Tulpas, Kingu Reptiles, Galactic Federation - Yazhi (Extraterrestrial Communication - Pleyades)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
May 21, 2021

Tulpas, Kingu Reptiles, Galactic Federation - Yazhi (Extraterrestrial Communication - Pleyades)

Yazhi: As you know humanity is not one species, but one more or less homogeneous species that holds many souls of many other species as one in 3D, all playing to be human. Those I always refer to as the extremely intelligent ones playing humanity for fools are no other than Federation races and people in power at the Federation that are there in 3D and here in 5D at once. This I just said is serious!

Because that means that the ‘Tulpas’ humans, “Broken Shoes,” create and manifest, create a parasitation entity that is referred to by people like David Ike as the reptilians who control politicians from behind and are pure evil.

Why reptilian? Because it is a ‘Tulpa’ created by humans and all Lyrian races, based on their most primordial fear: the fear of snakes. That is projected onto the Tulpa as a reptilian with a humanoid appearance. Now humans are creating the Tulpa, but before them the Lyrian races in space were also creating their own Tulpas and they go hand in hand and look alike because humans and others are all Lyrians and share not only a common history, but also a common set of fears.

That reptilian ‘Tulpas’ then parasites the politicians who are the ones that actively exploit humans. The ones that give the orders to make humans suffer.


Because those politicians that look like any human are parasited by the '‘Tulpa’ and a ‘Tulpa’ can be just a series of ideas. And or can also be something very objective as a real thing or creature. But here I’m talking about the reptilian ‘Tulpa’ behind politicians.

But to make things even more complicated we also have a real tangible 3D reptilian race that is reptilian in nature (the Kingu) that are also being parasited by the same evil reptilian ‘Tulpa’ beings that parasite human politicians as well. So the evil is not coming from a species but from a Tulpa. So both human form, or reptilian form, are being manipulated by an evil ‘Tulpa’ that the people created. Because there are loving and positive reptilian races that are variant of Kingu, just as there are evil humans as well as evil Lyrians.

A ‘Tulpa’ is formed when one or more individuals fear something in particular, an idea. As an example, let’s create a hypothetical ‘Tulpa’ creature. An evil super rat entity that lurks in the dark. All you need is one person to fear that idea. Then that person really focuses its real thick fear on the existence of the Hat Rat taken from Hat man, a real Tulpa creature. More and more people start to fear the Hat Rat. All their attention goes there.

And as you know, everything you focus on manifests, that’s very real. Law of Mirrors. They start to form a creature that people take as real. Fear is a concentration of mental energy that focused all of the attention of the person onto that thing it fears because it is a survival response. So it needs to give all its mental power to understand and observe that it fears, or it is convinced it will not survive.

So concentrated fear attention is a very strong creative energy that is used to create negative things only (and is known on Earth as ‘Loosh’). If you go focusing more and more on that Rat, it will eventually get so much energy off the people that it will become a physical entity. And with even more energy it can even become sentient and needing to feed in order to survive. And what does it feed from? What created it, of course. And that is Fear. And that is why dark evil entities need ‘Loosh’ and eat fear. That’s why they need to terrorize people, and little children. That is what keeps them alive. Loosh is thick tangible concentrated fear.

And to finish my point, as I have explained before, people are in several densities at once. Simultaneously. So in effect, the people who are in charge on Earth, those in deep Cabal are also starseeds full of parasites, evil Tulpa ideas and entities. And those are also in Saturn as other 5D people parasited as well, and they are because the Tulpa evil entities use the human form as a portal to access the other parts of the same soul that lives in 5D. So that is how they are taking over the Federation. Using humans and Arcturians and Andromedans and whatever race people may be in the Federation as a portal. Saturn ones in general are not the problem, those are just infiltrated and they don’t even know it. They have been guided without their even knowing onto placing laws that benefit a take over from the spiritual side.

And… You may have a whatever high density mind, say 9D, but your body is making you see one point of attention that is the you, the ego self you hold now as Gosia as an example. Your body is a filter so you can only see a very narrow spectrum of reality. But your mind and consciousness is a lot bigger and more expanded.

And say a parasited Arcturian in the Federation Council in Saturn may be in a 5D body looking at 5D worlds as a physical place where it lives, but the mentality it may have, because it is parasited, may be of a lower density. Evil as well and in an internal struggle perhaps.

The Tulpas are real beings if fully formed. And there is nothing spooky here. Because all creatures, races, and people that exist in what you see as a physical form with a body are also Tulpas that the soul and souls associated with them have created. We are all Tulpas. Materialization of our own ideas. There is where I connect this to what I’m always saying. There is no spoon. There is no body. You are an idea.

The solution to dealing with negative collective Tulpas? In theory, you can make the people as a collective manifest something different. Because you cannot go and confront a Tulpa and make it reason to your level. They would have to be interested in talking to you. Remember communication is a two way street. So they would only talk to you if they had something to gain.

Negotiate with them? You can replace human meat with grown tissue, but how can you create synthetic fear? You can´t! You can´t create fear as their food artificially. Fear is only triggered from a soul. Because fear for them is the energy that nourishes them, feeds them, because it created them, and it created them because it was the conscious manifestation of a being with a soul that focused on them as something to be created in the first place. So fear is how the creator made them. And the creator is a soul because only a soul with consciousness can create and manifest things.

They always want more and more fear. Say many people enjoy having a little fear that’s why they go to the movies. But it is not enough. So that is why they create wars and pandemics.

They must be feasting now.

There is a way from there. Only one way from there. You must stop playing the game collectively. Everything goes on because people keep playing the same sick game, and it reflects back to them all. They are making it all happen. The people, “broken shoes”. You must stop playing the game collectively.

Believing everything they tell you, giving media and politicians your attention. Not taking control of your own lives. Believing in authority and obeying it blindly. I watched CNN with the Taygetans and I saw there absolutely NOTHING that is true, nothing. Not even irrelevant things as before. But that is what people are programmed with.

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