Soulmates changing among their Variants? Soul Loops - Athena Swaruu

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
May 10, 2023

Soulmates changing among their Variants? Soul Loops - Athena Swaruu

Originally in Spanish - April 2022

Gosia: I have a question about soul mates, or whatever they are called. Let me think how to verbalize it so that it is clear.

Okay, from what we know, the soul... from the level of the "Higher Self", operates through many, let's say, Sabrinas and many Jeffs, her partner. There is not just one Sabrina and one Jeff made for each other. Because the same Higher Self lives through many of its versions.

So... the question would be, Sabrina would not necessarily be with the Jeff she was with before, but with any Jeff, yes? I mean, Jeff who Sabrina is with now, doesn't necessarily have the memories of having been with Sabrina before, with that Sabrina here... only with some Sabrina, but not necessarily with the version of Sabrina in front of him, right? Because souls don't follow lines. They jump. Or how is it? Because I'm picturing it like in this image:

Swaruu X (Athena): Right, not with one in particular and she would not necessarily have to be with one, as if forced. It's just a matter of hitting it off.

Yes, I understand the graph. You're only with Jeff when you match. But it's not obligatory. And it's not really a "contract" between souls, although sometimes it can be, I don't deny that. But rather it's what gives you the security of knowing that with that guy things do work out.

But it depends again on what you want, just security with a partner with the desire to grow together, or the implication of not knowing how things would work out with someone new. Personally, I find that stressful, pointless, time-consuming and headache-inducing, so the whole "hunting" thing just doesn't do it for me.

Gosia: Ok, let me put it another way. For example, me and Matias. Talking to each other we believe that we knew each other before and we had experiences together but, now that I think about it, I was not necessarily with this Matias, or he with this Gosia, which would mean that the experiences we shared in the past would be different. So, why did we come together if we were with other Matiases and other Gosias before?

Swaruu X (Athena): Because you are the two variants of Matias and Gosia that would be the most likely to come together and not others. Looking at this as frequencies - although all of them would be more compatible than some others, there will always be two frequencies among many that are more suitable.

Gosia: Yes, but that's my point exactly. That "guy" is not necessarily the one you have spent lives with before, no? Because the linear thread of his soul could have spent time with another Gosia. What I want to know, I guess, is if the people who get together in the next life, have followed the same linear thread of lives together, or does it jump around and Jeff maybe isn't the same one Sabrina was with before? Because I realize that life is very multidimensional and there are many versions of each other.

Swaruu X (Athena): It's just that from the afterlife viewpoint, all the "guys" and all the "chicks" are the same, in consciousness and everything, and it is only when you enter an incarnation that fragmentation occurs, like fractals of the same consciousness, due to the effect of the limitations of perception, the point of attention of each one. So, in that sense, one is always with the right "guy" or with the right "chick"... although there are variants.

Gosia: I guess the idea that I could have been not with this version of Matias but with another, bothers me a little bit. So then we won't have the same memories of what we have lived.

So, another question. If your frequency changes a lot in this life, in the next one you will jump to another version of your partner that is more suitable? But the memories of past lives will already be different.

Swaruu X (Athena): Again, it depends from which point of view you look at it. From below, they can be different, from above they are not, it is always the same person, and from higher up they are not even two people. They are one, fractals of fractals of themselves.

Gosia: I mean from below only. They will have different memories, won't they?

Swaruu X (Athena): Yes, yes that would happen, but if you are with someone, you grow together, so that growth expansion is shared further reinforcing the Jeff - Sabrina concept.

Gosia: But wouldn't it be annoying that he remembers living with you in Scotland and you have totally other memories?

Swaruu X (Athena): It will never quite match, which increases or preserves the "spark" in a relationship.

Gosia: It increases the spark? Why?

Swaruu X (Athena): If everything was the same, one would be dating herself but with a bearded version, it would be boring.

Gosia: But isn't it nice to remember the same past lives together? And if that Matias I remember is not the same?

Swaruu X (Athena): From the point of view of experience, yes he is the same.

Gosia: But how can he be the same if he would have other memories and even personality? Because the variants can be different.

Swaruu X (Athena): If you are with that one and not another one, it is because that was the compatible one and not another Matias among all the Matiases. Because from above in the afterlife, or in the spirit world, they are all one. We are talking about being compatible with the holographic fragments of yourselves, yours and Matias. If you are with a specific fragment and not with another, it is because that is the compatible one. And if you look back from the point of view of this Matias in front of you, it was him and not another.

If you remember differently, that's the interesting difference.

Gosia: It makes it interesting? To have different memories?

Swaruu X (Athena): It's up to you and only you if you find it sad. I don't see why sad if it's the same one in a nutshell. It's that one, it's him!

Gosia: It's that one only from beyond... but he has other memories and has lived different experiences with me. He lived in Temmer on the island when I have memories, for example, very nice ones, of living in a little wooden house in the forest. But the new one will only remember surfing.

Swaruu X (Athena): When you have body and Ego (definition by means of attachments to ideas that form you), that is when you are someone specific (a standing wave). When you do not have a body and you are in the afterlife, which is the same as being in very high densities, you are aware of all the variables and variants of your Egos, both of who you were with the same name and who you were as other people.

So, all the Matiases from above would be the same and it will only apply to the specific one with that concept that it is not another from the incarnational point of view. And since, from the point of view of an Earthly 3D life, there is only one Matias, it boils down to the fact that this Matias in front of you is the total summary of all the Matiases that there were, are and will be. He is the All, all the Matiases together. The others, from the point of view of a 3D or even 5D life, do not exist, the one that exists is that one.

Gosia: Ok, but if you suddenly have three variants of the "same" one in front of you, which one would you choose?

Swaruu X (Athena): The one I get along with the best, of course.

Gosia: But imagine that the man you are with now doesn't remember any of that, what you remember, living in Erra, for example, and only remembers being with you in Temmer surfing. Wouldn't that bother you a little? As if it wasn't yours? From the perspective below only.

Swaruu X (Athena): It depends on how it is taken, as something that increases the interest or as a loss, but if it becomes a loss, it would go together with other factors that would make me incompatible with that specific man.

In general, very generally, the memories coincide between the two, at the level of understanding as having lived together in the past life or past lives. Not absolutely everything matches, but a big difference between forest and surfing would be noticed and usually it doesn't happen, and it hasn't happened to me.

Another thing is that the memories are of past lives but in a non-linear way as seen from Earth. That is to say that a memory I have of being with my partner in the forest and he doesn't, often means that this is something that hasn't happened yet and is a "map" to go do things together in the near future.

Gosia: Wow, explain this a little bit please. Memories as maps of the future? That's a new one!

Swaruu X (Athena): Yes, but for that you need memory of many, many past lives, not just a few, like the Taygetans do. Only with many can you realize loops, things that repeat, and we're already talking about remembering ten past lives or more. And that is Sophia Swaruu (Yazhi) territory.

Gosia: So, how do you know which is which? If it is a memory that you have lived, or something that you are about to live? Or, by the fact that everything is cyclic (spiral) - is it the same?

Swaruu X (Athena): It is only cyclical if you keep fueling the dynamic that forms the loop with attachments. By releasing attachments, you dissolve the loop.

Gosia: Ok. And why do you have to have many past life memories to realize that you are in the loop?

Swaruu X (Athena): You can be in a loop with only one past life, just remember Swaruupapriyananda, which was basically the same life eight times. That is a loop by attachments formed with only one life. There will also be two, three, four and more. But they are not usual because, as they are from recent past lives, many people can see it and remember it, so it is easy for them to break the loop.

The problem comes when the loop of cyclic repetition involves enough past lives to not remember some of them, leaving the person with no control over what happens in those lives that caused the unwanted repetitive loop.

That is to say that if the loop is formed by ten past lives, one causing something in the next one that in itself forms another one that turns around and forms the first one again... and if you remember five of those lives but not the other five, then those would be a problem, because you can't remember what happened there. You lose control.

And it would also be the case of extremely high looping lives, of hundreds or thousands of lives coming back to the same place. And that gives the illusion of cyclic time that many talk about. Being that time is not cyclical, it is people that cause it to be perceived as... cyclical. And all because of not letting go of attachments.

Gosia: And if you dissolve the loop, then the memory will no longer be your map of the future, right? It will only be your future if you are still in the loops. You let go of attachments, and your future maps dissolve, right?

Swaruu X (Athena): Yes, you would then be forming your future. So, it is your very attachments to the ideas that form your identity (Ego-Self) that are holding you back from spiritual advancement. That means that suddenly you no longer have control over your actions and over your future because you lose free will over what you yourself have formed with your own stubbornness to stick to what defines you and to correct experiences from previous lives, or to live them in other ways. Or always wanting the same partner because you miss them. Not letting go of that makes you have to go back to being the same person even to match again in terms of compatibility with that same partner you stubbornly desire again.

And so, in lower densities like 3D and 5D, you have a highly deterministic perception of life, even the inherent programming of a living biological body of self-preservation fuels it.

But it is you who are shaping and causing that determinism because, by not remembering previous lives, they dominate you, and they dominate you because they define you... and you cannot change them because you do not remember them.

And it is directly summarized as that which defines you is the memory of past lives that is controlling you without you remembering it, and that is nothing more nor less than... the Unconscious of which Carl Gustav Jung speaks, from where everything manifests. It is that.

The only difference with the Unconscious, as I am defining it and the one defined by Carl Jung, is that he, like all the other psychologists who use his basis-definition, is that he only sees the Unconscious as a place in the mind where behaviors are formed and accumulated over a lifetime... one lifetime. And as I observe it, giving Jung his rightful place, it is a phenomenon that is formed from countless previous lives that all come to form the present one, all giving a person the characteristics that define him or her today.

What many people on Earth define as innate, or as defined by the stars, being that the stars and people's attributes by zodiacal signs is nothing more than this definition I just gave you above, of a total set of past lives forming the personality characteristics of the present one.


Swaruu (9): The admas, which are nothing more than a point of attention of the Source and the Source, enter into a loop of reincarnations as a repetitive circle.

And if it is difficult to get out of a loop of a single incarnation, as happens to suicide victims, it is even more difficult to get out of a larger loop involving several incarnations, because it is not easy to realize that we are in one.

And to make matters worse, the people in the loop may be living, or not, interacting with each other, which is why Jose and Fernanda are such a happy couple and get along so well and have been married for 22 years already, because they are the same adma or soul. Or Pepe hates Miguel and does not know why, but he feels great antipathy because he remembers how bad he felt in that incarnation and what he hates is his own reflection. And the spiraling loops grow and feed bigger ones that in turn feed bigger ones until they are once again the All or the Source.

This I tell you above is what is remembered being here and is accepted as empirically corroborated by countless races that do not have the veil of forgetfulness. These are the soulmates.

Another phenomenon, an adma or point of attention enters physicality. For whatever reason the zygote divides, it is usually planned, or always rather because nothing is by chance, and then perfect univitelline twins are generated. This is a single adma or soul in two bodies, exactly as in parthenogenesis.

When this happens in Taygeta, the same adma manages both bodies, because the connection with the Source is total. It always is, it just appears not to be, but on Earth the veil of forgetfulness or Matrix frequencies, same thing anyway, causes a new point of attention to be generated, i.e., the signal is now receiving two points of attention, and as the experiences of the perfect twins as they grow up separate or differ more and more, different interests are thus generated. This on the soul level is the creation of a new point of attention which is the same as a new holographic fragment of Source. Or, in other words, the new holographic fragment of the previous one.

Soulmates are nothing more than the holographic fragments of ourselves that are energetically closer to our current frequency-point of attention.

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