Planetary Reset - Answers from Yázhi Swaruu - Extraterrestrial Communication

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
August 31, 2020

Planetary Reset - Answers from Yázhi Swaruu - Extraterrestrial Communication

Gosia: The first question I have that has been repeated many times is the following. It´s to do with 6 resets. Where you mentioned that Lemuria and Atlantis were also one of these resets. So the question is: were these resets BEFORE the 3d Matrix too? Because Atlantis Lemuria weren't in 3D. Why did the previous civilizations disappear if they were in 5D?

Yazhi: Yes, it's true, that's before. Because there was the Matrix before and also in the 5D Matrix. The inclusion of Atlantida and Lemuria as resets... I include it because indeed it can be seen like that, a Matrix that worked and then began to emerge problems between Atlantis and Lemuria, and that is like East against West today. Same formula. Creating polarity. Creating from high planes, if you will. It depends on the lens you look at it from. But it is still reset. They are thinking that a Matrix is ​​confined only to one planet, it is not. That Matrix included almost entire solar system.

Gosia: What kind of Matrix are you talking about here? The one that included the entire solar system?

Yazhi: Yes, it is a larger Matrix than the current one confined to Earth. Including the solar system. And the "control" of that Matrix therefore would have to have been from higher than the 5D Federation because in themselves they only played another role. Role within the system.

Gosia: But when you speak of 6 resets, do you speak of the Earth alone?

Yazhi: Atlantis and Lemuria were on Earth, but it was not a society limited to only Earth as Earth is today. In other words, they had contact and flow with other planets at least from the same system.

Again, there is no precise boundary between where one Matrix ends and another begins. Only today because 3D is within or below the Van Allen bands, so there is the clear barrier. But before those bands were set up, the separation between one Matrix and another was more vague, or imprecise, both being essentially 5D in terms of densities... Being that a Matrix is ​​just a belief system and what its inhabitants focus on, how they interpret "reality."

Gosia: So these 6 resets were before 3d too? 3d as in Van Allen Bands.

Yazhi: Only the last one is 3D, the others were 5D. I am referring to previous civilizations, Atlantis and Lemuria (which, as the Matrix, I include them in one).

Gosia: Can you list all those other resets? How were they and when?

Yazhi: I open a very large can of worms if I do so now.

Gosia: I would like to see these worms. It could be a whole subject if you want, and if it's big. Maye another day.

Yazhi: That's a huge topic and I can't say names exactly because they have multiple names and they also overlap each other. Being that this is under non-linear time also increases the difficulty of accurately telling when they happened. Because for some things time seems to work cyclically, repeating. Although it is not time... but the consciousness that generates that perception of time and that causes an apparent repetition.

But it is not that things repeat exactly as they were, but there are variants, it always varies. In this case, I should not say that it is cyclical, but that it is spiral in this case. (it has no form other than the one we give it).

So those civilizations are literally forgotten in time... Only remaining, in my case, as vague data in the computers that contain ancient records... Or more precise data of my travels... But this means that I cannot specify whether they are or are not in the same timeline, using definitions that the person understands.

However, the data I have and not only from the Earth is that when a civilization reaches a certain degree of advancement with problems and they are of a basic nature, they tend to collapse. And the most advanced civilizations being in their Matrix as well... they have another way of evolving because from the point of view of the inhabitants who have or will have the experience of functioning in them... they do not need, nor is there any reason to collapse civilization. For example Taygeta which is about 850,000 years, stable, at least, as a reference to human linear time.

Gosia: Very interesting. Let´s put this topic aside then for another day. I would love to deepen it. I will continue with other questions from our followers one by one:


Yazhi: It would be necessary to define what a quantum leap is in this case. Sounds like Dolores Cannon to me, with the Earth splitting in two. For that to happen, a huge number of people on Earth will have to change their mentality towards the positive in a massive and simultaneous way. Although technically possible, I do not see it as viable and probable. Humanity is not in a sufficiently advanced state of evolution.

Gosia: When they reset civilization, do they always kill everyone?

Yazhi: It is not synonymous with killing the population, but it almost always goes hand in hand. It is only a sudden change imposed by force. With whatever consequences.

Gosia: How do I know when it is a reality shared by other consciousnesses and when it is my own creation?

Yazhi: Easy. It is always YOUR creation. When it's shared, that's how you decided it too.

Gosia: Gaia, Earth, does it exist, or do we create it with the mind, so there is nothing of this wonderful nature?

Yazhi: No, nature itself is another Matrix being generated by all those creatures and plants. In an extremely complex dynamic between souls.

Gosia: What about the infinite timelines where the Earth is in 5d for example, and there is another reality experienced? Does it seem fine to the Federation there?

Yazhi: Yes, it does. Logically so. But it only depends on each person in which timeline, world and version you live and perceive. It depends on your frequency and your frequency depends on your thoughts.

Gosia: Why does a soul want to advance fast in 3D if time itself does not exist?

Yazhi: Because if it doesn't exist creates that it does, it is an idea, it exists as an idea. Experiencing progress, be it just remembering, is part of consciousness itself, which generates everything as its own experience. If there were no Time, awareness of your own existence would not be possible.

Time as something apart from consciousness does not exist. But it exists as a generated perception, as an idea... But it is not something apart from you. You generate it, but it is not something... it is you yourself. The speed of your thoughts, how you intertwine them, how you reason them logically and with feelings, as both together and not in opposition.

Gosia: Is there any way to leave en masse or individually, without murdering the body? What are the options?

Yazhi: Indicates an attachment to the body. It can be said that it is part of the Matrix. To adhere to the Ego as a definition of who each person is, as their identity. Nothing happens if the body is transcended, you are still you. It is not necessary to fear death, however it is very logical to be afraid of it... not to resist that. But at the same time, it is ok, you are still you. How to leave with the body... only with agreements with other races with ships. But it will not be viable for the general population, only for a very small minority.


Yazhi: Yes, and that is what many try, because there are communities like this in the USA, in India, in South Africa and in Europe. Plus, multiple smaller communities around the world.

The problem is that the part of the main mass of the population will have an aggressive-invasive mentality that sooner or later will invasively remove those communities. And that in itself is already a problem for those communities today.

Gosia: How do the timelines of each awake person influence how the version of timeline we live end? Apart from the Shuman resonance and positronic storms, how do they influence how this 3D will end?

Yazhi: Answer would fill entire videos, and it has already been given. How reality is generated. Whatever you believe is, whatever you perceive is, your frequency is dictated by your thoughts and from there you will only be able to see what is consistent with your frequency. What you think is. You create your physical world.

Shuman resonance and the high energy emissions from the center of the Galaxy serve to affect everyone's mind towards the positive, but even with them whatever humans think is stronger than those frequencies. So, they only serve to empower the awakened ones, and the sleeping will continue asleep with or without those frequencies. In other words, what they see and what they understand as reality depends on each person and not on something external.

Gosia: TIME DOES NOT EXIST, DISTANCE DOES NOT EXIST. Any techniques to keep the focus more?

Yazhi: Deep meditation and exercises to master astral travel. Again, each person must develop their own method, since what works for one person does not work for the other. It is a personal work and journey.

Gosia: What is the point of creating an INTERSTELLAR Race, if when there are more awakened beings, they reset us?

Yazhi: Not that it makes sense or logic. It just happens. Those who live in that race will know if they develop more consciousness and become interstellar or stay in the experience called 3D with all that it carries as limitation. If they become interstellar-positive... then no more reset will be necessary. <--- If they were enough, it would not be necessary to destroy civilization. It is disparity, difference, and separation that create conflict to the level of becoming impossible to resolve. Ergo reset takes place.

Gosia: If 2 or more starseeds envision a 3D world as manifested in the videos that you are uploading in another channel, by definition we could create a 3D timeline with really positive characteristics, right?

Yazhi: If there are enough or if they are isolated, yes.

Gosia: When Yazhi Swaruu refers to the controllers, does she mean the negative cabal or also the level of the Federation that is over them controlling the planet?

Yazhi: Both. Even though from 5D it is difficult to define who the "Controllers" are. They are from one perspective but from another they are just more Matrix, just from a higher level. This is all of a very high complexity.

Gosia: Do the emotional races of the Council of Alcyone, other Councils and Federations, and even the Creator Source itself agree on so much destruction of civilizations by the regressives of the Federation?

Yazhi: There are no regressives in the Federation, not as it is known. The regressive is only a point of comparison, a perspective. Relating to the interests of one or another person, or group.

Everything that happens and is perceived as regressive or destruction of civilizations is only an internal reflection of the internal conflicts of its members, and I mean conflicts within the psyche of each of its members. Not that they agree. The resets simply happen, because there is no other option given the chaos that exists. These societies turn out to be an impossible knot to resolve.

Gosia: Why do the races of the Federation exercise control over humanity? Who gave them that power?

Yazhi: Humanity gave them that power, the members of humanity at all levels also make up the Federation, what happens on one level is reflected on the other and vice versa. You fix humanity from within it and it will also be reflected in the Federation thereby fixing the things that today you perceive as negative elements of the Federation itself.

The Federation is a reflection of you and what you do. Get out of that victim mentality, what each one of you thinks is what the Federation is thinking, each one of its members as well. However incomprehensible and metaphysical it may seem, that's how everything works. It is not "Metaphysical", that is Physics, science, for others.

You do not understand enough yet, today, from the perspective of Earth. Because you are in a world where you have been taught that: you have to see to believe. When I am telling you things from the perspective where: Believing is seeing. That is why this is so difficult. You believe first, whatever it is, that is up to you. And only from that perspective then will you begin to see, what you would call objective reality "SEE". Not before because before you were just going in circles with a chaotic, causal and deterministic perception.

Gosia: The last question for now. IF THE BEING (Soul) has made the decision to awaken in this timeline, does it also do so in others simultaneously? I want to have a more scalar understanding of how the ascension of a being unfolds on a personal level in different timelines and how to affect it in some positive way! I THOUGHT THAT MY SELF FROM ANOTHER TIMELINE MAYBE WANTS TO EXPERIENCE SOMETHING DIFFERENT OR IS THE AWAKENING UNIFIED IN ALL THE TIMELINES?

Yazhi: It depends on the definition of awakening, spiritual awakening, of consciousness, or whatever, too many definitions of the same.

You exist simultaneously in all timelines, because there are no timelines. It is only one point of attention of each focus of consciousness that determines the idea of ​​being someone specific and not someone else. And this in turn creates a sequence of events, in the experience reflected in the memory of the individual for example, which we will later call the timeline, one per individual, but this is only explanatory.

The more awareness you acquire, the more you integrate into yourself, as part of yourself, as part of the definition of yourself, of your self-concept. Integrating what we could call other beings, other people themselves, that from your personal point of observation, do not encompass what you know, observe and recognize as personal objective reality.

That is, as you acquire more and more consciousness, you accept other beings and other people as not only part of you, but what defines you as you, as your being, yourself. This because of having complete empathy. You know what happens with and in the other person to the degree that you become her, that other person. Not rhetorically, but literally. Everything that person thinks is what you think and vice versa. Because you accept that person as you, you integrate them. Effect of love ... integration. Being that love is taking something apparently external to you as part of you.

But this is literal, not rhetorical. That other person or being becomes you. But I speak, as an example, here only about one person... but it is done with one, with another and another and another with a number of people and beings... all integrated into you as you, they define you as what you are, your being. That is going up in density... You get to the point when millions and millions of beings and people are integrated as you. Their thoughts are yours and yours are theirs. And the more you integrate as you it is exponentially easier to integrate more and more.

That is why I have said that expanding in density is comparable to having an ability to process exponentially more and more information, but to process it from the unconscious level, not only from the conscious. From only the conscious mind, the mind collapses, creating dichotomy, resistance, and it is that resistance that does not allow integration. Because the resistance here is non-integration, rejection. And attachment to what is believed to be you already. The false idea of already being something... this being a truth and at the same time the very cause of not advancing. Dichotomy it is. I know. That is why releasing attachments is the most important thing in order to advance. More than anything, attachments to ideas and identities, to feel that everything is already known, and not being able to drop an old idea or concept for a new one that works better.

So, you move forward integrating people who become you. What you think, what you feel is reflected in them, as what they collectively think is reflected in you. This carries a huge responsibility moving forward. Where you know that what you feel and what you think affects the "amount" of people who already form you, who are ... what you are. This is how consciousness in general works in the universe.

From the tiny consciousness that forms the sub atomic particles... minute harmonics of a frequency... that form a point or node with stable charge... sub atomic particle... that will form complex molecules... which in turn will form cells with their own consciousness that together will form you, a person with consciousness living in what you call a multicellular biological organism.

And you, with that organism, form a set, as if, and it is so... each person was just a cell of a larger organism, also conscious... that forms the planetary consciousness, and this one, joins others to form the total that will be the consciousness of its sun and that sun shares these consciousnesses that compose it with other suns... that now form the consciousness of a whole constellation, as a conscious being. Self-aware of its existence... and constellations will form Galaxies and Galaxies will form a cluster of Galaxies, and these super clusters of Galaxies and these, larger ones... forming what many call a density, universe or other names that do not encompass or describe what they really are.

These also pass information among other similar ones in what we would call other densities... Putting everything together becoming the Source. The whole, the indescribable. And that thing, that whole so big, is you and it has always been. Because you don't lose a sense of identity as you move forward, or grow in consciousness, in density. You only understand more things, and then others, in an eternal advancement of knowledge and spiritual advancement or whatever you want to call it.

A star or a galaxy thinks like you... in the sense of knowing itself to exist, it thinks and so it exists. So, from your point of view or attention... Everything there is and everything that has always been is you. And no one else. Only creating the illusion of someone else to free loneliness. Loneliness of knowing oneself to be the All... without other All’s. Because there aren't. There cannot be. It is reflected in that feeling of eternal loneliness, which we all feel, the idea that although together we know that we are going through life essentially alone.

Whoever observes oneself and knows itself to exist... is the whole. The rest is an illusion created in the mind of that very person. Reflection of herself. Because nothing apparently external to the person can be understood without comparative parameters previously existing within that same person. So, the whole is inaccessible from the point of view of an isolated person with a feeling of separation from Source. With finite ideas, believing in death and fearing it, as if it all ended there.

Because that person is everything. It always has been, beyond all time and space. There is no such thing as other people. Everything is a reflection with the lens and interpretation of the whole, of that person who observes and is you. You can never understand something that is outside your range of understanding... called a point of attention too. Point of attention of the All.

There is no awakening. You have only become more aware and you see more things. You are still you... only that you are in another point of attention. Your other you, the sleeping one, continues to exist. Inside you. You learn from it, but it no longer defines you.

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