Extraterrestrial Technology - Tech Talk with the Taygetean Pleiadian

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
March 09, 2020

Extraterrestrial Technology - Tech Talk with the Taygetean Pleiadian

Swaruu: I am a bit worried. I didnt and couldnt give it my all in the chat. They were all expecting awesome answers and I was not in a position to give them any at that tiime! And something you do not know: I was not here in my usual room, I was in the hangar on an elevator work platform behind Suzy like 5m above deck with an old computer on a stool, and had my hands all greasy being in the middle of the dirty job, I couldn't even type well, as I was standing.

Gosia: Wow, we understand! Dont worry.

Swaruu: The computer was there so I could listen to you while I worked. I didn´t expect you to ask me to come to the chat live.

Gosia: Aww. You should have said so. I would have stopped it. We didnt know. But you did fine, please don´t worry.

Dale: Still LS you were fantastic and we were so proud to have you there.

Swaruu: And I thought it was kind of funny when you explained the engines and the toroids with the images we sent you.. cause I was right there working on precisely that, and looking into two large exhaust nuzzles. With my hands all dirty!

Dale: Very cool.

Swaruu: I know they are in the mentality that everything here is manifested into reality. And there you have me all dirty in an overall. We are just more people. And then they asked for the best switch for a Rodin coil and I had no clue what they wanted or what they intended to achieve with such a device exactly. That must be understood first.

Dale: They were attempting to switch the power on and off in pulses and wanted to do it in repeatable and reliable way with shorter than nanoseconds. Still I do not think that would achieve the results they are looking for. As I understand it they need shorter and shorter wavelenghts by operating in a continuous mode not pulsed. Is that Correct LS?

Swaruu: Yes, exactly, I do not see any practical purpose for pulses. Unless they are making an aerial arc spark as part of the system.

Dale: They are looking to produce a toroidal field and a Electrogravitic engine of sorts.

Swaruu: Electrogravitic engine. They do not know the frequency of gravity around them. They need a frequency sensor, and a frequency output modulator for their coil. The problem is that they are loosing a lot of their already weak gravitational field to unnecessary energy output as they are not transmitting in the correct frequency range of the gravitational field.

Question. How would you solve the electric voltage modulation for a simple variable frequency VLF radio?

Dale: I suppose you could use a simple LRC network.

Swaruu: Could you please explain in very simple terms what is a LRC network? Please entertain me for a sec with this, I'm going to something here.

Dale: LRC L= inductive, R= resitive and C - capacitive, LRC network would provide a means of tuning and a means of timing...or frequency control.

Swaruu: And what would be the hardware?

Dale: An inductor will be coil of wire or a coil wrapped around an iron core, the resistor is a resitance element to the flow of electricity and the capacitor stores energy. The amount of capacitance will control the timing of the circuit and therefore the charge up and discharge rate. Thus Frequency control. The coil they showed me was a rather complicated form of Rodin coil I believe with 9 actual coils wound on the form.

My concern is that 9 separate coils hand would not be very precise and therefore the resistance and timing of the coils would be difficult to syncronize. Producing instabilty.

Swaruu: Ok. My point here was that you may have aready made circuits and even chips to do that work as a LRC network. But if you are communicating with someone in 1912 for example... it gets a little bit harder to explain. Especially when you do not know what they have in hand.

And yes, that is one problem, you need to have the precise same resistance in each one of the 9 separate coils.

Dale: Yes, I agree LS. There are many different LRC components available and or off the shelf.

Swaruu: If they are using copper wire a lot of energy is being lost only because of resistance.

Dale: Exactly. They should be using superconductive alloys. But none exist here yet at Room temp.

Swaruu: The problem is that even if they used super conductive wire, the frequency will not be variable. And that is the main problem here.

Dale: I see.

Swaruu: You may have some minimum output frequency control, if they vary the energy flow in each one of the 9 separate coils. So what they need is a coil within a coil within a coil within a coil (as many as possible) to vary the relationship of the electromagnetic fields and the interaction among them all to have a fully variable frequency output. But the main problem here is the mere electric resistance of the copper wire.

Dale: What if each coil were seperately tunable?

Swaruu: Yes with each separate coil being tune-able. They may see some results.

Dale: I suppose, if a very high quality computer were introduced to the system, it might be possible to compensate for coil and LRC instabilities. But still as you say the copper is a big problem. Probably bleed more energy than they could create.

Swaruu: Yes, definitely so! It does consume more than what it produces. But if their aim is to cancel gravity it may be more achievable than free energy. Are they using insulated copper wire or plain wire?

Dale: Copper with a thin enamel insulation like we use in electric motors windings.

Swaruu: Ok perfect that would be the way to go. Plain wire would be plain dumb but I had to check. The key here is the resistance within the coil. I know it is not possible but you do need a superconductor cable here.

Dale: Zero point cannot be done with this primitive tech...

Swaruu: No, i'm afraid not.

Dale: Wish we had one.

Swaruu: Or perhaps something to let them realize that it is possible. I mean at least partially a coil in a car is to some degree also getting energy form the ether. But it is explained away by other physics, on earth.

Dale: Using a copper alloy that demonstrates some superconductivity and cooling the coil with liquid nitrogen or liquid Helium may give them some hope, but still not an easy task.

Swaruu: (Spark plug coil) Or car coil in an older model with no electronic ignition.

Dale: Yes, understood.

Swaruu: Hint (expensive) try freezed gold wire.

Dale: Ah Yes.

Swaruu: Here gold wire is used nearly everywhere. I know it is impossible to pay for there.

Dale: But this is ultra pure and crystaline, No?

Swaruu: Yes. No resistance. But it is purified.

Dale: Almost beyond the reach of such researchers.

Swaruu: So the problem here boils down to materials as well.

Dale: Always does LS.

Swaruu: So... I do not have an easy "spectacular" answer for them.

Dale: If they have some Niobium Tin wire and Liquid Helium they could achieve some results. But again the cost and availability is beyond most.

Swaruu: Perhaps they are trying to flow energy through each one of the separate 9 coils to create a vortex. That could be why they are separate coils and 9 of them. But I cannot know if it would work at this point.

Dale: There are some super conductors that will work at LN2 levels, but not readily available. And yes, agreed. Perhaps, we need to ask just what do they hope to achieve.

Swaruu: That would be a first step. We cannot help them if we cannot know what they wish to achieve. And then they should research materials first.

Gosia: But what is this device they are trying to construct anyway? 5G protection? or what?

Dale: No G. They are trying to procude an Electromagnetic Gravitic space craft drive.

Swaruu: Cancel gravity in short.

Dale: Yes exactly

Gosia: for what purpose? For air craft?

Dale: Build a space ship.

Gosia: Haha ah ok.

Swaruu: Then they must control the frequency output. And as they have very low power output this turns to be critical. For the sensors, they may need an interpherometer. But then again the one they need would have to be constructed from scratch and also needs, and is based on tunneling effect of a very controlled electric current through two superconductive cables. And then they need a way to interpret those interpherometer readings and translate them into something useful.

Dale: At the proper resonant frequency of this coil it should act to nullify local gravity. Correct?

Swaruu: Yes Dale, but the problem here, that I'm trying to explain is what exactly is the proper resonant frequency? You need it to be able to produce its counter part in order to cancel it.

Dale: Interpherometer as in light waves, LS like we use in laser systems or perhaps tunneling diodes? And ok, I understand LS, makes sense. This for them would be a hunt and peck method I am afraid.

Swaruu: Ok, yes those... but the commercial ones are not sensitive enough to sample gravity variations within a field. And then you need to remove the noise produced by many things on Earth that also cause a reaction in the interpherometer causing false readings.

Dale: They would have to be huge as the ones used to lately detect gravitational waves from coliding black holes.

Swaruu: Yes. Then they must make them smaller. Usable. Materials again.

Dale: Those are up to miles long on each leg. Not practical for those researchers. Billions to construct. Yes, back to materials. Sad.

Swaruu: I guess it would be bragging to say the ones on the surface of starships are about the size of a parking sensor, on one of your cars!

Dale: Haha yes, but hey what do you expect for 800,000 years of advancement.

Swaruu: I want to help, but it is hard for me to even compress the how to. But it does use the very same principle. Tunneling effect between superconductive cables.

Dale: I do appreciate you trying LS and I am sure they will appreciate it to. I just wish we could offer more hope. Maybe in another 100 years earth time.

Swaruu: The key problem here is materials.

Dale: Yes, superconductors and polymorphic alloys etc.

Swaruu: Mostly miniaturization of superconductive materials. And the development of room temperature superconductors. Here mostly crystalline gold cable.

Dale: Also handling ultra high energy magnetic fields.

Swaruu: In that last case modulation of frequency is most necessary. They are only radiating themselves without proper protection and all that useless electromagnetic radiation is only producing noise that will gravelly effect the efficiency of the device.

Dale: Here on earth they struggle to produce fields of 40 to 50 Tesla. Are you speaking of amplitued modulation or direct frequency modulation?

Swaruu: Both.

Dale: I see.

Swaruu: Everything must be focused and controlled, or you are just bleeding energy you need concentrated.

Dale: Agreed.

Swaruu: For example out of the 100 it produces, it would not work if 15% is wasting on one frequency 10% on another 20 on yet another and so on. Basically they are creating an elegant short circuit.

Dale: Yes, yes they are and many a coil has been burned up. As you say a very elegant short circuit.

Dale: I believe we can make a sort of crystaline gold wire, as we do make crystaline copper and silver, but I do not know if it is homgenous enough or that the crystals are uniform enough.

Swaruu: You need to concentrate all the noise it produces. Am I making any sense to you?

Dale: Yes, Perfect sense. Thank you. I just do not readily see how this can be accomplished here, now. But, there is always hope.

Swaruu: They may want to experiment with another non Rodin coil configuration. Dual Merkaba, also with wire. No idea if that will work, I must do more research. Here it is the basic shape for an energetic Zero Point engine or reactor but it does not use cable. 2 coils, one Merkaba on each.

Dale: BTW, I always have been attracted to very high energy counter rotating magnetic fileds. Since i was very young.. I see this as a way to nullify gravity as well.

Swaruu: Dale those are so good they are the same principle used in starship engines. That is what powers starships. I have available to me all these toys to play with. But I cannot share as they don't work without the proper materials you simply either do not have, or are too expensive for them to have.

Dale: Counter rotating magnetic fields...so it is a memory.

Swaruu: Counter rotating electromagnetic pulse drive turbine engines.

Dale: I can see it in my mind. I could build it if I had the materials and the funds.

Swaruu: The nominal thrust is humongous ! Again, materials as well. If you use anything you have on Earth now, you will simply melt the turbine. You don't even have such alloys!

Gosia: Why are the funds necessary to get hold of those materials? They cost so much to obtain?

Dale: I have a nice lab G, but not even close for this kind of research.

Gosia: What can they do to obtain those alloys? Whats the process of obtaining those materials?

Dale: Dont exist here yet.

Swaruu: Yes, G, they do not have them on Earth, they do not exist there. These engines get very hot. (Heat seeking missiles love them, once introduced they will no longer be interested in Jet engines.).

Dale: Even our refarctory metals such as Tungsten would fail very quickly. Some of these metals would probably best be made in a non gravity environment.

Swaruu: Yes. They must be smelted in Zero G.

Gosia: So whats the step towards making them EXIST here?

Swaruu: Little by little. imagine people in 1912 saying that they want to make a computer that can run Windows 10. How can we even start to tell them how?! I understand their need and their impatience and hurt. But I do also think sometimes that this contact may be counter productive as it only feeds frustration.

Gosia: As long as some clues and cues and suggestions are given, its not. I do believe that something can be given to the 1912 civilization so they advance. And you have been at it.

Dale: Yes, it is possible and the seeds are and have been sown...But for now, it will take time and patient research.

Gosia: I do understand the gap is big. But as long as they feel they are working toward advancement, thats the goal. Thank you very much for your explanations to this topic.

Dale: First they need to understand what zero point energy is and what gravity is and how to manipulate both. Cant do that without understanding, base 12 math and very hard from 3D perspective. If we were 5D here then much easier. Thanks for all your input, very valuable.

Swaruu: Thank you to both. Talk to you soon!

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