Swaruu and Yazhi - Their Differences - PART 2 - Extraterrestrial Contact (Taygeta - Pleiades)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
April 30, 2021

Swaruu and Yazhi - Their Differences - PART 2 - Extraterrestrial Contact (Taygeta - Pleiades)

Gosia: How do you see differences in their worldview, Swaruu 9 and Yázhi?

Anéeka: Well, besides the obvious, Swaruu 9 was an adult woman, and Swaruu 12 is a child with an expanded mind. Star Child. Swaruu of Erra (Swaruu 9) was always in a constant fight against evil, also striving with all her might to be spiritual and etherical. And Yázhi Swaruu Tasherit 12 (Swaruu 12) looks like she transmutes or/and assimilates evil, and is very spiritual and etherical, with no effort at all. Even making more than one person here feel like she was not really “here” among us, more like a fairy or an apparition.

Swaruu 12´s presence is very strong, like what I describe as a Gravity Well, everything converges on her and everything seems to have something to do with her.

Swaruu 9 took rejection in general very personally, always wanting to be loved, being very much a people pleaser person. She took at heart all kinds of online troll attacks and bad criticism. All this added up to her stress causing high blood pressure that physically explains the series of bad strokes she had in her internal organs that ultimately led to her death.

Swaruu 12, Yázhi, on the other hand, does not care about this at all. She just says whatever she needs to say and clearly does not care a bit what others think or say, so she is immune to all things trolls. Whenever she is tired she sleeps, and sometimes may not go online for days, just to come back for several hours at her whim!

About the differences in their worldview, this is a long topic, but I think the most important difference in worldview is that Swaruu 9 was a fighter, always wanting to confront evil and wrong doers directly with a sword, armor and on a shining horse at full gallop, like the cavalry!

Swaruu 12 says and behaves as if thought and mind power where always the answer and the means to resolve all conflict, no matter how bad it is. Swaruu 9's weapons were a sword and a fighter starship. Swaruu 12´s weapons are her brain, mind and cuteness.

Gosia: Well, Swaruu 9 wasn´t all for the direct combat though, she also stated she was fighting affecting the human consciousness. It was important for her. She did spend 2 years with us giving topics on consciousness, she wasn´t in combat anymore. So she was changing already I think.

Anéeka: Yes I think she was in the process, but I also think she had an internal fight going on there. Very much as in “be nice to your neighbors, but carry a big stick behind your back” attitude. She also said that when the time is right and you have no other choice, then you must fight with weapons.

While Yázhi moves with an aura of invulnerability. Needing no big stick. She also tends to cross solid walls, and to appear older at will. The how exactly she does this is difficult to precise or to understand. But she insists that it all comes from one ability and one only, to be able to control and fragment her perception of time at will, using nothing but the mind.

Swaruu 9 was very like physical, always in effort to be more etherical, even with her extreme diets that neglected the body. This little one is not doing any effort to be spiritual or to be anything, she just is, and at the same time she looks like she has achieved and even surpassed what Swaruu wanted or was seeking. She doesn’t behave or look physical sometimes. Some people here, like Alahi or Eridania has stated that it feels as if Yázhi was a little fairy.

But I must stress that Swaruu 9 and Swaruu 12 are definitely NOT the same person. And all those theories, like the one of the Federation holding Swaruu a prisoner, or a hostage are unfounded. And good luck even trying to catch or contain Yázhi. They can’t! That’s why she likes the Road Runner so much, she sees herself in that bird. Fast, agile and uncatchable! With a complete invulnerability aura around the little girl. I think that if there is one word that defines Yázhi´s personality is: Invulnerability.

Yázhi: Swaruu 9 was nothing other than an 8th loop of Swarupapriyananda (Swaruu 2), with the exact same background and childhood. Just living 8 different repeated life cycles, different only as the result of consciously taking different decisions.

About my age, there is a problem here and it is the constant time slip we are all in, especially when you space travel and time jump. This is also reflected in the fact that people calculate that when I, Yázhi, arrived, I was 9 years old, and in 2020 I had to be 10 years old and in 2021 logically I would be 11 years old. But the fact is that I’m still 9 years old in my body development. This is because I’m following my own linear timeline and not being affected by an external collective one. Not like I’m not growing. I’m not growing as fast as people would expect me to grow, people on Earth and Taygetans here as well. I grow at my own pace and I set it, and I didn’t even notice I was setting a different growth pace. I calculate I’m doing like 5 to 6 years per one year of Earth.

As I’ve explained before, time is relative to who experiences it. And only is perceived somewhat similar if two or more people have a perceptual agreement. And those perceptual temporal agreements, on how long things take, linear time on Earth, are indoctrinated into the minds of children at a very young age, and humans use time keeping machines, clocks and watches, as a metronome is to music, to keep the entire orchestra moving in unison.

Gosia: Before you go into your differences, why did you choose the name Yázhi? Where did it come from?

Yázhi: Yázhi means “little” as written in Navajo language as it is very similar to Taygetan, only linear and possible to write with human letters.

Gosia: I remember it started with Chiqui Swaruu.

Yázhi: Yes, Chiqui Swaruu. The little one. Hence “Yázhi”. But my name Yázhi evolved once I was already here with you.

The most obvious differences:

Swaruu 9’s body: 19 years old. 150cm tall. 42kg. Adult fully formed female.

Swaruu 12’s body: 9 years old. 139 cm tall. Child body female.



Swaruu 9: Minimalist eater, full vegan.

Swaruu 12: Omnivorous, carnivore (artificially grown tissue). Eats until her belly shines!

And I go fast for long periods of time as well, but then I eat well.

About the artificially grown tissue, I do not recommend terrestrial artificial meat.

Also, I do recognize that brains work better on Ketones, that is burning fat during a fast, not working as well on glucose, so for many people fasting does facilitate or promote spiritual experiences and channeling.

Sleeping habits:

Swaruu 9: Short 4 to 6 hour sleep cycles, then as many as 40+ hours awake. Full sleep with REM.

Swaruu 12: Multiple, short, 2 to 4 hour sleep cycles plus long 8h + sleeping times, not defined by time of the day or night. Lucid-conscious dreaming all the time she is asleep, and full astral travel at will during sleeping time and also fully awake.


Swaruu 9: Meditation times, once or twice a day, traditional.

Swaruu 12: Meditation at will, consciousness mostly in meditation, if not always, at deep trance at will and without losing awareness.

Most issues as in past trauma resolved in Swaruu 12.

Gosia: Ok, let´s talk about the differences in your worldviews. As how you see certain concepts, expands on how Swaruu 9 saw them.

Yázhi: I don’t know if I remember everything about what Swaruu 9 said about densities, but as far as I remember she used to say that the Earth is contained in a 3D bubble, and that everything outside the Van Allen belts is 5D. Being that 5D is the primordial or base density, average for the Universe. And she stated that it could be measured in Hz and as vibration of matter. Being that 4D is like an astral to 3D, meaning a copy of the world, streets and all, but in the so called “spirit world”. And that 6D could be as a reference the 5D astral equivalent, as 4D is for 3D. That’s Swaruu 9.

Yázhi; I state that a density is a state of mind, a personal perception, and a density is only a reflection or a personal concept or capacity, or range of understanding of one or another particular person or point of attention.

I state that there are no densities as such. Or that there are as many as there are points of attention. Being that the range of understanding of that particular point of attention is also what defines a soul. And it is directly tied to its thought forms and its range of memory-understanding.

I state that the concept of densities as in numbers and all what defines them are human concepts, and are the reflection of a heavily fragmented brain that is programmed to try to understand an illusory outside world breaking it up in smaller more manageable parts.

And stating that a density is the equivalent to the perception capacity-discernment of a soul, or point of attention of Source, I also explain that when two or more people share the same density, it is only another illusion based on perception agreements, and will never ever be the same density for them all, only coinciding mostly on the major points they themselves have placed there, all having a personal variation of what they call density.

Also understanding that in this case a density equals a reality, a world.

Swaruu 9 stated that densities were one thing and they are not to be confused with dimensions.

Yázhi states that densities are based on perception and understanding of the observer, therefore I say that a density is directly linked to the perception and understanding of dimensions as well. The higher a density the more dimensions can be perceived and understood.

Gosia: However, you would still state that astral entities, etc., stay in something called 4D? Or where if there are no D’s?

Yázhi: I only mention them, or like that, to have a common ground for an example. Basically everything that exists is there, you can’t see it perhaps but it’s there, and that is due to your mental evolution, not because you are not somewhere as in effect there is no time and there is no space, so everything is now and everything is here. Principle of non locality found in higher dimensional understanding.

Gosia: Ok. Quick question: What did the machines on the moon 12,500 years back were to do then? If it was not to “lower the density” to 3D? What was their purpose?

Yázhi: They produced an etheric field like a force field around Earth, and that limits all interaction with the outside. This alone would limit the perceptual capacity of all the inhabitants of Earth… therefore lowering their perceptions and density of living with them as well. Ergo: 3D. Limiting the perceptual capacity of the inhabitants of Earth due to extreme isolation.

This is also why the Prime Directive is so heavily enforced on Earth. Because they don’t get outside information, leaving the controllers of Earth total control over what reality means and its limits, this also imposing a new paradigm and reality model on to the population of Earth, what we call the Matrix, as in a false limited reality completely controlled artificially, and this automatically leads to the self limiting of DNA in the inhabitants, therefore suppressing higher cerebral functions like telepathy.

This means that the Matrix is not controlled by a frequency or by generators, those only limited outside information accentuating the validity of what the controllers imposed on the human population as “reality”, possible and not possible. Real and false.

So, as I stated before, all the reality there on Earth is based on one thing alone: propaganda for mind control. And that is how you create a density, a new artificially controlled reality. Everything there is based on mind control.

Gosia: Understood. Now… briefly state differences between Swaruu´s not being able to change collective timeline by jumping versus your belief that, YES YOU CAN.

Yázhi: Copy. Swaruu stated that whenever you time jumped in your ship to change an unwanted event, going back to prevent it from happening again, what really happened was an illusion because the Sand Clock pilot that traveled back in time and managed to change the said event only opens a new timeline of her own where such an event to be prevented no longer took place, but in her place of origin she would have changed nothing, because what caused her to travel back in time was the negative event in itself, therefore it will never stop to exist. All you do as a Sand Clock pilot is change your perception of the line of events altering only your timeline and not the one of others.

So it is never possible to change those past events, only to jump personally to another timeline you created as soon as you went back in time and re-lived that past event with full understanding and memory of what would happen next. As soon as there is an observer, the timeline is switched and changed. So you never can achieve tactical or strategic time alterations. So it ends up being only an illusion for the time jumper her, or himself. Therefore rendering the whole concept of tactical and strategic time jumping completely useless.

Now my belief: As stated above about densities, being that there is one density per point of attention consciousness-soul-person, it also means that there is one timeline for each person or soul. And again timelines that are perceived as same are only similar due to agreements between two or more people or souls.

But a soul is not an isolated object in itself, it is more like the result of multiple points of attention blending into one, creating a soul. This meaning many souls with a so called “lower understanding” (therefore, density), are forming a larger one.

Source is total oneness, the absolute, the all included. And the illusion of a soul is that it is limited as in not Source, separated. But as I understand this, a soul could also be defined by the range from where to where Source-oneness remembers what is perceived as separate events.

So a group of souls with a lower range of understanding sums up in a collective unconscious or set of collective agreements about perception and reality, will combine to form a larger soul with more understanding. As if they were cells in a body, and that is exactly as cells in a body work, being them the primordial elements of consciousness and biology that form a human body and other bodies as well.

So a group of souls create through agreements a larger more complex one that in turn will form another set of agreements with other perceived souls at the same level to form an even more complex and advanced soul.

This is empirically experienced by beings of what many people would call “of a higher density” for lack of better terms to make myself understood, where the being realizes that it is indeed the sum of the consciousnesses of its friends below it holds dear to it, because love is a drive for integration.

So from the point of existing of a being in a higher density, it is the result of the sum of the people in contact, and in the same collective unconsciousness as it perceives. The being is all the other beings forming it, like or as if it had assimilated them all.

And from that point of understanding, everything this being experiences, including time jumping and alteration will affect the people-souls-points of attention included in the collective unconscious that formed it in the first place. And all time looping and temporal manipulation does not only affect one being, it affects a collective of beings, and with this you can alter from that point of view a collective timeline and not only the one of the time jumper.

But we can also understand changing a collective timeline as the perceptual manipulation of the people forming a collective unconscious, so whatever you do that affects a collective perception will alter their collective timeline.

And this is what the Cabal is doing, for example, when it alters as it always has, the collective of people-souls living on Earth, changing collectively the rules and the terms of what is or is not possible, therefore affecting a collective timeline depending on what information they are being fed with.

So then again, you can change a collective timeline using mind control alone. Because everything is spawn from the mind any way. You make many minds think the same, you change a collective timeline.

(Sorry. I never explained this before in writing, fist time ever, so it may be possible to improve, don’t know!!).

Gosia: Why didn´t Swaruu 9 realize this?

Yázhi: She did not! She saw altering collective consciousness as mind control but separated it from time jumping. I see it as one and the same because change the collective perception enough and you also time jump, as time is nothing but perception based on agreements and on information.

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