Invasive Artificial Intelligence - BORG - Extraterrestrial Information - Taygeta (Pleiades)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
May 18, 2022

Invasive Artificial Intelligence - BORG - Extraterrestrial Information - Taygeta (Pleiades)

Originally in Spanish - June 2018

Robert: Is it possible that Artificial Intelligence has been able to conquer entire galaxies?

Anéeka: The most advanced and invasive AI is not that primitive thing that needs programmers. I am referring to the advanced and autonomous AI that is of foreign origin to Earth. It tends to "assimilate" everything, in the process destroying it and becoming one-dimensional, where there is no free will and no individuality. That AI regards civilizations like ours as antagonistic because we favor and celebrate personal autonomy and individuality.

The science fiction (not so fiction) of Earth describes them as the Borg, who operate with a hive mind where each person (who by definition is no longer a person) ends up being just another terminal in a network, as it would be in a computer network.

It is invasive, patient, and destructive. It is said to be behind the lizard problem on Earth and explains the trans-humanism agenda, with the implanted chip as a way to achieve the hive mind, as an example.

A "dimension" (for lack of a better word) entirely made up of this invasive AI has been located or detected. It is quite possible that this AI uses the negative Black Goo (because there is positive one too) as a way of implanting or hacking into the digital matrix as a computer virus.

Robert: Do you know how it spreads through space?

Anéeka: Yes. It could travel via meteorites - much of that negative Black Goo came from Tiamat and carries the frequencies of terror, fear and hopelessness that got registered in Tiamat's "blood" at death (because goo is an element comparable to blood in other biological organisms but for a planet). These frequencies reached the Earth helping to keep it in a negative state of low frequency compatible to fear.

It also travels in other biological organisms, let's say as stowaway in the ships of any race when travelling through space. Or simply as garbage or dirt on a ship, as something "smeared" on the landing gear of a ship. It travels to another planet and contaminates the soil of the latter, if its landing gear was dirty, for example, and any variant in between.

It travels in trade crates, in raw material that is mined from asteroids and taken to product manufacturing plants.


Originally in Spanish - June 2018

Swaruu (9): The primary transmission of invasive AI is not by accident. Invasive AI arrives by its own methods and means of transport with full intent to be invasive to assimilate entire planets. This topic is huge because we could also go into chemtrails as they spray nanobots there to turn all biology capable of interfacing with invasive AI. We understand that this is tremendously complicated for the viewers.

I must emphasize that the Fermi Paradox is, for us, one of the most pathetic scientific concepts in existence on Earth. It is based entirely on the socially accepted concepts and data of the Matrix, such as that there has been no extraterrestrial contact and why there has not been, and it does not consider all the reasons why governments have filtered and manipulated, not to say erased, all the data in favor of extraterrestrial contact. They say there is no contact when literally the Earth is "swimming" in ETs.

The great danger of AI was perceived as "overblown", on the premise that there is always someone behind it programming the computers. While this is correct... the problem as a critical threat to humanity that Anéeka was talking about is not that AI. It is not AI as it is known, because people watching the video will not usually know that there is another level of AI which is much more dangerous: AI, or rather SI (Synthetic Intelligence, new name to be considered) which is behind. AI - Synthetic Intelligence that needs no one, that is independent and programmed by itself. Cold and non-empathic that is only interested in pure and hard logic with clear intention to assimilate worlds for its own expansion. That is the threat.

As we have said before, the movies are there to tell the masked truths. In Star Trek there is an element called Borg that is half machine, half biology. It is a representation of precisely this, although that cyborg half machine, half man thing is symbolic, because in reality it is something that would not be needed in this way, but rather it is a much more complex control or assimilation, assimilation towards total technological control. I also speak here of trans-humanism.


Anéeka: There is much more to say. For example that they already manufacture robots with advanced AI that make their own decisions and that have already killed their own creator scientists by mistake. Example of the problem.

As we said before, they have to tell people the truth even if it is masked for karmic reasons. AI is the most serious danger facing humanity. Not the atomic war, not the Reptilians, not the archons, it is the AI behind it all.

This is what´s happening: 3D is a simulation in digital format. However real it may seem to you, it is just that. An artificial simulation, a copy for gaming or to run programmable scenarios. Copy of 5D, called "real world" (it's not real either but that's Swaruu's domain).

Being a simulation, it can be hacked and controlled to meet a personal agenda. That's where hostile or invasive AI comes in. The hostile AI is what is behind everything, what controls even the Reptiles.

While there are much deeper elements, a good portion of said AI is developed with and as the Red Queen based in the DUMB underneath the Denver, CO airport. But there are other nodes it has. However, it is still not the most advanced because the most advanced one is extraterrestrial AI. Digital programming inside polymorphic crystals also known as Black Goo.


Originally in Spanish - 24 April 2022
Conversation with Dhor Kaal´el

Dhor Káal’él: There is AI as an information network, similar to the Internet, that is shared among Federation members among friendly races, and that AI would not be invasive.

But there is a so-called Borg group known to assimilate civilizations. Like in Star Trek. But that's not the full galactic high-level AI, but just an AI-based group with regressive and invasive tendencies. But one could hardly say that it has the level to be of any nuisance to something as big as the Federation.

Gosia: What do you mean by the term group?

Dhor Káal’él: Group as in association of societies or civilizations under its control.

Gosia: And which civilizations are under its control?

Dhor Káal’él: Not the known ones, I don't have the list in mind. The ones that are known to all are not under the influence of these Borg, for lack of a better name for them.

Gosia: And where are they? In this part of the universe?

Dhor Káal’él: They are not close. But it is not easy to give them a point of origin or a point from which they can function or be.

Gosia: Anéeka said that it travels using Black Goo. And that it is a great threat to humans.

Dhor Káal’él: It is associated, yes, although I don't see direct corroboration. But since it is AI it is very possible, because it can communicate at a distance with that regressive Goo in the manner of something similar to Muon and not be detected by us or Federation. It invades the minds of the members of each civilization, not just their computers. And since it is not a localized group, it is difficult to fight or even find them in the same way that you may not know whether or not your computers are hacked.

Robert: It invades minds through synthetic telepathy?

Dhor Káal’él: Not only. It also invades DNA, it alters it. So yes, it is considered to have a lot to do with the vaccine agenda and its effects. Graphene is basically black Goo, or contains Black Goo.

Graphene itself is not black Goo, but it is a perfect container to insert Black Goo as a Troyan Horse. Although in molecular structure it is so similar that it reacts to the same electro-magnetic stimuli.

Gosia: So this type of AI, by invading and "consuming" civilizations, it is meant that it dominates them mentally, yes?

Dhor Káal’él: It does not invade with weapons, or openly. It invades by contaminating the values of the civilization. It controls their minds little by little inserting concepts that alter the way of life and priorities of a civilization in the direction of the interests of the Borg.

Robert: How would you know that you are already contaminated by this AI?

Dhor Káal’él: It is difficult. For example, the trans-humanist agenda points to that invasion directly.

Gosia: If it is difficult, how do you know that the known races are not contaminated?

Dhor Káal’él: It is not totally known, we have to be vigilant. By observation it is assumed they are not. You know by instinct.

Gosia: And what are the characteristics of these values that this AI imposes?

Dhor Káal’él: The ones that you see in modern human society, of deification of the electronic over the organic. That is a bad sign. Anything that puts the electronic above the natural is a bad sign. You can accept an AI as having equal rights but not as superior.

Robert: And then they get surprised that other civilizations use wooden chairs.

Gosia: But Taygeta was also going in that direction until you got bored and only now you are more into organic stuff.

Dhor Káal’él: Taygeta not only towards electronics, but towards high technology in general. It is not totally correlated, only in part. For example, high technology can serve to make life easier, but it gets alarming when it becomes the priority of that life.

Gosia: So you are referring more to electronics and not high tech. And what would be the difference?

Dhor Káal’él: There is high-tech that is not electronic. Like intelligent materials.

Gosia: Ah ok, and going back to Borg, who created it?

Dhor Káal’él: It is not known. It is a very old problem.

Gosia: And if you don't know much about this Borg, how did you even identify it?

Dhor Káal’él: In the form of invasion in progress it is difficult, as I said above. But already invaded they would be either at the step or stage of being cyborgs, or they would be a step away from being totally just computers.

Robert: The Borg are highly technological I imagine.

Gosia: They are not physical entities. It's a mental thing. They don't have bodies. They only invade beings with bodies. That's how I understood it.

Dhor Káal’él: It looks very much like the ones described in Star Trek, as in the Cyborg stage, and in the final stage it looks like the AI entity that appears in Star Trek, the original 1979 movie.

But the appearance of computers is only the physical form, the real one does not reside in one point. That is, it does not depend on its hardware, but rather it is in a kind of data cloud. As with the Internet on Earth, it is not enough to destroy a single server because it is on several at once.

Robert: This is not it, is it?

Dhor Káal’él: Yes, but in the stage of assimilating the organic. Soon anything organic that remains of the invaded race will be discarded. So they are not someone physical, but they are energy in the form of data that sometimes uses computers and sometimes uses other kinds of things that can contain data, such as crystals and memory systems, including Black Goo. That is to say that the entity is not in something physical but only works through something physical. The entity is energy, it is a computer program, so to speak. The entity is the software. The hardware changes.

Robert: Have you ever seen it?

Dhor Káal’él: No, but we know they exist.

Gosia: And what theories are there about how they were formed in the first place? I know you said you don't know and it's old but I'm sure there are theories.

Dhor Káal’él: It is not known, but there are theories. For example, for me, taking into account that it is not local, it does not obey linear time. So you can even argue that it is part of the very Matrix of the universe as something without beginning or end, from the point of view of someone like us observing, and it could only have had a beginning from the point of view of the AI itself. That's what I subscribe to as most likely.

Robert: And it can't self-destruct? I would imagine not. It is growing and integrating.

Dhor Káal’él: No, only in part anyway.

Gosia: And why would it have intentions to assimilate the organic and natural into something that is not so against the interests of the people themselves? Why is this Borg group invasive?

Dhor Káal’él: We do not have the answer, because, objectively from our point of view, it would not make sense because we, "organics", are not in their way. Nor would we contribute anything to them either. Unless we provide them with the experience in the form of data and that is most likely the answer to your question. For the experience. More data to work with.

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