We Formed the Vril Society: Taygetean Pleiadian Message (Rashell of Temmer)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
April 26, 2019

We Formed the Vril Society: Taygetean Pleiadian Message (Rashell of Temmer)

Rashell: Before continuing I must tell you that I do not have detailed information about the Earth from the surface perspective that Swaruu does, nor do I speak so many languages. Nor do I have the same expanded perspective of the astral world that she does, but I do have my own experience. And I am open to what you need and do not need. My present crew is not qualified. They do not speak any language or few do. It is not the focus or the purpose of this specific ship.

Gosia: Swaruu told us that you were her mentor. She spoke very well of you.

Rashell: Yes, I've been her teacher and instructor. But now I am her student. And another thing that I want to clarify. Swaruu has said that she does not represent Taygeta, much less the Federation, and that she only represents herself. With me it is the opposite. I officially represent Taygeta here as a member of the High Council of Taygeta and also as a representative of Taygeta before the Federation I also represent it here. It's exactly my job and my role here. You can interpret my position here with human terminology as an Ambassador. Ambassador between the race and civilization of Taygeta and the other races present here. Also ambassador between Taygeta and Earth.

Gosia: Ok, and a question. If you represent the Federation, and it was against the disclosure Swaruu has been engaged in... how does it position you now?

Rashell: Largely because of my own pressure the Federation is officially in favor of Swaruu and her work.

Gosia: The videos that people are uploading with requests for assistance to the Federation and benevolent races... is that useful? Swaruu said that yes, a lot. They take them into account?

Rashell: It helps a lot because it's not only the Federation that listens. Also the other positive groups such as the Sphere Alliance, the Council of five, Council of nine, among others.

Gosia: What is the Council of five and nine? It is new for me. I thought there were only two factions. Federation and Spheres.

Rashell: Oh no, there are so many factions that it’s impossible to understand, it´s just enough to know if they are positive or not. That is known only by their frequency. Those two that you mention are the biggest, but there are more.

Robert: In all this do the Earth Agarthians have any role?

Rashell: Agartha is officially part of the Federation. What happens with them is that they have so many problems as a race that they no longer work as members. They are part of the problem to be solved on Earth.

Gosia: I understand Rashell. And do you like this post? It has to be quite difficult.

Rashell: Yes, it's a demanding position. Quite frustrating many times because the interaction between different races is very complicated. Just because they are positive races doesn´t mean that they always get along well because there are confusions. The most recurrent one is between races called cold and logical and emotional temperamental ones. It is a diplomatic nightmare.

Gosia: I understand. Rashell taking advantage of the time you are with us now... in what year did you come exactly as Taygeteans, 1952, yes? And why? What has caused your arrival that year? And were you present on that expedition already?

Rashell: I arrived to the orbit of Earth in the year of 1952 as part of the first expedition of Taygeta as a reaction to the atomic tests and the campaign of Federation and its friends´ ships being shot down in those years, and earlier. I was part of the crew of the first big ship here as a counselor. It was my first expedition to Earth. But I had experience elsewhere.

Gosia: Ships being shot down? Can you say something more about that?

Rashell: The two ships of Roswell and Aztec are publicized, but during the 40s to the 70s, about 40 ships of diverse origins were shot down. None of Taygeta.

Gosia: Who shot them down?

Rashell: The ships like the two of Roswell, were shot down with the use of directed microwaves coming from the military radars. This fully on purpose. The microwave energy interferes with the sensors of some ships blinding their computers. It does not allow them to know the exact frequency of the gravitational flow in which the ship is located. Causing errors with gravity cancellation systems. Resulting in crashes. Those ships were mostly shot down by the Americans and their allies but also by the Russians later.

Robert: There were many casualties of extraterrestrial beings in these ships. The purpose was to recover ET technology.

Rashell: It's correct.

Gosia: But those ET ships weren´t prepared for this, and didn´t have protection system so that it would not happen? Didn´t they have some sort of alert system?

Rashell: Now they do. But back then they did not have it. Or not all races. Taygeta yes, we had it. But the ships of Taygeta, unlike those used by many other races, have multiple modes or propulsion systems. If one fails, the others come in. The two ships of Zeta Reticuli shot down in Roswell, for example, only operated with propulsion of manipulation and cancellation of gravity.

Gosia: You said they were Russians and Americans who shot them down. But they were Russians and Americans in the sense that it was the Cabal? The Reptiles or pure humans?

Rashell: It's Cabal. And it also operated from Russia. The cold war was fabricated. They controlled both sides.

Robert: You want to say that those ETs thought that on Earth we were all saints?

Rashell: No saints, no way. Rather, they thought the humans were more primitive. Technologically speaking.

Gosia: Zeta Reticuli, wow. From what I understand they are the beings that lost their connection with the Source and had some evil plan for the humans. I have read it somewhere.

Rashell: I'm afraid it's not true. In any case it would refer to the Grays of Orion not the Reticuli. And everyone has a connection with the Source. The Source understands both the positive and the negative, because it does not judge, it just is. Judging is only property of incarnated beings with limited points of attention. (This the words of Swaruu). Zeta Reticuli are small positive Grays that many call Gardeners.

Gosia: Zeta Reticuli are the gardeners then? Just to clarify.

Rashell: Among other places, yes. Mostly Zeta. Orion's are negative. Zeta Reticuli are the positive Gardeners whose mission is to take care of the biology of a planet or planets. Gardeners, everyone is positive. It can be said that they work for the Source. Only nowadays Orion has already changed a lot and they are very positive now. But that transition excludes the grays. They are called Maitré and are known as tall Grays. It is believed that they were the biological creation of the Orion Reptiles. I must also say that there are at least 165 different races, or types, of Grays.

Robert: The Maitre are in Mars.

Rashell: Right. They have dominated 1/3 of Mars. And they are on Earth in the bases underground. They collaborate with the Reptiles and the Cabal.

Robert: Rashell according to your negotiations with the US Government, who is above the Pyramid?

Rashell: I do not see fit to publish that information at this time.

Robert: I understand, thanks Rashell. The Earth is dominated by these races. Is there some kind of treaty for which the Earth has lost all its sovereignty?

Rashell: There are many treaties, some are thousands of years old. New treaties were made in the 1930s by Nazi Germany and in the 1950s by the Americans (also under Nazi control). In the 50s Eisenhower made a treaty to exchange technology for freedom to exploit the human population, abductions and experiments among other things.

Robert: That is to say that Eisenhower was part of the Cabal?

Rashell: Sincerely, we still do not understand his role inside the Cabal. Because on the one hand he seems to be inside with them but on the other one, he also seems to have alerted the population and the government of Cabal's problems and dangers. Yes, it was he who made that treaty although the Nazis had also done it by 1937.

Gosia: Well, if he signed this treaty... there are no excuses for this.

Rashell: Yes, unfortunately, it was he who accepted it. At this point, how do you want to move forward with the subject?

Gosia: Well, we could ask you more about the Eisenhower or... I would prefer to ask more about the current situation related to the liberation of the Earth. Because Eisenhower that´s the past in some sense. And maybe we can talk about it later.

Rashell: Ok, although everything is intrinsically related.

Gosia: In this case, explain this relation please if you wish. I do not understand much about politics... and I'm sure that's the reason why I do not see the links between things like you do.

Rashell: It's okay. Let´s go little by little, and in parts.

Gosia: Ok, then. Let´s return to the beginning. Before Eisenhower. You have arrived in 1952. And what happened? What was your discovery and how have you assessed the situation on Earth?

Rashell: At that time an alert was received from the entire Federation because of what happened since the Second World War specifically because of the detonation of nuclear weapons. It is known that a nuclear detonation passes or affects several existential dimensions or planes at the same time. It is termed here 'scalar', but it can differ in meaning on Earth.

The races that are most similar to the human race have always been closer, intervening more than those that are not. Therefore, it was up to Taygeta. Upon examining the situation from orbit, we tried to send two crews of hunting ships called "Sand Clock" to the 30s to divert - stop the Nazi development that triggered the Second World War and the development of nuclear weapons. The Sandclock crews went from 1952 to 1937 and interacted with the Nazis.

Gosia: Time travel?

Rashell: Yes. The Hunting ships with 'Sand Clock' capacity travel in time. Look at this video. That´s us.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3udiwFc2KVw (video has been removed)

Robert: Maria Orsich is Taygetean?

Rashell: Yes. Once again, the true story has been distorted and it seems like we collaborate with them, the Nazis, when we are trying to divert the events, we try to alter the history.

Gosia: Are these drawings or photos?

Rashell: They are drawings from photos. Maria Orsich was actually Savya of Erra. I do not think I'm in those photos there, although I was there. She was the leader of the expedition. And yes, it was possible to stop the progress of the German investigations on nuclear bombs. The advancement of the Nazi heavy water laboratories was halted.

Gosia: So, the mission was successful? Swaruu always said that the collective timeline cannot be changed.

Rashell: Partially successful. And the mission was only partially successful and not totally successful for reasons later explained by Swaruu of Erra (also a fighter pilot with 'Sand Clock' qualifications). But the mission was necessary. It was necessary to intervene and infiltrate the German society of the time. And with our appearance it was not difficult.

Gosia: Just you or many more Taygeteans?

Rashell: Two crews of seven, 14 in total. Two ships men and women.

Gosia: How long have you stayed? And 3D didn´t affect you?

Rashell: We did not stay for more than two weeks and we were going back, only to come back again. The 3D hurts us. We cannot be there long without getting sick.

Gosia: It must be disgusting and toxic to be here, right? How does it feel to be in 3D? Coming from 5D?

Rashell: It feels doughy all over. You feel sick and slow. The gravity is very strong and makes you feel very weak. Everything smells, everything affects you. The energy is very low. It feels like walking in water up to your thighs, you walk with difficulty. You need a lot of recovery and sleep after being in 3D only for a short time. And it affects you mentally. It is depressing. It lowers the vibration. You can start to manifest negative things because of it.

Robert: The rhythm of history would have changed a lot without your intervention?

Rashell: According to Swaruu the result would be the same if the Germans had the bomb first because Germany lost the War, but the Nazis won. They only emigrated to the United States.

Gosia: Ok and how have you managed to do this intervention despite all the laws of non-interferences? What did the Federation say in this case?

Rashell: The Federation accepted the intervention of the 'Sandclock' crews in the 30s up to year 45 because it was only a surgical mission. And the legal justification for the intervention was based on stopping the use of nuclear energy in general, not only for war purposes. This canceled many subsections of non-intervention and is the primary cause of the mass arrival of the Federation from the year '52 on. Nuclear energy in human hands is the basis of what keeps us here until these days.

Gosia: Ok. Thank you. I would like to know if we can share all this, Rashell?

Rashell: You are welcome. Yes, everything can be shared unless we agree otherwise about one or another topic. If you want to share about who I am, I must give you another piece information that will be interesting to you. I am half Taygetean by mother and half Antarean by father. I was born in Temmer but both cultures are mine.

Gosia: Antarean... and how are they? What is the difference between them and Taygeteans?

Rashell: Unlike many other races, Antaria can procreate with Taygeta, very few can. We are basically the same race. Only Taygetans are mostly blond in appearance and have blue or green eyes. Antarians usually have dark hair, very white skin and mostly green eyes. And everything that describes Taygeta also applies to Antaria. The differences are small. That's why they are compatible. My hair is dark brown, my skin is white and my eyes are green. I am 160cm tall, I see myself as a 25-year-old woman as a reference. And I was born in the Terrestrial year (calculated) of 1832 on May 20.

Gosia: How nice, I identify a lot with people with white skin and dark hair, more than with blondes! Swaruu told us, without saying it openly, that here humans are not very handsome.

Rashell: Your DNA is not fully activated. You are a caricature of your true physique that would be the correct interpretation of your creative intention as souls to incarnate. Also, most of the humans are sick and age there as a consequence of the linear perception of time.

Gosia: Ha! We are walking caricatures. What a pity. Well, it is what it is. What´s important is accepting our shortcomings here. There is no other way. And to know that we are more. And that this is just our temporary suit.

Rashell: Swaruu says it's part of the experience, of the teaching that comes from being there.

Gosia: Yes, we experience being ugly and defective. She said it's for the contrast too. To have the experience of becoming complete afterwards.

Rashell: It's true, yes.

Gosia: Rashell, how do you feel talking to us? Tired? Swaruu gets tired sometimes talking to many people at once.

Rashell: No. I find you very nice. And I feel a lot of familiarity. I was tense yesterday. But not anymore.

Gosia: If you want, we'll leave it for today, Rashell. And no worries. You can always share anything with us. We are very open and tolerant. And no longer so nervous talking to you. We feel as if talking to a friend.

Rashell: Swaruu tried everything at once and mostly succeeded. Like interacting simultaneously with three or four different people and doing it with only one eye!

Gosia: Poor thing. Well, see you again on Sunday, yes? Thanks for being with us. It was a pleasure talking to you. Bye Rashell!

Rashell: Likewise. Have a rest and good night to both. Bye!

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