Suicide - Why it is NOT a Good Idea - Swaruu (Extraterrestrial Contact - Pleiades - Taygeta)

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December 04, 2020

Suicide - Why it is NOT a Good Idea - Swaruu (Extraterrestrial Contact - Pleiades - Taygeta)

July 2020

Robert: Hi Yazhí. What could I say to the public so that they do not abandon the "game"? You know... "suicide". I always say take this information under your own responsibility, but there will always be someone who will not understand and will want to take the "easy or fast" way out. Without understanding anything that was said. Thank you.

Yazhi: There is not a single solution since each person will have their reasons. When someone reaches the point of suicide it is because the physical and / or psychological suffering in their lives has reached the point of intolerance. But getting to the basics:

A person commits suicide because he or she is in intense physical and / or psychological pain and sees death as the only option to get out of it. The main reason is that their life has reached a level of complexity that is unmanageable for the individual.

They feel that it is a permanent condition, when it never is. As with happiness, it is ephemeral, the same happens with sadness and psychological pain, however convincing they are that this pain will always be there. The truth is that it will pass.

They must realize that they are in a very dangerous situation if they consider suicide, like a terminal illness. So, they must simplify their lives to the maximum, getting rid of everything that only causes them more stress or more complications of all kinds without thinking about what they should do, because if they are working to finish a degree and those studies are only hurting them, it makes no sense to do what they apparently should do if they won't be alive to see the results in the end.

The same with a job or with any responsibility that can be avoided or terminated voluntarily. Simplify everything as if you only had a week to live, or a day to live, because that's the way it is in essence.

It is also because they want attention and many people around them invalidate that attention, when in itself there is nothing wrong with needing attention. So, the argument that they only do it to receive attention does not apply. It is a basic human need. And yes, by committing suicide, they will receive the attention they wanted, they will also be able to "punish" the person/persons who have hurt them, if they also have that in mind. But they won't be there to see the results.

They must also understand that by committing suicide they will create a chain reaction of suffering as close people, the families of people who commit suicide, suffer emotional consequences and trauma and guilt of devastating proportions.

They not only end their lives but also the people around them. Whether or not they also end up committing suicide, because that also happens as a consequence sometimes, or simply because of the chain of blame that people in their family or closed ones throw at one another with regards to why their family member committed suicide.

The problem here is that this argument against suicide, that you ruin the lives of others, is not ethical or fair from the point of view of the person with the emotional problem that has led him to want to make that decision. Because now in addition to his problems and the fact that they are overwhelming him and the tremendous pain that he carries, now he is also blamed for that of others. Causing even more feelings of guilt and ultimately more motivation to commit suicide in the end. The problem is that yes, it does make one carry a responsibility with the people around.

Problems are always temporary, always, regardless of their severity, because in a universe of polarities, a problem cannot exist without a solution, they go hand in hand, two sides of the same coin.

Robert: Yes. The only thing I can do is share what I know and my point of view. I also think that suicide goes hand in hand with some emotional blackmail. I do not know.

Yazhi: Emotional blackmail, "just to get attention" is a very unfair and dangerous way of talking about the problem because it is invalidating how the person with suicidal tendencies feels, and that is leading them precisely towards committing the act.

Robert: I think suicide is a disease. Because these people always relapse and relapse.

Yazhi: Nowadays everything is considered a mental illness and I am of the opinion that there is no such thing as mental illness. Only disease in the rhetorical sense. And they relapse because they can't find a solution to their problem.

Now the more expanded point of view:

When you incarnate you always have a life plan and it is you yourself who design everything that you will experience, including or especially the parts of suffering or difficulties, due to the enormous reaction of personal growth as a soul, as consciousness, that it entails.

Because among the experiences that nourish the soul the most are difficult ones, failures, and how to face challenges.

So, when committing a suicide, they only reach the other side, with full awareness of everything, because the "I" does not get lost, neither does the sense of identity, it only expands. At this point, and due to this expansion, the whole framework of why suicide was committed is also better understood.

And as the perspective changes from the other side, the person will only want to go back in, because they will feel discontent with themselves and that is what every soul wants to avoid because what they do desire is to expand, or they will take it as a failed challenge and of their own free will will want to enter the game again, because game it is.

It's like entering a video game and being scared when monsters come out and turning off the game. You will have your temporary "escape", but very shortly after you will just want to go in again and again and again to face the monster until you have passed the challenge. It's like facing a ¨Boss¨ of a video game. They are there until they make it.

June 2018:

Swaruu: Let's say that primordial fear is one of the biggest characteristics of 3D, marked by the veil of forgetfulness. And it forms, in a great way, the nature of despair and the feeling of scarcity that everyone has there in one way or another. At the moment in which that fear is transcended, doing own inner work, the perspective about life changes a lot. Far from declining in value, life itself increases in value, as a "secondary reaction."

This has been said by countless people on the surface. We cannot experience this ourselves, only observe it. Many people contemplating suicide, after spiritual awakening and when faced with death, have stopped considering suicide. Partly because they come to realize that their mental problems and worries will not only not be solved with that but that they continue from the other side. With the added problem that they are no longer in the physical so they cannot solve those problems.

The most common cause of suicide is psychological pain. It is the most unbearable. After death this pain only increases when you see that you cannot escape it. Suicide does not make sense, because you cannot escape yourself.

The solution is to face it ahead, wherever we are, at the time it appears, be it from the spiritual side or the embodied side. But since most psychological problems come from experiences during a lifetime, and from the interpretation that the individual gives them, the best and necessary point at which these problems must be faced is from the incarnate side.

Those problems are carried then after death, especially after suicide, and, although it is just one more way of exit, and not punished by anyone, it is the person himself who punishes himself from the other side.

This causes that, taking into account that the reasons why a person has committed suicide are very generally due to psychological pain for whatever reason, this creates the enormous need in a said person to self-criticize while on the other side. As a consequence, the idea of having to try again is generated, so they re-enter the same life, which is like the same level "of the game", as in a video game when they die and die several times trying to overcome the level or the challenge. This is the main reason why they reincarnate.

At this time the manipulation of the archons also comes in, exaggerating the problems to the recently deceased person and everything they did wrong during their recent incarnation. Causing him or her to return or causing them to have an even greater need to return.

While that is true, from my point of view an intervention by some archontic force is not even necessary and personally I do not see any detectable interference against a recently deceased soul.

What I mean to say is that there is more Matrix on the other side, for the simple fact that the people themselves, their consciousness and their perception are the Matrix itself. Therefore, no direct intervention of any archon or group of archons is necessary if the very deceased person carries with himself everything necessary to cause his own next reincarnation, his own recycling within the collective Matrix. This last point is very important. If a person is mentally liberated from the Matrix, he is free.

Because the only thing that anchors them to the Matrix are their own limiting ideas. Where they live something, commit suicide only to later see that they are still themselves from the other side. So, since there is no time, they go back to the point of attention of the same body and try to do well what they did not achieve the first time. And there they are going through and living through the same thing over and over again, until they realize they have to let go of the things that didn't go well.

And this loop does not only involve the same reincarnation. It can be a more extended loop or spiral, because the same incarnation is never exactly the same when repeating it. That is, a person is Pepe, then José, then Miguel, Fernanda, Lucia and then Pepe again, then Miguel and so back and forth.

And they do not advance because those lives are interconnected and the cause of the existence of one is due to the previous one. They make a loop, and if it is difficult to get out of a loop of a single incarnation, as it happens to suicides, it is even more difficult to get out of a larger loop that involves several incarnations, because it is not easy to realize that we are in one.

And to make things worse, the people in the loop may or may not be living, interacting with each other, which is why José and Fernanda are such a happy couple and they get along so well and they have been married for 22 years now, because they are the same Adma or soul. Or Pepe hates Miguel and doesn't know why, but he feels this great antipathy because he remembers how bad he was in that reincarnation and what he hates is his own reflection. And the spiral loops grow and feed larger ones that in turn feed other larger ones until they are once again the Whole or the Source.

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