Metaphysical Chat about Expansion of Souls - with Yazhi Swaruu

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
May 04, 2023

Metaphysical Chat about Expansion of Souls - with Yazhi Swaruu

Originally in English - March 2023

Gosia: I was thinking about how souls fragment in the afterlife... and I don't quite understand how exactly that happens, or why. Is it because there is some lack of cohesion within that soul and one part wants to experience something and another part wants to experience something different? Or do they just fragment because they can?

Yazhi: It starts with wanting two things at the same time. Like two desserts, why want only one if you can have both!

Gosia: For example, if one part of me wants to live on the island alone, and another part wants to be a dancer in the city... then two souls - people will be created with each of these paths? And both of them will be me?

Yazhi: Yes.

Gosia: And that is decided from the afterlife. To be divided like that.

Yazhi: Yes, because from there things manifest very fast and there are no limits, so you can split into two or three to nurture what your experience gives you.

Gosia: But why my point of attention goes with that of the island, and I am not aware of me as the dancer?

Yazhi: From your point of attention, no. But yes, from that of the one who came up with the idea. Your higher self-thrives on both. You are just you. However, unconsciously you are nourished by the other as well.

Gosia: Wow, and my higher self makes "contracts" (I hate that word) for each of its fragments and manages all of them?

Yazhi: Yes, I would think that would happen for sure.

Gosia: Ok, and Yazhi, changing the angle a little bit. You know... what you say about katra, about what each person is within their range of understanding of what they are, defined by ideas, memories etc., is exactly what I am sometimes tired of in myself, of seemingly existing only within that range of my own ideas, of my own katra! Knowing myself to be something beyond these ideas, self-contained within a range of "I". In other words, I am sometimes tired of my "I", of my own parameters, of the range of my being, of the ideas that formed me and continue to form me.

I would like to be able to somehow detach from my ideas that form my "I" and be another kind of katra altogether, formed by other ideas, or, ideally, to go beyond the world of katras and submerge myself in the field of pure potentiality, just existing as whatever form within the Source. Because that, deep down, is what I feel I am. A being without ideas and forms, only those I wish to experience temporarily. How to alleviate this feeling, this tiredness of perceiving yourself only through a certain range of self-developed ideas through past lives and the present one?

Yazhi: First of all, this is an indication of expansion, that you have outgrown your Ego and your Self. But what is it that prevents you from expanding further? The idea that you are limited, and you are limited by your perception that you exist from this point to that point. That in itself are only ideas, and whether we like it or not, it is the inheritance of the very programming of being in this limited world and of being in the physical, because it is true that all of us who have a body right now are limited to the possibilities that they can give us.

But we should not entertain the notion that something is real and the other is not, because for that we would be using parameters that do not have to be valid. In other words, you might not dare to expand more because you feel deep down that you can't, or that you can't while you are in the world of the living.

Gosia: Yes, exactly! I feel something like that. That, as unlimited as I perceive myself, on the other hand, to experience being a person, I am still within the range of certain ideas. Even everything we are talking about right now, are other parameters and other ideas!

Yazhi: You simply have to let your imagination run free. Place yourself as and where you would like to be as a being of light in the afterlife and however you imagine yourself to be there, and then you have to let yourself go with that which you have created for yourself, let's say it's like another Self. And with that, you begin to embody the more expanded version of yourself.

And if you also start absorbing knowledge of all kinds, the expansion happens very quickly. But it is also necessary to leave behind attachments to pre-conceived ideas that slow down this expansion, that is to say, to know how to empty the glass in order to fill it with new things.

Gosia: This act of emptying... I strongly associate it with leaving behind the memories, the ideas of who I think I am or what has formed me. As much as I understand that it is important to remember past lives, I feel strongly that, in my case, the way to expansion is through forgetting many things, jumping to another point of attention by being someone totally different, with other parameters, even being of another race, whatever! And, in the end, returning my point of attention only to being a Self that embraces and integrates all states of being.

Yazhi: Remembering past lives is just another parameter or attribute of a katra, and it is not really necessary since what is important is who you are today and what you can accomplish in that today to be who you will be tomorrow. The now is what matters and whether you remember or not, it doesn't matter because it is still shaping you anyway even if you don't remember it. But who you were, although interesting, is something that has already passed in your line of existence as a katra. What matters is the now, or what in your perception will come.

Gosia: Yes, I feel that one day I will break the jar. Like you, Yazhi! Because the self and collectively imposed jar feels small to me, like you said, and I strongly perceive that pressure is building up, and one day you will see me flying through the sky, literally, haha!

Yazhi: You know what happens when you finally break it? You start to realize that what defines you is much more than you ever imagined before. I mean, a big enlightenment happens, it's what many call spiritual awakening or Kundalini activation as well.

But I define it as realizing that your body is only an "automobile" and is not what defines you, being that it also defines you a little bit, but only in the illusory. You realize that what defines your katra is vastly expanded and encompasses many more things and people. And as soon as that includes that word, people, you begin to get very upset that "you are also those other people."

Robert: Couldn't that be boredom what Gosia feels?

Yazhi: Yes, in a huge part yes. Boredom is a desperation of the soul that feels that it is not on the course that it wants to experience. That is, more experiences that nurture its expansion, which is the only thing a soul or katra is interested in.

Robert: So why does this type of katra come in here?

Yazhi: Because, in the first place, that which does not fulfill you is also an experience that defines what does fulfill you, so that which you do not want defines what you do want, thus also contributing to your own expansion.

Gosia: In my case, it is a feeling that I no longer want to be my Ego sometimes because that´s parameters. And I am not a parameter, I am a whole. I do not fit into one person. I am a collective katra, and not even that. It is difficult to express this feeling, but I think you understand me, Yazhi.

And no, it's not boredom, Robert. Life fulfills me a lot and I love to be alive! It is an even deeper feeling, beyond simply being happy in incarnation, which I am! There are no contradictions here. I feel everything at the same time. Happy and at the same time knowing that I am still so much greater than what the experience of a single katra can offer me.

Yazhi: I understand you perfectly, and you just have to let yourself go with what you feel. Just knowing yourself to be whatever you know yourself to be. That expands you. Don't limit yourself or feel that you can't because you are in the physical. That is the illusion, of limitation. You are always on the spirit side, the rest is illusion. You can be a being of light in life. Everything mundane exists in your perception and you don't have to deny it, it is part of the whole, but it is not the whole.

Gosia: Thank you, Yazhi, for the advice. I feel strongly that I am moving towards something in my expansion. And it is not only as a Taygetan person, that is also another parameter and it does not define me. I am there in passing, in Taygeta, as on Earth. I'm not saying that I'm necessarily going towards the Swaruunian race, I don't have a term, just towards something. And I like this feeling, although it can also be a bit annoying sometimes. But it doesn't matter.

Yazhi: Even I am not defined by that, being a Taygetan. Why do you think that Swaruunian race thing happened? Because we have outgrown Taygetans and a lot of it has to do with the immense amount of attributes and ideas associated with Taygetans, for example all that to do with the Pleiadians.

Since Athena, none of the Swaruu is from any place. We are born in deep space, we are daughters of everywhere, and we take as part of ourselves whatever we want without anything defining us. That's why we are not Taygetans, although from a limited and objective point of view, we are a variant, and from another, we are just more Taygetans with weird and separatist ideas.

Gosia: Haha, ok. And you know, Yazhi, you said that what also forms us is our unconscious. Well, I would like to disconnect from that too, from what creates us unconsciously. I think that is also another parameter or some kind of agreement.

Yazhi: You can, I am well disconnected from that, and I am living too.

Gosia: You really are, do you think?

Yazhi: I know myself to be more than just a stubborn 11-year-old silly girl.

Gosia: Yes, but are you disconnected from the unconscious ideas that formed your other lives?

Yazhi: Yes and no, and I accept the part where I am not.

Gosia: I think it's very difficult, while you are alive. It's like some super galactic collective agreement that this is how katras are formed! But I say no! Although I don't know if saying no alone will do the trick.

Yazhi: Saying no also defines katras. Not being a katra too.

Gosia: You see? It doesn't stop! All defining us, one idea after another! And I feel that part of me is beyond all that, beyond the ideas! And don't tell me that this also defines me, haha.

Yazhi: Actually yes... exactly. I can be other people without even stopping being Sophi. You could too, just don't limit yourself.

Gosia: How? That's what I want to learn, Yazhi.

Yazhi: It begins to happen in the afterlife, within that soup of consciousnesses without well-defined Egos that share ideas and absorb them as their own. To then remember that in life and realize that those other people are you too, and that regardless of whether they like it or not, or whether they agree with you or not.

This is because, by remembering who they are to you in the afterlife, you know very well their frequencies and the thoughts that define them, and because you know their existential frequencies that are defined as their thoughts, you end up being able to enter into their minds exactly as an artificial immersion pod would, but you do it naturally.

Gosia: Wow. But you have to remember those people from the afterlife to accomplish that?

Yazhi: You remember them consciously or unconsciously, it doesn't matter, because they still end up defining you.

Gosia: I think that's maybe what I miss too. That fusion, nourishing myself with more parameters than just established from my point of view. I think that's what I remember. And that fusion is what is missing a little bit in the 3D world.

Yazhi: That fusion, yes. Many people who have had a near-death experience talk about it and it's described as a warm blanket covering them, or like swimming in pure love, because that's exactly what it is and those are good descriptions, and I know because I remember it.

It feels like pure love because that's exactly what it is, because it's an integration of all your other selves that you can also see as your family and friends and everyone that you love. That's why you miss that integration and that's why human beings (among others) tend to have a very strong need to belong to a group. And only very strong people are able to live alone without losing their health or worse.

Gosia: I have a strong need not to belong to any group. What does that mean then?

Robert: So do I. I live alone and I'm doing great.

Yazhi: Because you two are very much like me, because the groups do not meet the requirements that you need. In other words, because other people's frequency is not concordant because you're higher, and that's the truth. Because you cannot function alone or need to be alone if you do not suffice yourself. And you suffice yourself because inside you carry a very great wealth of soul and you could even say that you are a collective inside, as you could define my case. And because you know that others do not nourish you, they anchor you, because your inner richness, which in turn defines your frequency, does not fit into a group, although that does not mean that sometimes you do not enjoy being in a group, but still you have to make an effort to fit in, and that is tiring.

Gosia: Yes, exactly. But the funny thing is that I also get tired when I am with a group of elevated and spiritual people, and there are many! We are not the only ones who understand these topics.

Yazhi: As an additional point, I myself accept that I am not the only one with my abilities. There is Mari, for example, and Ékatá too, in the Viera, among others. We are called nexus beings, and the Federation categorizes us as danger level 1 out of 10, because of our ability to alter realities.

Gosia: Ékatá?

Yazhi: Yes.

Gosia: Who is it?

Robert: It's like a giant slug.

Yazhi: It's a super developed being that is able to be in multiple timelines and parallel universes at the same time, all mentally, and it's in the physical. I have spoken to it, it is neither male nor female, it is the only being of that species, the result of eons of integration of souls into one.... Ékatá. It has no planet or origin, it only lives in the Viera as a guide, and as a guest of the Andromedans.

Gosia: But it is an animal?

Yazhi: It doesn't have anthropomorphic form, no.

Robert: Is he your friend? Is he happy when he sees you?

Yazhi: That concept doesn't apply to that being. We are connected, it is difficult to define if we are friends or more of the same.

Gosia: He speaks only telepathically?

Yazhi: It is only telepathic, yes.

Gosia: Is it like this?

Yazhi: It doesn't look like that. Jaba is anthropomorphized. It's more like a slug, three meters long and weighing a ton or more, it doesn't have a face at all, other than a slug.

Robert: And why does this being prefer this avatar? It can barely move.

Yazhi: It lives in swamp, it can move around quite well. The physical doesn't matter for that being, since in its perception it can be whatever it wants mentally. Being a giant space slug does not limit him.

Robert: It looks amphibious.

Yazhi: Yes, it is amphibious, it doesn't crawl around on land. Sometimes only its eyes protrude from the muddy water of the swamp where it lives.

Gosia: And what does it tell you?

Yazhi: The nature of reality that I have been trying to tell all these years since I was seven years old.

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