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Translations of Transcripts

Cosmic Agency, Gosia May 27, 2023

Hello friends! Just to let you know, in case some of you are not aware, under each transcript in English on our website (and some in Spanish if they dont have equivalent in English, like some Robert´s ones), there are PDFs of translations into various languages. As you see from this screenshot, there are so many languages that the transcripts are being translated, even into Vietnamese. So if you are from one of those countries, or want to share the information with the friend who doesnt speak English, go ahead, share the translation! Each day there are more and more translations being sent to us, so far we have about 1400 files uploaded! (Not exagerrating). Also, you are welcome to make videos from these translations, and use them any way you want, just remember to always give credit and do not use them for any monetary gain, such making books etc. Information is under Copyright. You are also welcome to make a translation into the language not provided yet. Just be sure you are very loyal to the original! Thank you all the translators for your work, by the way, you are contributing to the overall expansion of the human collective! Greetings to all! ??✨??