Swaruu of Erra and Yazhi Swaruu - Metaphysical Chats

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
October 17, 2023

Swaruu of Erra and Yazhi Swaruu - Metaphysical Chats


Gosia: It caught my attention what you said, Swaruu, about the blueprint of all that exists on the etheric side. When I was in the desert yesterday, I was contemplating this but regarding my being. And I felt that behind my perception of Gosia, there is a pattern, or what I call a template. My question is: who has imprinted this template there, this pattern? I know you will say that it is me and that it is the Source. But anything else?

Swaruu (9): On Earth, they call it the etheric body and the astral body and so on. It is simply the whole of everything that makes you Gosia concentrating on you as a material woman. From the other side, you impose the necessary energy to manifest matter using what is described in Mechanics of Manifestation.

Gosia: Yes, I have come to feel this pattern that is beyond the ideas of Gosia as a material person. But I felt that behind it, there is something too!

Swaruu (9): Yes, it is you, Gosia, but the more expanded You. Your "higher self" or whatever you wish to call it. I tend to stay away from the "New Age" because it only helps to discredit what I wish to share.

Gosia: But what is it? Someone has manifested this template, pattern, upon which my material Gosia could be imprinted. Who has encoded this pattern for Gosia to manifest on the material and astral side etc.?

Swaruu (9): Yes, it is you, as in YOU. You are only aware of a small part of who you are as a whole. In the same way you don't remember your dreams most of the time. But you know you had them. That mechanism of dream forgetting is none other than the "veil of forgetfulness" of incarnation on Earth. You can see it at work with this example.

You are the result of the sum total of your own thoughts and ideas. And... there is no such thing as a material Gosia. It's just more ideas. There is no matter, just the idea that there is. It's just potential energy and your mind and your consciousness gives it form and structure. You cannot see what is in front of you because you are not equipped to understand or perceive it, in the same way that a porcelain cup has no meaning or value to an ant, because it is not in its reality... it is just an "amorphous encumbrance". Only your mind and your previous experience make the potential energy form "cup" in your head and all that is associated with that concept.

Gosia: It is incredible. To feel like the being imprinted on this "material" side, a reflection of the pattern/template, and to feel yourself beyond this as well, to feel the field itself encoding you so that you can perceive yourself physically. It is incredible to be everywhere at once. To perceive yourself from all angles at once. It is intense.

Swaruu (9): That's why there is no time... there is no death. It's only your intention to form... your perceived material part that ends.

When you enter the physical with full awareness of what you were above in higher densities, then you perceive yourself more and know yourself to be more than just a body that you also are and is also part of you... but you end up accessing information from your more expanded counterparts that are ultimately just fragments of the whole that you are, as a total unified whole.


Gosia: But now, how would our situation be now, of humans... if you hadn´t done that? Was it worth it? Because if even you doing all this haven´t been able to liberate humans, what can I do really?

Swaruu (9): This is my answer: Part of the very nature of that 3D world is that whatever you do, you always get the opposite reaction. That is part of duality! Inescapable action/ reaction. But this applies not only to physical things, but to actions and attitudes and beings as well. So, if you go back in time with high knowledge, time technology, with perfectly good intentions, you will inexorably cause the opposite to manifest there.

So a Superman is born that can help so many people... and a Lex Luther is manifested to counteract him! Balance is duality. So anything I, or anyone else, whatever we do, someone will do the opposite to restore balance in the Matrix. You and Robert place my videos in the Internet... and shortly thereafter whoever else appears to discredit all this! Always the same! Always!

Gosia: Then? What´s the point? Isn´t it better to do what the Federation did with Centauri? They got liberated in a full military operation.

Swaruu (9): The problem is the mentality of the people, the inhabitants! The Alphas were clearly just kept in cages, not much to do there from their perspective, so a military operation is considered a good option, but on Earth people want that experience! They must change their mentality before we can go in in a military way, or else... they would simply go back to creating the very same world.

And in the case of Centauri, that was war, and war causes undesired ripples all over, causing more resentment among the affected species. This only causes more suffering and more problems, more war!

There is only one way. Each person should change inside. Be responsible for their world and what each one of them causes in it! That is what escapes the humans. They all think what they do is not enough, that they should do more, anything else they could do other than work on themselves is futile!

Gosia: With all your time jumps you have done, you feel you did help? Did you see changes in human consciousness?

Swaruu (9): I have! But with it I have also created the opposite!

Gosia: Would it be worse if you had not helped?

Swaruu (9): It would be the same.

I must tell you more at this point. Relevant and important because it leads us to the why of Tuesday's Council.

As I said above, you create the opposite there, whatever you do! For every Superman there is a Lex Luther, for every Batman there is a Joker. All I have done, all I have tried so hard to achieve, has always been derailed by my opposite! This is not a joke, and it is hurtful.

Gosia: Whatever we do, it creates the opposite and does nothing really. From your experience, then why am I doing what I am doing? And please don´t answer like I know you would answer. That it is our role within our game. I mean really... if it does nothing, and if even you couldn´t achieve that much, maybe it´s better for me to pack up? I mean, I do have things to do. Explore the Solar System and beyond, travel in my ship, discover the unknown, etc.

Swaruu (9): Because as anyone else should do, you can only do what you can. You must follow your own path! Decide what is the right thing to do! And disregard all the other things that are not under your control. That is why I no longer time jump! Because I must follow my path!

If you feel you want to help, then help, that is what I do as well. We must concentrate on who we are, and not on what opposite we create! But we cannot always see those opposites. We see what we want to see and that is valid. It is our perception. So if we want to see that we are helping, then we are! In the end, that is your path to follow, to understand all this, futile and, at the same time, the correct thing to do!

Gosia: It almost makes me feel like I have been inserted into this 3D-5D to play out and execute part of my balancing aspect. The "goodness", "helping".

Swaruu (9): Yes!

Gosia: Like it´s not something that I DO. But something that I AM.

Swaruu (9): Yes!

Gosia: And I can´t help it or not do it. It´s something I am.

Swaruu (9): Exactly!

Gosia: You feel that as well?

Swaruu (9): That means that you are exactly who and how you should be! And yes, I feel exactly the same way as you do! So be proud of yourself, because you should!

Gosia: Being me, executing myself from the higher place... my higher plane being my intention, and my whole 3-5D situation being the frequency generated executing itself. There is no resisting it. I am just my own plan from above in execution.

But then, even though I know this, discovering that even being me is not helping much this world, that´s a strange sad sensation. It´s like I must be me no matter what, but then the world is doing what it wants anyway. So it´s a fulfilling feeling but also frustrating.

Swaruu (9): I feel the same way! But it is also liberating! It means that being who you are is all what counts! And if that fighting, however we can, is who we are, then we have no choice. No choice <--- Because the instant we decide to do other, it will also be who we are! So it´s inescapable!

Gosia: Yes. I feel like I have no choice really here.

Swaruu (9): You don't! Me neither!

Gosia: Strange. Who are we? Maybe we are on some remote control... of someone else from above. Ourselves, I guess.

Swaruu (9): In all my experience, with all those time jumps, I have seen that I have not been any of all those avatars, including the Swaruu one. I fail to know who I really am!

Gosia: Yes! I feel the same. Even Káal’el said that. That not having one true identity, that becomes his identity. Identity-free self.

Swaruu (9): Well said! I feel the same!


Yazhi: You, or we, think something is wrong with the Earth. Is it really? Or are we the ones who are in a place that is not right for us?

Robert: The problem is that humanity does not know that there are more options than just the one we are in.

Gosia: What is wrong is what the controllers are doing, usurping power over other races and souls, whether they know what they are getting into or not.

Yazhi: Yes. But why do they do it? Because the existence of the controllers is the only way to cause an existential dynamic like the one you have on Earth. And, as we said above, that is what humans as a collective desire. And it is so or the Earth would not be so.

Not being aware is part of the experience. They do not know anything. They have to learn everything from scratch, from the beginning. But the question is: why interfere? (I already know the answer).

Robert: We have to interfere because more and more regressive races are stopping the natural ascension of this planet.

Gosia: Because it is our role to help and guide, to teach. And because we are intuitively listening to the souls of the starseeds that are "trapped" and really want to come out of this experience.

Yazhi: And because the experience of the Earth or for the Earth does not end there. It affects other lives and other worlds outside of Earth. Helping is part of what we want to experience as a consequence of what Earth is like, from our perspective.

Gosia: It wasn't just the controllers that produced the Earth dynamics. It was mainly because of the 3D bands that were put in place.

Yazhi: Okay, and who has placed those bands?

Gosia: The Federation has. The first Lyrians did not want this. 3D has been artificially imposed. I don't know to what degree they were aware that this was going to happen from their etheric side.

Yazhi: They were aware. They knew this would happen and they wanted the experience. As soon as they get really tired of the experience, they will leave. It is only their own mind that traps them. With or without mind control of the negatives.

Gosia: So, from your perspective, knowing all this, why do you wish to help?

Yazhi: Because that is our dynamic of play or role in existence. Because I know that after all that you experience there, you will grow. To use a term, since I don't agree with that. You are already grown. But my point is that they will end up with the same conclusions that we have here. And why to help and interfere from my point of view is inconsequential because from the broader perspective it's part of the same grand cosmic game.

I see both. That humans are not to blame for anything and, at the same time, they are the ones causing everything. Both, and they do not conflict with each other. Change your own mentality from a personal and individual point of view and you will change the collective timelines.

Just as the negatives exist to play a role in manifesting to humans exactly what they want as a collective, so too those who help are part of the same dynamic that shapes everything to do with Earth (and the rest of the universe).

Gosia: Yes, I feel it is part of my being to help. But I don't know to what degree it is the role I have made for myself from above, to experience this, or if it is really part of my being. Or both.

Yazhi: What is the difference?

Gosia: That's what I'm wondering, if there is. I don't think there is in the end.

Yazhi: If it makes you happy, if it makes you feel useful and fulfilling your purpose in life, then it is your existential purpose.

Gosia: Does it make you happy?

Yazhi: Yes, hihihi. A frustration is a consequence of unfulfilled expectations. I don't have expectations, I just do what I do to the best of my ability. And I am happy with the results. Even the negative ones. I only have love for humans.


Gosia: If we are living in a dream, why do we always wake up to the same body and point of awareness?

Yazhi: Because that is the dream.

Gosia: But why not keep dreaming somewhere else... as a Francine in Rome?

Yazhi: And I knew you would say that, ask that precisely. But, it is short, very short - a dream. You can be Francine in Rome.

Gosia: But then I come back to Gosia, again.

Yazhi: Because that is what you are used to. But you can be Francine, always. From where I dwell, you can be anyone. Or that is what I feel.

Gosia: And not come back to Gosia?

Yazhi: And not go back to Gosia. You go back because you are comfortable there. Gosia is only in your mind.

Gosia: Gosia will remain empty then? Or will just die in a sleep?

Yazhi: She simply stops existing. You are Francine now. You got to open your flower shop by 9 am. You slept in. You are late. You dreamed that you were a Polish girl talking to ETs. No longer exists for you. That was a dream. You can't even look for Gosia unless you master the astral. She lives in a mirror, in a twist of light... from you.

But you forget about Gosia. You are worried about your rent. You owe money to the gardeners. You must go to your English class. Frustrating for you, as you have spent six months studying English. And all you can say is that you went to LA for the time of your vacation. With a horrible Italian accent.

Master the astral and you stop forgetting. You become Francine, and Gosia, and Swaruu, and the cat down the road. It becomes evident that you forget because you wish to forget. As not knowing most things, and only very few, a keyhole of knowledge... is what defines you as Francine. What you do not know defines you as much as what you know.

The more you know the less localized and focalised you are... more cosmic you become. A body in locality becomes less relevant. Who cares how you will call yourself today! You are everything. Everyone. You are neither dead nor alive, you just are. Duality ceases to exist. It´s all you anyway. You are free.


Gosia: What are the objectives of those guiding from above? The objectives of the Federation is to mentor human race to be "launched" (relaunched) into the interstellar existence? What´s the purpose of it all transpiring... for the races from 6-7D? What´s THEIR objective with all this?

Yazhi: Oneness. Returning to Source as all minds, all consciousnesses, want one thing above all... to expand, to know, to seek who they are and where they belong in this giant cosmic adventure. The want to know!

They seek what they cannot find anywhere, and many know it, yet they continue to seek. What they want to find is themselves. But they will never find themselves because they cannot perceive themselves. So they try to understand their own shadows. Creations.

As for Federation with Earth, as a purpose... what we all want and what we all seek with humankind is the birth of a new species. We are both here to do our job. We are part of this all. Where your physical body resides does not matter. You know that! What matters is who you are inside, starseed from higher realms!

I cannot know the difference between something I imagined and something that happened (sounds dangerous). That is what humans are training for, to think therefore manifest. To control the Law of Mirrors. To manifest their desires.

Gosia: Why do we from higher plane, where there is no need for anything... just be, integrated, care to be "birthing" any new species in 3D-5D realm? Why are we so involved? Why don´t we just dwell peacefully above minding our business?

Yazhi: Because from higher up this is our business. A choice.

Gosia: Why? Why do we choose it?

Yazhi: Because it helps us expand, learn, be more aware. Understand more. Makes us closer to who we are.

Gosia: Why do we need to expand?

Yazhi: Because... we are greedy.

Gosia: But we already are integrated there. We already are closer to the Source than ever.

Yazhi: As is Source that everything is, Source is complete, yet it must fragment in order to have even more.

Gosia: Why doing things in 5D brings us closer to who we are?

Yazhi: To continue asking questions. Because if we are everything, there is no contrast. And with no contrast, we cannot be. You are because you also understand what you are not <--- The only way to be "someone" is with the illusion of separation. Them vs you.

Gosia: So then we come to 5D so we can yearn to be whole again above. Are we nuts? Why go in circles? We are chasing our own tail. All I see is circles. I am circling, Yazhi!

Yazhi: Why? To be, sister, to be. Indeed we are! But it's fun! Ask any puppy, it will say it's fun!

It all boils down to what we already have said. This is because that is who we are!

Gosia: Why can´t we be still?

Yazhi: Don't need to circle. As I said, that is a choice. You stay still, but there is no growth. So, after a while, you seek adventure. And then you had enough so you want stillness again.

Gosia: But I need no growth in stillness. I am all I ever need to be.

Yazhi: Yet, to be, you need to understand what is not you. And that understanding is what you seek. But in order to be able to fully understand this you must know what it is like not to be above 5D.

The reason you miss higher realms is because you are perceiving what is not higher realms. So you appreciate them more as you know the contrast, what is not a higher realm.

Gosia: Quick question. In higher densities, are you just the energy being or can you have a body and senses? Or, if you do that, that´s when you come into 5D? Or can you experience senses and body temporarily while above the so-called 5D?

Yazhi: The higher the realm, the more you can be. That becomes a choice to be, to express yourself as... whoever or whatever. So, from higher realms you can be anyone. That's why I say that from higher realms if they can manifest a ship with thought alone, they don't need a ship! They may manifest a ship for the observers in lower realms to have something to relate to them with. Because if not so, there wouldn't be any point of comparison or understanding between both creatures in different realms. And, from higher realms, you understand the needs of those in lower realms.

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