How do I Shift my Point of Attention to be Energy Being? Matias and Gosia talking with Yazhi Swaruu

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
November 17, 2021

How do I Shift my Point of Attention to be Energy Being? Matias and Gosia talking with Yazhi Swaruu

Originally in English:

Matias: If we are there right now, light beings, energy beings, why doesn´t our point of attention shift there at will?

Yazhi: To hold an experience. As an agreement. But you do not have to honor that agreement. You can be the light being, the soul, the body, at will. Because you are all that and more.

You simply still do not hold the how, the awareness, that you are only ether, nothing else. And you apparently "can´t" do it because you are still stuck into thinking you are a body. That's what the experience of being 'alive' is all about any way, so nothing is wrong with you all. It´s not like "something is not working". Do not feel bad, Anéeka can't either, nor Alenym, nor Raguel.


Another day:

Matias: I would like to know how to be a pure energy being, how to switch your point of attention to being that being?

Yazhi: Simplest way, get rid of the 'meat bag'. (Meaning dying). That's drastic I know. Then... know that you already are that! And the body only gives you the idea that you are not an energy being.

But even the name "energy being" is not right. Light being is a little better. But not quite there yet. "Thought being", awkward as it sounds, is more accurate.

But you want to switch attention from the 'meat bag' limiting you. First don't reject the body. But... what do you want to do exactly?

Matias: I know in theory that we are all just energy... but in higher D´s, you know, these beings described by Dolores Cannon, they can create stuff and be whatever they want to be. Then some people talk about spiritual warfare... light beings who fight against dark forces. I want to be justice and bring justice to all those who do wrong. And I want to do that kind of spiritual warfare/thought being things from that level. You and Gosia are fighting in this physical level, I want to be beyond that.

Gosia: Well, I keep telling Matias that we are in the epicenter of the spiritual war, it´s not just physical at all. But he wants to do it from the "other side".

Yazhi: There is a big barrier that is holding people back from doing that and more. The barrier is mental in you. It can be jumped and it's simple. But it is the belief system that you hold the one that prevents you from seeing this procedure as real. Thinking that you are deluding yourself and doing nothing, that in itself is the delusion. You must re-think your concept of this mental block.

You must stop thinking of everything as in terms of real and not real. Everything that has ever been thought is real, and it is from one or another level depending on the point of view of who is looking. Everything that ever was, ever is, and ever will be, comes from thought. Was first a thought.

The trick is to imagine things and do it all the time. Setting intentions, setting yourself to become that you are imagining yourself to be. Because if you are imagining yourself to be that it means that you already are. But you are locked into the mental idea that all you are is a body.

Whatever you imagine yourself to be is reality. So in this case, for example, imagine yourself as you, walking and talking, suddenly looking at an abandoned building full of evil spirits. See yourself with an armor of light around you, golden power emanating from your body as an impenetrable shield.

And master fear, as that is the key to access you for the evil forces. Do be cautious in general, being fearless does not mean you aren't careful. But talking about negative beings there, shadow people with evil intent, (there are neutral and good ones as well), all they have to throw against you is fear. If you face them head on fearless and from the point of view of being alive, or from whatever point of view, it works everywhere, they cannot touch you and they will even move away from your presence.

That is fighting them. That is their world.

The reason why they want to harness the power of human beings (that are countless types of beings in the same bio suit) is to harness their creative powers to make them, to create them as regressive beings because they cannot create themselves. Creation is integration, and it is love, and that is opposite to who they are. So, they need to feed from humans, imagination and fear.

This sounds as bogus and false, a lie, to most people stuck in the physical. That is what the body is for, to give you the illusion of that is all there is.

The other realms, the ones you are trying to access, are based on subtle forces, basically thought and feelings, emotions.

You cannot believe in light beings and dark shadow forces and not believe in your own inner power, and that power comes from you and only you, and your creative process called imagination. You were a thought before manifesting there. You thought yourself to be you now, today. You are your own creation. So are all the other realms, those where you want to go and fight in.

And you are right, a lot of this mess is coming from there. Those realms are based on thought. Spirit world, and similar ones.

And a sword there, as in carbon steel, is useless unless you imagine it to have powers, so it's not the sword what is cutting, it is your mind. The sword is only the vehicle for your mind to focus on what it wants and what it wants to do.

Matias: Yes. But can I switch to be a pure energy, thought being, only after this body physically dies? Then I can choose to be without form?

Yazhi: Yes, that would be when, but that only if you can't master doing so any way as you are now. Your body is no impediment stopping you from doing anything. The purpose of the body is to limit your ideas of possible and not possible.

Gosia: So how do we master that then? Meditation, astral travel?

Yazhi: Oh yes those help a lot! Even if you cannot get out of body as you would wish for, you are setting a clear intent and direction to go from there on.

Imagine yourself while in meditation as out of body. Walking the places you know, even teleporting to another place. Feel yourself there. A place you know well. Even if it is imagination, it is the direction, and imagination gets real if enough energy is placed in it, on what you want, focused enough.

I'd like you to do a little experiment now.

Do you have some sort of gate near you? Or that you remember clearly in your daily life? I mean a gate made of iron bars, or any gate where you can see through ideally. If not, we can use any door.

Gosia: Could be something from the past that I remember?

Yazhi: Yes, as long as you remember being on both sides of it.

Do you remember what it feels like to be on one side of the gate and also on the other?

Gosia: Me, yes. Matias is asking if it can be imaginary gate or something you remember. He is very bad with imagination.

Yazhi: It can be imagined but it's clearer if you actually know the place. If there is no gate, use the damn bathroom door.

Ok. Do this now:

Close your eyes and meditate for a few seconds, I'll do this with you. Then imagine yourself in front of the closed gate. Feel yourself there as if you were there. Every single detail that you can remember, place it there. Be there in your mind just as if you really were. Look at the closed gate. So solid.

Then step forwards in your mind and cross it! Don't open the gate. Just cross it as it is, closed! Feel yourself passing through the solid iron bars, every detail of your movements, the more the better...

And now imagine yourself on the other side, look around, you have crossed. Turn around and look at the closed gate you just crossed. Remember every feeling as you do this, because I need you to tell them to me as I'm going somewhere with this. But I need you to do that first.

(After a few minutes)

Gosia: Ok, ready. And now?

Yazhi: Whenever you can, try this with a real door or gate. Try to pass it closed, of course you will not be able to "in real life". But try seriously, press your nose against the closed door. Then open it and cross it, close it again and then look around you, thinking or imagining that you actually crossed it while it was closed.

Ok. What did you feel?

Matias: I was feeling the wood, with my hands. I was standing next to the gate, feeling the object... resistance, the notion that hey, it´s closed... cannot enter. I did two more repeats, not stopping, but just walking through it.

Gosia: I did it twice. First fast and I flew through it easily. Swooshy, feeling as I walked through it. The second time I felt resistance and I felt I was stuck inside the gate with some kind of magnetic gluey feeling keeping me inside it, like a fly caught in the spider web. I couldn´t get through it. I was inside it. Inside its "matter". I pulled back, stepping out, and tried again faster and then I walked through it. But I still felt that magnetic gluey feeling trying to keep me in. Gluey substance.

Yazhi: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. That's what I was looking for!

Gosia: The glue?

Yazhi: What you described is what I want you to feel with this.

Gosia: Oh, I felt it strongly and it was annoying.

Yazhi: That glue, that resistance to the idea that you can cross the door, that very resistance to the ability to even imagine yourself on the other side, is resistance, your glue.

Where is that resistance coming from? You are imagining this, so in imagination you can do anything, right? Yet, there was resistance there in your imagination. It´s coming from your mind. From agreements you hold of possible and not possible. You can cross closed gates and doors and walls, real ones. But your mental resistance to the concept keeps you locked in specific possibility-parameters. Same in "reality". There is no matter, it's all in your mind. Limiting ideas like the one I just made you see for yourself.

Gosia: I was surprised I felt that actually. As in theory in your imagination you should be able to do anything and everything.

Yazhi: Yes, wonderful, I'm so happy you noticed exactly what I wanted you to see. How you are limiting yourself with nothing but thought.

Matias: So, just by practicing you get rid of the resistance?

Yazhi: Yes, yes do that all the time. Place your expectations high, very high. And at the same time be ok with any result. Because the fact is that you would not be able to cross closed doors now, because those agreements are too strong in you. But they are just agreements, no more.

And now I must point out something else here.

As well as you are limiting yourself with a simple physical task such as crossing a closed gate, you are also limiting yourself with innumerable other things. Less physical yet as important or even more important. Limiting yourself as in self sabotage, thinking that you are no good, that you could never be able to do whatever you want, that you can't be strong, that you cannot be self-assertive and secure in your everyday living. Fixating yourself into a label, of being shy, not good enough. Needing to have a purpose in life to be useful, to justify your living. Nothing but ideas they are.

Gosia: Soo Yazhi... going back to being able to switch your attention to "thought being", beyond the physical, is that then possible from within an incarnated existence? Or only in death, meditation, astral travel, and sleep?

Yazhi: Yes, it is possible and achievable. All you need is a lot of focused practice and meditation. Meditation is key because it does let you "get rid of the body" and still be conscious and in control. Start there. Imagine things, heroic actions while you meditate, fight dark forces while you meditate. That is real and that intention does transcend into the spiritual world.

Gosia: That´s actually very important as what you do in your imagination does take place on the mental and spiritual level. So if you imagine heroic actions fighting demons YOU ACTUALLY ARE DOING THAT.

Yazhi: A big YES. That IS the spirit world. That´s why... another powerful example:

Many people, if not all, have sleep disorders as they are officially called. I'm referring here to night visitations. Night terrors and similar events. They disappear from the life of the subjects when they lose fear of them. The instant they face their night terrors, they move the evil away, it cannot touch them. If they start to fear them again then they will come back. This is psychologically true and proven technique to get rid of night terrors.

When in sleep paralysis, for example, don't get frightened, welcome the sensation. Research it for yourself. It dissipates. Does not come back. There is your fighting evil spirits Directly and bluntly!

If this field interests you, then I also encourage you to research and go into all things paranormal. Become an expert.

But do not go into places or resort to sorcery and to things you still cannot control or understand. So please do not use substances. And do not summon spirits. Do not use Ouija boards, those are lethal, those are a double no. Go into theory at first, while you practice white witchcraft (meditation in many places is considered part of this).

And get a Katana, those are like spiritual antenna for the living, with a combat intent. Empowering you. I simply love them! (Well, this works for me, you must try for yourself).

Gosia: Ok, last quick question, Yazhi! If we were in 5D, outside Earth, and if Matias wanted to become an energy being, thought being, and just not be in the physical anymore, in his physical body, he could just WILL himself to die and go to higher realms beyond physical? I understand that this is what you do up there when you just want to transition?

Yazhi: In 5D people do that yes. But he wouldn´t need to!

Gosia: Why not?

Yazhi: Because he would come to understand that it is not necessary because we are all light beings and being dead or alive is just another idea. We are all energy beings, always have been, always will be!


Another day:

Originally in Spanish:

Yazhi: About why and how to pass walls at will. Breaking the agreements that hold you in the physical world mentality:

The problem is that it is in your unconscious, so it is not enough to want to break them. Wanting to break them is a beginning, a direction, an intention, but not the solution.

It is not about breaking this agreement or the other. Because an agreement is again just an idea. Just another idea. But you must be that what you wish to do.

Nothing exists outside your mind, everything is mind, everything is you, what you reject especially, not only what you wish to be and what you believe defines you. Then you must live that what you wish to be.

So you will use what you call today the astral to do what you desire that cannot be done in what you call the real world. Practicing lucid dreaming, controlling dreams, and from there, once you have that mastered, you will see that there is no difference between the dream world and the real world, and you can control everything that happens on both sides. Because there are no both sides.

And as you can pass walls in the astral dream world, you can also pass walls in "reality" because it is the same thing. There is no matter, it does not exist. Those are ideas imposed by unexpanded minds. There is only mind and ideas that come out of it.

The entire Universe is Mind and you are that Mind.

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