22 Extraterrestrial Races Forming a Human Being? - Aneeka of Temmer Responds

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
December 17, 2021

22 Extraterrestrial Races Forming a Human Being? - Aneeka of Temmer Responds

Originally in Spanish:

Gosia: I think we asked this before, but I see people discussing this topic. What is that about the human race supposedly composed of the DNA of 22 ET races? How do I explain it?

Anéeka: Everything is layers, or layers within layers, again. People want simple explanations when the reality is complex. An example of this is Yázhi's information, which changes so much depending on the level that it even contradicts itself. Being that from various points of view the perspective and "reality" changes.

So with the human understanding of genetics, and certain star races that have said that, being that it is a point of view based on a set of parameters, it can be true. For the human understanding. But from the point of view of more data, it is simplistic.

It is simplistic because from the clearly more advanced position of Taygeta's genetic science, genetics is a manifestation of the souls that form it. DNA is memory in material form. That is to say, everything that a soul lives, its experiences, form an identity, an I, and an Ego, which gives it a specific identity over other souls or points of consciousness that perceive themselves as apart from the others, as "someone" and not someone else.

When a group of souls tend to have the same experiences then agreements of perception are generated. When those agreements are constant and congruent, what we in Taygeta, among others, describe or understand, a race or species is generated.

So going back to the question, 22 races in the Human Genome, that is what is easily identifiable as those who "gave" or generated the DNA understood as human. However, as we have explained before, in reality the Human Genome (race) is made up of the whole range or mass of souls of all kinds that have decided to incarnate there as humans.

Gosia: But how did they GIVE the DNA? I understand that no one has formed the human being on Earth with additions of DNA.

Anéeka: They didn't give it. That is a humanized concept.

What I would explain is that what is in the Human Genome is composed of those 22 races that are easily identifiable. However, those 22 races are not pure either and are also composed of so many others, so if we look at who is who and what part of the DNA was given by whom, we would find that it is in the millions of races that cooperated to form the human genome.

Gosia: Then you would agree that there were 22... and not 23 or 25, identifiable ones. This number 22... is correct? (apart from what you have said?) And why have these 22 races generated the human DNA? In what sense and for what purpose? And which races?

Anéeka: I only agree with the fact that some group of human and/or non-human people perceive the human genome that way. But there is always more, and our explanation goes further. I'm not discrediting them, I'm just expanding that knowledge more because I have the data, and I don't have a problem saying that we go beyond that knowledge.

Gosia: But I don't understand how technically the DNA of these 22 races appeared in the human genome. What was the process, apart from what you have already said?

Anéeka: They have a certain process in mind and from their point of view it is perfectly valid. They take it as a process of hybridization in the laboratory, which could also be done, but it is not necessary to be done that way.

Let me explain it another way. Every race is formed by the DNA that is the memory of the souls that are that race or are incarnated in that race. So every race will always be a hybridization of souls that form the DNA that will also be present in other "star" races in this case. Through the starseeds.

A soul during its existence incarnates in various star races, species and genres millions of times, and thus forms an identity that is then reflected in its DNA, when more souls share the same interests.

So this generates agreements of perception that generate realities, one of those realities is a Race. So if you study the material aspect of a being, its DNA, you will find that it is a composite of the races that this soul was before.

So each person in his human body will have, as his DNA and within it, the memory set of all that he was before. The memory forms the DNA. So when studying it, first there will appear the genetic code of the most easily identifiable races according to the observer. But they will not be only 22 but many more, because each of these 22 is also composed of other races.

It is like finding a hybrid between Grey and Human. It is said that it is 50% Human 50% Grey, made by 2 species in its DNA. But that, although correct, is simplistic. Because both the Grey and the Human will have an infinity of species that form them. Is it clear what I mean?

Gosia: Yes, but... I am not clear on the following point:

Apart from what you have said, which is very well understood, thank you... you say that THEY do think that some hybridization has been done by bringing DNA from 22 races into the lab. Has it really been done? According to them? And why has it been done if it has been done? Why try this type of hybridization? Apart from all that you have said that is understood. Just considering what they think.

Anéeka: I don't accept it as such, for the simple and obvious fact that there is much more humanity outside of Earth. Therefore, humanity was NOT created on Earth.

But I do accept that the Earth human has been artificially altered many times before, and that they have tried to solidify those genetic changes with the use of Mind Control.

Gosia: Yes, that's why! It doesn't add up for me either. I have even seen some people today saying that when we get to be fully activated, our DNA, we will be more powerful than "ordinary" ET´s because we carry DNA from 22 races.

Anéeka: Not so, because the ET´s are also composed of more races. That is not so.

But as an example, human beings have 23 chromosomes in their DNA and 2 strands forming a ladder. The Taygeteans have 24 chromosomes 12 strands, 6 on each side of the ladder, which means a DNA 6 times more complex. And Swaruunians have 24 chromosomes and 24 strands being 12 times more complex than a human being. While maintaining their human appearance. This is by accumulation of memory that manifests the DNA.

Gosia: So where did this idea of 22-race DNA in the human genome come from? Are they saying this... just because they have identified this DNA in the human being, or because they actually have the knowledge of a HISTORICAL FACT, when they have actually physically inserted the DNA of 22 races some time ago?

Anéeka: There is no need to insert anything. If you have a certain level of knowledge of genetics, you will be able to identify those 22 races within the Human Genome, but unless you go into more detail, you will not be able to see the races that make up each of those 22 races that are said to make up the human being.

In my science, I would say that the human being is composed of millions of races, as with any other ET race. Just that among those millions, they are only able to see those 22.

Gosia: Ok. So they are not saying this on the basis of any specific event in the past? They only say this because they have IDENTIFIED these genes in humans, yes? But it seems a bit primitive of them then, these ET´s who have said this, to only say that on the basis of having identified those 22 races in human DNA. They should know what you are saying, shouldn't they?

Anéeka: They are saying that they put 22 races together in a laboratory to form the human race. To me that doesn't make sense. There's no need to put anything together if it's already put together.

Gosia: Maybe they are just saying that 22 races contributed something to the genome. I don't know exactly what they claim.

Anéeka: Yes, there is evidence of manipulation of the human genome such as a missing chromosome. That is clear. Yet it does not limit the ability of a soul to inhabit a human body. Only Mind Control would limit them.

It's just that they can only see 22 races within the Human Genome. But what I am saying is that each one of those 22 races is formed by other races and those by millions of others. So in reality the human being is formed by millions and millions of "races" as it is the same with any other extraterrestrial race.

But they allege that the DNA of 22 races was inserted to form the human being as in a laboratory, and I tell them NO, that no. Yes, the human genome has been artificially altered, but it was not formed from scratch with those 22 races. You only see them in the genome so you get the idea that the human being was formed.

Gosia: I would have to see more exactly what they claim.

Anéeka: I have a pretty clear idea myself, because that is not new to me. I know who has said it, among other people. Andromedans.

Gosia: It just doesn´t seem very advanced to me, as I said above, that they, the ET´s, would come to that conclusion and that they don't know what you are explaining here. It seems that they don't know much about genetics?

Anéeka: It's not that it's misinformation about the 22 races, it's just that it's a simplistic explanation. And yes, they know a lot. They just didn't explain it well or something because they obviously know what I am talking about today.

Gosia: Well, it is good that we are talking about this because this idea is circulating a lot.

Anéeka: I don't discredit it, but there is more behind that story.

It is simple. 22 races compose the human being, but each one of those 22 will have within them 22 others, and each one of those 22 will have 22 others that compose them... so the human being is composed of an infinity of races, but to simplify the description they limit themselves to mention those 22.

And the allegation that the human being was created in a laboratory is a big NO. It has only been invasively altered with varying results throughout history. Emphasizing that if Mind Control is not applied, the DNA returns to the original format after a few generations.

Gosia: I understand. And one more thing. So when our DNA is activated at some point in this process, these genes from other races will also awaken? What practical implication will this have for the person, if any?

Anéeka: The genes are there, they are just ignored. What is not used, atrophies but remains dormant.

The appearance of stimuli outside of Earth causes consciousness to expand, simply by seeing more realities outside of the Earth Matrix, which activates latent DNA, and with-it memories. DNA = Memory, both individual and of past lives, interconnecting with the species and species that compose it.

The activation of DNA goes hand in hand with the awakening of consciousness. Whether or not on the surface of the Earth. It has to do with the mind of the person, not where their body resides.

Gosia: But the fact that some Sirian, for example, DNA gets activated at some point, among other races, what would it mean practically for me? Anything? How will this activation of DNA from so many races be reflected? In my mentality, or physicality... or how? Maybe it's a silly question but it occurred to me.

Anéeka: If that memory is activated, it means it is of value to you. We all have Sirian, Andromedan, or Urmah, in us, among thousands of other races. It depends on your focus, whether it is activated or not. On your attention.

And if that memory is very charged towards what defines by agreements of perception a specific race, then you would say that soul or person is of that race and not another, being that we are all a mixture of races.

Gosia: I understand. Ok last question! These invasive alterations you mentioned above, what were they for example? You mentioned 1 chromosome less. What else has been done or attempted in the lab (cemented with mind control)?

Anéeka: The lack of that chromosome seems to be linked to human longevity, but as I have said many times before, it is not only that chromosome or lack of... but it is also due to the high environmental toxicity on Earth, inadequate food, low oxygen atmosphere, and even gravity too strong for human beings.

In other words, to make a change in the laboratory, it must go hand in hand with a set of ideas or perception that these altered people have to sustain these changes, or else they will be reversed. As they are already being reversed today with the so-called "Great Awakening".

As explained by Swaruu and later by Yazhi... essentially everything is achieved with Mind Control. The very minds of people, of humans, limit their capabilities by having a perception that something cannot be done. That's what the Matrix is essentially for. That is the Matrix. The set of concepts and agreements that form a reality to which its inhabitants must conform and obey those rules. With that the limitations of perception such as no telepathy, or not exceeding the speed of light.

Gosia: Understood. But anything more specific that has been done invasively in the lab that was then cemented by mind control? I am curious to know what they were trying to do in the lab, although I understand that we see it reflected in the state of our human condition in general. Can you comment on this?

Anéeka: Yes I can but it is not something specific like in the case of the missing chromosome. What else have they done? Limiting intelligence, and longevity, those are the two key points here in terms of artificial limitations. Also limiting their propensity to think for themselves. This is read in the Sumerian Tablets.

But the limitation of DNA has been given largely-mostly with the use of Mind Control and not laboratory. So the list of changes you seek is contained in everything that defines the human condition within the Matrix. They are not specific changes but are the entire complex plot of the human drama that concerns us. That is, they are everywhere and they are connected to every point of Mind Control that we have been talking about for the last (almost) 4 years.

I can't tell you that they cut such and such gene that controls telepathy. Rather, they made them believe that telepathy does not exist and for thousands of years, then the material expression (gene) that represents telepathy will be affected and atrophied.

I see it the other way around, genes do not control anything, they are just a physical equivalent of something on the so called etheric or spiritual side.

I don't doubt that invasive alterations have been attempted, for example that missing chromosome. However, Swaruu of Erra claims that even that missing chromosome is the result of Mind Control. And Yazhi claims that if everything is mind and everything is consciousness, there is no need for any laboratory intervention, with Mind Control you can change, shape and alter a species.

Robert: A question from a follower: "When you come directly from Source, the DNA is neutral, so to speak... or do those millions of races figure in?"

Anéeka: If you came from the Original Source neutrally, yes. There is no rule for this. That is to say that it depends on the ideas that each person brings with them from the afterlife. Those ideas and attachments that define a soul. What separates it from other souls and makes it unique. In the afterlife you still have your attachments to your ideas and from there your DNA is formed. If you had no attachments to your ideas at all you would be Source itself.

Robert: Okay. You are your ideas and hence the DNA, otherwise you would be the Source itself. You are the idea of being something and not the All, ok.

Anéeka: Yes. That is, everything that defines you as a particular soul that preserves your identity and your self-concept will form the DNA that you will use in life. It is memory made matter in the form of deoxy ribonucleic acid.

Robert: Thank you, Aneeka.

Anéeka: You are welcome.

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