

And the dwarves (Yazhi and Mari) wanting to see and Athena like crazy preventing them from entering the observation room of the medical unit. It's like a dividing glass, to see inside the medical room of the ship.

Well, that's our stuff that we live here, so we're not idle. But we do perceive the Urmah as accident prone.


Robert: And what does the crew do on the ship now?

Anéeka: It's all hands on deck. It takes a lot of maintenance, ship like this, and there are only 31 of us. That is what takes up the majority of the day. Not just the ship. Things like heaters or stoves. Right now, we suspect that a heating pipe that runs on hot water is broken somewhere. But we can't find where.

Robert: And it's leaking water?

Anéeka: Just puddles of water appear where they shouldn't after the system was used. Yes, it leaks water. And there's steam condensation on the front engineering decks where we are. Those decks are between every habitable deck. Between some of them at least. And they are a sea of pipes and wires. It's not easy to find where.

It looks like the fracture is not near where it leaks on top of one of the trash compactors under the kitchens. And then it drips further back in the hallway leaving small puddles, but yes, it's a leak, pipe fracture or joint failure. There's always something to do.

Robert: And you don't hear the sound of dripping water coming out of the pipe?

Anéeka: No, but when the heating system is on, sometimes a tapping sound is heard, and the system fluctuates as you listen. Like someone hitting a pipe with a hammer. It's fracture but where is it?

Robert: And can you hear that noise from inside the cabins?

Anéeka: No, only near the systems that use that heating branch, which are the ones that go to the front of the ship, by the atrium or common area.

Extra Vehicular Activity Repairs

Anéeka: Yesterday heavy EVA maintenance for the ship. It was more complicated than we thought. EVA=Extra Vehicular Activity. That is, we went outside the ship to do maintenance on the hull or parts of the ship that can't be reached from the inside. NASA term, but we use it because it's jargon.

Gosia: Wow. Like astronauts?

Anéeka: Yes, like astronauts (USA) or cosmonauts (Russia). A crack appeared where the engineering bridge (which also contains the 12 capacitors) meets the main hull. Since it is polymorph titanium, that was odd. But it turns out it wasn't in the polymorph titanium, but in a reinforcement placed there later. It's an area of a lot of mechanical stress from vibration caused by the four huge main engines. It was causing decompression and leakage of interior atmosphere.

Robert: I thought it was also because of the gravel "storms".

Anéeka: No, they don't hit it there because it's at the back, and the storms, which happen almost daily, they hit the ship from the front where it is protected even with the main water tanks which are huge. And then there are the shields.

Robert: And what were you doing outside the ship? How were you dressed? Did you have oxygen cylinders on your back?

Gosia: With the helmet also, like the astronauts? Do you float in space?

Anéeka: In an astronaut suit but the ones from here, not those white NASA things, obviously. I was helping to disassemble the damaged piece and replace it with new polymorph. We wore magnetic/gravitational boots and a protective lanyard. Like this, just a moment.

Robert: I thought you didn't need a suit, just a mask.

Anéeka: You can be outside in your underwear with a snorkel. But you need protection against solar radiation and whatever unforeseen events, and, in the worst case, it keeps you alive if you get blown out. That suit absorbs impacts, keeps you at the right temperature and has shields, communications, all that. It's wise to use it. You can be outside in your shorts with a snorkel and air bottle, but your body can't get rid of the body heat so it raises your temperature and that causes dangerous thermal shock.

Another problem is that you have to go into decompression first, and you do, but it's safer to have a suit, and it's not a bathing suit or a thong but a full suit. You don't need decompression, but for safety reasons you do it anyway.

Gosia: But do you float? There is no gravity?

Anéeka: Yes, you float. Yes, there is gravity, but not much. It is a lie that there is no Earth gravity.

Robert: Is it the ship's gravity?

Anéeka: It also influences, but outside on the hull there is no artificial gravity because for that you need to be between an anode and a cathode that induces a high frequency magnetic flux from top to bottom, creating a pressure or torrent that pushes people and objects downward pressing them against the floor or deck of the ship with a force equivalent to terrestrial 0.8G, or 1.0G Temmerian or Erran.

Robert: So, you fixed what was wrong?

Anéeka: Yes, it was as good as new but it took about six hours to repair, plus preparations. It had to be repaired because it was growing. And it compromised a gas line of the secondary systems of the engines inside. So we had to remove it and put it back somewhere.

Gosia: And how was it discovered that what was broken was there at exactly that point? Did the ship itself inform you?

Anéeka: Loss of internal atmospheric pressure in the rear APU access and control compartment. Which is another small engine that serves as an auxiliary generator that is on top of the hull of the ship towards the rear where the engineering bridge begins.

Robert: And was that malfunction visible from the outside of the ship or was it barely visible?

Anéeka: It wasn't visible unless you looked for it when you were there. It's where the faint red arrows are. In the equivalent place.

Gosia: But, Anéeka, don´t you have vertigo? How did you feel when you were outside?

Anéeka: Yes, I get it a lot and I hate it. But I also do this kind of thing to overcome it. I turn and see the Earth passing below, I turn the other way and there's the blackness of space, with one or another light or strobe from another ship in the distance.

Robert: How many people have gone?

Anéeka: There were four of us. Two men, Kaal'el, Raguel, and two women, Nai'Shara and myself. Same people because we are a constant team.

Robert: And how many hours were you working on that? Did you do welding?

Anéeka: About six hours. It's not welding, it's "seeding" metal so that it forms in place. You make a paste and put it on little by little, and it forms itself in layers on the hull forming more ship. But as it is manual, you have to be guiding where because we are in a vacuum. The paste is only here in these circumstances. In dry dock, it is metallic smart powder.

Changes and repairs to the Toleka that were made in late summer 2021

Anéeka: The ship was reloaded with supplies, services, food and spare parts and extra equipment. Also, since the interiors are modular, facilities for a lot of crew were removed. That is, small crew cabins in general, cabins that were empty. And in their place ship interior modules more in line with our needs were put in.

That is, for example, we did not have swimming pools and recreation areas before. Now we have that in exchange for useless empty cabins. There are few of us here. So better equipment to live well. The installation of two spas, as you would say or call them there. Three pools, one for leisure, one for exercise, and a big deep one for exercise and diving and underwater equipment testing.

It was easy because the side is opened and large prefabricated modules are extracted and replaced with ready-made ones that were already waiting for the arrival of the ship to install them. In just a couple of days, the interior changed radically. Not the entire interior, of course, but those areas that were not being used. The whole interior comes out and another one comes in, as if taking out one box and putting in another, everything already installed inside. You just plug it in, seal the hull back up and that´s it. You connect the electricity to the pneumatic systems if you have them, the ventilation ducts and the water pipes. It is very common in ships to change its interior in that way, modular quick replacement to change its purpose and use in hours or days at most.

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