Ascension - What is it Really About? - Yázhi Swaruu - Extraterrestrial Communication

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
September 16, 2020

Ascension - What is it Really About? - Yázhi Swaruu - Extraterrestrial Communication

Gosia: Ok, I have 2 questions Yazhi. They are basic and may be repetitive but I want you to answer them for people because I think not everyone understands it well yet.

First: How does the subject of ASCENSION, which the very ET races speak of, fit into everything that we are talking about recently? (I know that in some talk you said that this comes from higher levels, from channeling... that would fit. It does not come from the Federation). But something else to add to this?

Yazhi: I do not agree with ASCENSION as described by hundreds of others. I see it as New Age, religious, part of the control of the Cabal to impose its Government and World Religion. Controlled opposition too, where people spend their time waiting for a "savior" be it Jesus again, or Ashtar, whoever. Characters of their creation for the same purpose, crowd control.

The whole ASCENSION thing immediately puts people in a state of eternal anticipation for something to happen to them. For the world, the entire planet, irretrievably to ascend to 5D where there are no problems, where everything is love and singing holding hands making a circle around a tree. Concepts that in themselves already carry strong symbolism. Hypothetical 5D world and New Age that cannot exist because a density or universe without conflict is not possible while living in duality.

One solution to this is to keep people in an eternal state of pure ignorance and complete dependence on the system that will control their thinking.

But this has already happened and is embodied in the story of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. Where their "nakedness" really represents not having any knowledge. That is, without a way to fend for themselves. Completely dependent on a god who claims to be pure love, when he proves himself to be a complete narcissistic tyrant. But Adam and Eve do not see it because of their very "nakedness" of thought of consciousness, pure ignorance.

Being that the only rule imposed on them by that god is a rule that as a whole is not just one but determines and combines all the other rules into one. Not consuming the forbidden fruit, representing the knowledge, that is, the realization that they are being manipulated, that they are being exploited and that everything they have been told is a lie. But mainly the knowledge that they are like that god, others being just like him, with the same capabilities, even clearly superior to him. Knowledge represented in the acquisition of shame and the need to hide because they know they are "naked" (without knowing how to defend themselves).

They wish to return humans to that state. Therefore the "awakened" must die. They must be erased. That is why the moment a civilization reaches a point of intellectual and consciousness development, it collapses. Because even seen from high planes, it ceases to be the difficult and deterministic world that souls wish to experience. Even if they deny it once inside. Closed and trapped in vicious circles and their own creations such as sin and Karma.

So, and fully aware that I am contradicting the "great ones" like Dolores Cannon here. I don't see any ASCENSION as they describe it. Nor do I see that it is even possible from any Cosmic angle.

There would only be individual ASCENSION as a process of advancement in the capacities of perception of the individual, of their mental ascension and consciousness-perception. And only from that point, from there, and by agreements between a number of people with the same vision and level of consciousness, another world can be generated, another better society with a 5D mentality, this time referring to the real 5D - where you can live at peace with a scientific, moral, ethical and conscious advancement in general, but still with problems created by a world still strongly based on duality. As would be Taygeta for example.

But what they sell you by ASCENSION in all the New Age places, articles and channels is a mental impossibility. This is only fulfilled in very high densities but with characteristics that do not go hand in hand with their descriptions of their "5D" New Age and Utopian. For example, still forming a family, with a man and a woman. Having a job, money economy and all that is only a reflection of the current 3D. All that from high densities stops working.

The concept of ASCENSION as they provide people with, also puts them in a very dangerous mindset, and very convenient for the Cabal. It is putting them into a waiting mentality. That they should not do anything. Not be involved. "Because it is inevitable" <--- <--- (quoting Dolores Cannon here). ¨Doing nothing¨ mentality amounts to falling prey to Cabal manipulations that make them docile and easy to manage. Obedient. Without control over what they want as individuals or as a society. That is why I insist that it is an individual path, individual ASCENSION; because it will begin from there - people with the same interests and points of view will form agreements that will be the basis for a new, more positive society.

From another individual point of view, the ASCENSION from 3D without an alliance between many people with the same thought or frequency, necessarily implies that one will first live in an interior alternate world, to later be completely incompatible with living or simply existing there.

Being that the ASCENSION for these isolated people will only be reflected after death where they will be compatible with incarnating in other worlds more in accordance with their level of understanding and frequency and consciousness.

While this sounds very bleak from Earth, from the position of being incarnated there, from the more expanded position, it is just a natural process and as it always has been.

To 'manifest' a better world all united there. Yes, they can, but it depends on them. Most are just asleep, in a zombie-obedient state. And those who shout that they do not want the negative world to materialize, even though they are many, are scattered and do not represent the will of the "people of Earth." Not the mass, they are not the highest percentage. It is said that it has already gone to 51%, I do not know what they are basing themselves on here with that. If that were the case, the things you see today would simply not be happening.

Gosia: Thank you for this detailed answer! A question. You said: And only from that point, from there, and by agreements between a number of people with the same vision and level of consciousness, another world can be generated, another better society with a 5D mentality, this time referring to the real 5D. But on Earth?

Yazhi: Yes, in the thin hopes that remain. But the masses don't want that.

Gosia: I understand. The next question is also simple perhaps and you have already answered it briefly but I would like to answer it in more detail if possible because it is another super common thing that people do not understand and they base themselves on that lack of understanding when they reject some of our information. The question is: You have said that thoughts create. So, giving us the vision of the horrible future as one of the possibilities doesn't cement that timeline more? How would you answer so that people can understand your point of view?

Yazhi: Going into denial is a common response. Putting your head in the sand does not remove the problem that haunts you. The wolf is still there, and it only makes you more vulnerable to him.

Being able to understand what you don't want helps to cement what you do want. You cannot advance blindly. This is what I was referring to above with the New Age and the ASCENSION as something that will happen to them without having to do anything. That only results in useless attitudes, people without any motivation to do the work themselves, because nobody will do it for them.

It is true that you will receive more of that that you focus on. And it creates vicious circles. But you need to know what problem you are facing in order to do something about it. You cannot advance only by looking at the positive. Because the regressive ones will take advantage of that. That in themselves they are only a reflection of the ignorance of the population and of their mental state.

The very nature of true shadow work is to face adversity head-on. Facing all the most horrible aspects of ourselves head on. Only from that position will they be able to see and solve the problems that haunt them.

I do not mean to see or accept that we have defects. That is very superficial. I mean getting down to the worst things we can imagine about ourselves. Face the most horrible and low aspects that we encounter. Mentally get into not only the level of the mud that encloses our own mind, our unconscious, but even lower, into the very ugliness of our deepest unwanted characteristics.

To face directly everything that terrifies us, what hurts us as qualities. Letting go and accepting that we are that too. That within ourselves we have terrible, regressive and most despicable qualities.

With that, something that very few people are capable of doing, we acquire a very deep and complete self-knowledge, almost without any denial of what we are as people. And with this, gaining the control that comes from the simple fact of being aware of all this, we will naturally and inexorably create and realize that we are also the exact opposite of that terrible something that we have inside.

There is no virtue in repressing anything, so that it is then reflected on the outside when you least expect it. ¨What you repress will come out later and you will call it destiny¨ - Carl Gustav Jung.

It is the ability to accept that we do carry a monster inside that defines us as virtuous, choosing to be the opposite, because the existence of the monster defines and creates its opposite: the celestial being of high densities. Being that integrates everything. Including the regressive.

It defines it. And overcomes it. Being the monster, you choose to be the Celestial being, that is the definition of virtue. Because evil has the characteristic of being self-destructive. It defines it. I speak of absolute evil, not of the one relative to each point of view.

So, since there is malevolence, there is its opposite, integration. And with it the total dissolution of evil. By contrast evil remains only as an example of how not to be. This is how evil is understood. And therefore, it is understood how to defeat it. As integration, not as suppression or rejection.

They will have to face the problems and do something about them. Do not wait for your ASCENSION because it will not happen. They must work on it. Face your personal and collective monsters and there you will have your ASCENSION.

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