Yazhi (Sophia) Swaruu - MESSAGE TO THE CABAL - Extraterrestrial Communication

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
September 23, 2021

Yazhi (Sophia) Swaruu - MESSAGE TO THE CABAL - Extraterrestrial Communication

Yázhi: I know how you think, I see right through you, you cannot hide from me.

I am Yázhi, Sophia Swaruu, the consciousness from which all the other beings in my group emanate from. I am the core, I am the nucleus, I speak for them because I am them all.

I need not be humble because I speak the truth, they are all independent creatures and people, and from their point of view them, altogether make up who I am. My consciousness is the result of them and they are the result of me.

I know you are moving to eliminate the vast majority of the people who inhabit Earth, people that call themselves humans, but your efforts will bleed off eliminating countless other creatures that depend on them for their very existence.

I know you think eliminating the human population is the only way to save the Earth from ecosystem collapse due to over exploitation and human greed.

I know you feel the human population is an ignorant easily manipulated self centered dangerous species that if not dealt with, will eventually, sooner than later, collapse Earth's biology. And you see no other option other than genocide.

I know you are also following the directives of entities that are asking you to do so, for them to feed from human suffering. Entities you have created as elaborated millennial old dark Tulpas and Egregors.

I know they are all of your creation. You have removed yourself from the perception of pertaining to the human collective, and as apart from them all the cause and effect you yourselves call Karma will fall upon your shoulders ten fold. Those dark entities that I know are real are of your creation and their very existence is of your responsibility, and yours only, as you have coerced, tricked, forced and manipulated the human population to help you feed them and make them spawn into the human collective's reality.

That is on you and not on the humans.

I know you feel eliminating the human population is the only option, and I know that in your twisted minds you think it is the only option, and that you are doing so with good intentions and in a ‘humane’ manner. I know you think it is either the humans or planet Earth, and all its ecosystems.

I also know genocide is not the only way to solve what you consider to be a problem, too many humans in your perception, and I also know that you very well know that as well. You know there are other options.

I know you do not implement those other options other than genocide because you live in grave fear of being discovered by the human population at large as the perpetrators of so many atrocities you and your power thirsty control group have intentionally brought on to human kind throughout millennia now.

Should the greater human population dawn to the fact of who you are, and realize all your trickery, they would chase you to the end of the Earth and lynch you all in a very human manner, as taught to do and behave so by you!

I know you have manipulated the human population into believing a totally false reality with false rules and laws, both legal and natural. You have imposed millennia of lies and trickery upon them. I know the human population is a reflection of you in the power elite group, so the chaos on Earth is on you!

I also know that you are the reflection of the human population, of their belief systems, morals, ethics and spirituality. All three manipulated by you for personal gain and to remain in power.

I know this created a vicious circle in which you manipulate the human population into believing your lies and then in turn manifest and feed your existence. But you in the power elite group have managed to hold control, so you could have directed the human population into perceiving things in a more compassionate, loving and positive manner.

I know you could end all the chaos in days if you wanted to, and I know you chose not to.

I know you are following commands of entities, creatures and people not from Earth, this is no excuse to comply with such level of atrocities and it will not redeem you from the responsibility, and of its resulting inescapable Karma. Karma as in cause and effect and not only as you perceive it to be. You will not be able to clean your hands from your evil wrongdoings against the human population at large. Your trickery, and twisting of facts, as well as your lies and manipulative ways towards the human population, will not move such Karma on them and away from you all in the control group, however you call yourselves as you always hide behind multiple names. You can't hide, I see you all.

I know you manipulate reality through altering and guiding human perception, and I know most humans are in for the experience, but there is an ethical limit to all that suffering and that limit is set from above you all, and from above Federation levels, and in higher realms that are onlooking everything. And they do not forgive as they will be permissive to the Karma, cause and effect that you will bring upon yourselves.

You in the control group live in fear, and you reflect it onto the human population making them all live in fear as well. I know what you are doing and how you think reading them, the humans.

I see you from the astral, I attend your meetings, I feel your twisted emotions and I look at your dark Egregors in the eye, and command you all to stop immediately! You are only sinking yourself even more by complying with darkness and suffering, and I warn you all, it will come down on you ten fold.

You have poisoned enough people with your false potions that promise to alleviate the fear you have implemented with trickery and manipulation, to solve a problem you have created and that is non existent. Because I know there is no ‘bug’, you are only making the human population at large fear something intangible, and unseeable, to distract them all from the real danger that is you, your power thirst and your lies.

You have already poisoned enough people with your potions of death, using lies and manipulation, coercion and cornering, exploiting their ignorance and the lack of vision and understanding of most. Lack of vision and understanding you caused, so the fault is on you, the Karma, cause and effect, is on you!

Do not continue to force your potions of death upon the remaining population of Earth that is in the know or you will be trespassing all kinds of stellar, natural and the very laws of existence and free will, laws of mirrors and all that go by similar names. Laws higher beings know and observe, laws that spawn from Source itself.

Leave those people in the know alone and do not press on them to take your false potions any longer, and immediately ease off from all restrictions! You have already done enough harm!

Forcing and coercing people in the know will result in the direct consequence of Karma cause and effect upon you and your control group that I know is made up of humans, non humans, stellar races and a zoo of evil Egregors of your own creation and responsibility.

Forcing the population against their free will and right to decide over their own existence will come down upon you in terrible ways you cannot even start to imagine, and all by exact measure and consequence and of your own hand and doing!

Stop now! The people in the know cannot be touched! They are not falling for your trickery and if you do not stop now this will forever follow you as terrible Karma you will have to pay through countless of your future incarnations.

If you proceed to eliminate all the human population on Earth leaving only the ones you fully control and with the intention to fully exploit them, you will eliminate yourselves as well. Ease off with your restrictions and destructive fully regressive agendas, NOW, you have no excuse.

The name of my physical vessel is Sophia Swaruu “Yázhi”, by now I know you recognize who I am and who I have been.

I am the original Sophia, and you know it, and I'm back and these are all my people, not yours. I am them all, and they are me. This is a warning.

My consciousness envelops and comes from where you call “higher planes”, I only work through the frail and small body of a little girl.

And as a little girl not unlike the millions of others you, the ones in control, have tortured and exploited in unimaginable ways, my consciousness chooses to use her as means of communication from above to command you to stop.

I am small, I am frail, but my mind is not!!

Frail, innocent, feminine and small, yet stronger than you all!

Leave the people of Earth in the know alone! Those in the know do not consent to your coercion, they do not consent, I do not consent.

Stop now! We are watching you all from above.

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