MiniTopics - Variety of Information - Reptiles and Extraterrestrials among Humans and more

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
October 13, 2022

MiniTopics - Variety of Information - Reptiles and Extraterrestrials among Humans and more



Question from a viewer: What is the range of oscillations per second range of manifested matter in what is discussed as four and fifth density? Can we deduce that the destructive frequencies broadcasted from Moon station are exactly opposite, or if not what are those ranges? Can you describe those values as a range of frequency harmonics?

Yazhi: You won't like that answer. And I've given this response before. That's Highly Classified. It is not good to give that. Gives the Cabal information. And frequency ranges of densities are not fixed ever, because it is not a place to be measured, it is a mindset, an awareness, and that is personal. It is not a place, so there is no answer. Can be said to be above 50Hz, but that's not so, that's only an example. Above 50Hz atomic oscillations (cannot give more because it truly is sensitive information).


Question from a viewer: What is an oscillation per second range of a soul (if it is possible to express it that way)?

Yazhi: Cannot even be measured as the frequency is so high. You cannot measure eternity, you cannot measure fathomless time. You cannot measure integrity, you cannot measure love. A Soul is ether, it is pure consciousness, it has no limits, no measurements. All that applies to the material side.

But if you are referring to Immersion Pods frequency management, where the frequency to equalize and to divert is the one of the body, that does have a frequency because it is a limited frequency range a material body holds. So, it is the frequency range used in a body, and that means that the body is or has a limited frequency range. And that limited range is what you would call a person, a soul. But you can only manage it as such when in reference to a body, with no body it is free and impossible to quantify.


Queen of England:

Robert: And Yazhi... do you know anything about the death of the queen Elizabeth?

Yazhi: Only that we strongly suspect that she has been dead for months and they only said that she died on the 8th of September for cabalistic reasons and numerology and rituals. She just changed her skin. She did not "die" with the human concept of death. She was never human, that is already known. She doesn't play by the same rules.

Robert: But we will all do the same, change the skin, or are you saying that because she was a Reptile? And so now she is on Earth with another body?

Yazhi: Yes, because she is a Reptile. That body that you see could very well have died and she moving on to another one. And yes, I don't know for sure, but knowing them, of course she is on Earth.

Gosia: Can you explain what you said about her not being human, please? Because I had a conversation with someone recently about that and I didn't know how to explain that she was a Reptilian. As an organic portal controlled by some Reptilian soul, or how?

Yazhi: The Reptile generates how it wants to be seen by people. Using their own mind and using technology. That is why they are said to be shape shifters. They don't change themselves like an octopus can. It's more mental with technology, based on a principle similar to the one used to pass walls. That is, knowing how to manipulate the fact that there is no material body, that it is only a reflection of who is inside, taking into account the premise that the DNA itself is nothing more than crystallized memory of the consciousness of the person itself.

So the Reptilian mind generates both the material concept of the body with human appearance and the concept of the Reptilian body at will. Thus both are correct and probably verifiably correct in the eyes of a physician. One thing does not take away from the other. It is the same concept of "there is no wall so I go through there", same concept as in "there is no spoon".

Gosia: How can a being that is not even of "5D" level of consciousness have that capacity? I thought you can only achieve that with spiritual advancement?

Yazhi: And they have it, just that that advancement is not "friendly" for or from the point of view of humanity. It is not as simple as explained before, that that can only be done with a lot of spiritual advancement, being close to the Source, and that that is why the regressive races don't go through space.

I do not agree, it is not so simple. What is observed here is more complex. It is not linear, the good being high frequency and the bad being low. Generally yes, that would be observed, but good and bad, and even high or low frequencies as mental oscillations of consciousness-gravity, are also viewpoints that change with the subject experiencing or observing it.

Robert: So Reptiles can walk through walls?

Yazhi: Yes. At least some of them. They are not all the same and they do not all have the same advancement, as with any other species.

Gosia: Wow, so back to the queen. She is a Reptile and she projects herself with a human body using mind control and technology?

Yazhi: Yes, mostly mental but assisted by technology.

Gosia: If you touch her, she will have a human biological body, yes?

Yazhi: Only from certain points of view, because I insist that she is a Reptile. The physical human in her is just a transformation that the Reptile has learned to achieve. However, it is not her body that changes but an expression from the etheric side, not a corporeal morphological mutation.

Robert: Is it just the queen and all her immediate family or just the queen?

Yazhi: Her family too, but it gets diluted, as in they don't all have the same capabilities as she does.

Gosia: But what I don't understand is... was she born with the Reptilian body and then transformed into a human permanently, or did she go back to her Reptilian body at night, for example? I ask because I had a conversation with someone who says he is a friend of the queen's security chief, and that queen's security officer was with her 24/7 and he has never seen her changing into anything.

Yazhi: First of all, what that man says may or may not be true. But I do know that it can hold the human body indefinitely from a certain point of view of observation, which translates into: from a certain point of view of frequencies of observation that normal human beings use.

It does not contradict what I just said. Also, there are many testimonies that they change to Reptiles under certain circumstances or with certain kind of stimulus or arousal. For example, the presence of prey. I insist that the word "arousal" here is the correct word in this case, but not from a purely sexual point of view or concept although it does include it.

Robert: Prey? What kind of prey?

Yazhi: Boys and girls like me.

Mysterious rays in the sky:

Yazhi: Yes, we have the report. It could be Blue beam... or Tractor Beams. There's a lot of ET activity all over the Earth. Countless. They leave and/or take their people. Even the Taygeteans are at it, lots of Hashmallim activity these days. They use that all the time. For example, they even insert people with vehicles and all. For example, they go down for special operations and they can even take hostages out, but they don't bring them in or take them out, they just place them in competent hands.

Gosia: Why do they let themselves be seen like this, these rays?

Yazhi: Because the technology is not perfect and many times a gravity beam ends up ionizing the surrounding atmosphere creating that glow that gives away the presence of a ship.

That said, I can't know if that's what you see in the videos.

ETs influencing Earth affairs:

Yazhi: The Taygetans always do that in their own way, working behind the scenes. That's what they have been doing these months too, as they have always done since always. Influencing, talking to people, whether key or not, as if they were other normal people. What many would say is happening anyway between people influencing each other.

I insist that not all people who walk the Earth, pay taxes and are stuck in 5 pm traffic, are human. And I'm not just talking about starseeds, I'm talking about full ETs, but, on the other hand, that's something hard to define. Where humanity ends and ET begins.

Gosia: Talking to people on Earth? In person or how?

Yazhi: Both technologically and in person. Mostly technologically nowadays since the level of such technology on Earth allows it.

Robert: So you do it with Earth technology?

Yazhi: At least from the receiving end on Earth it looks like that, yes, terrestrial.

Do you remember Hadden, the man who, from an airplane, advised and opened the way to Halloway in the movie "Contact" with Joddie Foster, from 1997? He is the one who gave her the key to decipher the ET message contained in the radio signal. Hadden doesn't say he was an ET, but what I mean here is that ETs pass themselves off as those kind of people, with antisocial, hiding tendencies, but with great power of influence. That's why I used Hadeen as an example here because he's perfect. Hadden very well could have been an ET.

ETs are there. Or they can operate from a ship that appears to be a plane but is not. Also, some appear to be just airplane holograms. What's behind it? A UFO. I have been telling you this for a while now, that the planes above are not all human, many are UFOs posing as planes.

For example, there are reports that on a sunny morning with no clouds within a few minutes the sky is covered with chemtrails, and there wouldn't even be time for traditional airplanes to have been able to spray all that, and without making any noise. That's because it wasn't airplanes that released these, but advanced aircraft. Human, hybrid and non-human, not to use the word UFO.

Gosia: UFOs spraying chemtrails? Neutralizing the bad guys?

Yazhi: Yes, the bad guys spray with their UFOs, and the good guys re-spray what the bad guys have sprayed. It's a competition, a useless war between good and evil. And it doesn't matter if they have red and green lights and strobes, because many non-human spacecrafts use them anyway. And they're also traditional planes that spray chemtrails, I'm not saying that they don't.

Robert: But if the chemtrails reached the ground, there is little they can do to neutralize them.

Yazhi: Little they can do yes, and I insist that those spider webs you see are graphene nanotubes. Loaded or not with biology altering substances.

Gosia: Not so useless, Yazhi!

Yazhi: Useless, Gosia, in the sense that if the humans down there, "broken shoes", would agree among themselves, then nothing would be necessary since, I insist, that everything is generated by the human psyche. (I don't want to use that "broken shoes" term anymore, because it introduces the idea of being insignificant and of scarcity in their minds).

Gosia: Yazhi, if in 5D they can't agree among themselves, how are they going to do it here with so many different races inside?

Yazhi: Because here it is also the same problem or phenomenon of consciousness, intertwined with the Earth, but what happens on Earth overwhelmingly depends more on humans than on galactic federations of light and love that do nothing in the end.

Gosia: Here we are only the reflection of the above, and vice versa.

Yazhi: Yes, but that's why they try to contain the Earth in an isolated bubble (that's why they cut the internet) so that in the end the humans can solve things by themselves. While keeping in mind that this is as a step to solve their own differences of the non-human races. Between the non-human races.


Gosia: What else is happening in the world at the exopolitical level, or in general? What do you see?

Yazhi: What I see is that on a global level nothing as serious as it seems is happening. Yes, there will be more difficult times, for example in terms of economy, that is undeniable, many families are already suffering a lot from the lack of resources available before. But on a planetary level, I see more noise than terrible realities.

An example of this is the alleged missile that North Korea fired over Japan recently. That was actually a non-human spacecraft, and that was and still is seen all over the world, because those craft are already seen everywhere as all those online videos of people catching weird things in the sky testify.

However, the Cabal used and still uses those sightings to provoke more fear and accommodates everything to reinforce their agendas. North Korea does have missiles, but they are a joke compared to what other nations have. That event was not what they were told. It caused a lot of alarm, but it was just a ship passing by doing its routine. Whatever it was.

You know, atmospheric ionization by superheating due to proximity to magnetic engines, that sometimes gets exaggerated in brightness due to humidity conditions because the higher the concentration of atmospheric water, the more the atmosphere superheats at the plasma level, and the brighter the ships glow.

Robert: What about the Artemis Mission that was supposed to go to the Moon?

Yazhi: Pure fairy tales. Everything that reaches the public about space missions is fiction. It's just to maintain the illusion that there are NASA and Apollo space programs. It's like that helicopter on Mars. With that atmosphere that they themselves claim it has, equivalent to about 90km high, no rotorcraft would go up.

The irony is that Mars actually does have a much denser and more breathable atmosphere that would allow the use of helicopters and propeller-driven drones without any problem. However, my point here is that they contradict themselves at NASA, because the physics is all wrong. And they would never give people shots of real drones flying over Mars because they would see then that it is full of things that don't fit their narrative. Plants and animals, for starters.

Gosia: And the Georgetown rocks, what happened there? Who knocked them down, you know?

Yazhi: Those stones were doing a disservice to the Cabal. The awakening level of human society was using them as proof that there is an "elite" that wants to control them and wants to reduce them in numbers (kill).

So they did not feel that it was a good idea to leave them there so they had them removed, causing a theater that first it was an attack by a madman, and then they were removed with machinery. So now they no longer exist and, although the memory and the data remain, the conspiracy theorists no longer have them as a tangible reference.

In addition, there remains the doubt of who ordered their removal, thus leaving open the idea that what the stones said "no longer applies" and therefore people are "safe". Those who had them removed were the same ones who put them there, the Illuminati, the Cabal itself. For the reasons I have just stated.

Gosia: And is that for sure or speculation?

Yazhi: It is a very educated speculation. With data that indicates that it can only have been them. Knowing how they work and how the Matrix and the world itself works. Of course it was them.

Gosia: Some say they were removed by the White Hats.

Yazhi: They would be doing a dis-service to humanity by removing them, because they destroy the few tangible proofs that the Cabal exists and what their agendas are. Removing the stones ended up favoring the Cabal.

In addition, all these Illuminati Masonic groups function very much in duality, in "karmas balancing". White Hats or Black Hats, it´s all the same, sometimes they are even the same people.

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