Zero Point (Free) Energy: Questions (Extraterrestrial Pleiadian Message)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
November 23, 2018

Zero Point (Free) Energy: Questions (Extraterrestrial Pleiadian Message)

Gosia: Hello Swaruu, let’s talk a little bit about the Free Energy Mechanics of Manifestation article. It was very deep and really great. I understood everything apart from the numbers part! By the way, numbers 6 and 9 have always been my favorite numbers. Not 3, but 6 and 9.

Swaruu (9): 3 is the base, it's in 6 and in 9, they are inseparable.

Gosia: Yes, they are interesting numbers. Let´s go to the questions about different parts of the article. At one point you said: “The oscillatory frequency of its generating source causes its previously emitted waves that have been reflected back to itself to interfere with those that come directly from it. This interference occurs in such a way that specific points are generated in the medium that appear as static, giving rise to the name; ‘standing waves’ “.

So, the Source emits the waves… some are going back towards it, and this is how the stationary wave is produced?

Swaruu (9): Because before the "up" part of the wave goes down again another one comes and replaces it, and it happens so fast that it never goes down. It's like a crest of a wave that never becomes a though. It's always "up". Because the concentration point in the crest is always "up" so there is always "matter there". Your point of awareness is making a crest. Note another thing, the "node". The node in a wave is a point of "equilibrium" between the crests and the thoughts.

Gosia: Ok, so this is how the matter is produced? And stationary wave, that´s matter or the stationary wave that´s me being aware? Or both?

Swaruu (9): You being aware of yourself and having a perception will cause ripples in the potential energy soup that will generate nodes and crests that are matter as in hard matter. You are a concentrated point of conscious energy in a soup of potential energy called the Ether. As in energy Consciousness is also working in wave patterns in the same principle or using the same principle.

So, you are both outside the Ether causing the ripples and inside the Ether as a ripple as you are who is causing it. Hard to explain. In other words, there is only one substance and its consciousness. It generates the Ether and with it, it will generate waves that when given specific "harmonics" will cause standing waves and with them hard matter.

Gosia: So, without perception and awareness, there is no matter.

Swaruu (9): Correct. Matter is only an idea coming from consciousness.

Gosia: But what causes concentrated points of the awareness within the Ether? Why do they concentrate in one point?

Swaruu (9): You do. That's why you are both inside and outside the Ether. There is nothing physical as such, moving the waves.

Gosia: Why do I? What for?

Swaruu (9): You do that because you can.

Gosia: How did I discover that ability?

Swaruu (9): You are Source, you can do anything you like. And that over all highest why remains a mystery to all.

Gosia: Fascinating stuff. I will go to the next question. You said: “Any non-harmonic frequency, whether in the emitting (incidents) or reflected waves, creates a disturbance in the standing wave pattern creating an irregular and chaotic frequency that dissolves it, collapsing the wave”. What happens when the wave collapses?

Swaruu (9): It collapses the crest.

Gosia: And?

Swaruu (9): It causes the particle to dissolve. In human physics you call it Entropy principle. It's simple to see. When something is getting enough attention, it flourishes... when it doesn't, it tends to disintegrate.

Gosia: So, the object just disappears?

Swaruu (9): Yes, it does, but it does so in a progressive manner depending on how much energy was put into it in the first place when it was created. Take a house, for example. If it gets a lot of attention, it's always nice and well maintained. But if it's abandoned, it will fill itself with termites, and it will collapse and nature will eventually claim its place, leaving it in ruins, and then finally disappearing.

Also, yourself, if you don't give enough attention to yourself you will start to degenerate. A car is also a good example. You need to give it a lot of maintenance (attention) or it will fail.

Gosia: Yes ok, I understand. But the physical matter, can it disappear in the same way, if no consciousness is giving it the attention? I mean... in isolated placed where there is no one? We are entering the very abstract realms here.

Swaruu (9): Yes, it does. Hard matter converts into potential energy again. But as I said, it will dissipate progressively. And yet from another point of view... if that house is there and no one is there to see it, it's not really there. It's just a lump of matter. You need a consciousness to give it any sense at all. To name it as a "house". And you see it as a "house" because you have agreements to see those patterns in potential energy as such and not as in "big useless rock" for example.

And yes, abstract subject, but that's how reality works. In the end it's just an idea, there is no reality, there is no ultimate "truth" either. It's all interpretations.

Gosia: Very good, I understand. Ok, next question. You said: “Said mathematical patterns in the form of Sacred Geometry are directly imposed by the attention of a consciousness.” Do you mean individual consciousness as John Smith? Or larger consciousness?

Swaruu (9): Both. And ultimately there is no individual consciousness. It's always fractal or composed of "lesser" consciousnesses. Even you... You see yourself as one consciousness, but in fact you are the sum of all the little awareness bits of information each one of your cells are transmitting to the field, and that field is you. Your individual cells are alive and function on their own, they are individual consciousnesses that are also made up of other smaller components. And the Earth is made up of the consciousness awareness of all the individuals inside of it. People then in this case will be the "cells" of the planet.

Gosia: Is the field the same as Ether or Ether is only a medium?

Swaruu (9): It's both. A field we use, and the result of the very existence of consciousness. Funny that Earth science does not recognize the existence of the Ether when it's all there is. They still chase "primordial God particles" and the only reason they find them is because they are looking for them so the scientists themselves are the ones manifesting what they are looking for. You can never ever search without finding! Basic principle in this Universe.

Gosia: So, the Ether is the result of the very existence of consciousness, yes?

Swaruu (9): Yes. Or you can also say that the Ether is consciousness.

Gosia: Ok. You also talked about Sacred Geometry. You said: “The patterns of sacred geometry that form standing waves and which in turn create matter”.
So, Sacred Geometry is some kind of medium of communication between the planes? They are stargates? Vehicles?

Swaruu (9): Yes. The shape (geometry) is the attention patterns of a consciousness, or the idea. It's the idea itself.

Gosia: And what kinds of geometry exactly? Any?

Swaruu (9): The shape of the human body, for example, if you break it down in geometrical patterns will always follow the same rules, based on the 1, 2, 4, 8, 7, 5 / 3, 6, 9. Toroidal dynamics.

Gosia: So, ideas have a geometric pattern, yes?

Swaruu (9): Yes. Everything there is as hard matter is formed with a geometrical pattern, even things that look asymmetrical or irregular, like a rock.

Gosia: So, a human body for example, is also an idea… as everything are just ideas.

Swaruu (9): That's exactly what I'm saying. There is no Matter as such. There is no "Material World" and "Spirit World". That's duality. All that exists is Consciousness.

Gosia: Why do the ideas take on a form of a geometric pattern?

Swaruu (9): If they don't follow a perfect mathematical pattern then the "harmonics of a frequency" would collapse. Resulting in the destruction of matter through entropy. And the fastest ways of describing entropy are these:

Combustion-when something burns it liberates energy as it's a chain reaction that rapidly dissolves the harmonics of a frequency collapsing the wave that formed the matter.

Rust - Rust is nothing but slow combustion. And nuclear decay and fusion / fission. Or the collapsing of all harmonics of a wave from the sub-atomical level causing a huge release in energy, (entropy).

But in the end, it's all Ideas. Even the concept of matter and ether. Material world and spirit world... it's also an idea. Nothing exists without someone giving a meaning to things, to energy.

Gosia: That’s beyond me a little bit honestly. Do all Taygetans understand these things?

Swaruu (9): Yes, we do. It's basic knowledge here.

Gosia: So sacred geometry, what forms are they normally? Or combinations of any? I love dodecahedrons. I have a lamp of this shape. I love all geometrical forms. I don´t know why and don´t understand how they work but I love the feeling they give me. It must be some memory.

Swaruu (9): What forms are they? Combinations of any. But mostly based on toroidal dynamics. A Merkabah is the most basic form of a toroid.

Gosia: And dodecahedron? What does it mean and represent? Also, is it good to meditate on certain sacred geometry forms? Visualize them? Look at them in meditations etc.?

Swaruu (9): Dodecahedron is another shape, and it's related to Merkabah’s. It looks like a more complex shape made up of other simpler ones. And yes, if you like, you can meditate on them but not essential. We use them to generate massive amounts of electricity to run everything.

Gosia: When you said you use Merkabah to generate electricity, you mean you construct one physically? Of what material? Or is it done on the etheric level?

Swaruu (9): We make them with quartz crystals. Thousands of them and they revolve inside a reactor.

Gosia: Is this the only way to make a reactor? With quartz, Merkabah’s, etc.?

Swaruu (9): They retain a frequency, and they generate piezoelectricity that is an internal micro electrical force that when combined between them all and also floating in a toroidal manner they will discharge that electricity hugely augmented. And no, that's not the only way to make a reactor but it's the most efficient way to make a small compact and powerful reactor.

It´s efficiency is almost 100%. The little Merkabah’s made of quartz’s will discharge their piezoelectricity between them when one is of a different polarity than another. Causing a massive amount of micro sparks that all sum up to create something like an artificial sun. The toroidal manner they rotate also increments the power of the discharge and also causes some Merkabah’s to be of one polarity and others the opposing polarity causing a spark.

Gosia: Ok. Another question I have is. You said: “All information in the interconnected and interwoven medium is shared and affects all its parts, throughout the medium.”
But then being in the Ether soup of everything where everything is mixed, are we affected by other waves? How to protect ourselves from being affected?

Swaruu (9): You cannot "protect yourself from yourself". You are that from which you want to protect yourself against in this case. You are the soup of potential energy as the consciousness that creates it all. Everything affects everything and all is connected. You can’t isolate one thing from another. But if you want to "protect" yourself then you must become a stronger wave, so the lesser waves do not affect you as much. That means to have a stronger personality and a higher frequency.

Gosia: I understand. But if another person creates different waves that are not the waves you are emitting... like in the project you are working on together for example. The example of this is our real estate company - there were four of us and we couldn’t manifest the success and it was strange as I almost always manifest what I envision. So, I think it could have happened because there were other people working on the project? Is that what you mean with all this?

At one point you said: “Likewise, if several energy emitting points have the same point or focus of their attention, but different intentions or contrary feelings, a destructive interference will be created between them. This applies both to the creation of matter as well as to situations or events that are nothing more than an animated sequence of positions of matter manifested by the attention of one or more consciousnesses.”

Is this why for example when five people are working on a project and it doesn´t work out, it is because it was the mutual accumulation of our consciousnesses?

Swaruu (9): I'm talking there about destructive interference. As in when you tell someone about your plans and that other someone feels like envy so he or she may derail your plans as they will give them negative focus and attention. This as an example. But yes, what you said also, because those other people may have different real intentions. One or more may not want the project to work.

Gosia: You mean someone´s envy can derail my project? Even if they don´t work with me on that project?

Swaruu (9): If they know enough details, yes. So, it's important to know with whom to share those details, of course sometimes it's impossible to hide.

Gosia: So, if someone is very transparent, like me... it´s basically dangerous? It makes me vulnerable?

Swaruu (9): Yes. But even there is another component at work here: Your high vibration protects you. But if you were in a lower state then perhaps, they could interfere more. Your frequency is your shield. Yet don't say what is not necessary especially to strangers. And how to protect yourself more against different waves?

If you are aware of what the other person is doing, then you are giving what the other person is doing a personal interpretation. The best you can do is try not to judge (no interpretation) and keep a high frequency not to be affected. But even a little animal in a faraway planet will have an idea and in one way or another it will affect you.

Why? Because that little animal´s consciousness is also you. You are Source and so is that little animal, so whatever it thinks will result in something with you.

Gosia: So, if that is so, can you really be an autonomous creator of your reality? If even that little´s animals ideas affect you?

Swaruu (9): You can be! Again, it's a question of two things contradictory... being the truth. You need to know what you want in order to ignore (not to interpret not to judge) the actions of all the other "you's" around.

Remember that if someone is doing something you would never do, you can interpret that as an example of... what you would never do. It's a guidance point. And you would never do that whatever it is because you have the idea (interpretation/judgement) that it's not beneficial for you. And you imagine it not being so because you have that other example in the first place. It helps you see what you want and what you don't want. More awareness = more power. That's why I disclosed the Clones for example.

Gosia: Wow. I love it. I have to ponder all this. It is really interesting. I love the contrast you know? Contrast experiences. Being ugly and then beautiful. Dirty and clean, tired, then rested. It makes me aware of different angles and possibilities of my own self.

Swaruu (9): That's it! Contrast! If you love them both then you are starting to see them as one. That's wholeness. That's transcending duality.

Gosia: Yes, I do find myself in all. I love not to give myself something only to experience it later. It´s not even that I do it to know what I like and want. It´s more of experiencing both stretched edges of the possible experience, and how I feel in relation to those experiences.

Swaruu (9): I leave the best parts of my food to eat last. People think I set those things aside because I don't like them when it's all on the contrary!

Gosia: Yes, me too. Now I would like to ask you this. You said: “The movement and frequency of its ripples within the medium are caused by the conscious being's point of attention and will form the portion of space that he will see as his outer world. Whatever has the attention and creative focus of a consciousness will take shape.”

Is this basically that what you focus on, you create, yes?

Swaruu (9): It means that whatever the consciousness will imagine/interpret will become his/her exterior world. And yes, that's also a technical way of describing the law of attraction.

Gosia: Why is it so hard to create in 3D sometimes and manifest then?

Swaruu (9): Why it's so hard to manifest in 3D? Because you have conflicting wants that's why. You must focus.

Gosia: Yes, conflicting wants. Well said in two words.

Swaruu (9): What will manifest in your outside world is the result of the point that gets more of your attention. You are mostly unconsciousness, that's the problem, your unconscious is ruling most of your life. That's why things don't result as you primarily want.

Gosia: Yes ok. Next question I have is the following. You said: “Also, with this I take the opportunity to explain how it is that the theory of the flat Earth does not make any sense because absolutely everything that is known as matter is based on the mathematics of the toroid.”

Ok, if so, if the Earth is round because it is based on toroid, why isn´t the cucumber round? And other objects? Or is it just the toroid on the etheric level... and then it manifests in a myriad ways.

Swaruu (9): Those are complex shapes that come from geometry as well. The cells that make up the cucumber are toroid’s.

Gosia: Yes, but you said in one answer: Earth just cannot be flat cause it is a reflection of a toroid... like everything else in matter. But trees are not round.

Swaruu (9): There is geometry there. A cucumber or an egg don't look like toroids, but they are based in the same mathematics. They are Fibonacci double spirals that is half a toroid back-to-back making a whole. They are toroid’s energetically and their cells as well.

Gosia: So, are you saying that there can´t be anything flat in nature?

Swaruu (9): Everything that exists is a formation of more or less complexity of many toroids. Even a subatomic particle is a toroid. What gives another over all shape would be the harmonics of the frequency that makes the toroid. The harmonics are the ones who will organize where they will form clumps to form an object. When something is big enough like the Earth, it can only manifest as a toroid because there is no other dynamics (frequency / harmonics) to manifest anything else. That's why galaxies, stars and planets are round (toroidal).

Gosia: There is no other?

Swaruu (9): That's right. The only flat surfaces are composites of many round things. And no, there is no other. It's the primordial formation for matter. Any other shape would collapse the wave, turning hard matter back into potential energy.

Gosia: Wow very complex for me. An easier question now: was Nikola Tesla an ET incarnated?

Swaruu (9): Yes, he was.

Gosia: Do you know what race? And was he aware of it?

Swaruu (9): Lyran from Venus. And he was aware and fully. And in contact with his people at least for some time. Lyrans come from planet Lyra and planet Avalon in the Vega Star System, but Lyrans are the base for all human looking people in this quadrant. That is, we are all Lyrans. Venus is lighter than Earth, better climate, more food and healthier as a planet. The air is cleaner and so is the environment, even the gravity is softer there. Earth is hostile, Venus is not. Venus is a very nice place, its' a tropical paradise planet.

Gosia: I have this important question. You said: “In my civilization almost everything is done by air with gravity cancellation and manipulation technology which I will talk about later.”

Is it how the pyramids were made? With antigravity devices among other ways?

Swaruu (9): Yes, they canceled gravity and then moved the stones, replaced gravity.

Gosia: Amazing ok, and used electricity with free energy, right?

Swaruu (9): Yes. Pyramids are power plants of global scale to supply free energy to all the Earth not only Egypt.

Gosia: Someone just asked me in the channel now: What is gravity in general? What keeps us down to the ground? Our scientists can’t still figure it out.

Swaruu (9): Oh gravity... That's a controversial subject. They cannot find out what it is because they don't recognize the Ether. It's an electromagnetic flow, side effect if you may, of a planet´s magnetosphere. But it's in the border with the Ether so it cannot be observed. This because the Cabal is having trouble finding out what it is. Because it's in the Ether side and they don´t even recognize the Ether as existing. Again, as Tesla said: The day they study non-physical things, science will leap forwards in ten years far more that in all the previous years of its existence.

Gosia: How can Cabal not recognize the Ether as existing but they have Free Energy technology? Don’t you need to know about the Ether to develop Free Energy?

Swaruu (9): Cabal does recognize the Ether for their high technology, but not for the people, so it's part of the knowledge that people should not have. There are two different sciences on Earth. The high advanced one the Cabal has for themselves, and the one they tell the people exists. In the second, Ether is not recognized, in the first it is.

Gosia: Ok, understood! Last question and I let you go. Is there anything for the ordinary people to do with all this information in the Mechanics of Manifestation article? Something for them to apply?

Swaruu (9): Yes, they can. They can apply this information to the construction of more efficient Rodin coils. Especially using better materials.

Gosia: This is for the ordinary people?

Swaruu (9): Yes. In general, the Rodin coil is the simplest free energy device (simplest example). It amplifies electricity enormously. Its problem is that it still needs an external source, and its material is not conductive enough.

Gosia: If you say so.

Swaruu (9): Why?

Gosia: Because I don´t understand anything and it´s amazing to me how you always say these highly scientific things as something obvious. I am extremely not scientific. But some other people will understand so, no worries.

Swaruu (9): I would have to rephrase the description. I'll do my best to describe things better.

Gosia: No, no, don´t change the way you express yourself for me. It´s just me. There are many people who will understand, the ones who know about these things. I am basically just laughing at myself. You are doing a great job and thank you, as always. It has been a pleasure. Let´s continue next time.

Swaruu (9): Thank you Gosia, until next time.

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