Timelines - Gosia Chats with Yazhi Swaruu (Extraterrestrial Communication)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
March 05, 2024

Timelines - Gosia Chats with Yazhi Swaruu (Extraterrestrial Communication)

Originally in English - 2021-2022

Gosia: But I have a question. If you go change timelines, affect events etc., the timeline you move us into is different ok but the one before remains unchanged! You "only" move our perception to the other one, right?

Yazhi: If I become the people, I'm moving everyone´s perception.

Gosia: Yes, exactly. You are moving their perception. But the unmoved perception remains. Right? That timeline will not be changed and always there.

Yazhi: What I care about is what they see, not what they do not see, so the other one must remain behind. And as if it never existed. Why would that matter to us then anyway?

Gosia: You know why it might matter? Because... it still exists out there, and it influences us quantically through the field. You said it´s all related and passing information, feelings.

Yazhi: Yes, yet all we must do is concentrate on this line. The other one is not of your concern, you cannot do anything about it anyway.

Gosia: Yes. But with Earth remaining in that unchanged timeline, how will it affect us here? Or it doesn´t much? Or is it all irrelevant to even think about that? I mean, it should be relevant to you especially. Since you can see all those timelines at once. As one big mass.

Yazhi: It always affects, and it is relevant, but what can you do about it? Nothing! So concentrate on what you can do! But if you cannot do anything about it and you cannot even see it, as to use it as a reference, then why worry? Unless you are trained to perceive the other timelines.

Gosia: But you can see them!

Yazhi: I can but not everyone can. And, at the same time, everybody can but they do not know how things work. Because right now you are seeing many timelines, different timelines of yourself now as you are, but you just think they are your normal day to day events and thoughts, but they are not. You go understanding more and more, and that is assimilating each time more and more timelines into one, until you come to understand that you are everything, Source, God, ether. Whatever you may want to call it.

Gosia: Yes, there is nothing we can do but you said whatever happens there does affect us. What about "evil things" happening in those other lines, how will it affect this one? How can we perceive that effect?

Yazhi: Ok, for example, you are thinking that an "evil president" wins the election in another line, and you are worrying about it. That´s exactly happening because the feeling, the awareness, of that other timeline is filtering into this one as a thought and with it you are bringing it to you here into this one.

The answer is not to turn blind eye to the negative timelines, as many say wrongly. It is to understand them, to assimilate them, to be ok with them, comprehend them and then choose another. Empirical for me, everyday life here.

Gosia: Ok. And also, does regressive timeline affect in the same way as the more positive one? Do they have the same power of affecting you?

Yazhi: The one that you give more attention to. You choose that! You tell me, what is more powerful? That's a choice and the choice defines who you are. You are the choice.

Gosia: Oh I see, it´s you who determines that.

Yazhi: Yes.

Gosia: I think I understand. I see now it was a stupid, deterministic question I made... "what timeline affects more?" You are the timeline, and you draw that. Make it. Timelines don´t happen to you.

Yazhi: You are timelines, yes.


Yazhi: Timelines are separate and you cannot see them, but they do define one another as in you know you get burnt if you touch a burning log. But you never have gotten burned by a log specifically, but you have somewhere, sometime, in another timeline. So the information that defines what you do and how you live and how you manifest your reality crisscrosses. That works through the unconscious mind mostly at least.

But once you see two or more timelines, become aware of them, they blend into one. That bigger timeline made up of the two first will become a more expanded timeline you are aware of, and then you go adding more and more timelines making your awareness greater and more expanded.

This is nothing hush hush. You do it all the time. You call it learning. And once you learned something in sufficient detail and it is relevant for you and your life, then it will change how you live, think and manifest your entire reality.

So, although another reality does not consciously appear to define you, it does because, from a more expanded perception and awareness, we are all made up of different things and circumstances, especially those who apparently contradict each other. Because opposites do define each other.

For example, you are assuming you had gotten together with Matias... because that happened before somewhere out there on another planet in your perception. But there is no before and after... there is only now. So... you getting together with Matias now IS very well how you got together with him on another planet in the first place. (Or could be, not to sound assertive here).

Things come to pass. Forget about the when. They just do. Time is only semi linear and from a limited point of view of a conscious experience, life experience as perceived by the conscious mind only.

Timeline 1: Gosia walks down the street with a cake and she slips and falls on it.

Timeline 2: Gosia walks down the street with a cake and she is careful not to slip with the cake ---> ---> because timeline 1 passed over the information that you slip and fall on it, so you are careful and it no longer happens.

You say that's because of pure simple logic! NO, it's not. All thought, logic, and experiences, as well as memory and all what and who you are is contained in a field that is in the Ether and not in the body. So that what is contained there is based on previous experiences that define and form new ones in the same circumstances.

So even though you've "never" slipped and fallen on the cake, you are still pulling it from the field, from your "logic" imagination. That is what creates a timeline in the first place. But then your awareness decides by choice that you do not want to slip and fall on your cake. But that slipping timeline is still there.

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