Quarantines - Why? (Anéeka of Temmer - Taygeta - Pleiades)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
May 31, 2020

Quarantines - Why? (Anéeka of Temmer - Taygeta - Pleiades)

Anéeka: What happens is this: No need to talk about whether or not there is a virus, it doesn't matter. Many doctors around the world agree that quarantine is a big mistake. Experts and doctors alike say it doesn't make sense and they spend a lot of time and energy explaining why it doesn't make sense from a medical standpoint.

Other experts say nothing makes sense. But although this is quite obvious, I feel that it has to be said: There is no virus, no pandemic, it is all political and media-related, as has already been stated. Then the question comes in:

What is the quarantine, the confinement and the social distancing then for?

As everyone knows, it is to impose fear, so that people enter survival mode and so in that survival mode they become complacent to the system, a mechanism explained in detail by Swaruu. To accept the vaccine and the chip, and that is the true purpose of the pandemic.

But here there is the element that I feel has not been stressed enough: When going into panick because of the virus and in a state of preservation-complacency for survival they will accept the vaccine and the chip. But when they give them the vaccine, many will have negative to very negative symptoms and reactions just when they get it, or soon after.

This explains the extreme haste with which the regressives and the Cabal want to impose the vaccine on the entire population of the world or on as many as possible. That´s the reason behind the confinement and the global quarantine. Because if they do it in a gradual way, first in some regions or countries and then in others, people will get sick and with that the big rumors will start coming out that they should NOT get vaccinated.

They have to attack humans with the vaccine simultaneously. This is something that humans must know as soon as possible.

It is simple but for me it is important that people know how everything works and that this whole vaccination thing must be delayed as much as possible so that all the information about it comes out to light. That is why so much censorship in the media too. Because if they do it in parts and steps, humans will realize that the vaccine is harmful.

Although it is almost impossible for everyone to be vaccinated, if a portion of the population would remain unvaccinated, the ¨conspiracy followers¨, they will attack them in other ways, such as the control of not being able to move or buy food by not having the chip-vaccine. Exterminating them in other more direct ways.

Gosia: Thanks. Makes sense. I only have one but... the quarantines are getting lifted now, and there is still no vaccine. So it is not being done simultaneously at the moment, it seems. They are still not getting people vaccinated. And they won't be able to extend quarantines for much longer.

Anéeka: Yes, and that is a very good step. That the quaranties get lifte. But things still have not returned to "normal". There are still strong restrictions that undermine the will and normal development of humanity, such as masks and social distancing. So this still proceeds, so that there will be no normality or full openness until everyone is vaccinated. The WHO and Fauci himself say it openly.

So there is no point in Quarantine. Medically it doesn't make sense, it's not for that. It is to coordinate the attack with the vaccine, motivate the population to accept it. ¨

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