Athena Swaruu responds public´s questions for Lorena Martin´s interview with Robert

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
July 11, 2023

Athena Swaruu responds public´s questions for Lorena Martin´s interview with Robert

Originally in Spanish - May 2023

Question: How do the different laws that govern the different beings that coexist here on this planet interrelate and interact? How do they give way to harmony and balance among them?

Swaruu X (Athena): There are only laws according to the existential level, that is, by agreements of perception. Even the natural laws are not so from above, they only apply in the realm that is being observed. Even so, everything tends to balance out between the energetic forces that are working or functioning in each realm.

What I see here is that the principle of dominant frequencies will govern the processes that happen when a balance is formed between the members of the existential realm.

And there cannot be total harmony between beings, not as there could be in higher and less dense existential realms, because on the 3D Earth duality contrast is very much dominant.


Robert: Are there cosmic laws?

Swaruu (9): From a point of view limited to certain densities, or from a certain observational perspective yes, there are. From the more expanded point of view, there is no such thing as a cosmic law. Everything is possible, everything is there.

I mean, in 5D or in any "D" there are agreements. And those are the laws. But as you move up in "D", they change because of the difference in perceptual ability. Ultimately, if you think something it is, so there is nothing that applies as a law. Because if everything is consciousness, there is nothing "physical" to stop you. It's just agreements on how to see things.

Like, for example, from 3D you can't exceed the speed of light. Here it is done three times before breakfast. It used to be that you couldn't exceed the speed of sound on Earth and physicists had mathematical formulas and lab results with wind tunnels and everything to prove that you couldn't exceed the speed of sound. Until 1947 when "Chuck Yagger" in a Bell X-1 exceeded the speed of sound and suddenly other aircraft manufacturers started to surpass it. It's all mental.

Another example is that since ancient Greece it was assumed that you could not run a mile in less than four minutes. It was the four min barrier. No Olympic runner could run fast enough. It was thought to be physiologically and anatomically impossible for a human being to run that distance in less than four minutes.

Until an ordinary adolescent who knew nothing about this "law" or "agreement" ran the mile in 3:58. And since that bubble of perception of "agreements" was burst, athletes started running the mile in less than four min. It's all mind. It's all ideas.

Gosia: The fact that gravity forms mass, or that consciousness forms matter, for example, is a law or agreement?

Swaruu (9): It is an agreement to explain it that way. Because in itself, looking at it from the most expanded point of view, they are just thoughts. And it is true that from above even that would not be a law.

Gosia: So, to say that consciousness forms matter is only because we are observing it that way. In some other world it would be the other way around. Matter could create consciousness. There is no law, because everything is possible, yes?

Swaruu (9): If you generate a reason, yes. Therefore, terrestrial scientists thinking that an object with large mass generates gravity because it bends spacetime is true by agreement of 3D perception. Who are we to contradict their experience? That must be understood. And it is the basis of why I have said that the Earth is exactly as it should be.


Question: Is there any supervisory and/or regulatory mechanism that can intervene to enforce order and respect in the face of violations or disrespect of the laws of each and every being?

Swaruu X (Athena): Yes, it is called the Law of Cause or Effect or karma. The Law of Manifestation, or the Law of Mirrors, also applies here. What is generated or what is done produces an effect that may or may not be beneficial to the one who has caused it, depending on whether it was something good or bad, being that this is also relative to the point of view and interests of each person.

There is no organism that regulates everything to that precision. Everything applies only to the natural laws of each realm, laws that exist only by agreements of perception among those who live in that realm.

It is also applicable to mention that such agreements that form those natural laws are formed from the spirit side, and I speak of agreements of perception that we all have, people, plants and animals, because we are all people in the end.

Question: One of the current epidemics on planet Earth is depression. How do you perceive and experience (if it exists) depression on your planet? What is, from your perspective and experience, the most effective intervention/solution to help humans reconnect with their soul/self?

Swaruu X (Athena): Depression is when a soul's life intention is affected and disrupted, or at least diverted. It is a desperate cry that the soul no longer finds reason to enter the physical body and is actually withdrawing to one extent or another.

Although we all go through depressive periods, and it is to some extent natural since we cannot be in happiness all the time, for to be so would cease the contrast necessary to really appreciate it.

What should be done and how it is dealt with in my culture is simply to analyze and/or analyze oneself in order to move the person's needs towards something that will satisfy his or her expectation of life more. Never trying to force the depressed person to adapt to society, as it happens on Earth that they even medicate them. The problem is not the depressed person, but the environment they are in.


Robert: Do you have depression? I have never had it so far, but they say it is a very bad disease.

Swaruu (9): It is, because it is completely self-destructive. Let's say it is rare here, but yes. The problem or difference is that here it is deadly, on Earth also, but I mean here it is usually deadly. This is because we are more % energy because of the density. It shuts down your vital energy flow, it shuts down your organs.

Robert: How interesting. I did not know all this and that depression is self-destructive. Do you know what depression is due to on Earth and how it can be cured?

Swaruu (9): It is indeed a most difficult problem because there are as many causes as there are individual cases. Sometimes within an individual there are also several causes being a compound problem.

It is a dissatisfaction with oneself for not being able to solve the pressing problems. One enters into despair by feeling a strong helplessness. To solve it, I cannot give a general formula but something that can help in general, which is to lighten the life of extra charges, especially the useless ones. Less responsibilities to have more time to solve pressing problems or simply to heal. And remember that happiness will never be found in things external to yourself, nor in objects that make you happy, like a new car or watch, nor in external people expecting to validate your being.


Question: If a starseed comes down to planet Earth with a main mission, although I do not rule out alternative missions of lower rank to elevate the collective, if the Matrix feels that the collective advances in light and makes the game more interesting, is it possible that the main mission of the starseed activates and changes from a plan A to a plan B or C depending on the level of difficulty?

Swaruu X (Athena): Each starseed has a life plan like all other people too, this is mostly done in the afterlife before incarnating. Even so, a starseed will not have a fixed life mission, but a range of life path potentials where it would do very well and with that also its life plan. In other words, it is not something rigid.

And it is true that as the time and age of the person on Earth advances, he will change his interests and with it his life plans. Always knowing that the plan is to develop as a soul seeking its own expansion, and thereby positively affect others. Not necessarily a rigid life mission such as having to fulfill a mission of a military nature.

Question: The recent death of several of their young crew members, why has this happened if they are supposed to have better management of emotions, in addition to having bed med technology?

Swaruu X (Athena): Emotional management will be better because of how we are taught to live in my culture but it will never be perfect, especially when it comes to interacting with a chaotic and aggressive world like the one on Earth. They just didn't have thick skin and emotions kill if left unchecked. They were faced with emotions they were not prepared to deal with. This causes high blood pressure and all the accompanying problems, organ failure.

And being emotional in origin, the pod can't do much about it, as before long the individual will fall into the same destructive thought patterns. They get sick from not knowing how to deal with the Earth precisely because they are not of the Earth and do not have the emotional intelligence to deal with the challenges it presents them with.

Question: Why, if they have such advanced technology, couldn't they prevent their channels (Za'el and Arien's channel) from being hacked and prevent infiltration?

Swaruu X (Athena): Because we are not using our advanced technology to enter the Internet because the system is not compatible and even if it were we would not use it because it would collapse network servers. We enter the web using human technology.

Answer 2. Now the channels are protected with military level encryption.

Question: How far is it allowed to intervene without violating the Law of Free Will?

Swaruu X (Athena): There are no fixed parameters for this, they change with each situation and this has caused many problems. What is ethical for one group is not ethical for the other. This has generated many disagreements. Even the Prime Directive is not always followed or obeyed.

The laws of the Federation itself are not very precise and, as I said above, there is a strong tendency not to obey them because there are no parameters or agreements that define them. An example of this is the Prime Directive, which the Federation only applies as an excuse to control those who do not follow to the letter their other directives, directives that they invent at every moment and that are only decreed in Council for each situation. Something with which my group does not agree.

Question: I would like to ask. There are several hypotheses of possible futures on the part of the regressive races. One of them is a reset, which has occurred several times in human history. I am aware that it also depends on the frequency of each person to experience one or the other and the point of focus to live more in a 5D or 3D world.

But following these hypotheses, would it not be breaking a universal law to prevent an evolution and/or manipulate the free will of humanity? And therefore, if this were so, then yes, the Galactic Federation on other planes would be able to act?

Swaruu X (Athena): As we see things, our opinion differs greatly from that of others who study the subject. We see no real free will on Earth, and the Galactic Federation itself has stated that the Prime Directive does not "always" apply with Earth, those are their exact words and just as inaccurate, "does not always apply on Earth." Which means that, in reality, they decide at each moment and with each situation whether this Law of Non-Intervention should be applied or not.

This has led many to believe that the Federation itself is evil. However, from the more expanded point of view, looking closely, it is only who contains and protects what happens on Earth, precisely so that the souls incarnated there follow their process of spiritual development in a contained and controlled existential realm.

We insist that the Federation can be seen in several ways, as regressive and permissive of negative events on Earth, a very valid argument. Or as an organism that only regulates and protects from a high level what happens on Earth allowing the souls to develop there contained and without affecting third parties outside the Earth, and at the request of the same souls who wished to incarnate there.

Question: What does Alzheimer's disease mean for other races? Is it a disease that is caused by genetic manipulation? Would it be generated by implants and/or parasites that achieve total control of the individual, would it be understood more as an agreement? If so, how could I help that individual to connect with his being, his Higher Self, if he is experiencing a continuous reset of himself and his memories?

Swaruu X (Athena): We see Alzheimer's as a complicated degenerative process, caused by the conjunction of many purely Earthly factors, such as pollution and damage caused by heavy metals and aluminium together with problems of arteriosclerosis and plaque formation in the brain, among other things. It is a complex degenerative process that does not exist as such outside the Earth. It is another factor, or consequence, of the terrestrial 3D, of the agreements of life that occur there. It is an experience for the souls.

Question: How will the separation of timelines be between 3D and 5D, the awakened and the dormant?

Swaruu X (Athena): The separation is already happening. But the timelines are not something physical or anything real. In itself, they are only the reality that each group of like-minded people and like-minded perception agreements accept and see as truth.

Question: How will the new Christ grid be activated? Will it take a certain number of starseeds?

Swaruu X (Athena): It refers to 5D higher thinking. It is a personal process and a pathway to the expansion of consciousness of each individual and how it creates new groups with like-minded people. That "Christic" thinking is something that is widely used as a synonym for 5D thinking.

We consider the so-called "Christic" grid rather as the whole of the spiritual awakening of people and their consciousness that triggers the awareness that what matters is the spiritual work and personal advancement, and only then a grid will be generated between people who have the same positive mindset.

And it is when they realize that the very name of the "Christic" grid is part of the same system of control that the awakening people themselves will seek to avoid, since to label everything with a name like "Christic" is more control that infers the intervention of religious control over the spiritual awakening itself.

There is no need for a specific number of starseeds. What is needed is for the existing ones to advance in level and consciousness, becoming stronger. And if new strong ones come in, they are welcome. But just one super starseed is enough to move the whole human timeline towards the positive.

Question: Are antibiotics good?

Swaruu X (Athena): Yes, in case there is no other treatment option, not as they prescribe them on Earth for everything. Remember they cause resistance to the formula, needing stronger and stronger ones to do the same job. Also because they create super germs as only the strongest survive and with them their offspring are also stronger. But if the infection is severe and already out of control, they are recommended, but only as a last resort.


Dr. Alex: Here we use anti-inflammatory pills for a lot of pathologies and pains. What would you recommend as a natural treatment that would be effective?

Yazhi: As far as I know, anti-inflammatory drugs are necessary as the case may be. I have no formula to share for that, because anti-inflammatory medicinal plants such as chamomile flower or simple ice are not very effective for severe cases.

Gosia: What do you use as anti-inflammatories in severe cases?

Yazhi: Specific frequencies and energy lights. Also in frequencies, i.e., sound and light. It is a device that fits in the hand. It was last used here yesterday when Mari's knee was inflamed. She sprained her knee with her gymnastic contortions and for playing the "elastigirl" exceeding her flexibility by using two chairs. In other words, she hurt herself because of her crazy stuff. It still hurts her a little and she walks funny, but it will pass.

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