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All the videos we published about Ucraine so far - LIST

Cosmic Agency, Gosia April 03, 2022

Here you have the list of all the videos we published so far on the topic of the war in Ukraine, in date order. Some of it appears only on Odysee so if you only follow Youtube, you might have missed them. Here you have them all. Transcripts of all available on our website. ✨                                                                                               

1. Athena Swaruu: Ukranian War - My perspective:

2. Athena Swaruu: Ukrania War - Why?:

3. Athena Swaruu: Ukraine - Russia - China:

4. Athena Swaruu and Yazhi: Is Putin Fighting Deep State in Ukraine? Levels of Cabal and the Vlash (Reptiles):

5. Athena Swaruu: Don´t Trust the Media:

6. Athena Swaruu: What Are Wars? What All Humanity Should Know:

7. Yazhi Swaruu: Putin and the Arc:

8. Athena Swaruu: 3 Day Flight Report:

9. Athena Swaruu: Taygetan Special Forces in Ukraine - What they Saw:

10. Yazhi Swaruu: What Happens in Ukraine is More of the Same: