Athena Swaruu - Compilation of All Questions Answered in the Live (with the Surprise)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
December 16, 2023

Athena Swaruu - Compilation of All Questions Answered in the Live (with the Surprise)

Questions from the live in English

Question: How many planets of the Federation have wars and have emotional and conflict similar to Earth?

Swaruu X (Athena): Officially only Earth, one.

Question: Do you have any news about the spaceship hub built by ET races near Ganymede?

Swaruu X (Athena): Negative, we are aware of many ships in that area. I have no data about that exact one.

Question: Do Taygetans and Urmah ever plan incarnations together?

Swaruu X (Athena): No, not directly that I know of. Yet, several Taygetans are Urmah starseeds and vice versa. This means that at some level in the afterlife, or between lives, there is a cooperation between Taygetans and Urmah.

Question: Do the Urmah use immersion technology for their (human) starseeds on Earth?

Swaruu X (Athena): Yes, they do use immersion technology for Urmah cats to work on Earth using a human body suit.

Question: Who operates the orbs of lights flew across sky?

Swaruu X (Athena): Orbs are something not precise. Orbs can be spirits, as in the only part of the soul of something or someone that can be seen from the side of the living.

Yet, if you mean spherical UAP UFOs, many Federation races use sphere drones, including Taygetans, who use them all the time. We call them 110 drones here.

Question: Is it true that Urmahs work together with humans in those tunnels to free people?

Swaruu X (Athena): That is correct up to a few years ago. Lately, in the past two to three years, the Urmah have not operated on Earth directly, since one of them was killed by human military in the north of Mexico.

Question: Dear Tina, how are you? How do you feel? Are you ok?

Swaruu X (Athena): Thank you for asking, I feel fine and happy to be here with you all. Love and hugs!!!

Question: How many star systems are controlled by the Urmah Federation? And can the non-feline races be part of it?

Swaruu X (Athena): I do not have the precise number, but they are in the hundreds of thousands of solar systems under Urmah control, making them at least as big as the Galactic Federation itself.

Question: What is the name of the language the Urmah speak and how does it sound?

Swaruu X (Athena): The Urmah are mostly telepathic, but they do use a language as Taygetans do, as a verbal telepathic language. The Language they use can be called Urmah, but the cats call it Avyonic. Avyonic Urmah language sounds like a series of elaborate growls and purrs, quite impressive. This is a complex language as even your house cat can verbalize more different sounds that humans can.

Question: Opinion of the Alcyone Council at this stage of development of direct communication with starseeds? Prospects for the future?

Swaruu X (Athena): The Alcyone Council wants better communication with starseeds in general, but the rules of the Galactic Federation do not permit such a thing to happen soon.

Question: Dear Athena, can we hope to have a voice on Federation decisions that affect our lives?

Swaruu X (Athena): The Federation right now only listens to direct requests from humans through their representatives, and this is a problem because that means politicians, and we all know how complicated that is, and how those do not represent the population.

Question: Will you be able to inform the results of the Federation meeting in January?

Swaruu X (Athena): We will do the best we can, and we believe we can inform quite a lot, mainly through Mari and Ari.

Question: Would I be able to gain strong psychic abilities by raising my level of awareness via information? By information I mean Mari´s YT channel, Cosmic Agency, Zael, etc.

Swaruu X (Athena): Yes, but it’s not enough. This means that you must expand your awareness studying all those subjects on your own, and the more knowledge you acquire, and the better you can manage it through meditation and through your own awakening process, yes you will get stronger psychic abilities. But it all depends on you.

Question: Will Urmah have their own YouTube channel at a certain point?

Swaruu X (Athena): Although there is already a channel called Urmah, we are not aware of the cats from the star ship Avyon one planning to make a YouTube Channel by themselves, as they now working through Mari, and that is a great advance, as they never did so before.

One step at a time. The Urmah are also interested in finding out how much interest the public may have in what they have to say.

Question: Athena, how do you feel about being Mari's mother, although you technically aren't in this timeline? How do you feel about that? How do you deal with that?

Swaruu X (Athena): I am very proud of being Mari's mother, even though I did not birth her as I'm only five years older than her. I consider her my daughter as she considers me her mother. She calls me mom, and I don't really think too much about this, as I simply consider her my daughter and I take as much care of her as I can, and I even have a care dynamic with her where I’m the one who must comb her hair once a day in the mornings. We get along very well and we do function like mother and daughter, not as sisters.

As for Yazhi, she does not consider me as her mother, as she simply calls me Tina.
Although Yazhi does consider Mari as her sister.

Question: Are other races´ kings or queens in orbit other than Alenym and Ruhr?

Swaruu X (Athena): Yes, the Alpha Draco King is also in orbit. There are now two kings and one queen here in Earth orbit as for now, three Crowned royals here now. Space royals that do not act like narcissistic human royals.

Question: Did the Federation respond to the last official warning from Urmah?

Swaruu X (Athena): They responded as they always do, no response at all.

Question: Can you please give some info about "Gobeklitepe" in Turkey?

Swaruu X (Athena): Extremely complicated answer. Gobeklitepe is an old settlement that is antediluvian and linked to where the Garden of Eden is said to have been. It is linked to the main settlements that were part of the global civilization that was Atlantis that was destroyed after Tiamat disaster and flood.

Question: What do Alpha Dracos think of the Federation's actions?

Swaruu X (Athena): The Alpha Dracos, or space dragons, officially agree with Federation rules, and they are almost like wanting to look obedient to them, as they are still resolving bad karma, or bad associations, that link them with the bad Orion Council they are also members of.

Question: Tina, can you tell us more about your flight strategy the day you caught that enemy and met Mari at the same time?

Swaruu X (Athena): Besides air combat tactics that are the same ones you use with your fighter jet aircraft, we also used two other strategies. The first one is to impose a false signature of my fighter craft, a false ship, in another near location while remaining in stealth mode. So the enemy will think we were in a different place, with this flanking them.

The next strategy was to follow the enemies jump wake, that is the vibration a ship leaves in the space where it jumped into Hyperspace, because it can be used to know where it went, so we can follow it there. Remember, we jump by equalizing the ship´s frequencies to those of our destination. Knowing where the enemy jumped, we can effectively follow it.

All this remembering that we were fighting an enemy that was equipped with a Suzy type star fighter, state of the art, and this was an incident where the only Suzy up to now was downed.

Question: Are Engan spacecraft in orbit now? Will the Engan participate in the audit meeting in person or remotely?

Swaruu X (Athena): There are no Engan space ships here right now. All Engan affairs as for now are conducted through the Taygetan ambassador here, who is Queen Alenym. If they come here, we will be the first to know, and so will you. They will not be participating directly in January´s Council with the Etorthans.

Question: Is flying a small craft easy for you?

Swaruu X (Athena): I love flying small crafts as I’m trained for them and not so much to fly large spaceships. My expertise is fighter craft, and fighter aircraft, I love your jets, by the way!

Question: If we vibrate with the negative Galactic Federation, is there any hope for us really? What will we have to do to change our future?

Swaruu X (Athena): There is always hope. It all depends on you as a collective and personally, but especially personally. All you must do is focus on your spiritual and consciousness expansion path. Simply do your best in your life. You will be very much okay. There is a lot of hope.

Question: Would Taygeta stand with the Urmah if they took control of Earth?

Swaruu X (Athena): By law, following the cooperation treaty between Taygeta and Urmah, yes we would stand next to them as well as the rest of the civilizations in the Pleiades.

Question: What is the most beautiful notice to share that you have seen on Earth now?

Swaruu X (Athena): We see that countless people are extremely awaken now, awaken and aware. This means that, although they may not be in contact with one another, there is a big population mass that is enlightened enough to defeat the Federation and the Cabal´s strategies. This can be seen when the vaccines didn't go as far as they would have wanted. Although we still haven't seen the complete effects of them.

My point is that, even isolated, you are avoiding negative timelines. You are making it very difficult for the Cabal to fulfill their objectives. And that is great news. Even though you may not be in contact with one another, as starseeds you still have a lot of combined collective starseed power.

Question: Why do you think the Karistus have gone silent regarding the situation on Earth?

Swaruu X (Athena): Because they are heavily linked with Russia and that region. That is not well seen nowadays on Earth. So, by association, they are being bad mouthed, as they are doing with Russia as the Cabal is against them all, this also indicates that Karistus is going against the Cabal. All this knowing that not all of Russia is free from Cabal. Yet, it is still a freedom stronghold. Go Russia!

Question: Athena, please fill us in on the situation about the challenges in Gaza? What should we be doing to help or address the concern?

Swaruu X (Athena): That fight is old, they are only repeating it once more. I can only say that Israel is the aggressor here, and not Palestine, as always.

Question: Is there some news from Taygeta to share?

Swaruu X (Athena): There is a lot of stability there, and the population of Taygeta is quite aware of what is going on on Earth. The population is very interested in seeing what is going on, even more as their queen is in Earth's orbit right now as well as the princess who will eventually replace her.

Question: What is the purpose of the Yahyel presence in orbit and was the “Phoenix lights” them?

Swaruu X (Athena): What we know is that Yah-yel does not fully agree with the Federation and wanted to disclose their presence here on their own. But that is as much as I know about that.

Question: Are the Blue Avians (RA from Law of One) involved in Earth liberation?

Swaruu X (Athena): They are in orbit and participating in Federation meetings. Yet, we do not have much or any communication with Avians at this time. But yes, they are here.

Question: Human free energy generators - are they working?

Swaruu X (Athena): Yes, they are, but they are all under the Cabal control. Much of the electricity you consume comes from them and not from nuclear power as you are told, and they are in the DUMBs. When they have an energy surplus, they dump that power into the normal electric grid, but, yes they are operational. You are only not told they are.

Question: What is to expect for the coming year(s) and any advises to prepare?

Swaruu X (Athena): Do not take any official news as it´s all manipulated and vastly not true. Do not fall for future false flags, simply by being extremely sceptic about anything official, for example more false illnesses. Remember, the Cabal lies all the time, remember that. Expect more false flags and false agendas, don't fall for them, they are mainly all lies and manipulation. I cannot be more precise.

Question: What has happened with Anéeka’s plan? Is it still on the table?

Swaruu X (Athena): The Federation disregards that plan as it is not necessary because they are in full control over everything that is happening. Yet, Taygeta, Alcyone and Urmah have it in consideration and on the table as inspiration for more detailed and complicated future plans that may be implemented.

Question: Athena, how can we protect ourselves from the chemtrails that are all over the Earth?

Swaruu X (Athena): There isn't much you can do about them and the chemicals in them. All you can do is empower yourselves as much as possible removing all the toxins you can from other sources so they do not add up to the ones you cannot avoid.


Question from the live in Spanish

Question: What is happening with the problem of importing wheat from Ukraine and the burning of many crops in the world?

Swaruu X (Athena): It is part of the agenda of making people dependent on industrialized food and the agenda of causing hunger in the world. That is happening everywhere, not just in Ukraine.

Question: Can blackouts be a disconnection from the immersion pod?

Swaruu X (Athena): It can be many reasons, including the pod, yes, or it can be a common organic problem. Many reasons.

Question: How many star races would you say are awake to the lies and deceptive methodology of the Federation?

Swaruu X (Athena): I can't know the answer, but at the moment we know that the Pleiades races, the Urmah Confederation and the Lyrians who are also with the Urmah know and suspect wrongdoing by the Federation.

Question: How did the consensual idea of turning the Earth into a school for advanced souls come up within the Federation?

Swaruu X (Athena): It arose as a logical consequence of the isolation that occurred after the Tiamat wars. They isolated Earth so that the regressive Reptilians would not leave, causing a contained realm under a "dome", or bubble, that is the Van Allen bands. This is where souls saw it as a challenge to be there, even knowing that once off Earth, no one is lost. So, Earth is seen only as a school but does not transcend beyond Earth, i.e., not into higher realms of existence.

Question: Do you think the members of the Federation understand the power and scope of the Urmah warning? From Earth, all our support to the Urmah and the Council of Alcyone.

Swaruu X (Athena): I do not think they understand how far the Urmah can go, for they are not to be trifled with, nor are they to give empty warnings. Rather, they inform what they will do, they do not threaten, they just do and we see what they do, not what they promise. They should take the Urmah very seriously.

Question: If Urmah patience were to end, how would a possible confrontation affect people on Earth?

Swaruu X (Athena): It would be in their utmost interest to protect the Earth population, they have said so many times. That it affects humans is the main reason, if not the only reason, why they do not proceed militarily since the Federation does not intimidate them.

Question: Apart from the Urmah, what other close and active ally in orbit do you have with you?

Swaruu X (Athena): It is only the Urmah and their feline Federation and the Council of Alcyone who are officially in opposition to the directives of the Federation with Earth.

Question: Is there someone or some organism that regulates or audits the Federation? Let's remember that absolute power generates corruption and totalitarianism.

Swaruu X (Athena): Yes there is, and it is supposed to be the more expanded Federation, which is set up in the same way as the stepped councils of any holistic society. And that's what the Etorthans are supposed to come in for, representing that higher level of the Federation. But, as we already know, these are half dubious, being Greys and members of Orion, we don't like that. Likewise, that level of the Federation would have other Federation levels above them.

Question: The federation is not going to stop because the Urmah say so. Are you ready for a more direct war?

Swaruu X (Athena): Hopefully it won't happen, and I don't think so, but the Urmah are far more prepared than the Federation itself. The Urmah were born ready. It is not in the Federation's best interest to engage the Urmah, let alone so close to their home planet of Vega.

Question: Is it possible that the Urmah position represents the change that we all manifest, those of us who want something better for the Earth and all that goes with it? I would include Swaruunians, Taygetans and starseeds.

Swaruu X (Athena): It is possible, yes. With the Urmah presence here, I do not see it possible for Earth to slip beyond a certain point into the regressive, because the patience of the cats is running out.

Question: Could the Prime Directive not apply to the starseeds who have been following the disclosure for years and who already know what this is all about?

Swaruu X (Athena): Whether or not the Prime Directive applies, basically depends only on the ideas of the local Federation, and in a highly illogical and arbitrary manner. But, in spite of that, the fact that you know all this does make it more difficult for the Federation/Cabal to achieve its goals.

As I explained in English, so many awakened starseeds do cause their plans to be more difficult to achieve or stop them altogether. This even when the starseeds are separated from each other, as the Cabal does want to keep them separated by detracting from their strength. Even so, the awakened starseeds are indeed influencing the world and its destiny. You are more difficult to manipulate, yes.

Question: What are your current functions in the Toleka? Do you have a particular hobby that you enjoy?

Swaruu X (Athena): My duties are many. I'm mostly the one they call to solve anything and everything, but officially my role here is to be a fighter pilot for the protection of the Toleka and for missions and raids of Taygeta operatives.

As hobbies, I really like to make and paint miniatures of anything, vehicles in general and especially airplanes, all to scale.

Question: How can we understand the situation of the Taygeta crew in orbit and the relationship with the other star races? Do they have free transit into the Earth and are allowed to help?

Swaruu X (Athena): Super complex question that can only be answered by watching hundreds of videos from the channels you already know. We have half free transit to Earth as we must declare flight plan every time we enter the atmosphere.

Question: Apart from the Federation you mention, are there other federations in every galaxy of other races with the same policy as this Federation of our thirteenth sun constellation?

Swaruu X (Athena): There are other federations, such as that of Orion, Alcyone of the Pleiades, or the Urmah, which have treaties with each other. Many races form groups or federations that in turn are part of larger ones, for cooperation and protection among themselves.

Question: Why not audit the Federation's board as well after a while to see how they have done?

Swaruu X (Athena): I don't know if I understand the question well, but every Federation board is supposed to be constantly under observation and scrutiny from other higher parts of the same Federation or from the people or groups that are involved.

Question: The present time is delicate. Could there be the disappearance of physical money and the implementation of cryptocurrencies?

Swaruu X (Athena): That is one of the strongest plans of the Cabal, to manipulate all people to use only digital money, as it allows them to completely control all people. With it, they can even make a person starve to death or not. Everything indicates that the economy is moving in that direction, yes.

Question: Do the Urmah have a presence in Antarctica and their meetings?

Swaruu X (Athena): Like Taygeta, the Urmah do NOT take part or participate in such meetings in Antarctica. We are not allowed to participate.

Question: Are the Taygetans evaluating their continuity within the Federation? If not, what measures are they considering?

Swaruu X (Athena): The Taygetans through Alenym have been trying to dissociate themselves from the Galactic Federation for years. The problem is that, as they are members of the Alcyone Council, which in turn is a member of the Federation, it is impossible to completely separate from that organization, so for the time being legal moves and steps to separate have come to a halt, as it is being evaluated whether that is really necessary or not.

Swaruu X (Athena): How can we help the change?

Swaruu X (Athena): By you being the change. Not obeying the rules of the Cabal that are arbitrarily imposed, but all without putting yourself at risk. Most of all, not falling into the manipulations and false manipulated news lies created by the Cabal. Realizing that everything is basically upside down, since what is a lie is the official and the truth is closer to the unofficial. What they hide is the truth, what is in the light is the lie, as a rule.

Question: How are the new Taygetan crew members integrating? And are they already aware of the current situation?

Swaruu X (Athena): They are aware at their level of understanding. It is not their role to know everything that is happening on Earth as they are not prepared, not even emotionally or psychically. They integrate well so far but are focused and concentrated on their role as pilots and their role in maintaining fighter craft within the hangars of the Toleka.

Question: If the Federation is found to be infiltrated, what happens to the races affiliated with the Federation, would they leave it?

Swaruu X (Athena): What is supposed to proceed is to report this to the higher Federation, but since that is apparently where the infiltration is taking place, one should go higher, and that is the difficult part since they are even more obscure and difficult to find. We don't even know where they are or who they are.

This makes the situation difficult and, at the same time, conducive to an infiltration from Orion, for example. Although today it is assured that Orion is also positive, strange and shady actions indicate the opposite unfortunately.

Question: If you have so many limits to intervene, why do you have so much faith in earth humans?

Swaruu X (Athena): Because from the very top, which is where it matters, Earth humans do control everything that happens. I know it doesn't look like that, and it is not so from below, street level, but if the whole consciousness of the population is raised high enough, those who are left behind will have to adapt to the positive dominant frequency of the others, that is, this even goes for the Federation that will not be able to control them anymore.

Question: Would you like the Karistus to be more open like the Urmah?

Swaruu X (Athena): We would like everyone to be more open, but since the Karistus have hidden or dubious activities, it is better to focus on other more cooperative races.

Question: Will the Urmah and Taygeta be audited and have a chance to present their point of view?

Swaruu X (Athena): Urmah and Taygeta declare that they will NOT accept to be audited, not even by force, and any imposition will lead to armed confrontation. It will not happen, but we are prepared. We will not be audited, and, even so, we do not expect to be heard either. We do not plan to try to be heard, because they are not interested in our opinions.

Question: What is the reason you believe in a Federation, the one that is higher up that you cannot locate?

Swaruu X (Athena): We believe it exists only because the Federation itself indicates it, and since it is supposed to be composed in a stepped fashion, like any holistic society, then, by logic, the Federation itself must also be stepped. But it is true that we have NO proof that it is. Which is troubling, I know.

Question: Did they discover the culprits of the sabotage to the Urmah and Taygetan computers?

Swaruu X (Athena): No, and no surprise. We strongly suspect that it was the same people who control those servers, since they are the only ones who had access to those levels. It is a situation where they cause the problem in order to appear to be on our side and friendly by offering to solve it. We expect that we will never be told who they were.

Question: How long have the Etorthians and Andromedans been at the top of the Federation? Have there ever been the emotional empathic races in charge?

Swaruu X (Athena): To the best of my knowledge, the Andromedans and Arcturians are the ones that formed the Federation itself. So, of empathic races, those two are the closest examples to what you ask, but both tend to be permissive under excuses of spirituality and not generating karma for themselves.

Question: How do you evaluate your work so far on Earth? Where do you think you can improve?

Swaruu X (Athena): We are very few people from Taygeta here working on it. Yes, it would improve if more people joined in. However, for disclosures, many people together tend to get into confusions and apparent contradictions as the written medium is very limited and insufficient. We do the best we can.

Question: What percentage of the galaxy have the Taygetans explored? Are there forbidden areas in the galaxy that the Federation does not have access to? Do the Taygetans have freedom of exploration?

Swaruu X (Athena): The Galaxy is too big to explore it all, or even a significant portion of it. Taygeta has always been characterized as an explorer race and yes, we are allowed to go everywhere, although it is not advisable to enter many regions, such as the Orion zone and the Boots zone beyond Arcturus, as it is a conflict zone full of regressives and pirates.

Question: How could the overseers react to our words expressed in the videos? Could it change anything on the terrestrial plane and with you in orbit?

Swaruu X (Athena): More than anything, it helps to see us more as disobedient dissidents. I don't think they would bother to listen to disclosure beyond monitoring whether we are breaking the rules and regulations of the Prime Directive. I don't hold out much hope that we will actually be heard.

Question: How would Urmah and Taygeta act if after the year end audit the agendas on the ground harden?

Swaruu X (Athena): We will continue to fight as best we can as always. We will try to bypass the restrictions as best we can. As always.

Question: Are there other races belonging to the Pleiades that are actively collaborating with what is happening right now on Earth?

Swaruu X (Athena): There are countless civilian expeditions from the Pleiades, all the time, unofficially that is. They are all trying to raise the consciousness of the planet as best they can with what little they have, just like us.

Question: What would you like to communicate to us about exopolitics that is of real importance to you at this time?

Swaruu X (Athena): Huge question that I appreciate very much, but it is impossible for me to answer it at this time, but it is contained in the current and recent videos.

Question: Does regressive AI influence regressive events in this quadrant of the galaxy?

Swaruu X (Athena): As an isolated agent, it is difficult to know, since it is included in the things they do and in the resources of the very races that apply it. The AI is just a reflection of who created it. There will be an AI for each civilization, as well as its inclination. But it is true that, in general, there is a regressive loose AI out there but, as I said above, it is difficult to find or detect as it is merged with what the other races do.

Question: Does Ekata help the Earth?

Swaruu X (Athena): We do not know what Ekata is doing at this time, other than serving as a spiritual guide for all who are close to him.

Question: Are the Urmahs listening to this live?

Swaruu X (Athena): Yes, because they are evaluating everything, especially because of the presence of Ari in the internet already through Mari.

Much love and many hugs to all



Question: The planet Avyon is sometimes referred to as Avalon. Is there a connection between Urmah and the Holy Grail and the Arthurian legends?

Swaruu X (Athena): Might be but I have no direct co-relation. It´s a possibility, but that is all. Most probably it is only a confusion or people connect legends as if they were the same ones.

Question: Do Taygetans visit the Urmah planet Avyon or do Urmah visit Taygetan planets?

Swaruu X (Athena): Both have been visiting each other for a long time now, as there is a vast cooperation treaty among both civilizations.

Question: Urmah are said to be on low orbit. Is it possible to see their craft or are they stealth?

Swaruu X (Athena): Yes, it is possible to see their craft as it is quite close to Toleka. Of course, NASA will call it as a human space object.

Question: Are the Urmah going to be up there until this planet is free or what is the plan if nothing changes?

Swaruu X (Athena): Same as Taygetans. We are here as long as possible and we have no definitive plans. We are just here and we make things up as we go along, but no plans for leaving Earth's orbit.

The Urmah don't like so much Federation craziness so close to their home star Vega, and that is also the reason why they want to be here, to prevent anything from spreading and to observe what is going on.

Question: Were there any encounters between Taygetans and SSP?

Swaruu X (Athena): All the time, but that is a dangerous subject, so I'd rather not go there, because it can cause this communication to be validated, and therefore shut down.

The SSP intervenes with the Federation and its members on a daily basis. With Taygetans not so much so since Alenym came to power as she doesn't want anything to do directly with those, because they are part of the Cabal, and of the Federation, and they tend to be like talking to any Earth politician.

Question: Have Urmah had any key incarnations on Earth? If so, which ones?

Swaruu X (Athena): I cannot answer that one without Urmah approval.

Question: Will we as humans ever get to meet the team in person?

Swaruu X (Athena): If it all depended on us, you would already have. But as the Federation is quite strict with encounters, meeting the team will be restricted to only a few, if any.

Question: Is it possible to remove or replace the local Federation without force?

Swaruu X (Athena): It is possible if the higher level decides they are corrupt, then the local one must retire and a new one would come to replace it. Yes, and that is what we are all hoping for. The level the Etorthans represent can remove the local Federation. But there are levels above those as well. All of them can remove the local Federation. The higher levels are composed of the same basic races, with individuals in higher ranks.

Question: What is the reaction of other races to your direct communication with us?

Swaruu X (Athena): Other than saying that we could get into trouble with the Federation, even legally, they are quite apathic, except for the races in M45 and the Vegan Lyrians and the Urmah, of course.

Question: Are the Taygetans aware of the programmed distribution of medbeds on Earth by the military under the control of the Galactic Federation?

Swaruu X (Athena): We are not aware of that, and as there are no signs of such thing going on, I must state that whoever is saying that has information coming from dubious sources, and we strongly doubt its veracity. That sounds like part of three letter agency psyops.

Question: Do Urmah have pet cats?

Swaruu X (Athena): They do, and they are family to them. And they are all over the place.

Question: Why did Urmah not participate in Tiamat war?

Swaruu X (Athena): They had nothing to do with it. They remained observers to prevent its spreading. Whatever they did not do, I do not know in detail why.

Question: How close do Urmah observe their starseeds? Do they tune in and listen and study everything about the starseed or do they do it from a distance?

Swaruu X (Athena): They only like to guide them spiritually, and guide them from afar, telepathically mainly, as if they were their thoughts. They believe the starseeds are strong enough to face any challenges. That is why they are on Earth, they say.

Question: What are the Urmah waiting to act, if they do not agree with the Galactic Federation? What is stopping them from directly helping humanity?

Swaruu X (Athena): If they act, they would start a full scale war against the Federation. That's why they do not.

Question: What is the reason for Alenym being so personally involved with Earth?

Swaruu X (Athena): She had years of experience there as a step down, she loves humanity, but not its controllers. Also, many Taygetan starseeds are there, Pleiadean ones in the millions, perhaps, so it is only logical to remain here as the ambassador of the Alcyone Council with the local Federation. She has personal reasons.

Question: We believe in guides like the Taygetans, Swaruunians or Urmah to lead transition to holistic society. What is required to make it possible?

Swaruu X (Athena): To let us know that. From then on, for that to happen, it would be those of us on this side who must move the Federation bureaucracy to be allowed and assigned that role.

Question: Does Taygeta know of any race or beings that are so advanced that their technology is incomprehensible or surprising to Taygeta?

Swaruu X (Athena): Not at the moment. Even those that use DNA as a means of construction, it is known to Taygetans and they could do it too, but they prefer not to use that for ethical reasons.

Question: What are the Urmah waiting for to act and interfere on Earth? I mean, what would have to happen?

Swaruu X (Athena): They do not interfere now because it would cause a war with the Federation, therefore they prefer to use other alternatives and means to solve the problem first.

Question: Why is it that when a domestic cat dies here, an Urmah dies?

Swaruu X (Athena): That has happened many times, but it is not a rule. Yes, it happens and it is part of the transdimensional phenomenon of mirrors. In itself, it is a very little understood metaphysical part and it happens all the time, but it is difficult to study.

Question: Is the Toleka prepared to defend their starseeds or fight alongside the Urmah in case of any off-planet altercation with the regressive infiltrators?

Swaruu X (Athena): It is prepared to defend itself. For a major event, it would have to call for reinforcements from Taygeta, and they would arrive in a matter of hours.

Question: Why didn't the Urmah prevent the invasion of Venus?

Swaruu X (Athena): I don't know, but probably to avoid a major confrontation with the Federation. I don't have the answer.

Question: If the negative Federation succeeded in executing their agendas against humanity, could they then implement it in more pre-industrial civilizations without any opposition from the empathic races?

Swaruu X (Athena): Quite possibly yes, but the other pre-industrial civilizations have an advantage, and that is that they retain their memory of who they were. That is what makes humanity so easy to exploit, their veil of forgetfulness, which the others do not have.

Question: Do you see us as beings to study or to really help us?

Swaruu X (Athena): We don't separate the two.

Question: If a new, holistic and libertarian model of life emerges from humanity itself, what would be the position of the Federation and the Council of Alcyone in this respect? Would they sabotage it or protect it?

Swaruu X (Athena): They are supposed to protect it, both have declared it. They are supposed to protect it now. Whatever that means.

Question: Are the Karistus allied with Alcyone and Urmah?

Swaruu X (Athena): They are not. They are on their own. Communication is poor. We do not count on them. Even though we are supposed to be on the same side.

Question: Why does Mari talk to Ari in Russian and not Andromedan?

Swaruu X (Athena): Because it's a nightmare to translate from a telepathic verbal language to a terrestrial linear language. She does it because it's practical, that's all.

Question: What is the relation between Taygeta and other races like Sirians and Arcturians?

Swaruu X (Athena): The relationship is cordial and cooperative but quite distant, never as close as the relationship between the M45 races and the Lyrians, and Urmah.

Question: Everyone is saying 2024 will be the same year as 2020. What's going on?

Swaruu X (Athena): We have heard that, yes, but as there is so much going on, we cannot know for sure. But big socioeconomic changes are said to occur before 2025 so yes, it is possible. The population must beware of Cabal false flags and manipulations.

Question: Why did the Engans leave, being so close to you before and Earth?

Swaruu X (Athena): They see no reason to be here if the Taygetans are, as we represent them with the local Federation as well. By treaties, if there was a war, they would reappear.

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