Galactic Federation and New World Order - More Truth (Extraterrestrial Communication - Taygeta)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
June 01, 2020

Galactic Federation and New World Order - More Truth (Extraterrestrial Communication - Taygeta)


Nai'Shara: As you already know Anéeka has discovered a lot since we returned to low orbit. Now, without any doubt, we can affirm that the one who is behind, starting with the famous Pandemic, is the Federation itself. It continues to pull its strings "against" humanity. They are already over the First Directive and the free will of the people.

Alenym: What they say in countless spiritual places, that free will must be respected. We don't see that, quite the contrary. We only see how the Federation itself runs over humans, over and over again, using excuses that are only valid from their point of view. Not the people out there on the surface. Their laws of non-intervention are also a joke. They only apply when it suits them. Every day and at all hours they intervene. What we see from here is that the Federation traffic of ships to Earth and from Earth is historically the highest of all time. That´s why they didn't want us to get any closer. And they did their best to keep us in high orbit. They find us uncomfortable, even more so Swaruu.

Nai'Shara: Therefore we will tell you it is time to do the opposite that was done before. Before, people were called to make videos to ask the Federation "help" with pitiful videos, where people literally cry and that's not fair!

Alenym: This is of utmost importance. Enough of supplications and enough of treating non-human races as gods to whom things must be begged. Come together. I am not talking about going out and breaking windows, I am talking about joining and removing those masks, to start with. Simple acts of rebellion like this, always making sure that they are not exposed or put in danger before the authorities.

Nai'Shara: What people do now could rumble in the Federation.

Gosia: Do you know exactly what races those are?

Alenym: There are many, that is the problem, they shield one another, always denying their direct participation or excusing themselves with technicalities. But they are the races that are known the most, that is why they are known the most. They don't see it as genocide. Many even see it as just a test for humanity, to see how far they endure before rebelling and demanding their most basic rights. What the Federation wants to see is non-obedience, but look, humans down there go like sheep to the slaughterhouse. They, the Federation, step over their rights because the humans themselves do not say or do anything, they just follow orders. They want to see humans fighting for themselves! Free and independent, strong, UNITED. They burn them with a match to see when they finally say: enough is enough!

Gosia: So deep down they want to free humans? Only that they have a different idea of ​​how to get it done?

Alenym: In its twisted way, that's what the Federation wants. Form a new interstellar race. But in the process people suffer. And they are not good examples to follow, those of the Federation, because they are led by non-Lyrian races therefore without the same range of emotions as humans. We do not want to attack other races. It is not our purpose. We simply cannot be a part of this injustice. Ethics has been molded at their convenience.

Gosia: And what do you want to do? How to help humans with all this?

Alenym: Exposing the truth. For them to realize what happens as soon as possible. No longer being kind and waking them up little by little.

Nai'Shara: The truth sets free, Gosia, let´s give them the truth that is behind. We, this crew, do not agree with what is happening.

Robert: And this may have repercussions for you?

Alenym: Robert. The Federation cannot do anything against us that it has not already tried. With lies they moved us to high orbit, they lied to us about why. They take away Internet from Swaruu, and they send two ships looking after us like dogs. Does that seem very ethical to you?

Like us there are other races that do their best so that this does not happen, in that case my respect to them. But as it has already been said, the Federation is very large, of many levels and what we say here could never apply to all the members and to the sub-groups and organizations that compose it.

Gosia: But do you have any specific support or not? Of some race.

Alenym: Gosia, at this moment we are alone with this. At least officially. I am sure that there are countless races that disagree, but like us, they find themselves unable to do anything about it. I know some people have commented that they very much doubt that we have not known about this before, but it is the truth. We did not know how extensive their intervention on Earth was and in what form.


Alenym: Progression of events. As soon as we entered in 2020, the Federation told us that they would begin to intervene cleaning the obstacles for the liberation of the Earth, so that humans had a new day. So they said.

Dhor Káal'él: New Dawn.

Anéeka: That came out of the Federation.

Alenym: So since they would be executing large movements, we were asked to move to high orbit at 750,000 km. So we wouldn't be "in danger" in low orbit. From 750,000 km Anéeka cannot see anything with her sensors. Basically it is interplanetary space. Black, empty and it gets to the nerves to be there floating in eternal darkness. It is not mentally healthy for any crew. So as the Federation began with their movements, Anéeka progressively discovered things that do not fit into the story or the narrative. But based on mostly human data because the Federation itself was passing unreliable data to us. Filtered and edited about what was happening on Earth.

First accusation towards them. Why do they lie to us? We are also a Federation. After we spent more than two months in high orbit and sick mentally already, we began to insist that we be "allowed" to go back down to low orbit. And the Federation Council with which I was in contact, and to which I explained our situation, told us that it was "fine" but not yet, in a couple of weeks. After that couple of weeks, they told me a few more days. After those days again, just when the operations finalize.

We lost patience here. And I warned them that if they did not "allow" us to go into low orbit we would do it on our own since it is a space dominated by the Federation and that allowed us to move and position ourselves wherever we want. And they put more obstacles against us, saying it´s better we did not, for our safety. Still, we lowered the ship into low orbit.

Not without their protests, and the assignment of two Centauri cruisers escorting us at a distance. Like watchdogs. And as we suspected, Anéeka and her sensors discovered countless Federation activities that could not only be taken as "permissive" to what is happening on Earth today but confirms that these things are also directly caused by the Federation.

Although it seems implausible that we did not know what was happening, it is the truth. I am not speaking of Taygeta generalizing, I am speaking for the crew of this particular ship. So we have discovered this not only looking with the ship's sensors, but adding all the points together, with the information that is both terrestrial and the information given here, plus the research that I started directly with the Council of Alcyone that dominates and controls all activity of the Pleiades M45. We can conclude that it is the Federation itself that is controlling everything that happens on Earth directly. Ignoring and twisting at their convenience the laws of free will, and the laws of First Directive of non-intervention.

I have denounced this last one before the Council of Alcyone, a member body of the Federation, but which is not above said Federation. However, it has a lot of influence since its members first keep loyalty to cultures and civilizations within the M45 Pleiades star cluster. And then, already agreed within the Alcyone council, it is proceeded to the Federation Council, in a stepped manner.

Council of Alcyone, on May 19, 2020, has given me their full support and they ask me to pass on all the data we have on this ship to examine what is happening. This is the situation.

Nai'Shara: People have told you that they already knew that, but the truth is that they have no idea how far the Federation's meddling in their lives takes place.

Gosia: What is not yet understood exactly are their motives. And why then do they interfere so much? What inspires them? What do you think?

Alenym: The Federation sees the implementation of a single government, a single religion and a single currency as the only solution to problems and conflicts on Earth.

Gosia: But is this not the New World Order? Why so much interest in destroying humans? Because the "we want them to wake up alone" seems like an excuse to me.

Robert: This is not a holographic society.

Alenym: They are not being allowed to wake up alone, the truth is different. It is direct intervention of non-human races that control everything from outside. To implement a holographic society, you must first change the mindset of human people. They must first control the human population, change their perception. That is why to impose order they want to install the New World Order. Because that comes from the Federation. The Federation works and enforces itself on Earth's population through true planetary control groups. In other words, from secret societies like the Illuminati.

Nai'Shara: That's right.

Gosia: Does that come from the entire Federation or just its factions?

Alenym: The Federation is very large. This comes from factions within the Federation.

Robert: Money only enslaves and prevents the evolution of a civilization, not to mention the Religion. We will never advance with those Matrix elements.

Alenym: The Federation does not see it as feasible to remove the money or the control that religion imposes. Or not yet. Because what they want first is to impose world order, then start moving pieces according to their plans. They cannot proceed with the current world disorder.

Robert: Are we going towards transhumanism?

Alenym: Yes, you are going towards transhumanism.

Nai'Shara: You are going toward full control, Robert.

Gosia: Ok let's go to the roots. What does the Federation want with this? What's their objective? The liberation of humans to their 5D state is part of this plan?

Alenym: We cannot know what their ultimate goal is. As Nai'Shara says, what´s obvious is total planetary control.

Gosia: This total control has to do with getting the humans out of 3D? With the “ascension”? I would like to see how they link their plans with the “liberation and ascension.”

Alenym: Good question. What we see is the opposite although the Federation insists on a "liberation" and a planetary "ascension". But what we see is evidence of wanting to perpetuate 3D.

Nai'Shara: Perhaps that is the final purpose Gosia, that is why they excuse their actions, but meanwhile they abuse humans, the person as an individual does not matter to them, that is why a non-emotional race cannot direct with so much logic a planet full of people who are characterized precisely by being emotional.

Alenym: That is why they remove us out of their way, because they also perceive us as highly emotional, therefore not logical and not to be trusted for their plans.

Anéeka: The control method used by the Federation remains to be explained. Exposing that. The Federation controls and is in direct contact with those who control Earth and work with them. It is not only in direct contact with official world leaders, such as Trump, Putin and those of the European Union, China, Japan, among others. The Federation sees them not as the true representatives of Earth, but only as regional leaders. That they are only useful when they must coordinate regarding something that has to do with these regions.

The Federation is said to be unable to work with Earth, with humans, as long as they have multiple leaders. That the Federation needs to have only one world government first. This is false. And it is false because the Earth already has a world government. What is said would only apply for the human population, or its perception.

So, the Federation manipulates and controls the world population directly, giving orders and coordinating directly with the groups of Governments behind the Governments. What is behind controlling the so-called Deep State that is not so deep. That step is only behind governments directly, those who speak to public leaders like Trump or Putin.

Behind there is more government, those who control everything, these are the high Illuminati, but they are not alone. There are countless secret societies, all intertwined and both coordinating with each other to control the entire planet, but they also fight each other for power and control. It is this power struggle between secret societies that is becoming evident today.

So the Federation talks to the leaders of the secret societies, leaders who are not known in public, leaders who the people have never heard of. And these leaders, using their influences from secret societies, are the ones who manipulate the deep state, which in turn manipulates the politicians who are only public fronts for the larger control organizations behind them.

So politicians like Putin, Trump, those of the European Union, China among others, as well as dark characters like Soros, Bill Gates, the Clintons, Obamas among others, are only fronts or puppets for everything in gigantic mechanism of secret societies that control them behind.

Federation speaks to leaders of secret societies of planetary power (who are what the Federation sees as the true representatives of Earth). Then they pass their orders on to other secret societies dependent on them. These to the deep state, and in turn to the common politicians. The Federation also speaks when necessary, with the politicians or the people they want, if that is convenient for one or the other action or agenda. Regardless of their grade or step.

But in the end the Federation is the one who controls everything from above. Not only being permissive, but directly giving orders on what to do next. The Federation uses methods of control and manipulation already proven on Earth since ancient times, such as Roman control mechanisms over their conquered lands. Same methods.

They will arrive and by taking control through a vastly superior military power, they will offer those in power in these regions the chance to keep their elite and powerful positions, as long as they work for them. Likewise, the Federation will leave in place the controllers of secret societies, in order to maintain a functioning chain of command. That´s why the Federation is permissive.

If they did not do this, what we would see is what happened in Iraq after the 2003 US invasion. Where they took away all political and control systems from the country, plunging it into disorder, chaos and total anarchy, where minor factions and clans, and even street crime gangs took control of the country, making recovery even more difficult and lengthy. By this I mean that the Federation or any invasive outside force cannot come and remove all the control mechanisms of a society, without plunging it into unnecessarily large chaos. This the Romans knew and applied.

Robert: So Earth is undergoing a full-blown invasion?

Anéeka: It depends on how you look at it, because the Federation has had control over the planet for at least a few thousand years. But from today's perspective, Earth is currently undergoing a full-scale ET invasion. Only the public should not expect it to be like in "Independence Day", although I do not rule out that some of that might happen. Rather, it is a total takeover, using hidden methods for people. Using mentality and intelligence far above the human.

Robert: How can humanity realize that this is an invasion on a global scale? Or will they never notice?

Nai'Shara: Waking up, Robert.

Anéeka: It is evident if you are awake to any degree. Even their tremendous need to discredit everything to do with ETs. It is the mechanism of very extraterrestrials to hide.

Gosia: Hmm... I see this whole situation very complicated.

Dhor Káal'él: It is what it is. And that's why people don't understand what really happens. Because they cannot add up everything that happens and they tend to go towards worldly explanations. They do not have a sufficiently developed perspective of understanding.

Gosia: And a long time ago when it was said that the "Cabal" is largely defeated and under control, where did this information and perception come from? From themselves I imagine?

Anéeka: From themselves. And the word Cabal, it would be necessary to explain which of all the Cabals, because as I said above, there are many.

Robert: And we have already said that the Federation is removing dirt and garbage from the Earth. And how do the lizards fit in here?

Gosia: Yes. What happens with these alleged Reptiles taken from Earth?

Anéeka: Yes, they are taking out trash. They fight against whatever is not convenient for them, those of the Federation.

Gosia: Reptiles, how do they fit in? Do they work with them?

Anéeka: You also have to understand that problems like the Satanists, the lizards and all that, the Federation sees it as a minor problem that will be solved as they take full control of the Earth. But lizards, as reptilian races, not all are regressive.

Nai'Shara: And finally they are human creations.

Gosia: Yes, but being human creations, they still have a tangible form. And now who do they work with?

Anéeka: Yes, factions of terrestrial Reptilians work with the Federation, since there is another level of development of planetary control happening towards or with a view to the dominance of the existing Reptilian intraterrestrial Civilization on Earth.

And as Nai'Shara says, as finally the regressives, whether they be archons, reptilians, Satanist drinkers of Adrenochrome and of human sacrifices, all this is a human manifestation, that will dissolve during the intervention and the total control of the Federation.

Robert: And what do the Intra-Earth races like the Agarthians and the dissident German Civilizations have to say?

Anéeka: All alternate civilizations, annexed to human, intraterrestrial, are being modified and are also falling under the control of the Federation, with methods and procedures according to those necessary for each civilization. But they are being intervened or invaded equally.

Gosia: You said: "This will be dissolved during the total takeover by the Federation." By this you mean that the Federation is getting your support at least in this sense? It´s all very confusing.

Dhor Káal'él: I see it complicated, but clear.

Anéeka: As Swaruu has said, it is not that the Federation is "bad". Rather, they proceed as they best think things should be. This does not mean that everything they do is convenient for humans. And while the Federation imposes order on Earth, many will suffer and die. There will be a lot of conflict, regional wars, famine and suffering. All in the name of planetary progress and the common good. It is there where the Federation forget the human emotions.

Robert: But will this transition to that New World Order be more positive than now?

Anéeka: I can't say whether or not it will be positive from the point of view of people on the street. I am inclined to say that it will not be convenient for them.

Gosia: As Swaruu would say, everything goes towards the positive always. They are all stages.

Nai'Shara: From the point of view of people on Earth it looks like a psycho game, from the Federation point of view it is not.

Dhor Káal'él: That is the problem here, Nai'Shara. It is where the Federation forgets the true needs of humans. Where the emotion plays a role of extreme importance. And it is ignored.

Anéeka: Even financial plans like Gesara, which everyone is talking about, giving or distributing free money en masse to people can be taken as something positive. But they are not seeing that this is a lure, bait or manipulation to accept the chip that goes with the vaccines.

Gosia: Ok. What, according to you, is the best alternative to what they are doing, the Federation?

Alenym: Full disclosure. Without manipulation. The truth for humans. Ask them to cooperate with the truth, from the point of view of a non-human race or the Federation. Explaining the truth to them. The reason for each control method. With immediate guarantees to them. Like neglecting all credit or interest-based currency. With the truth. Not with manipulation. This way they will never grow, if they continue to treat humans as mentally retarded, as cattle.

It is true that we do not yet understand everything the Federation does and why it does it. But it is not an excuse here because they hide the truth. They don't tell humans anything, anything, they have them in total darkness, just speculating.

Nai'Shara: That can also be seen as an entertainment for them, playing the Gods, spending some time that lasts thousands of years for them, it is very entertaining to manipulate humans as puppets. And it's not fair that cold, logical races want to teach humans how to manage themselves in an advanced society. And so they exclude us. And so they also wanted to isolate Swaruu.

Gosia: Yes, that's what has always hurt me living here. Seeing how humans go on, with all their problems, emotional burdens, generation after generation, doing the best they can and with what they understand. But they cannot understand much, because they are left in total darkness.

Alenym: In my opinion, they, the Federation, should already reveal their presence, albeit little by little, but with great strides. For example, through politicians who take great steps in favor of the human population. Then expose the presence of the Federation to humans, so they can see from their street stance that the Federation is behind the great changes they have seen in favor of them, the human population.

Gosia: Alenym, you sound very idealistic. But I like it.

Alenym: Thanks Gosia.

Gosia: You're welcome. I like that you see it that way because I'm almost losing the enthusiasm and faith in all this. When I see how complicated everything is, and how many layers of lies there are.

Alenym: Idealism means taking the correct course, and it is possible. Not something unattainable as humans have always been led to believe.

Nai'Shara: Idealism goes hand in hand with ethics, you cannot separate one from the other. And that´s why they have eliminated David Icke. Until now, Gosia, they have let you publish everything, because you are the direct window to us and what we do, but do not doubt that they will begin to control you too.

Gosia: One thing, something I don't understand. The starseeds, when they come in here, don't they know about this? But if they are starseeds of the Federation, they should know right?

Alenym: I understand that yes, they know, based on what Swaruu has said.

Gosia: Then why do they enter? What do they really want? Because we all feel the desire to help.

Alenym: Spiritual progress, they say. Through friction.

Nai'Shara: As soon as they enter, they play the game, they gave their "permission", but what is not right is that the game reaches these levels of deception at the cost of emotions. Many of us have already done it, go in there, and that's why we can say that this is not a game.

Gosia: Yes. I get it. But the starseeds, with what exactly do they want to help if they know that everything controls the Federation anyway? If they themselves work for the Federation. Why are they coming?

Nai'Shara: For their own personal reasons.

Alenym: Yes, each one will have their own personal reasons.

Gosia: These reasons have to do with "liberation" of the Earth?

Nai'Shara: Yes Gosia. Another thing that should be said is that sometimes the Federation "tortures" people to see how long they last and then ask to be left alone. The Federation does what it does only to see how far people can endure and begin to demand them to stop.

Alenym: This is very important. They are deep into thinking that friction and suffering accelerates spiritual growth.

Gosia: On your side, what are you going to do now?

Alenym: Stay here, be the eyes and ears of the Alcyone Council.

Robert: What would happen if Taygeta left the Federation?

Alenym: Taygeta cannot be expelled from the Federation. Because we are en bloc members with Alcyone's Council.

Robert: In the Alcyone council are you mostly "Lyrian" races?

Alenym: Let's say half and half. But the Lyrian races do dominate in the Pleiades. Emotional races. The emotions cannot be ignored and degraded in favor of pure logic.

Anéeka: Ignoring emotions is creating problems. At levels that the Federation itself does not understand. Discrediting emotions in favor of logic.

Nai'Shara: Ask people to see that they connect dots, everything is so clear, see how the characters that should be recast in a dungeon are still there. And people should know that they have every right to claim, with words that come from their hearts, because they are the ones who suffer this psychotic game. Yes, there is spiritual growth of monumental magnitudes there, but at the cost of one's life and feelings.



The Federation you call 5D is not 'Bad'. They are just beings who are people with their own personal learning process and make mistakes and simply do what they see as the best course of action for each event or circumstance. So they are only giving humans what they collectively want.

Humans are caught up in the problems that they manifest themselves. But they don't see any other way to act because they believe that this is life. Engaged in their continuous vicious circles for trying to survive in a world that demands money. And caught up in greed and fear of being discovered by those who have managed to amass and hold money and power. But every human knew what would happen when they entered there.

Not only that it would be hard, but exactly what they would live since the intention to incarnate comes from planes where time is not linear, and past present future is amalgamated into a single mass.

So the Federation is only in charge of giving them what they ask for. Although as beings of holographic societies they understand that what they are giving humans is not right. But they must still give it to them because that is what humans ask for and there is free will. They try to respect it as much as possible. Also non-intervention laws. They must observe them.

However, these races do not agree with what humans ask for. But they understand why they ask for what they ask for.

That is why the human population has been 'locked up' on Earth without being able to leave. So that the disorder of what they ask for as life experiences and circumstances does not 'contaminate' or spread. Especially regarding the nightmares and the negative tulpas that the very humans form or manifest. As regressive tulpa beings, entities, Gins, spirits, and a whole complete zoo of things that lurk in the darkness of night and of the soul.

But since humans are still engulfed in their vicious circles, the Federation 'sends aid' and since it cannot intervene directly, that aid cannot be seen directly, observed or understood as direct from entities, people or organizations outside Earth. So they send agents of the Federation itself in the form of humans. The starseeds.

Although every human on Earth is a star being by right, it is true that many continue in their eternal game of repeating the same with slight variations but the same. They are all starseeds, that is correct. But what the Federation sends out are advanced beings with experience of these things, agents and very old souls, spiritual guides. These are the people on Earth who, from Earth's perspective, are called starseeds.

And these of course will not agree with how one lives on Earth and how the Earth problem is being handled. Because seen from the inside, it is a problem, but from the outside, it is not.

These guiding starseeds are there to tell humans, that yes they are star beings, that is correct, but they lack the experience to get out of their own messes and creations. And these guides are the ones in charge of telling them, of giving them other options, so that humans, as younger and inexperienced souls, have a contrast in order to be able to make a decision or take a course of action to live through next.

Starseeds guides give them other options. That is why they do not agree with how humans live on Earth and that is why they have so many adaptation problems and so many problems to "wake up" other people around them.

Returning to the Federation.

As they see that the work of the guide starseeds is not enough to teach humans a different and more positive course of action and life and the problem is escalating since they insist on manifesting nightmares, the Federation will accelerate the same processes that humans ask for in an attempt to make them realize faster that they are not on the right track.

This action of the Federation could be interpreted as negative actions towards humans, although strictly speaking and from the position of the Federation itself, they are only giving them what they ask for.

This gets more complicated when those who accelerate or put those obstacles on humans, always respecting what they themselves want, are non-emotional beings who do not fully understand the consequences of accelerating or giving humans what they themselves ask for.

An example of this problem is the law of mirrors, or the law of attraction, which works here and I will have to explain its negative aspects later.

But in summary, if someone is going through a traumatic experience or series of experiences, not only during a particular life or incarnation experience but worse still, and as is exactly the case with humans, during multiple incarnations characterized by continuous suffering, this person will only be able to see more of the same, they will never be able to see positive options, but they will only see their own suffering, and as the law of mirrors dictates, if you look at something, if you pay attention to that something, the 'Universe' will only give you more of the same.

From outside Earth they only see what humans themselves want to experience, whether it is because they are caught in the law of mirrors, reflection after reflection after reflection, like lost and trapped in a room of 'mirrors' at a fair, not being able to find the way out. And from outside Earth, they try to respect that.

So the Federation is between a rock and a hard place. It cannot act directly by the laws of free will and cannot intervene directly. That´s why they hide and never present or allow definitive proof of the existence of ETs to be presented. Be that the ionizing plasm that superheats the Earth's atmosphere always ends up betraying the presence of non-human ships.

The races in control of the Federation and more prevalent here, cannot understand the emotional processes of humans, so they will promote logic as if it were an only instrument to see, reason and get out of problems.

It is, but it does not work in an emotional race as it would work in a different race that is not as emotional and more logical as the Andromedan, the Arcturian, among others.

From inside the Earth the suffering is real, the desperation to get out as well. And the Federation can be interpreted as cruel and permissive. And that interpretation will be perfectly valid. Let's say the Federation is trying to force humans to change course. But within that, even if it is with good intentions, and because they see no other option or procedure, it can be validly interpreted as a negative intervention to human needs.

That being said, total planetary destruction could never happen as nuclear war, not only because they would then intervene, but because the Federation controls both sides, leaving the conflicts between the world superpowers as mere theater. The Cold War was only theater and its leaders knew it. Means for the population to experience that fear, their doubts and their xenophobic reflexes generated by themselves.

Imposition of a NWO the Satanist total control style. But they forget something. That human beings are unpredictable, as is the climate. They think they know them and then they make big changes. It is against every cell in every human to live under that kind of totalitarian control. Because it invades not only locking the body in a prison, because the spirit continues, it is strong. Hence the saying that they can put me in prison but my spirit, my soul and my mind will always be free.

But what they try with the vaccine and the microchips invades the mind, connection between spirit and body. It destroys the will to live. So the people of the world will never accept it. Only by sectors that will collapse quickly. Biology is not only physical, DNA. It is spirit. Without it the bodies die. There can be no total robotization and full control of the human population as they wish. It will reverse and explode in their faces in a phenomenal way, very soon. Even if they manage to implement it, it will be short-lived.

Robert: All this that is happening here on Earth, the only culprits are humans or the Federation for not knowing how emotional races function?

Swaruu: The fault lies with both. From their points of view and by their actions, each other's, their failures. But especially from the point of view that states that every human being, as a star being, is part of the Federation. At least the vast majority are.

From above, from higher planes, the Federation and the Earth with its problems are seen as a single mass. As part of the same, learning for all, evolutionary process. Being that what each one lives is only a role to be played within the same cosmic game. Role of a guiding ET, role of a non-emotional ET, role of a human victim. Among so many others. Viewed from above, the problem has been generated by all.

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