Minitopics with Gosia - Extraterrestrial Information (Taygeta, Pleiades)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
June 20, 2022

Minitopics with Gosia - Extraterrestrial Information (Taygeta, Pleiades)

Originally in Spanish - Various Conversations

Holistic Society - Ethics:

Question from the audience: "Robert, I wonder why they don´t want to share with us their vision of Taygetan ethics?"

Swaruu X (Athena): It's not that we don't want to, we have been giving you Taygetan ethics for four years. It's all our opinions, how society works, our priorities. The Taygetan ethics is not something that is summarized in a video nor is it something fixed, I would just be mentioning a set of rules that seem to be followed, and that is even said in Holistic Society videos.

You could say it's part III of Holistic Society. So that's in progress.


Dhor Káal’él: Every non-human race with bases in Antarctica cooperates with the Cabal because it is highly militarized zone although officially that is denied. In short, Antarctica is a zone of joint extraterrestrial operations with the elite military arms of the Cabal and the three letter agencies. It is the site with the largest number of spacecrafts of all kinds on the ground and in subterranean bases. Any race operating from Antarctica will be cooperating with the Cabal.

Although we do not know exactly how many races or what races are there, we do know that there are contingents of Maitres, Reptilians including Dracos, Tall Whites and Orange among others of more human appearance.

The South Pole is not "No Man's Land". It is highly militarized land and that "No Man's Land" is only the official position that the nations give to the people, being that it is the worst place to put an extraterrestrial base for those who are against the controlling Cabal.


Swaruu X (Athena): Genuine. <--- They erased all his work history with them. I don't know if everything he says is true, but in general it is. He has always told the truth and they don't believe him.


Question from the audience: "Could you ask a little more about solar radiation management and its multiple agendas interconnected with everything that is happening?"

Swaruu X (Athena): That is to do with agendas to control the Sun. I have no information on that. Nothing specific. I know about the Sun itself, of course.

Robert: Climate engineering from the Sun or with the Sun?

Swaruu X (Athena): Not directly with the Sun.

Robert: How can they manage solar radiation?

Swaruu X (Athena): With the manipulation of the climate, with the seeding of clouds with chemicals that modulate the Sun, the entrance of the Sun to the Earth. So, yes, it can be done and it is done. What I can say about that is that it is true, but not only. It is part of everything that has to do with geoengineering and climate control engineering.

It connects with chemtrails, and with HAARP and its more modern variants, because that old HAARP, it seems to me, works little or no longer. HAARP type emissions, when detected by Toleka, do not come from the traditional HAARP sites that are known. They come from ships or military mobile installations. They are no longer huge antenna networks, that's old, they already mount HAARP on ships, airplanes and on military vehicles the size of a military truck, like a Stryker, or LAV-25 Piranha, and they can be anywhere.

All large governments have them and, to a limited extent, small ones. For example, the governments of Mexico, Colombia or Argentina already have and already use this kind of technology, but always in conjunction with a power plant in a larger allied country.

Vatican Chronovisor:

(From the Internet: The chronovisor is said to be a device that gives the user the ability to see through time. Although the existence of this device has never been proven, a 2002 book by Vatican priest Father François Brune says otherwise.

According to Brune, the chronovisor was developed by Father Marcello Pellegrino Ernetti, a Benedictine monk. Ernetti supposedly kept the device secret until the early 1960s, when he confided in Brune and told him that 12 scientists, including the famous physicist Enrico Fermi and former Nazi scientist Wernher von Braun, helped him build it).

Robert: Do you know anything about the Vatican chronovisor?

Swaruu X (Athena): Not much because there is no way of knowing what machine it is. But if it is real it would have to be a small portal. However, the way they describe how it works and what they see in the chronovisor, it doesn't make sense to me.

Robert: They say they can see the past with it, I think, and what a coincidence that this machine has seen and accepted all the passages of the Bible.

Swaruu X (Athena): Which makes me feel that it is really just another Vatican story, to introduce the concept in a controlled way to the human population. And there is no machine as such. And it's not that they don't have portals, which they do. They just don't say anything about what they actually do with them, much less how they work.

So, in my opinion, taking into account that I know how the portals work and after contrasting what I know with what they say about the chronovisor, my conclusion is that it does NOT exist and it is another manipulation of the Jesuits.


Swaruu X (Athena): Morguellons is a bodily immune reaction to expel or remove the graphene from the body. The problem is mechanical on the skin. So the treatment does not have to be specific to Morgellons. Perhaps using strong magnets and EMPs would work but I don't have the right answer. I am sorry. It's just that from my point of view it's more of what has already been said, that little or nothing can be done. Like with vaccines. It's comparable to when you have a thorn of some plant inside your skin and you can't get it out. The body will encapsulate it in fibrous tissue and move it outward with subsequent pain, inflammation and even skin infections.

Morgellons has been around long before vaccines. But people also get graphene from chemtrails, water and industrialized foods, and it is by design that they introduce it in some places and not so much in others. But the effect is similar to that of vaccines, which we are also expecting the vaccinated to develop Morgellons at any time. It goes hand in hand.

Technology to neutralize electricity:

Robert: You know anything about this technology that the Russians have, I don't know its name, that is capable of neutralizing the electrical. Aircraft, submarines, aircraft carriers.

Swaruu X (Athena): It's easy to explain how it works.

You mount a bunch of sensors on the nose of an aircraft. Usually a Sukhoi-24 fighter bomber. Small interferometer type sensors, like those used by "UFOs" or ships to detect gravitational frequencies, only in this case it detects the energy frequencies of ships, aircraft and enemy equipment. Because everything is electric and everything electric works with frequencies.

So it generates a beam of semi-directed energy (semi because it is dispersed not as a plasma weapon or laser weapon) of the opposite frequency to that of the enemy's equipment, thereby canceling the flux or electrical flow. So even if they increase the power of their generators or whatever, the energy will not flow through the wires, stopping the enemy devices and machines.

Another simple way to explain this is a EMP pulse, i.e. not a single event, but a destructive, on-off-on-off-on-off oscillation that maintains the EMP effect for the desired time. This is generated in external "pods" on the "Pilon" of the aircraft.

Another aircraft that has this capability is the EA-18G Growler (F-18 variant).

They are pushing that it is Russian technology that gives them superiority over the West. Naaaa, they have it too, testimony to the fact that they are controlled from below by the same people.

That's an EA-18-G Growler, fueling a KC-135 Pegasus.

In the circles are countermeasure and EMP pulse generators like the ones I describe.

Notice that it has small propellers up front. Those drive the wind generator systems, which power the EMP generators and the capacitors that feed them. This is because the generators on the base aircraft, F-18F basically, can't handle the electrical load. It is worth mentioning that that EA-18G has two external long-range tanks on the Pylons closer to the fuselage and two AIM-9F Sidewinder air-to-air heat-seeking missiles.

Robert: Electrical load of the aircraft itself?

Swaruu X (Athena): The aircraft's electrical generators do not power the pulsed EMP system. Countermeasures. On the Pylon on the left side of the picture you have an AIM-120 AMRAAM Medium to Long Range Air AIM-120. And on the right it does have an AIM-9F Sidewinder. The AIM-120 AMRAAM is newer.


Robert: So would that Noah character be another fake?

Swaruu X (Athena): It is another fake, yes. Or alteration of a real event to fulfill a narrative.

The truth was lost in the sands of time regarding Noah. What is found both here and on Earth in matters of data turns out to be either theologically tinged or, if the data is from here, it is confused with many people who could have been Noah, as thousands of people tried to save their lives, or saved their lives, by navigating that way.

As it happens with other biblical characters, they end up being like alter-egos of other characters of interest or political position in the time in which that part of the Bible was written or the previous texts on which the Bible was based.

This is seen as an example with Moses being Ahkenaton, which means: Golden Eye ---> New Dawn. Or like King Solomon who in reality was the Egyptian King (Pharaoh according to the Bible) Amenhotep III which means The Sun King, again The New Dawn, and so on all the Biblical characters.

So it is very difficult to know who Noah was, if he was real or just a parable of many characters to put together an unreal story, since putting so many animals inside would not save the species. An "Ark" is a high-tech receptacle to store genetics, you don't need to store elephants, giraffes and hippopotamuses in the holds of a ship.

Because of the suddenness, I am more inclined to think that they saved their lives by using the boats they already had built and only the best ones survived.

Or it could also be that someone from outside Earth told them to make boats (plural) to save their lives since from an orbiting spacecraft you can calculate when the free mass of water from a recently destroyed Tiamat would arrive. Quite a logical scenario too. It is not difficult to predict because it is not a future prediction, it is astro-physics observing the displacement of the parts of Tiamat after it was destroyed.

But there is no data to know firmly if that happened or not.

"I love you" in Taygetan:

Yazhi: "I love you" in Taygetan, in short: "Ayor anoshʼni".

Gosia: And I'yiii om? (it was given in the past)

Yazhi: I haven't seen it like that before but it's like "I love you", it is my perception. I don't think that's spelled right. A' I'yí-é-í-í om?

This is what happens and all the time: There is no fixed way to write words because you we don't use that. We don't even use the linal letters. So it is all by phonetics and by agreement, whethe we write something one way and not another, so it can differ. Because Taygetean language does not sound like a linear language. You can't write with letters like that, only in a limited way with letters in Taygetan that still include others that Billy Meier did not give. We have been saying for years that we will give them and we don't get to give them.

Gosia: And what is the difference between "Ayor'ye anoíshʼni" and the phrase I wrote?

Yazhi: I went more towards "I love you" and not towards "I want you" as in "I want" is of less intensity than "I love you".

Going back to writing Taygetan with Arabic letters, it is always going to vary unless you write it all in one table. That is why Navajo was used as a stabilizer. To homogenize the Taygetan language to something understandable by humans.


Gosia: How do you make cosmetics on the ship? Creams, make-up, etc.?

Yazhi: That is done with a machine that is in the bathrooms, it puts the shades of the colors in front of you as a hologram, and you go from there darkening or lightening it to the tone you like. Of course there are base tones but you can alter them, just as you would alter a color in photoshop.

And when you want it you "print" it right there and it comes out in a little tray like the compact shadows but bigger, separated, and if you don't like it the same machine alters the existing ones and saves your preferences. And every time you open the little tray or a drawer that is right in front of the mirror to one side of the sink, you find that the shadows and powders were auto filled. Same with eyeliners, lipsticks and nail polish.

Gosia: Wow how fun. And creams? And body lotions? Scrubs and all that?

Yazhi: Also, same thing. All that stuff.

Gosia: But what ingredients are the creams made of? Because there are thousands here.

Yazhi: Replicated from natural. I think there are more thousands here.

Gosia: You design them yourself? But if you don't know how?

Yazhi: You mix natural ingredients that are harmless or beneficial to the skin. Yes, you design them yourself, but from ready-made bases.

Gosia: But that's hard work! You have to learn what to mix. Here you have everything ready.

Yazhi: For example, you feel that a cream is a little bit too greasy, so the printing machine alters that and without getting rid of the cream itself because it alters the cream, it doesn't necessarily make a new one.

Gosia: Yes, but how do you know which ingredients to choose from the thousands that are out there?

Yazhi: With experience, but the machine itself will guide you, and you will edit from the simplest to the most complex as you see fit. The machine suggests it to you.


Robert: Do you have perfumes? Colognes and all that?

Anéeka: No chemical ones, they are more like essential oils.

Robert: And they smell good?

Anéeka: Sure, and they have therapeutic effects and other benefits.

Robert: And you use these oils every day?

Anéeka: Generally not, but it depends on the oil. If it is therapeutic and it depends on what for. They are used more as environmental aroma. Or where you spend more time, like on pillows.

Robert: So they are not used like here, where people normally do use colognes and perfumes.

Anéeka: Rarely. Yes, they have been used but that is not very widespread.

Gamma waves:

Question from the audience: "Does spending more time consciously in Gamma range of brain waves help to expand a person awareness of higher densities (5D)?"

Swaruu X (Athena): It depends more on what a person is doing while in fast awareness brain activity-waves known as Gamma.

A density and what goes with it, a dimension, both interrelate defining one another. They are awareness levels, levels of complete understanding of reality, and how much of it a person or a being can bring into itself and process with mind, body and soul.

You do not live in a density, and in a dimension, you are a density and a dimension. It is all in and caused by each person's, each being´s, level of global awareness.

So being in Gamma helps a lot as you process awareness there 'faster' but being in it is not enough. You also need all the hard work of thought, dot connecting, independent and sentient reasoning, self-work and awareness and all that comes with so called spiritual work.

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