Extraterrestrials and Genetics-Questions (Swaruu of Erra, Taygeta-Pleiades)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
July 14, 2019

Extraterrestrials and Genetics-Questions (Swaruu of Erra, Taygeta-Pleiades)

Robert: Hello Swaruu, how are you? We have some questions related with the latest video about genetics that we shared. Could we make them, please?

Swaruu (9): Hello Gosia and Robert. Of course, please go ahead with the questions.

Robert: Thank you. I would like to ask whether the human being was created by design on a specific planet, and maybe therefore did not adapt well to this one, independently of the imposition of low 3D energies?

Swaruu (9): From our perspective, man was not created. Also, we have to define what "the human being" is, because there are many races spanning from the very different ones to those that are similar to the terrestrials. No one considers the concept of creation of the human being anymore, I am referring to the interstellar races. It would fall within the same concept of eternity. Because there is no linear time to consider, the concept of creation, development, actuality, or that of evolution does not exist. There is adaptation to the linear or semi-linear environment of some humanomorphic or human species, but from the broadest point of view they do not form the species because there is no before and after from the total point of view of the set of all humanoid or humanomorphic species known.

Robert: Right. I mean, if both the creation of the Taygeteans and the "Human-Lyrians" was by the mechanics of manifestation of something higher, as one might call the higher self, with agreements of other higher selves. That is, did it appear spontaneously, in a precise place and time? Could that be possible? Could it also be that the two species (Taygetean and Lyrian) were created this way, spontaneously?

Swaruu (9): It would not be considered as spontaneous. The differences in 5D of one species compared to another are given by a semi-linear adaptation to the environment. It is not evolutionism, it is only adaptation and yes, there are genetic changes, but it is by imposition of the intention of their consciousnesses. If here there is a before and after, it is only relative and specific to the species. Even so, it is difficult to define the timeframe of this adaptation, since it means going back with a linear mentality to trace the origins. The great expansion of Lyra is known, but you cannot know when it was exactly. It is only calculated from the human frame of reference, which was approximately one million years ago.

Robert: I see. Now this question came to me: We have always said that the higher a density is, the easier it is to manifest something. And you always tell us that we are not this body. If I, in my dreams, can create several realities including beings with new appearance, etc., could it be that beings from very high planes manifest these bodies that for us are biological?

Gosia: That is an interesting question, Robert. Just as our dreams seem to be so real and complete while we dream, so would be our existence here in 3-5D for them. Everything being a "dream" for them. Some type of instant manifestation and game perhaps. In fact, I believe it is like that. Only that these beings beyond are ourselves.

Swaruu (9): Then humans and other beings in low densities such as 5D and 3D would be a consequence of that manifestation. My answer is that yes, what you say makes sense, however the only thing I would add is that it is not necessarily with the intention of creating a human being intentionally. Simply by the fact of being and of existing, as beings of light, and having the practical intention for whatever reason, to manifest themselves as separate from others, with a humanoid morphology, that is, with torso and head, extremities, is sufficient to cause a chain reaction through the densities where "beings" of a more "material" nature are "manifested" to the point of reaching the terrestrial human being. And yes, it is ourselves, we return to it when we sleep, and if we dream about so-called mundane things, it is because that is what is occupying our attention.

Robert: A great reply, thanks. Swaruu, there are people who say that there is a part of our brain that is reptile.

Swaruu (9): That is an interpretation that is entirely human. Because by isolating that part of the brain, they see that it works in a similar or comparative way as to how a reptile would react (according to them). But there is no evidence or anything that proves that part of the brain is owed to reptile genes. It only seems to be reptile, therefore they say it is reptile. There is no genetic link. I know it is said that the human being was created by combining 21 extraterrestrial species, including the reptile. I contradict this. Every human being is genetically different. I mean, a body (not the species), a body or a series of bodies of a specific group, can be artificially adapted to serve as a vehicle for a reptilian soul. But it is a concept or a procedure of frequencies not of something physical, and it does not transcend to the whole species. And it is not just the case of reptiles, it happens with all other races too, adaptations within the human being, insectoid races (Mantis for example) or races not found on Earth, such as some Arcturian branches.

Therefore, from the point of view of Taygetean Genetics Science, and the Federation, the earth human being is not considered a species. We catalogue the species in this other manner too:

1.) Primary species, which are those that are holographic fragments of the whole, of the unified I, which are those that have manifested from the higher planes.
2.) Secondary species, which are those that have been created / altered by some of the primary species with a specific purpose. (Using the imposition of a higher intention with a view to alter the DNA by those who will use the final container body)

A species that would be Primary one has not been altered by anyone else, and according to the records of all has always been or is lost in the haze of time. It is taken as a creation of the source, or the original unified self. The human race would fall within the second classification. Taygetans would be a Primary race. The human one is adapted.

It´s just that we also have the following situation: The physical adaptation here in 5D - it is not necessary to do it with artificial means, by the nature of the very density. In the case of humans, yes, because it is 3D and the manifestation is slow. Sometimes a very drastic and rapid change is needed for a stellar starseed to enter a human body, for example. From the 5D no, it is faster and the mere intention of the new being formed inside the uterus already modifies the DNA of the container in a satisfactory way. Yes, sometimes an artificial intervention is necessary, and it happens in 5D, but it is not a norm as in 3D, it is a rare exception.

Gosia: Yes, you said that some adaptation has been made, or could be done, so that the body could be a better vehicle for a reptilian soul, for example. Has this been done on Earth in general? By other races? Other races have made these adaptations? Apart from the mothers of starseeds?

Swaruu (9): Yes, and it is a constant. Virtually all races have done it. Sometimes it is not necessary to adapt anything, or changes with pure manifestation are sufficient, sometimes it is necessary. An example of this are many autistic children. Their soul or consciousness takes longer to fully enter their human body since the being, the soul or adma comes from higher densities, and entering all at once could cause neurological problems.

Gosia: But do they take a group of humans at random in order to adapt them to their souls, or for example the Sirians go for the Chinese, Andromedans for the Kongolese, etc.? How do they choose? In other words, do some races have preferences for some "distinct races of the Earth?"

Swaruu (9): No, it is not like that. The starseeds of any specific breed tend to spread throughout all Earth races almost uniformly. They do not take just one race. For example, the Taygetean race that at home is almost 100% or completely Nordic, on Earth will have Taygetean starseeds of all races. It is like that with all.

Gosia: Then how do they pick the humans to adapt them? Randomly? One by one, groups?

Swaruu (9): Yes, it happens that they are chosen by groups. But it is never random. From higher levels you can see and analyze the life that will be had with this or that option. Then the soul or adma will enter the one that is more attuned to its intention of life or with what it wishes to experience.

On the other hand... choosing a life is not as you choose what you will eat today. It is a dynamics of compatibility of frequencies. If your frequency is consistent with one or the other experience, or groups of experiences, then you will get that. It is not about splicing or joining frequencies just because they are similar or equal, it only happens this way because a frequency is the experience or group of experiences that will be obtained. From an objective point of view, a frequency is the experience itself. The experience is not determined by frequency, it is the same - frequency is the experience. A thought, an idea, an intention of consciousness is a frequency.

From the semi-linear perspective of 5D, which is one of the densities from which more starseeds emerge with the intention of incarnating on Earth, a very large disparity is observed between the perception of time here and there, as we have already said in another context. It is there, in that situation that you must force, to put it this way, the genetic change of the unborn baby, so that it fits quickly with the frequency of the incoming Adma or soul. Note that in this case the time factor is present.

Returning to what I said above: The consciousness itself is the frequency that determines the situations that will be experienced as this or that individual, also made compatible by having similar frequencies. What is a frequency here? A frequency is the number of oscillations per unit of time taking the observer as a temporal calculation factor.

It can be viewed as a fixed frequency... 7.8 hz for example. But in this situation, speaking of genetics or life dynamics of a person or living being, frequency is not something fixed, because it varies with mood, emotions and consciousness. Frequencies change with the thoughts and the experiences, everything always changes because change is the only constant in the universe.

The manner or dynamics with which the frequencies change will always be in accordance with the immediate previous frequency (note the temporal linearity here, since it is low density 3D or 5D). The changes that occur in the frequencies are never random, but are the result of the interaction of and with other frequencies surrounding the subject... in a soup of frequencies that can be viewed or interpreted as the Matrix, be it the artificial or the primordial natural.

What controls the dynamics of movement or procession of frequencies is called harmonics of a frequency and can be measured and observed mathematically. How it will proceed can also to a large extent be predicted. This theme intertwines with stellar navigation, because the incarnation of souls obeys the same dynamic.

Gosia: You said above that humans are in the secondary category. Just to clarify - we are secondary, but not because of the genetic changes that races have made (because the DNA always returns to its natural pattern), but because of genetic changes made due to impositions of mental control / Matrix, right?

Swaruu (9): Yes Gosia, exactly as you have stated. In the end, the human does have genetic changes limiting them, but they come by the intention of humans themselves and are reversible. They do not come from a deterministic genetic laboratory: The interpretation of the Sumerian Tablets where it is said that the human was created by them is a human interpretation, because it is the only way the humans know how to alter the DNA. It is a reflection of human thinking, of their limited understanding with limited data. The true genetic alterations applied to humans have been made through mental control. From the application of beliefs and the manipulation of what is possible and what is not, to imposing a structure of values and ideas artificially placed with the intention to provoke genetic changes.

This is how the genes of a species are altered by a star race, positive or negative, and not in the laboratory. What happens is that humans cannot understand this, because they have been programmed precisely about this point, to not to understand the transcendence of consciousness and the mind. There is no matter, everything is an idea. All the genes of a star race are already inside each and every one of the humans, they are only deactivated, they are neither altered nor removed. It is just the very consciousness-intention of the being that inhabits each body, that will determine which genes will be activated and which will be ignored. But there they are, waiting for the signal coming from their owner.

Gosia: Ok, great. Thanks. And one more thing here. If the genetic changes that the ETs did sporadically and specifically, for example to accommodate the terrestrial vehicle for a certain ET soul... these changes then return to their original pattern, right? Because you have stated that they always return to the original pattern.

Swaruu (9): Yes Gosia, that is true, the mother, for example, returns to her original pattern. How long does it take? It depends on the circumstances, but in general it would be maximum seven years that is the total regeneration time of the human body. The changes can last days and hours, others can last some generations, but the genes will always return to the pattern imposed by the consciousness of the person. I insist, that is why it is necessary to change the perception of a person for the changes to be permanent.

Robert: Very good, thank you. It makes sense. Everything we have talked about with regards to genetics: what other species here on Earth, in addition to the humans, could it apply to? I mean-what other species have a great connection to the Source?

Swaruu (9): I can assure you that all the remaining species, and every one of them, have a greater connection with the source than humans. Among those that stand out more obviously could be the cetaceans, dolphins and whales. Robert, it´s just... the other animal species are doing what they do best and experience what they were designed to experience. The human is not like that.

There is not much mind control applied to... cats, for example. The cats know how to be... well, cats very well. They know how to be at peace, in their center, in their "I" to enjoy their peace and well-being while sunbathing. The human beings are far from what they come to the world to be, which is why they are so unhappy because that feeling is trying to tell them that they are not on the right track, it´s telling them to look for their center, their mission in life. But they are programmed to ignore it, to serve society. Their value as humans is for what they can do for society, not for what they can do for themselves. But even with that mind control working, their souls tell them that something is very wrong.

Gosia: I agree very much. And talking about animals, my next question was going in that direction. Why then do the animals get sick and old, if they don't have mental control?

Swaruu (9): I need more time to explain about the animals. But it is part of or collateral damage by the Matrix itself, where its principal component - linear time serves as a metronome that synchronizes all, creating a linearity of past, present and future (or before, now and afterwards), that produces this process in the animals, among other things such as lower frequencies, toxins... the whole 3D working together against them.

Gosia: Thank you Swaruu. When it is said that the ET races contributed their DNA to the human DNA, or that we carry DNA from many ET races, what is it referring to?

Swaruu (9): The genetics based on Carbon, the human and the 5D, which is the largest in quantity, because above the 5D everything is more energetic, is characterized by being apparently or mostly the same. Because speaking of existential planes, we are very close in relation to the original Source, all beings of 5D, beings and species. This means that we will have most DNA in common, because we are all made in the same way.

Earth science knows and has shown that genetically speaking a monkey has 99% of genes identical to humans, from where they base their argument that the human comes from the monkey, which is not the case. From the Andromedans, Dieslientiplex, Urmas, Alpha Draconians, Sirians, Engan, Malakak, Ummo, Mantis, Ceded Avian Cerez, Lurkers, Maitré, Kingu, Solatians, whatever they are... they will all have 99% the same genes as the others. These obey a necessary pattern in common with all biological life based on carbon and DNA. Animals also will have more than 95% of gene compatibility with humans. A cavern fungus will have more than 90% of genes that a human being, as demonstrated by terrestrial science.

Robert: You said... "A cavern fungus will have more than 90% of the genes.” Do you mean identical to the humans?

Swaruu (9): Yes, identical to the humans, and to all life based on carbon, be it on a far away moon in the Rigel system or beyond the Bootes region in deep space. Only life based on DNA-carbon, of course. So, to say that human genes were found in this or that skull of Homo Capensis or the "Starchild"-skull (Loyd Pye) is to be expected. It indicates the ignorance level of terrestrial science in the matter of genes they call "extraterrestrial."

The "fact" that the human being was made using genes of 21 extraterrestrial species is false. And I remember well that those who said this were no more nor less but the Andromedans, and they have given this information to Alex Collier.

Gosia: Why did they tell him this if it is not true?

Swaruu (9): Because just by being stellar does not mean that they are geneticists. I mention it because I am aware of where that idea came from. It is simply not possible, because life with the human or humanoid model is the most common in the universe, as we have already mentioned. None of those humanomorphic races was created, the concept is wrong and is part of the minimization of concepts on the part of humans by not being able to understand things above their capacity or level of understanding.

Gosia: But if it is not true that we were created like that, how could the Andromedans pass this type of information? How can they err in this way? This is why afterwards people get confused and do not know who to believe. It is all too complicated for humans to discern.

Swaruu (9): Andromedans tend to be quite backward in several areas compared to Taygeta. Another example of this is their concepts of karma, which we as a race, not just me as Swaruu, see as wrong. The Andromedans are advanced, but in some aspects they should be updated.

Gosia: Then, this too must be understood by people. This is why so many different "versions" of the information from contactees emerge. Not because the contacts are false, but because each contactee talks to another race and is given their point of view.

Swaruu (9): It is not that the contactees invent or are false. However, just because they are talking to a star race, doesn´t meant that that star race has the whole truth. Something else happens here too. Sometimes this or that ET race simply does not know and go for the best information that they have at hand at this or that moment when passing the information to a contactee. No agendas, no bad intention.

But races or stellar people do not come equal, as humans are not equal. Some know more than others, and it is because of different experiences that they might have as individuals. Because wherever you are in your evolutionary process of your consciousness, you are still learning. And sometimes things are given with the best data or best calculations possible, but even so they can fail.

But in other areas, there is very strong and firm data that are difficult to change, as is the case with what I talk about here today. They cannot claim that the terrestrial human was made with genes from 21 different ET races if there are more humans in heaps all over the quadrant, and that those races are 99% equal to the human.

Also note that many things such as skin color, sex and size, among many other characteristics, are not controlled by a singular gene, much less by a group of genes, but by markers within those genes. This means that although human science sees 99% gene equality of a monkey with a human, the markers within the genes are very different as a whole, resulting in a totally different species. This happens, or is the same thing that happens with the stellar races, or between the stellar races.

Here we must also define; what exactly is a different gene from the point of view of human genetic science. They see it as something with a radical change in its morphology or chemistry that differs from the norm. But the terrestrial norms do not apply to those outside. So, as an example... A domestic cat has the same genes at 99.99999999999% of a lion or a Bengal tiger. It is the same species, a cat is a cat. It is the markers that give them the sizes, colors and proportions. It goes for the Urmah too.

Gosia: Many new questions spring up in me as we move forward. I have this one for the moment. In fact, it is something we have never talked about, and it sure is a big issue too. It is about the supposed hybridizations. The question is: If you cannot alter genes, because do they return to the original state, how is it possible to mix races? Dogs and other types of hybrids, etc? Are there ET-human hybrids too? Or is this all another topic?

Swaruu (9): It is the same topic. To start and finish quickly, they do not last long. Individuals die soon and rarely reproduce. Yes these mixes exist, they are particularly done at the DUMB bases of Dulce, New Mexico, and at the Cardél Veracrúz Base in Mexico as the most notorious ones. But it is also done in other places, such as Plum Island in the USA. The only way to make those changes "permanent," I put the "" because I do not think that is achieved, is in keeping the subject in very low existential frequency, achieved via suffering, terror and constant fear. The very condition of deformed monstrosity helps a lot to maintain that perception. And with the use of advanced mental control.

Robert: But you could also do the reverse, ie. keeping the subject at high frequency?

Swaruu (9): Yes. But in the case of a monster it will be difficult to keep it in a true high frequency. It will have the strong tendency to move away from there, to not be the monster, to return to the original source. But there is another variant! The soulless one! Biological robots.

Gosia: But what "monster" are we talking about? Human mixed with what?

Swaruu (9): There are countless monsters. Variants, mixes.

Gosia: And how is it possible to have managed to create a dog then? You said it was just a human creation. I refer to dogs as some genetic adaptation. It should go back to the wolf.

Swaruu (9): A dog has also been created, but using filtration or choosing which individuals to cross to obtain the desired results. Even so, notice that if they are released as a species, they will return to the primordial "dog" or animal base. The stray dog. And as a race, it doesn´t bother them to be a Basset Hound or a Doberman. The changes are in the markers, these are the ones that change first. Left alone they return to what they have always been.

Gosia: No mental control has been done on them. So why don't they return to this state now? If genetics always returns to the original?

Swaruu (9): In the case of dogs, they require a few generations, like, or from two to return to the original. They would return quickly to the mentality of a wolf or a coyote.

Gosia: But they are here for more than two generations, Swaruu.

Swaruu (9): No Gosia, dogs as you know some breeds are a decade old, others are 50 years, others up to 200 years maybe, but with continuous human manipulation to maintain the "purity" of the breed. A dog from the year 1800 differs a lot from a current one, physically speaking.

Gosia: I refer to a normal street dog, not special breeds. In the 1800s there were already dogs. It's more than two generations and they do not become wolves again. I'm just trying to understand.

Swaruu (9): They are kept as a variant of a race. As wolves are wolves and coyotes are coyotes, they are still canines. It's their genetic base. Do not expect a Chihuahueño to eventually become a Siberian Wolf.

Gosia: Why not, Swaruu? In theory, they could, right? Their genetics should return. I am not understanding fully, please forgive me.

Swaruu (9): Because they are not the same expression of the canine soul. Because the wolf isn´t the basis of all breeds of dogs, only of some. If you take a German Shepherd or a Huskey on the other hand, it is possible that they become wolves a few generations later. Dogs are under human control and the constant handling of forced crosses from dog breeders. The low 3D density also affects them, slowing down changes to the originals.

In the case of dogs, some breeds do have "wolves" in them. If the traits turn out to be dominant over the others, yes, wolves could emerge from there a few generations later. But the wolf is not the dog's base. The dog is a mixture of canines, including wolves in some cases. Depending on which genes are dominant, it is to be seen what will emerge, a coyote, dingo, fox or wolf... and those who control which genes get to be dominant or not are the consciousnesses of the dogs themselves. Yes, the mixes return to the original. But it depends on what is and what is not dominant within said mixture.

Gosia: Ok, now I understand better. Now, moving to the human extraterrestrial hybrids. Swaruu, do they exist?

Swaruu (9): Yes. You two are it. And there are different degrees and various attributes. All starseeds are extraterrestrial hybrids, only that the changes are mostly mental, cerebral, not so much physical - although that too occurs.

Gosia: But we are not (hybrids) because of genetic interference. We are that because of our consciousness.

Swaruu (9): That is genetic interference.

Gosia: But I mean, I am not the result of a terrestrial mother and Taygetan father, for example?

Swaruu (9): No, you impose that on your body, but mentally. However, having said that... The starseed children usually prefer to be born of starseed parents, because they will understand them better. But it is not genetic, these are preferences because of consciousness and culture. That is more common in the recent starseeds of 2nd or even better 3rd generation... post 2001. Each case is different. But as time passes on Earth it becomes exponentially more and more likely that a baby will turn out to be a starseed.

Robert: In the end they will all be starseeds. And with it the ascension?

Swaruu (9): Strictly speaking, you all are and always have been, starseeds. None of you are genetically limited. Remove that from your heads. It is a bad excuse to not grow and to do nothing.

Gosia: I have this question from a subscriber: Swaruu says that we have not been modified. How do the Taygetans explain that our species (unique in its kind) only has 23 pairs of chromosomes instead of 24, as the rest of all living species in the world? Is it because a number 24 "exists" but is multidimensional (and invisible in this 3D) and it involves the connection with the Source? Or is it the signature of the "artist?" How many pairs do the Taygetans have?

Swaruu (9): We have 24 chromosomes, 12 strands of DNA. What you see as missing is also repressed by consciousness. It is not missing, it is among the others, as a component of others. As with my explanation of the 12 strands of DNA contained six and six on both sides of the spiral, as a composed cable in a suspension bridge. The same thing happens with the missing chromosome. Sometimes there are up to two missing in human beings, that's why I mentioned earlier that humans have 22-23 chromosomes, two strands. But it's all there. Only that human science does not have the ability to understand chromosomes or genes.

Robert: Thanks, I understand. Another question: What are the reasons for elderly people in indigenous tribes to age? Some tribes have been very isolated and yet they also have their elders.

Swaruu (9): It is as with the animals, it is part of what defines 3D linear time. To transcend aging you must be able to manipulate time. It can be done with a machine, usually a ship... but you get to the point of being able to control it mentally. With time control you also control all densities. As long as you have a perception of past, present and future you will grow old. Because matter, or what is called matter, is linked to a frequency and, as the word itself describes, frequency is connected to a period of time. Even so, the elders of those tribes do not age in the same way as "Matrix" people. They maintain their vitality well into their 80s or 90s.

Robert: Do you think that from this Earth, within this Matrix, we could get to manage to control time?

Swaruu (9): Time is a direct perception of consciousness. Consciousness is invulnerable and is independent of densities. You can do everything from any plane or density. There is no limitation for the consciousness, only that which the consciousness auto-imposes on itself.

Robert: You are right. Thank you.

Swaruu (9): The whole universe is the result of consciousness. There is no matter as such. Everything is consciousness, the imagination of a consciousness, imaginative creation, manifestation, an awareness of being. To doubt that the genetics gets altered with the consciousness or is created totally as a result of an idea, is to go against how the whole universe works.

Robert: Thank you. I have another question from a follower. If genetics is manifested by consciousness, then what factors influence the birth of someone with Down syndrome or dwarfism or albino, or with the left eye with one color and the right eye with another? On one occasion my cat had a 3-legged kitten, but it ran faster than the others. Surely many will be asking the same thing.

Swaruu (9): Everything in the universe is frequencies. Even Tesla said that. So all those changes and genetic accidents are due to the interaction within a soup of frequencies, it is an alteration of a person, as it would be if he lost a hand. It is not genetic, it is intervention in the case of defects.

Something has altered the DNA invasively, but it is not a new species or a mutation in itself. It is only on a individual level. In the case of secondary factors such as eye, hair or skin color, it is also due to the compatibility of a frequency. That is, from the point of view of that individual he or she has done or thought things that have led him or her to manifest those individual changes.

One thing is a disastrous mutation in an individual, and another is that an individual comes out with secondary attributes that only define their individuality. The fact that an individual was born defective is due to a damaged DNA... but it is a damage. A damage can be done on any level, either accidentally, because a piano fell on you, or because he or she was exposed to ionizing radiation that damaged the DNA. There are chemical, radiological or physical environmental causes.

Gosia: And since we talk about these "damages / defects." Is this also a result of an intension of higher planes? And of the unconscious? Since you said that everything manifested is.

Swaruu (9): Yes, because from the more expanded point of view one has the compatibility in terms of frequencies, to have ended up in a body with a defect. The frequency of the soul was compatible with the problem.

Gosia: Ok, I understand. The intention always equals the frequency? Is it the same?

Swaruu (9): You were compatible with hurting the tendon of the foot. You were compatible with that car accident. You were compatible with that genetic defect. Everything is by frequencies in this universe. You attract compatible frequencies because they are the same. It is not that they are mysteriously attracted, but it is said that way to explain it better. A frequency is a situation. If you generate it with your mind and consciousness, then you live the experience. The intention gives way to generate the frequency. The intention is the plan, the frequency is the plan executing itself.

Gosia: Wow, I love it and I see it that way too. Thank you very much Swaruu. I don't think we have any more questions about this topic right now. You have answered lots. We are very grateful.

Swaruu (9): You are welcome, both of you. See you tomorrow! Rest.

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