Do Not Be Fooled - Discern and Be Cautious - Advice from Athena Swaruu

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
March 08, 2022

Do Not Be Fooled - Discern and Be Cautious - Advice from Athena Swaruu

Originally in Spanish

Swaruu X (Athena): Don't be fooled by the news, or the newscasts, because they are twisting what is really happening to levels never seen before, lie after lie, such as the event of the Electric Nuclear Power Plants takeover where it was far from being in danger and Russian forces took over the site to prevent a disaster, not to cause one.

The news is pushing a single narrative using all sorts of tricks and traps, including photo montages, crisis actors and old footage from Ukraine or other conflicts including Iraq, and even video games.

The West is censoring everything coming out of Russia to push a single narrative in order to control the perception of the Western public and turn them against Russia, which is neither the good guy nor the bad guy here but part of the same plan they are developing from the controllers´ level.

I just flew over Russia and listened to the RT narrative and what is broadcast in Russia and I must give the Russians something: they are not censoring news from the West. Anyone in Russia can watch CNN, BBC, ABC or Fox. If anyone here is being transparent with their people it is the Russians.

I don't want to sound pro-Russia. But it is true that from the little or much that I have seen, they are censoring less in Russia than in the West who wants to control the narrative again just like they do with the fake Covid.

I know this because I have seen first hand how what RT says matches what I see on the ground with my eyes, either flying low over there or using the sensors on the Toleka. And the conflict is drastically exaggerated against Russia. All to produce fear in the general population all over the Earth.

This is not to defend Russia or Putin who I know are just playing a role agreed between and by the controllers, it is part of them controlling both the West and Russia and also China.

I want to make it clear that in a conflict the public will never be told what is going on. Neither from one side nor the other. War is won with deception and control over the narrative. Neither sides will tell the truth.

So at this point, everything in the media is either a lie or distorted at best. Pay no attention to either side, take everything with discernment and caution.

And finally, it is still a distractor

They talk all about that and not about the protests or the laws against the people they bring out all over the world. Distractor, Distractor, Distractor.

Thank you, that's all.

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