Force Shields - Starship Engineering and Navigation-Yazhi With Dale Harder (Extraterrestial Contact)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
March 02, 2021

Force Shields - Starship Engineering and Navigation-Yazhi With Dale Harder (Extraterrestial Contact)

Dale: I thought of:

1.) Weapons.

2.) Medical pods.

3.) Smart suits.

Is there any of these that would be best... or preferred?

Gosia: She doesn´t want to go into pod meds though. Too easy for her she said once. She wants more complex stuff. What are smart suits?

Dale: The latest and greatest of apparel.

Yazhi: Like Taygetan flight suits. They protect you from damage, temperature and many things, become armor, whatever.

Smart suits are made with high tech materials, mostly polymorphic woven and computer controlled full of sensors, they are like spandex. They are computer-controlled mind interface and sensor controlled with advanced AI to react whenever they are needed and are powered by a small zero-point reactor in your belt.

They work like the skin of a starship to repair and to minimize damage inside, the material is programmed to be one way only, in the case of a suit it must also be flexible and comfortable.

Dale: So the Smart Suits can control and regulate body temperature and also control bodily functions, including eliminations, correct?

Yazhi: Er... no you still must go to the bathroom. There are other more complex ones, but those are not the ones I'm referring to.

Dale: They do act as armor and deflect or absorb kinetic as well as directed energy weapons, right?

Yazhi: Yes, kinetic and energy both are absorbed, and contrary to a Star Trek ship shield that gets weaker and weaker with each impact, these suits gather the energy received and disperse it using a toroidal energy vortex. Virtually making the shield stronger with each impact. You cannot destroy energy, you can only transform it. As you know. So the energy the suit is receiving is disperse all over the toroid that it is or that it has or makes.

Dale: I understand and it makes sense. Thank you.

Yazhi: So the energy cannot make a hole in the suit, it only disperses it around you. Same with the ships. The more you hit them the stronger they get.

Dale: Ok, how about force fields?

Yazhi: That is a shield. Same thing, just different way to name them.

Dale: Can we discuss how to make them, or is that too dangerous?

Yazhi: You are generating a cocoon with a toroidal energy mathematical dynamic with a basic formula I gave Gosia minutes ago.

Remember the dominant frequency principle? You are using so much energy in your toroidal field that it becomes the dominant frequency of the immediate area. It is like producing several toroids one inside another.

Your ship, or suit, is in the middle and it is the energy “engine”.

So when you get a hit from an energy weapon it gets to the outer layer, that disperses the energy a little, then to the next, and disperses it even more and so on. By the time it reaches the inner level of the toroids, placed each one inside the other like an onion, so the energy of the impact is dissipated among them, and actually is feeding the cocoon or the shield toroid.

Dale: Ok, but I want to make a force field or shield say as a door or to close off a hole in the spacecraft. How would this be done?

Yazhi: You need an engine. A magnetic vortex generator.

Dale: It would seem the toroids are the basis for all field generation.

Yazhi: Basis of just about everything.

A magnetic vortex generator. A starship engine can describe this better.

The suit and the starship are both the things that use shields. Suits and starships use the same principle to generate their shields.

Easier to describe with an engine. Starship engines work as a turbine, like a jet engine. They are made of counter rotating thin interior turbines, one goes in one direction the next in the opposite clockwise counterclockwise. They are spinning around 100 000 RPM average at standard "military" power, that is with no added extra power.

Each interior turbine is fed with a very high voltage very high amperage electric current, in the TEV range, that is Trillion Electron Volts. One turbine in one direction is getting one voltage polarity and the next the opposite. As they spin, they invert the resulting electromagnetic high energy field inside the nucleus of the engine's turbine. And as everything it has a negative and a positive. So the energy dynamics flow results in the forward of the turbine having one polarity and the AFT the opposite with the flow of charged electrons.

This is the resulting flow. And in the process it creates a cocoon.

That cocoon can be reproduced several times like an onion manipulating the relationship in exiting electromagnetic frequency from each counter rotating turbine. The interior of the turbine will have a distributor like part at the base of the magnetic levitating zero friction axle. Like an electric motor, like the brushes for it. But with no touching parts. That piece will give each interior turbine its nominal charge.

The relationship between them changes the output of each component field and the resulting average for the entire complex of fields enveloping the ship. Am I making any sense for now?

Dale: Absolutely, I understand and can envision it very easily... thank you. As I see it the hard part would be to electrically isolate the stacks of the blades one from another. At least for humans.

Yazhi: Yes, they are a complicated moving machine. And also the cause of many problems. Back in 2016 an Alfratan L class fighter suffered an engine turbine magnetic axel misalignment. Causing interior turbine friction. Resulting in an explosion and the loss of the craft. This complicated part was the cause of it.

Now I must say that this is above gravity generators and gravity manipulation for propulsion. More advanced as it manipulates the frequency of the molecules, of the matter of the entire craft and contents.

Dale: If you recall I told you I use small 6-inch-high speed turbine vacuum pumps in my laser process work. They average about 80,000 RPM and have 8 stacks of blades.

Yazhi: Yes.

Dale: I am running two as we speak. I often think of these and the similarities to our crafts engines... but of course they would be modified for moving and controlling electron flow and not atomic or molecular flow.

Yazhi: No, we use electron flow into a plasma. Not atomic nor molecular.

And for the plasma out the nuzzle we do not need a propellant as in the crude human attempts to make a working plasma engine.

Dale: Like the plasma in this tube, I am processing now. Understood... thank you. On the right out of the picture is the turbo pump I speak of.

Yazhi: Thank you. That plasma is pure electric or are you using a gas?

Dale: I am energizing a rarefied pure helium gas... so not like our engines… but similar idea.

These engines use very special materials to make the blades and casings etc., correct? Are they also based on polymorphic materials?

Yazhi: Yes, the materials are very important here, you need polymorphic titanium alloys smelted in zero G and perfect weight balance for the turbine blades. The typical core temperature for an engine is like above 2000° C. The weight balance can be achieved as the material is smelted as it molecularly bonds using a matrix that is computer controlled.

Dale: Hmmm I did note that you said we use a propellent... I did not know this... I thought it was simply electrons and free energy.

Yazhi: We here only need very high TEV electron count. But on Earth they are using fuel, and the electromagnetic plasma is only used to guide the energy flow to increase the efficiency of the rocket engine. Increases the efficiency but does not provide the thrust itself.

Dale: So what type of fuel do we use? Do we have to refuel or is it easily available even in the ether?

Yazhi: We don't use fuel. We use electric current coming from capacitors or large coils working at superconductor temperatures being fed by Zero-point reactors. No fuel, no need to recharge anything, no friction, so the craft has virtually unlimited range.

Dale: Oh, I am sorry, I understood above that you meant we had to use fuel and I found that it confused me. In the past you never mentioned fuel and I did not think we used any such thing.

Yazhi: Yes, it is full efficiency Zero Point. I was talking about the so-called magnetic drive high energy rocket engines being developed in the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab, now.

Dale: Ah, that makes more sense. I understand, sorry, I don´t think in terms of NASA and rocketry and and such anymore not since I started talking with you and my family. It is after all so primitive.

However, our jet craft do use zirconium or alloys of titanium.

Yazhi: They are too brittle, and they are not polymorphic so they cannot self-heal creating interior cracks that result in the destruction of the turbine.

Dale: Yes. You are correct on all counts... and this is the problem with human made craft and jet engines here now. They would be better if they could make the blades in space, in zero gravity, for better alloying, but they do not do much of anything like that to my knowledge.


Yazhi: So we were talking about shield generation.

Dale: Yes, please continue.

Yazhi: Yesterday I described the envelopment of a craft in a magnetic toroid. Magnetic alone will not suffice. That's the means to an end. What you need in the combination of electromagnetic, to control the specific, perfect and precise frequency of the shield. What we call shield harmonics. As seen crudely in Star Trek (wrongly by the way).

That is controlled by the central AI computer and is achieved or modified varying the relationship between the multiple counter rotating turbines and the applied voltage to each one of them, and the relative speed between them.

This electromagnetic shield with specific harmonics will generate a plasma. Charged particles that will diffuse the energy received from a weapon, like a plasma cannon or laser. It will ionize the energy and it will simply feed the plasma as more energy.

But then there is the last part and the more interesting one: as you remember with the Tractor Beam, you can effectively generate anything if you have the energy blueprint to a molecular level. This shield enveloping the entire craft works in the exact same way, because it is the exact same principle.

So in theory you could envelop the craft in a printed "titanium cocoon" or printed "steel cocoon." But a shield that is solid is not as strong as one that is already vaporized. So what the print is making is high energy particles at a very high power rate. I'm talking of several trillion Tesla.

What is dark matter for us? Simply anything that is matter that is not in 3D. Now this antimatter shield may not be considered so with human eyes as humans have another definition of antimatter.

Correcting a mistake: Dark matter is not Antimatter. Antimatter is the same nuclear and molecular structure with an opposing charge, right? That tends to cancel each other out!

Dale: Yes. Exactly, but this is the human definition.

Yazhi: When Dark Matter is mass that Earth Science has not been able to account for but must exist according to their formulas. It has to be there, but they cannot find it.

That's simply explained as in a DOH easy way for us, that is because human science can only account for 3D observable matter and not anything that is in another density-dimension.

So with a shield that is generating its own energy, what happens when you give it more energy, be it from the core of the toroid that forms it or from outside, it simply gets stronger. You are feeding the beast. So the more you shoot at one of our starships the stronger the shield gets. Be it kinetic or energy based.

Kinetic, like a depleted uranium slug traveling at 1500 feet per second. It cannot penetrate. Because when it reaches the shield, the energy there is so great that it vaporizes it, turns it into pure energy.

And if that were not enough, the frequency is so dominant that it also would change the density of existence of the incoming slug, same principle as when you make the ship jump into hyper space. Which feeds the shield again.

Now, a problem according to humans, what happens inside an energy vortex of this nature. No signal would ever come out rendering the starship "incommunicado". But that's radio and microwave (more radio, just another frequency). But we use gravity caused muon neutrino. That does go through because it is existing as a flow in the ether at an above UHF (Ultra High Frequency) above just about all the density dimensions.

This means: That gravity can penetrate starship shields. So that implies gravity weapons. Right?

Dale: Perhaps.

Yazhi: And they exist.

Dale: Ha, I'll bet they do...

Yazhi: If you can make artificial gravity for the comfort of a starship crew, you can concentrate it into a beam.

Dale: Really? A beam of gravity. Nice.

Yazhi: And you do all the time when you send specific targeted frequencies in communication, just more concentrated, like your lasers. What is Gravity? Humans won't say or simply still don't understand it.

Dale: Humans have no clue.

Yazhi: It's a flow in the ether. But they do not acknowledge the mere existence of the either so, how could they? And of course they do, Dale, but they keep it in, or within, black projects.

Dale: They do not acknowledge it because they do not understand it. Even if they use it.

Yazhi: If they acknowledged that they know, then they would open a can of worms where they will end up giving free energy to the human population, so they "say" that they don't know, but they do!

Perhaps they can use it or even generate it, without knowing what the heck it is. Given.

Every ship has gravity generators along its hull. Gravity generators, shaped like a sphere basically rotating enriched mercury, serve as control surfaces on a standard aircraft, for maneuvers, changing aspect, pitch, roll, yaw, like ailerons, flaps, rudder and slats on an aircraft. They can move the craft, starship, as propulsion with limited speed. Not practical for traveling. For that you need plasma jet, or Hyper Space (notice I do not use the word warp because that's Einstein curved space, and that's simply a load of manure).

But those simple gravity generators do feed the shield with their own high frequency cocoons, with specific points along the hull. And those alone are very effective against gravity weapons. Same principle, deflection. Same as with matter, plasma or whatever. It defuses the incoming wave and spreads it all over the shield itself.

So in conclusion of this part. The shield of a starship is not only one energy thing of one frequency, but it is a very complex onion of highly controlled energy dynamics from the range of purely high energy magnetics, to plasma to zero point generating “antimatter particles” to gravity, all in one.

So, am I making any sense?

Dale: Yes, completely. Thank you for that expanded explanation.

Gosia: Any image that could illustrate it?

Yazhi: One sec, let me see what's available.

I don't like to use Star Trek or Star Wars illustrations because it confers an idea of science fiction, not as something working right now around me. Even the very electricity that is feeding this computer that sends a signal to yours is coming from zero-point energy from 4 starship reactors.

There isn't much in the matter of illustrations online. I could photoshop, but I need time.

This is silly, very low tech, collapsing shields, and CRT screens. We are way above Star Trek technology.

Dale: OK, give me a moment, I need to go back to the beginning. All right, when we started the conversation, you were speaking about the engines... counter rotation turbines.

Yazhi: That would be what I would go into, the how.

Dale: So just to be clear, unlike our, or my small turbines, with many stacks of blades, the blades stacks in our craft actually rotate counter to each other rather than all going in the same direction. Is that correct?

Yazhi: Yes, they counter rotate to create a differential charge creating a whirlpool effect induce the core of the turbine and with it, electricity at TEV counts explodes into an electromagnetic plasma toroid with controllable and specific frequencies that in turn can be used for shield formation or for propulsion using Plasma Jet effect or Toroid Hyper Space jump.

**Fun fact: The turbine core of each one of the 4 main engines on this ship are so big that 3 SUZY class fighter ships could fit inside. Just imagine the thrust those generate!***

Dale: I can and can't at the same time. Ok, thank you. Next clarification. If our shields are so powerful and get stronger with attack, how is it possible that anyone could ever damage or lose a starship... in an attack or a war, or even any other ET ships, say with equal protection.

Yazhi: The vulnerability would be to know the basic sequence of shield harmonics. That is the specific frequency range of the magnetic levels of the shield, that control what the other levels do. If you know the mathematical relationship, you know the frequency of the energy flux that generates the shields at all levels. You could generate a scalar high energy burst with a plasma or energy cannon with exact destructive frequency harmonics, tailored specifically to disrupt the flux dynamic of an enemy ship.

Gosia: And that´s what they do when they attack you?

Yazhi: Yes. So you must change the shield base harmonics every so and then to ensure they are not leaked to the enemy.

Dale: I see, I did not expect that answer, but I understand, now that the only way to penetrate the shields is to know the frequency dynamic.

Gosia: How would they know that frequency?

Yazhi: A spy. Even sensors may give off some readings (not enough though). But the use of spectrometer technology can read frequency ranges comparing on a table how a known particle behaves when interacting with the various levels or layers of the shield.

But in this case, it's not just one frequency like in Star Trek 7.53 MHZ. It's a complicated mathematical sequence code, dynamic, where you must understand how a sequence of moving frequencies relates to one another.

Dale: For example, G… if I had a frequency of say 1.5743 Gigahertz, (low by any stretch of a means), and the enemy created the same frequency but had 180 degrees out of phase, it would cancel or nullify the original frequency.

Yazhi: Yes.

Dale: Clearly, the tech to do these things is way, way, way beyond human capability and some of it can only be done in 5D and above.

Yazhi: If you have a shield using red line. All you need is to know its frequency. Then generate its opposite (blue line). And you cancel the red line. No shields: enemy ship vulnerable.

Dale: Wonderful, I think that pretty much covers it.

Yazhi: Ok. Now, to clarify what also was said yesterday. You mentioned specific Titanium alloys that can withstand temperatures between 2000° and 3000° C. In theory you can make a counter rotating magnetic turbine. The first problem is the tight tolerances needed. Then you need perfect turbine balance as you are using very high RPM exceeding 100 000. That's above 10 times a race car's engine. On Earth, how do you even smelt a perfectly balanced turbine piece from Titanium?

Dale: By the way, the blade tolerances for my small turbines end of blade to outer casing is under order of .0001 and the balance must be damn near perfect.

Yazhi: Very good! Then we have the main problem.

Dale: We also use mag lev bearings... magnetic levitation, G.

Yazhi: Nice and advanced!

When on Earth you lose a fan blade on an aircraft and you can still land in the nearest airport. Say in our case, what if our ship suffers a turbine failure here, 440 LY away from its Dry Dock? She can hyper space on one engine alone. And she's got 4 other minor engines as well. The use of polymorphic metals solves the problem.

This is how the ships hulls are constructed.

Micro cracks that later will cause a mayor problem.

Dale: Now notice that each blade stack on that engine… all different with different angles for fuel compression, but all going in same direction and same speed. In our craft each blade stack is rotating counter to the other...?

Yazhi: Yes. That also solves the inertia problem. Problem that needs a standard aircraft to have a “trim wheel”. Especially in single engine prop aircraft.

The turbines on a starship don't have blades the size of those in a Jet engine as it is not compressing air, not compressing anything. What they need is to very, very efficient conduct very high levels of electricity in a flux flow. So the metal alloy of the turbine has to be not only heat resistant, also self-healing, and if that were not enough it must be superconductive at extra high temperature <---<--- So it is a very special alloy. So you need a specific molecular structure in the turbine metal. That structure is crystalline.

Dale: An ordered crystalline structure or meta crystal?

Yazhi: Meta crystal. And polymorphic. The Metal is a crystal or shaped as a crystal. Those are meta (more) than a crystal as Dale said.

Dale: Literally telling the atoms where to sit in the crystal lattice structure when you create the part... so cool.

Yazhi: So the electric flow is near perfect or perfect. That means a uniform flow in the entire turbine section. If you have more flow near the base where it is fed the electricity and not as much AFT, the result will be chaotic, and you will be creating resistance. Bleed off-frequency plasma that is useless. Only consumes power, disrupts power and so on. This is why the turbine metal itself must be superconductive. Structure of a polymorphic metal. It is smelted particles that have programmable chemical and electric bonding places. By intelligent I mean AI controlled. The complexity of each polymorphic particle makes it necessary to remove all interference, including gravity.

Dale: Also why it must be constructed in 0 G and by intelligent magnetic fields, right?

Yazhi: Yes. Each spike is independently controlled by a frequency by a current controlled by a holographic computer AI. Each spike either repels or attracts another, and can be programmed to react, repel or attract specific others depending on the field of electricity/magnetism it is in. This means that with the use of specific frequency ranges for specific areas of a structure you can control the particles to bond to one another taking a very exact shape, at will. The molecular bonding is stronger than the bonding between standard aircraft grade titanium or steel. Meaning that you can computer control the polymorphic metal into any shape you want and while it is in that shape it will be a solid mass.

Dale: Random atomic structure.

Yazhi: It´s not random, it is controlled to a molecular or near molecular level with the use of harmonics of a frequency. And if such a structure takes damage, it can only be and observe one shape, so it heals in nano seconds. No metal fatigue problem as no cracks can ever occur, the turbines are as good and new as always.

Dale: Sorry, I meant human construction is random.

Yazhi: Yes, or almost. So with harmonics you can program the polymorphic metal to take any shape with a crystalline structure. Not complete crystal. And there are other applications for this material as a crystal. Such as transparent hull places, (used in this ship for windows and canopies where the window is as strong as the rest of the hull surrounding it). Transparent superconductive super metals. Humans think they can retro engineer everything on a non-human craft. I don't think they can do anything to reproduce this metal grade.

Dale: Not even close. Even the black projects.

IM. *Pictures not supported*

Dale: Oh, cool I use that stuff.

Yazhi: Each spike is a bonding spot. And each spike reacts differently when exposed to a field. Some attract others, some do not. The shape of the final object depends on the harmonics as designed by the computer assigning harmonics for each place of the object forming it and giving its shape with several energy frequencies the material is exposed to. The theory is quite simple.

The metal not only can hold a solid shape, but it can move like in the image. It can wave, deform or adjust. This contracts and expands some components creating the difference between the relationship of each turbine layer or blade to vary the outgoing, or frequency output of the engine. So no servos are needed, no moving parts beside the rotation and the precision is great. And great precision you need to create the exact frequency to match a destination when in hyper speed.

A part that moves to change something.

I must go. I can continue at night if you want and are interested. If I'm making any sense as I do not know how you are seeing this.

Dale: Always interested. Quick question. Do you mind that I am interactive with our conversation or do you prefer that I remain quiet and not interrupt. I treat it as if we are face to face and talking, you know?

Yazhi: Interact as much as you like please. When I need to continue writing with no interruption I just do, and then I stop and read you.NEXT DAY:

Dale: Ok, are you ready to go? Do you feel we adequately discussed the shields and associated equipment? I believe all our questions were answered.

Yazhi: We could go deeper. I have a silly question.

Dale: Ok, please.

Yazhi: Why would or why do the shields in a Star Trek starship weaken with each impact? I mean that for me is not logical. I can understand if something can get through.

Dale: I have no clue, other than to generate excitement. And no one would understand that the shields would get stronger or transmute one energy to another.

Yazhi: Yes. Because they act as a weakening iron shield. Not as an energy shied because if what is generating them is not damaged, then why would they weaken?

You need some energy to jump start a zero-point effect. So, by pairing effect the more energy on one side the other will respond in kind. That's why when you shoot an energy weapon at the shields, they only get stronger because it feeds one side and the other compensates, pairing effect.

This is for Gosia (Yazhi showing a video) not so much for you, Dale, as you've seen this already: Now feed the machine with several billion Tesla and you see what I mean.

Dale: I have a hard time imagining a Billion Tesla...

Yazhi: More like Trillion Tesla.

Dale: Largest magnet here on Earth that I know of currently is 40 to 50T. It´s located in Florida, USA.

Yazhi: Now you see why nothing gets through these shields! Ok, you may see my numbers as a bit top exaggerated, perhaps. But remember we are talking about really big machines here. One of the Starship Turbines on this ship, is like (not exact figure) 150 meters long.

Dale: I have seen Tesla numbers in the thousands or tens of thousands in magnetic implosion devices, but this field is only for a fraction of a second.

Yazhi: I'm translating to Tesla with my mind alone. I'm normally using Electron volt for this. In the TEV count.

Dale: Yes, understood.

Yazhi: Our ship´s engines: 8 Counter rotating plasma turbines, 4 main, 4 secondaries, and what feeds them are 4 Zero-point dual toroidal crystal core reactors, the size of a large barn. Their energy goes through a series of 12 super conductor coils, 6 on each side of the ship, and then into the engines. This time Star Trek nearly got it right as it is more or less how the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 is set up, but the Enterprise has no "turbines".

And the cables alone feeding the system are about a meter in diameter and superconductors. The core must be like 70 cm, plus insulation. And several of them. They look like pipes not cables. So I am talking here from the top of my head, I would have to go to engineering to get the actual numbers, but I'm quite sure I'm not that far off.

Dale: Like the cables holding up the San Francisco Bay Bridge.

Yazhi: Like those, yes.

But you must understand that these magnetic engines need that much power in order to change the density and propel a starship that is nearly 2 kilometers long, a mile and a quarter. And who knows how heavy she is! Imagine the power needed to change the frequency of the matter that is making up a ship this size.

Dale: Does wrapping the ship in the 5D bubble and a Torus change the density of the ship or its mass in any way?

Yazhi: Yes, that's how it works. The ship is cocooned in its own toroid. And the toroid changes the frequency of everything inside it, dominant frequency principle. And the AI computer will change the frequency of the ship and everything in it to match the one of the destination. And things that have matching frequency are more of the same, then you are at the destination.

Dale: Yes, yes, as it must for propulsion and moving through the Ether from one point to another.

Yazhi: It does not really move through the ether. It changes density and frequency and a frequency is the destination. Why? We would have to go into the principle of non-locality. Meaning that from the ether there is no here and no there. It is only a change of point of attention depending on your frequency of perception.

That means that the Earth in itself can be seen as any other planet that ever existed. So the ship is not moving. It is only looking at Erra first, then it's looking at Earth. But for that you need to change the frequency of every molecule of the ship and everything in it to match a frequency map indicating Earth. And a mile and a quarter long starship has quite a bit much mass. So you do need one hell lot of Teslas.

So as the ship is not moving, this is not propulsion, no need for worrying about space debris, rocks, asteroids and all that. Science fiction says it´s dangerous for a starship as they say that even a small speck of dust can make a hole in a hull. That applies when at speed. That is impulse, propulsion, plasma jet or plasma rocket. But even then, impacting on a piece of rock is no problem because it will be vaporized and will only feed the shields as described before.

Another way of explaining why so much power in Tesla or TEV is that in human terms, this starship and the ones like it, makes a singularity in front of them, a worm hole, an Einstein Rosenberg bridge, and then jumps into it. All at will. If you see it this way you now understand why so much power, and why I'm not exaggerating. And inside, while at it, your cup of tea will not feel a ripple!

This ship only will vibrate when using plasma-jet propulsion maneuvering. Then you will feel the effort those 4 huge engines make to move this giant tub around. I feel this especially when it's retro breaking. The effort to stop this big, massive ship, from some 50 000 meters per-second to an orbital speed, whatever it needs to be (varies).

All this may look like very high tech and it is, but some things remain simple. Although it does have 2 frontal engines for maneuvering, the main retro thrust comes from something as simple as reversible buckets.

Dale: Simple in principal yes, extreme in implication and exactitude. Just for a moment... Imagine that your tech, your knowledge, may seem and feel ho hum for you at times, but it is unbelievable and almost incomprehensible to those of us on this planet. I know you call her a tin can in space, but for the moment, your ship is magical.

Yazhi: (showing image) *Pictures not supported*

Gosia: What´s that?

Dale: Hahahaha, like the race fliers on Star Wars. Just mount a seat. On a jet engine and go.

Yazhi: Reversible thrust buckets. By the way, sometimes I just talk, and I have no idea if I'm making any sense, or I'm over doing myself or under-doing myself.

Dale: No problem, I am with you all the way and I thank you for being precise.

Yazhi: (showing image) *Pictures not supported*

Human Plasma drive engine (still using propellant).

Dale: Yea, based on Newton´s law.

Yazhi: (showing image) *Pictures not supported*

You need more electric juice in modulated frequencies in order to function with electric plasma alone with no gas, no fuel and no propellant, a lot more electricity.

Dale: What I also understand that this is all dumbed down and put in human terms for understanding, but there are not necessarily equivalents in human words and so our scientists here may not grasp all of this as being real or feasible.

Yazhi: Yes. TEV or Tesla´s... We don't use those measurements. We have our own. Very hard to translate.

Dale: Yes, of course, but it does help humans grasp the concepts. Still missing 2/5th of the basic puzzle though.

Yazhi: (showing image) *Pictures not supported*

A plasma generator for a Plasma Jet nozzle at the center, the injector. Still using Jet Fuel. For example TR3B Aircraft, still burn Jet Fuel, but few acknowledge this.

Dale: Ok, ready for another topic?

Yazhi: Yes.

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