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Titan submarine and Wagner group

Cosmic Agency, Gosia June 27, 2023

From the brief conversation with Yazhi a few days ago (I didn't have time to publish it yet). It is about the Titan submarine and then the Wagner group: "Gosia: Yazhi, is there any word on the TITAN submarine? Yazhi: Yes. To begin with, you can't tell how much of it is made up and how much of it is true. That's for starters. But, with what is known, what we subscribe to, with the best possible information, is that the submarine did leave with several famous or important millionaires on board, one with his son, and that the submarine could not withstand the pressure and imploded killing everyone instantly. But that's as far as it goes. Because that has been known for a week, since last Sunday. And what is seen as conspiracy is that all the media were giving an elaborate theater, with a lot of media scandal, that if they could be rescued or if there were signs of life, and that they did not find them, and then they found floating wreckage. All of that is clearly theater. James Cameron himself came out to say that he knew it had imploded since last Sunday. So, the Cabal and their media were using the submarine story as a cover or distractor for other things that are going on. You know how the Cabal works, they say you shouldn't never let a crisis go to waste. Now what are they hiding... there are many theories. One is again that they legally charged Biden's son. But to me that's very basic. However, I mention it because that's out there. CIC (Taygetan information gathering department) believes that if it is a distractor, it is more about the false flags that are occurring in Russia. Since the war with Ukraine has escalated severely..... but on their level of lies!! Gosia: Yes, someone asked me about Wagner in Russia. It's something new, I don't know what it's about yet. Yazhi: Russian city was invaded by mercenary separatists, and RT says so, but then the Kremlin comes out to say that it is not true, and then that it is true. So the truth is that we don't know what is happening in Russia or with Russia. There are rumors that Putin "fled" Moscow, but here we tend to distrust those kinds of rumors, Russia is not weak, nor is it politically unstable as they want to make it look. Knowing that what the West wants is to remove Putin to impose their puppet as they did in Ukraine. And that's what I have on the subject."